Grasping Evil - Chapter 87

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Early in the morning, Ning Fan stretched himself lazily, put on his clothes and covered Bai Lu with a blanket before going out of the room.

Last night, he had been ‘plucked’ hard by Bai Lu, but her skill wasn’t competent enough to seize a portion of his cultivation base to enhance hers.

Her scattered hair was stained with milky fluid, including her face, lips, bosoms and genital tract.

She tried very hard to suck Ning Fan’s Yang essence, unfortunately her effort was in vain, but she wasn’t aware of it. Currently, she was sleeping soundly on the bed, she realized that her cultivation base had advanced after plucking Ning Fan! 

Her initial cultivation was already at the peak of early Harmonious Spirit realm. So Ning Fan just had to channel some of his Yin Yang Locket energy into her body for her to advance.

“I win and you lose. From now on, you, Ning Fan, will become my cauldron. I will pluck you every day. I will pluck you!” Before Bai Lu went unconscious, she had a triumphant smile on her face despite having sex with Ning Fan all night.

“Is that so? Congratulations then.”

Ning Fan touched her long and smooth legs and smiled slightly.

So, was this the first woman he deceived?

But with her as company, he would no longer be so lonely in Sinister Sparrow Sect.

After putting away his thoughts, he went straight to Dan Palace. This palace was once under the care of his master, but now, it had been taken over by an alchemist elder.

No one in Sinister Sparrow Sect knew that his master had already lost his cultivation base.

The Dan palace was made of green bricks and jade tiles. A Nascent realm Grand Formation was deployed by some old ancestor of Sinister Sparrow Sect outside the palace zillions of years ago. This formation could be used to gather the Heaven and Earth spirit energy to improve the success rate in concoction.

Currently, there was a wave of fire spirit energy surging outside the palace. Ning Fan was wearing an elder’s jade token as he passed through the grand formation. In the palace, there was a red-eyed elder with a shabby hair and dirty robes, sitting in the outer palace and reading a book about alchemy.

A wide collections of alchemy books were placed in the outer palace for the disciples to claim with their points or to read.

In the inner palace, there were three levels of concoction room. The lower level used the first grade earth fire. The mid level used the second grade of earth fire in concoction and the high level used the third grade of earth fire.

Normally, only Third Revolution Dan Master would be able to use the high level concoction room. In Sinister Sparrow Sect, apart from Ning Fan’s master, there was also this red-eyed elder who was eligible in using it.

The current elder was named Xue Qing. He was a cold man, aloof and distanced. His concoction grade should’ve already reached the intermediate Third Revolution realm. Although he wasn’t as great as Ning Fan’s master, he was still considered as a renowned Dan Master across Yue Country. There were also many Gold Core Old Devils who had come and asked him to concoct pills.

He had a pair of red eyes because of his eccentric habit—opening the lid of the cauldron during every concoction to observe the reaction with his naked eyes. It caused his eyes to be smoked by the medicinal gas. Some said that because of this, his eyes had acquired the ability of Fiery Eyes that could see through any illusory and concealing art.

Knowing that Ning Fan walked into his palace, his attention was still absorbed by the book without even bothering to greet the visitor, however, he spoke coldly, “Elder Ning, eh? Humph. My Dan Palace is built for people to concoct pills not for people to concoct aphrodisiacs. So, what’s your purpose of coming here?”

This old man’s words didn’t sound welcoming at all and it had a strong prejudice against Ning Fan. Certainly, he didn’t have much respect for Ning Fan like the other experts in Sinister Sparrow Sect.

Ning Fan was dumbfounded as he didn’t know when he had offended this old man.

However, when he noticed the old man stressed the word aphrodisiac, he guessed that he must have lots of disagreements with Dual Cultivation Law. 

Ning Fan was lost in his thoughts. When Xue Qing saw Ning Fan still standing there, he put down his book, turned and then stared at Ning Fan. A flash of fire appeared in his eyes, emitting the trace of an early Gold Core Qi.

“Humph! Your master, Han Yuanji was an outstanding and heroic expert, a peak Third Revolution Dan Master. How could he accept an impractical disciple like you? A young brat that only spends time with women. Don’t you feel guilty about it?”

Xue Qing’s aura that was as harmless as a breeze was blowing against Ning Fan’s face, but that fiery gaze sent a chill down his back. He had to admit that this man indeed had a pair of boiling eyes. 

The moment Xue Qing spoke those words, Ning Fan immediately understood why this elder wasn’t being kind to him—it was because of his master, Old Devil.

This elder was extremely aloof and arrogant, but his persistence in alchemy was beyond ordinary. His clothes and his fiery eyes balls showed that he had made alchemy a part of his life. He was afraid that this man had never succumbed to anyone in Sinister Sparrow Sect except for the man who had a greater alchemy skill than him—Old Devil.

He had regarded Old Devil as his rival whom he must surpass. Naturally, he got infuriated when he learned that Old Devil’s disciple practiced Dual Cultivation.

Almost all of the facts had been correctly guessed by Ning Fan. 

Since this old man was angry because he thought that Old Devil’s disciple was just a spoiled brat and didn’t follow his master’s footsteps, Ning Fan wouldn’t take it into heart.

“I have come here not to concoct aphrodisiacs. Besides, I have already kept a number of human cauldrons with me, so why would I need an aphrodisiac? I have come to concoct some pills. Can Elder Xue open a mid level concoction room for Ning Fan?”

His words sounded indifferent and the calmness on his face slightly astonished Xue Qing.

“This kid is indeed as strong as the rumor says. He is the first expert below Gold Core realm who remained calm in the face of my fiery eyes. But can he really concoct pills? Why is he borrowing a mid level concoction room? Is he going to concoct Second Revolution Pills?”

Xue Qing’s eyes stared at Ning Fan from top to bottom in disbelief.

He didn’t believe that Ning Fan could really concoct Second Revolution Pills. However, his prejudice against Ning Fan had reduced quite a bit after being able to remain calm before his intimidating aura, but it was barely enough to make him the disciple of Old Devil. Despite the admiration and respect he had for Old Devil, he would just open a low level concoction room for this young man.

“Because of your master, I will open a low level concoction room for you.”

When he imagined the possibility of this inexperienced young brat ruining his concoction room, he winced in pain.

In addition, the news of opening a concoction room for Ning Fan would definitely shock the whole Sinister Sparrow Sect if it was spread out, Xue Qing was well-known for his aloof behavior and only allowed experts with an alchemist badge to use his concoction room.

The alchemist badge was certified by the Divine Palaces of Rain Immortal World. It was also called the Rain Palace. It existed in every country, including Yue Country. They provided examination in alchemy, refinement and formation. Rumor says that anyone whose profession was certified by the Rain Palace would be able to enjoy a great amount of benefits.

Without the badge, Xue Qing would only chase them away. He wouldn’t even allow any of them to step into the low level concoction room, but today, he opened one of the rooms for this foolish kid Ning Fan.

“How can I use a low level concoction room, Elder Xue? I am going to concoct the Second Revolution Consolidating Spirit Pill. The earth fire in the low level concoction room won’t be enough and this will reduce the success rate of the concoction.” Ning Fan slightly frowned and explained.

“Nonsense! You are only 17 years old. How can you concoct a Second Revolution Pill? Humph! Are you trying to look down on concoction? You should know that alchemy isn’t the same as Dual Cultivation. It doesn’t have shortcuts to improve oneself. The only way to improve in alchemy is to through bits and fragments of experience. Back then, I have been following an alchemist master for 30 years before becoming a First Revolution Pill Master. A hundred years later, I became a Second Revolution Pill Master and another hundred years passed, I became a Third Revolution Pill Master. In the path of alchemy, one must slowly gain experience, taking one step at a time. With your impatient and restless frame of mind, it wouldn’t be of any help not only in the path of alchemy, but also in the path of cultivation. Learn from your master and your great grandfather, Black Devil Ning. They are famous alchemists across Yue Country. They both made one step at a time in their learning process; then overtime, they become what they are today!”

Xue Qing sounded like a real senior while reproaching Ning Fan. When he spoke about Old Devil and Black Devil Ning, he somewhat got a little carried away, which Ning Fan found both amusing and annoying.

If this senior found out that Ning Fan was Black Devil Ning and realized that he was reproaching one of the figures he admired the most, Ning Fan wondered how this old man would feel.

“Senior, please open a mid level concoction room for me.” Ning Fan said with a pleading smile. Since this old man was a friend of Old Devil, he did not mind calling him senior.

The word ‘senior’ had softened Elder Xue’s heart, it made him reminisce those days when he had just started learning concoction and had faced numerous obstacles, but he was so persistent that he never gave up no matter what.

After a brief moment, he heaved a long sigh and said while shaking his head.

“Ai, you stubborn young kid seems very much like your master. Alright, if you want a mid level, so be it. But the spirit fire inside is a second grade earth fire. It is extremely difficult to control. Be very careful as it can devour you entirely. Youngsters need to fail and suffer sometimes to understand what this elderly said. My thousand words won’t be as effective as you failing a single time. Go now.”

Xue Qing snapped his fingers to unseal the formation of the inner palace and gave Ning Fan a unique badge so that he could pass through the formation of the desired concoction room. This formation could protect the alchemist from any unnecessary disturbance outside.

“Thank you, Elder Xue.”

Ning Fan took the badge, and walked into one of the mid level concoction room in the inner palace.

In the low level concoction room, the earth fire was pale yellow in color as it only a first grade earth fire. In the mid level concoction room, the earth fire looked pale red and in the high level concoction room, the earth fire was dark green. 

He walked into the formation light, and waved his hand to produce the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. He drew the earth fire into the cauldron before tossing the herbs required to concoct a Consolidating Spirit Pill skillfully into the cauldron.

First off, he had to concoct as much Consolidating Spirit Pill as possible for his advancement to the peak Harmonious Spirit realm. Then, he would concoct Vein Opening Pill,  Raising Spirit Pill and more Consolidating Spirit Pills and bring them back to Ning City, and then feed them to the Three Black Devil Guards.

As for the medicine to cure Lan Mei’s illness and the Third Revolution Pills, he had to reach the False Core realm first before he could ask Xue Qing again to open the high level concoction room. 

The fact that he could concoct Second Revolution Pills would certainly change Xue Qing’s preconception against him, which would make it easier for him to get to the high level concoction room.

As Xue Qing walked into the inner palace, his expression changed like he was facing the vicissitudes of life.

He had known Old Devil for 40 years, yet he didn’t know that Old Devil’s disciple had grown so old.

When he saw how young, frivolous, and out of control this 17-year-old young man who claimed that he could concoct a Second Revolution Pill was, he remembered that he was once as impulsive as him.

“Han Yuanji, I have made an exception for your disciple today by opening the mid level concoction room for him, this will surely teach your disciple a good lesson. He is considered one of the raw jades, but without proper polishing, he won’t be able to shine beautifully like a jade.”

Xue Qing still persistently believed that Ning Fan wouldn’t be able to concoct a Second Revolution Pill.

But such stubbornness suddenly turned into astonishment after smelling a scent of a Second Revolution Pill.

Ning Fan has concocted a Second Revolution Pill… This scent is no doubt the scent of Consolidating Spirit Pill! 

One should know that Consolidating Spirit Pill is a Second Revolution Pill, one of the most difficult pills to concoct. This kid has actually made it!

“No, it isn’t just one pill!”

For the first time, shock was displayed in his eyes because he could tell from the fragrance that drifted out of the room that it wasn’t the scent of only one pill, it was a few hundred of them.

Could it be that Ning Fan is making hundreds of Second Revolution Pills simultaneously? That’s impossible! Even Old Devil couldn’t do this.

“This kid is…could he be a Fourth Revolution Pill Master?” An unsettling emotion filled his eyes.

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