Grasping Evil - Chapter 88

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Consolidating Spirit Pill > Spirit Consolidating Pill

Raising Spirit Pill > Spirit Raising Pill

Dan Master > Pill Master 

Ning Fan naturally wouldn’t have thought that Xue Qing was able to sniff the amount of pills he concocted just from the medicinal aroma, Xue Qing’s sense of sense of smell was so sharp because it was honed for 200 years. It couldn’t be learned in an instant.

Two hundred Spirit Consolidating Pills were being concocted at the same time, but it wasn’t a relaxing process for him despite him being a Fourth Revolution Pill Master.

A Third Revolution Pill Master like Xue Qing found it difficult enough to concoct 10 Spirit Consolidating Pills.

In addition, the strength of Ning Fan’s peak Gold Core spirit sense had fully been fortified and even enhanced further after consuming the Spirit Refining Grass and Bright King Coral. 

After an hour, both of his eyes sparkled all of a sudden. He hit the lid of the cauldron. Without letting the fragrance escape into the air, he flicked his sleeve, using his spirit sense to send all the pills and aroma into the jade bottles.

It was a Pill-Sealing Spirit Sense. Such pill-sealing technique was one of the ingenious technique of the Nine Revolution Riverboat. It could guarantee that the fragrance and effect of the pills were preserved. Throughout the Rain Immortal World, no one else could do this except Ning Fan.

“It’s finally done…”

Ning Fan wiped the sweat off his forehead and exhaled a breath of relief. Instead of consuming the pills that he had just concocted, he sat cross-legged and adjusted his Qi.

One Spirit Consolidating Pill was enough to improve the concentration of spirit energy in one’s immortal vein, gradually changing it into a solid form, but it might not happen every time because the success rate of the pill depended on the one making the pill.

Ordinary Second Revolution alchemists could concoct Spirit Consolidating Pills that had one-third success rate in consolidating one’s spirit. A Third Revolution alchemist like Xue Qing could probably concoct pills with 50 percent success rate. As for the pills concocted by Ning Fan, they all had at least 90 percent success rate. That was no doubt a scary percentage.

Another hour later, Ning Fan’s magical energy was fully replenished. Then, he took out a Spirit Consolidating Pill and swallowed it. As the pill dissolved, an abundant amount of medicinal energy rushed into his immortal vein. His late Harmonious Spirit realm immortal vein had become stronger and broader after the spirit within was raised. As for spirit consolidation, it was the process of constantly increasing the density of the spirit inside, making it more and more like a solid form that would become the foundation for core formation.

One vein…ten veins…a hundred veins!

The Yin Yang Evil Veins could refine those medicinal energy at swift speed, but due to the magical energy rotating too fast, his immortal veins swelled up, causing him pain. However, such pain wasn’t worth mentioning compared to the pain caused by the Jade Royal Pill.

This process lasted for a night. At its completion, Ning Fan made a long exhale. His Qi rose all of a sudden, turning into a gust of wind. Comparing his current magical strength to his previous, it had been enhanced twice, and his cultivation base had reached the peak of the Harmonious Spirit realm.

Additionally, his spirit sense also rose as his cultivation base advanced, reaching the half-step Nascent Soul realm, but after that, it would be hard to advance any further. 

Both of his cultivation base and spirit sense had hit the bottleneck. His cultivation base reached the bottleneck to Gold Core realm while his spirit sense reached the bottleneck to Nascent Soul realm.

At this point, eating any more pills wouldn’t bring him further benefits. He needed to go into seclusion to deal with his Heart Devil. It would take at least ten years before he could make a breakthrough.

Feeling the enormous magical energy in his body, he pointed his finger below, zapping the green-stoned floor with lightning.

This type of stone was called Ghost Crag. They were solid and rough, but with a casual lightning strike on it, a thumb-sized hole with an inch deep would be created.

Besides the new hole produced, it also looked burnt.

It was Thunder Palm, the skill used by Gold Core experts.

Ning Fan hadn’t even reached the Gold Core realm yet. So how could he exert a beam of lightning strike? Although it wasn’t the true Thunder Palm, the power of the lightning wasn’t any weaker than any ordinary Spirit realm spell.

“This is the skill of a Gold Core expert. It’s power doesn’t vary much from Harmonious Spirit realm skills, but its features were different.”

He closed his eyes, settled down his excitement from his advancement, gradually turning his heart as calm as a stagnant water.

Only one more step to reach the Gold Core realm. Then, he would be on par with those Sect Masters of Yue Country.

Half a year ago, he was just an ordinary person. Half a year later, he already possessed earth-shattering strength. His improvement was too fast, which created a Heart Devil that was extremely difficult to eliminate.

That year, he was constantly bullied by the Sect Master of All Pleasure Sect—Sha Jiuyou who was merely a Tenth Level Vein Opening female. But now, that female sect master was no longer a significant devil.

During the time when he was at Haining Ning Family, the old ancestor of Ning Family was only a Harmonious Spirit cultivator.

“They are too weak…” Ning Fan said in a very plain tone. 

All Pleasure Sect, Ning Family and the enemies he had back then had already become as fragile as ants to him. None of them was worth mentioning at all.

His state of mind was changing, adjusting himself to the mind of a powerhouse.

After standing there for a long time, he opened his eyes, exhaled a breath of foul Qi and sat cross-legged on the floor.

He put aside the remaining Spirit Consolidating Pills, waited for his Qi to return to its normal state before starting another round of concoction.

One day had passed. Xue Qing was still waiting outside Ning Fan’s concoction room with a look of respect on his face.

He didn’t dare to make any sound, fearing that it would disturb Ning Fan. He had thirty percent certainty that Ning Fan was a Fourth Revolution Pill Master.

He believed in his sense of smell. He was once praised by a Fourth Revolution Pill Master because of this.

But his smell could only give him thirty percentage certainty in his deduction. If he could see Ning Fan’s concoction method, he would certainly know more about it.

He was now standing right outside the stone door, making sure that no one would come and disturb the person inside. It looked like he was the disciple of the person inside. It reminded him of the scenes when he was standing outside his master’s seclusion room, waiting for his master to come out.

Many pill masters came, but seeing Xue Qing personally guarding the concoction room made all of them suck in a breath of cold air, as if they had seen a ghost.

“*Hiss!* Who’s the guy inside there? How could he make the dignified Elder Xue Qing wait for him outside? He must be someone great.”

“Look at the plate on the door, it states Dual Cultivation Palace. None of those lawless women knew how to concoct pills. Could it be Elder Ning, Ning Fan is concocting pills inside?”

“He’s worthy to be called Elder Ning indeed. Even the Third Revolution Pill Master, Xue Qing showed him so much respect.”

These experts were muttering to one another that it immediately drew a fierce look from Xue Qing. His eyes were vicious and ferocious, absolutely wasn’t kind to anyone.

“Get out! Get out of here now! Dan Palace isn’t open to anyone today!”

Xue Qing’s tone was intense, emitting a slight aura of a Gold Core realm, but due to him keeping his voice too low, it sounded kind of funny.

He was afraid that if he spoke too loud, he would disturb Ning Fan’s concoction.

All the old alchemists who had come were chased out of Dan Palace, leaving only him and Ning Fan inside the building.

He continued to wait patiently until the stone door of the room burst open.

Accompanied by waves of medicinal aroma, a youth with extraordinary bearing walked out of the room, looking slightly weary.

Though the youth now looked tired, the difference between his current Qi and his previous was day and night.

When Xue Qing was about to inquire Ning Fan’s concoction method and his level, a Qi spread out across his face, making him stand rooted to the ground. 

“Peak Harmonious Spirit realm! You have broken through to the peak Harmonious Spirit realm in only one day?”

Xue Qing’s voice turned shrill due to him being overly excited.

Hehe... it was just luck. I am feeling a little tired today, I will come back another day to continue concocting.”

Ning Fan cupped his fists at Xue Qing and left.

Xue Qing was gaping as he walked out of Dan Palace. He was so stunned that he had forgotten to ask Ning Fan about his mastery level.

Before this, he had already focused too much of his attention to this newcomer, he was after all the disciple of Old Devil. He knew that Ning Fan was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert before he entered the Demon Sinister Forest. A month later, he advanced to late Harmonious Spirit realm; and, after spending a day in the concoction room, he had already broken through into the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm.

Putting his concoction method aside, such cultivation talent was truly astounding. It was impossible to advance at such a speed even if this youth practiced the Dual Cultivation Evil Law.

“This youth…how did this youth do it?”

Xue Qing looked terrified, feeling how ridiculous it was that he looked down on Ning Fan at the beginning. Even with his hundred years of experience, he still wasn’t able to see through this youth.

After Ning Fan left, he patted the back of his head and recalled that he needed to ask Ning Fan about his concoction method.

“I was being silly. How could I even forget this?”

Xue Qing was annoyed. He blamed himself for that. But even so, he was sure of one thing: At the time when Ning Fan walked out of the concoction room, the pill aroma that he smelled indicated that at least a thousand pills were concocted.

In just one day, Ning Fan had concocted up to a thousand Second Revolution Pills.

Even if Ning Fan wasn’t a Fourth Revolution Pill Master, he would certainly be a Third Revolution Pill Master.

“*Hiss!* a 17 year-old Third Revolution Pill Master? Or even a Fourth Revolution Pill Master?!” Xue Qing’s eyes blazed. All his underestimation of Ning Fan was gone.

Xue Qing had the urge to chase after Ning Fan and exchange insights regarding concoction with him, but on second thought, he stopped himself.

“Forget it. Elder Ning has just broken through to the peak Harmonious Spirit realm. He will need some time to fortify his cultivation base. It’s best that I don’t go and disturb him now. He has said that he will come back and concoct some pills a few days later. En, I will wait for him!”

Unknowingly, Xue Qing had already called Ning Fan, Elder Ning, which meant that he had already acknowledged this youth’s talent subconsciously.

One should know that not more than ten alchemists across Yue Country was acknowledged by him given how arrogant he was. 

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