Grasping Evil - Chapter 89

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Bone Emperor > Bone Sovereign

Ning Fan was walking in the valley of the Inner Sect, stepping over the dried leaves. Seeing him from the back seemed somewhat desolate.

The closer one got to the Gold Core realm, the further away one gets from sentiments. In other words, Gold Core realm was putting an end to all mortal relationships.

In addition, the Heart Devil was inching closer to him, stirring up a slight discomfort in his heart.

“I don’t like this feeling.”

He stopped in his track, closed his eyes and focused on suppressing the Heart Devil. While the wind was whipping against his body, he had found the peace in his heart.

After a while, he opened his eyes and revealed an uninhibited smile.

“This is the real me.”

It was still early when he returned to the Dual Cultivation Palace, but after his break through and a day concocting, he felt that fatigue was eating him up.

He partially laid on the bed. But before he fell asleep, he sensed a flicker outside the Spirit realm Formation Light.

It was Bai Lu again.

“She’s really a troublesome woman. Why can’t she just stop for a while?”

Ning Fan rose and sat on the edge of the bed, and saw the door being pushed open by Bai Lu with her high and mighty sneering smile.

“Humph! You, my cauldron, dare to vanish for a day? You have made me spent time looking for you!”

“Cauldron? Are you calling me your cauldron?”

“If it isn’t you, then who am I calling? The night before yesterday, I was the one who won. According to our agreement, if I could pluck a portion of your cultivation base away, you will become my cauldron!” Bai Lu sounded a little proud. She had gained this pride after breaking through to the intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm.

“Oh? About that thing. I would’ve forgotten it if you didn’t mention it. Miss Bai Lu, look at the sky, it’s still early. Isn’t it not good to make out during daytime?” Ning Fan rubbed his forehead gently. Though his expression remained unchanged, he couldn’t help but laugh in his heart.

This Bai Lu was still being kept in the dark. She still thought that she had succeeded in pluckinghim.

Logically speaking, advancing from early Harmonious Spirit realm to intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm after the making out did seem like she had plucked Ning Fan.

“Humph! Ning Fan! You’re now my cauldron. Don’t tell me that you are regretting it. Let me tell you this, sister is going to pluck you today!”

“En, whatever. I’ll feel comfortable anyway. But, the day is still early. Have a drink with me first. Wait until I get drunk, then you can pluck me however you like until you’re satisfied.” Ning Fan didn’t put her initiative to pluck him in his eyes because that wasn’t plucking at all. It was just her giving herself freely to a man.

“What, a drink?!” Bai Lu seemed troubled. She had never touched liquor because her drinking capacity was too low.

Moreover, she was a proud woman and she hated Ning Fan very much, so why would she have a drink with him? Although her feelings towards him had slightly changed after two intimate nights, her degree of hatred for him remained unchanged.

Just when she was about to refuse, Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and produced a plain-looking wine jar. 

An enticing sweet smell blended in the air even if its  lid was not yet opened. There was also dense spirit energy within the aroma. It surprised Bai Lu when she found out that her cultivation base improved a little after breathing its fragrance. Although it was just an insignificant hint of smell, it was enough to show how extraordinary this wine was.

After drinking this wine, my cultivation base will surely improve!

When my cultivation base improved, I will be able to protect the sisters in Dual Cultivation Palace from any men’s insult!

Therefore, only an idiot will refuse to drink this good wine!

“Fine! Sister will have a drink with you!” said Bai Lu forthrightly.

She thought that her wine tolerance might not be good, but Ning Fan didn’t seem any better than her. She wouldn’t get drunk after just a cup of wine.

When I finish my wine, I will pluck you! I will pluck all of your cultivation base and absorbed it in my body!

Bai Lu stared at Ning Fan, contemplating her next move.

However, she was destined to be disappointed. The things that would get inside her body would only be milky white fluids instead of Ning Fan’s cultivation base.

“This is a wine I obtained from Demon Sinister Forest. It is called Green Ghost’s Blood. One cup of this can help raise the spirit in one’s vein. With you being an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert this wine will benefit you greatly. But it’s useless to me,” said Ning Fan flatly.

This wine was one of the items he found in the vault of the Green Clan. Too bad, he was already a late Harmonious Spirit realm at that time. Naturally, he wouldn’t consume it.

Today, however, his Heart Devil was stirring gradually inside of him, which made him inexplicably unhappy. If he couldn’t use women to suppress this unhappiness, he could only try it with wine.

In the Devil Path, both women and wine were indispensable. Otherwise, the cultivator would face Qi Deviation where they would be possessed by the devil inside of them.

He flicked his sleeved and took out two jade cups. He opened the lid of the wine pot and poured them into the cups. The liquor looked as red as blood. It had the sweetness of grapes in its smell, like it had been kept for a thousand years like those millennium-old spiritual herbs.

This was the first time that he ever drank wine. He raised his cup and drank it clean in one gulp.

This cup of wine was worth a city, but it didn’t matter to him. He drank the wine not to improve his cultivation base nor consolidate his magical energy, but to calm the Heart Devil inside of him.

Perhaps it was because of this easiness that his mental state improved despite his cultivation base not improving.

After one cup, he was drunk. After the second, he was swaying. After the third, his mind started to wake up. When he drank the fourth and fifth cup, his eyes were filled with brilliance, without a single sign of being drunk.

What does it mean to be drunk? When one becomes the slave of the liquor and dies in it, one is considered drunk. If one holds on to the clarity in one’s heart, one will only be physically drunk but mentally clear. In the end, the drunkenness will cease to exist in the heart.

Ning Fan spoke incomprehensibly. To him, he wasn’t drinking cups of wine but cups of enlightenment. He was trying to find the way to eliminate his Heart Devil from his drunkenness.

The Heart Devil was just like wine. It blurred people’s mind. If one can hold on to a bit of clarity in one’s heart, one won’t be eroded by the Heart Devil and sink into it, despite the fact that the wine was brewed from millennium-old spiritual herbs and the fact that the Heart Devil was produced from the Evil Cultivation of Immortal Emperor.

After this thought, he gulped in a dozen cups of wine but felt no sign of drunkenness.

The Heart Devil isn’t scary at all!

His eyes lit up. If he went into seclusion now, he had a fifty percent chance of eliminating the Heart Devil and break through to the Gold Core realm without any other means.

The funny thing was that, while Ning Fan was getting enlightenment from the wine, Bai Lu was getting wild after drinking it.

She had underestimated the alcohol content of this wine. It was the exclusive wine of the Great Elder of the Green Clan. It was produced from millennium-old spiritual herbs and one cup of it was enough to make Ning Fan drunk. So how could she, a mere intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert with a weak and delicate body, withstand such wine?

When she took one sip of the blood-red wine through her pale-red lips, her face immediately turned red, as if she had already gotten drunk.

This woman wasn’t good at drinking, let alone drinking a millennium-old spirit wine.

This time, she was drunk for sure. But instead of lying down on the floor obediently, she did something that was not considered safe.

Because of the alcohol, her delicate body turned warm but that didn’t stop her from drinking. Now that she was drunk, she followed what Ning Fan did—gulping every cup of wine, making her body warmer after every cup.

“It’s hot…I have to take off my clothes now. Don’t you peek!” Her drunken state was obvious as she darted a glare at Ning Fan. Then she began to remove her clothes slowly.

Her clothes were made of gossamer which meant that it was thin and delicate. The clothes were sticking to her body when her body became a little sweaty, showing her fine curves.

It was the heat she was feeling, but it didn’t came from her body but her heart.

Her drunken eyes were staring crazily at Ning Fan. Within her eyes was love, hatred, some bitterness and sadness.

That pair of eyes were impeccable, pure and clear like a mountain stream. Even the starlight would lose its brilliance in front of her eyes.

Her body was half-covered by some of the clothes that she had not yet taken off. She rose all of a sudden and went into Ning Fan’s arms.

“Sister is feeling very uncomfortable. Quickly let sister pluck you ruthlessly.”

She was like a water snake in Ning Fan’s arms, grinding back and forth in his arms. Her jade legs curled at Ning Fan’s waist as her arms clamped tightly at Ning Fan’s neck.

She was now completely drunk. She instinctively desired an intimate hug from Ning Fan.

Ning Fan, however, wasn’t in the mood to dual cultivate with this troublesome woman now.

“Settle down for a while first. We’ll wait until the sun goes down.”

He dotted on her glabella with one finger and she fell asleep like a lump in his arms. He covered her with a thin quilt.

Subsequently, he continued gulping the wine, slowly grasping the meaning of it and slowly fortifying his mental state.

As for Bai Lu, sleeping didn’t settle her down. She started to dreamtalk during her drunkenness.

“Mom, Lu Er wants to hear the lullaby.”

“No singing.” Ning Fan declined plainly.

“I want to listen, I want... If I can’t listen to it, I won’t sleep tonight. I will go to the riverside and listen to the frogs singing.”


Ning Fan kept his silence.

It was difficult to imagine that the steely and proud Bai Lu would listen to a frog’s song like an idiot when she was young.

Ning Fan sang until the night was dark and then she finally fell asleep. 

The egret flies in front of Mount Cisser, 

Fat Mandarin fish was swimming in the lake under the shade of peach blossom, 

The green bamboo hat, 

And the green straw coat, 

Are good at withstanding the wind and drizzle. 

Bai Lu was probably the cauldron who received the best treatment from Ning Fan. She could dual cultivate with him and also listen to him sing the lullaby.

“It’s good, I want to hear it again, I want to…” Bai Lu spoke dreamily.

He stood up, kept his wine and stared at the Bai Lu, considering whether to dual cultivate with her or not.

Seeing Bai Lu lying down like a heap of lump, he would rather lay down on the bed and let this girl pluck him ignorantly like last night.

Am I getting more and more awful? Ning Fan shook his head and smiled faintly. Then suddenly, he felt a tingle on his chest, all of his  hair stood up on its end before he dodged to one side.

After that, he saw something rippled from an opening in the void where he previously stood. It was a bone claw that had stuck out of the void, intending to grab him.

The bone claw radiated the Qi of an early Gold Core expert. Immediately after that, it vanished and the opening in the void closed.

This was the Qi which he would never forget. 

His expression sank and he quickly summoned the Separation Slayer and stayed on guard, but the bone claw never came back.

It was a sneak attack, the sneak attack of Bone Sovereign! But where did he send that attack?

From Demon Sinister Forest? No. The barrier of the forest allows no ghosts’ skills to leave the forest. It’s not possible that Bone Sovereign sent that attack from the forest. 

He has left Demon Sinister Forest and is now in Yue Country? Ning Fan’s face turned grim.

Judging from the bone claw’s strength, Bone Sovereign could only send out an early Gold Core attack.

Plus, the fact that he made a sneak attack instead of showing himself indicated that he must be restoring his power.

“Bone Sovereign is really the maggot of tarsal bone!”

At this point, Ning Fan had lost his interest in dual cultivating.

In the Deacon Palace, Wang Yao withdrew his skill and revealed a cold smile on his face.

“He does have keen senses. It seems like it isn’t possible to sneak-attack this brat. Fine. This Detached Bone Art consumes large amount of my energy. If it can’t be used to kill him, it’s useless to use it. I might as well continue devouring those bloody food until I get to the Nascent Soul realm. This brat won’t leave my fingertips! It’s very interesting to a cat to play with a mouse. Hehe!”

The night entered into pure darkness. Wang Yao stepped out of the Deacon Palace and left Sinister Sparrow Sect with a flash.

Tonight, he was going to annihilate another clan!

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