Grasping Evil - Chapter 90

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It was late at night but Ning Fan had yet to close his eyes. He took out the white bone from his Cauldron Ring, placed it in the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and fiercely refined it.

Just to make sure there wasn’t a bit of spirit sense left in the bone, he burnt it for innumerable times before keeping it back.

Could it be something other than spirit sense that has been stalking me?

Ning Fan closed his eyes and knitted his brows more tightly.

He was clueless about what means Bone Sovereign used to find him and where Bone Sovereign had been hiding. He didn’t like the feeling when he did not know where his enemy always hid. He calculated Bone Sovereign’s location but found nothing.

At this point, he had to stay vigilant in every step of the way to defend against any possible sneak-attack of Bone Sovereign in the future.

Subsequently, he patted and caressed the jade-like legs of Bai Lu on the bed. Bai Lu was still in her dreams, but she suddenly let out a moan. Both of her legs clamped together unnaturally before she woke up.

Her face looked blurred and drunk, but when she realized Ning Fan was audaciously caressing her pretty legs, she became sober immediately.

“What… in the world are you doing?”

“I’m not doing anything. Just feeling your nice legs.” Ning Fan said with a smile. His hand slid between her legs, but was stopped by Bai Lu’s hand.

After losing her virginity and plucking him once, she should feel numb about such a trivial act, but the sensation on her legs made her uncomfortable.

The thought of her legs being stared by the eyes of a lascivious man and being blasphemed by the man she hated the most made her feel ashamed. 

“Humph! You want to take advantage of me when I’m drunk? Lay properly for me to pluck you! Or else, I’ll kill you!”

Bai Lu’s words were cold. To her, she had already plucked Ning Fan once and thought that he had already lost his cultivation base, whereas she had reached the high and mighty intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm. Therefore, killing him was as simple as waving her hands. However, due to Ning Fan’s background, she couldn’t afford to kill him… but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t pluck him!

Bai Lu pointed forcefully at Ning Fan’s chest with an Enchanting Art, but such force was merely a breeze of wind to him.

She then stripped off Ning Fan’s clothes from top to bottom, bent her body, stroke his pubic hair and put the ‘hot meat’ into her mouth.

“Be an obedient cauldron and perhaps sister won’t pluck you a lot.” Bai Lu’s voice was muffled while speaking with the thing inside her mouth. 

“En, as you wish.”

Ning Fan however wasn’t able to enjoy it much as he constantly stayed alert for Bone Sovereign’s sneak attack. However, there was no sign of a sneak attack.

Ning Fan had stayed in Dual Cultivation Palace for three days to readjust his Qi. Once his cultivation base was fortified, he went back to Dan Palace. There were still many pills that he needed to concoct. He needed to concoct the Third Revolution Heart Curing Pill for the Black Demon Flame, Third Revolution Flesh Regenerating Pill to treat Lan Mei’s illness, Purple Gold Pill to enhance Si Wuxie’s cultivation base, Cold Lightning Pill to heal the lightning veins of Nangong and Demon Fusing Pill to increase the degree of fusion between that weirdo Yu Chi and his demonic pet.

Of course, he would also concoct the Dragon Saliva Pill and Complete Clearness Pill. The former was a Third Revolution vulnerary, whereas the latter was a Third Revolution pill used to replenish one’s magical power. It would be good to prepare these pills early.

When all of these are done, he would be able to focus all of his attention in cultivating.


Dan Palace had been quiet during these past few days. Elder Xue Qing seemed to suffer a relapse. He didn’t allow any First Revolution Pill Master to step into his palace except for those Second Revolution Pill Masters. 

“First Revolution Pill Masters will easily blow up the furnace. Then, there will be noise pollution and everyone will be affected!”

This was the explanation he provided, but the others didn’t seem to understand it. It was very common to blow up a furnace. But how could a little explosion affect everybody?

“Elder Xue, can you make an exception for me? The end of the month is  approaching and junior has to concoct 10 First Revolution Pills for the sect. There’s no way junior can postpone the deadline.”

A youth in green clothes put aside his usual arrogance and pleaded to Xue Qing.

However, there were many other First Revolution Pill Masters like this green-clothed youth. They all needed to concoct First Revolution Pills for the sect.

All of these pleading requests failed to change the indifferent expression on Elder Xue’s face.

“This old man won’t say it twice! Anyone who’s unrelated, get lost! Get out! Out!”

Xue Qing’s Qi was frightening. He would never accept rational reason as he practiced Evil Cultivation. If you insisted to talk reason into him, he would use his fists to talk to you. If you had a Second Revolution concoction technique, there was no way that Xue Qing wouldn’t let you in, if you have Third Revolution or Fourth Revolution concoction technique like Ning Fan, Xue Qing would surely treat you as a dignified guest despite his sneering face.

The green-clothed youth and a red-clothed girl let out incessant sighs, looking displeased.

Looking closely at the green-clothed youth, he was no doubt the youth Ning Fan had once seen, Nan Wei, the son of Nangong.

As for the red-clothed girl who was also chased out of Dan Palace, she was some obstinate female disciple of Sinister Sparrow Sect who would give up anything for Nan Wei.

Nan Wei continued to sigh. Naturally, he had come to Dan Palace to concoct pills. The Old Devil had passed the concoction technique to Nangong and Nangong passed it to his son. As it was a direct line of succession, he had become a First Revolution Pill Master.

Every month, Nan Wei was required to concoct 10 First Revolution Pills for the sect, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to concoct any pills this time.

His contribution points would be deducted if he failed to concoct ten pills for the sect this month. What worried him the most was that if Dan Palace was closed to any First Revolution Pill Master for several months in a row, all of his hard-earned contribution points would be deducted until it became zero.

“Forget it. Let’s go Xiao Yu.” Nan Wei said with a sigh.

“Brother Nan, don’t worry about it too much. Isn’t it just about contribution points? It isn’t a big deal at all. Yu Er still has a few hundred here. I can lend it to you! If you don’t want that, Yu Er can bring you to the Qin Clan at the west of Yue Country. You can use the concoction room there. It may even be better than this tattered Dan Palace. This old man Xue’s temper stinks. Isn’t he just an early Gold Core elder? What’s the big deal about it? We also have Gold Core experts in Qin clan. Brother Nan, next time, I will ask my great grandfather to teach this old man a lesson. Okay?”

The red-clothed girl smiled wittily. Her eyes had certainly failed to recognize Mount Tai.

The Qin clan in the west of Yue Country? Her great grandfather was merely an intermediate Gold Core old expert. He might be recognized as a powerful expert across Yue Country, but compared to Sinister Sparrow Sect, he was insignificant.

Additionally, she wanted her great grandfather to teach Xue Qing a lesson? She should know that Xue Qing was a Third Revolution Pill Master and he had known numerous Gold Core old experts across the country. Which of them would dare to make Xue Qing their enemy?

This girl had an ordinary look, although she might be prettier than some of the other girls.  She was a third generation that was closely-related to the eldest daughter of the Qin clan. Her name was Qin Yu. She owned many estates. It was just that her temperament and mind made her the last on the list. And now, she was completely infatuated with Nan Wei.

She had never been nice to anyone except to Nan Wei, and she had always been proud of herself.

Nan Wei forced a smile. He had no idea what were the things that lead to this bad karma—letting the two of them get together. She wasn’t a pretty one and she didn’t have a good attitude. However, her heart had always been sincere to him, making it hard for him to abandon her.

“Silly girl, don’t speak nonsense. You will surely offend someone one day because of the way you speak.”

Nan Wei reminded. He then held Qin Yu’s hand intending to leave the place, but she curled her lips, showing a face of reluctance.

The problem was they couldn’t leave at all! Qin Yu’s unintentional remark had truly angered Xue Qing.

“Hehe! The little girl of Qin clan does have courage. You want to teach this old man a lesson? I have nothing to say about your audacity or your ignorance! This old man will do the Qin Old Man a favor by teaching a disrespectful brat like you a good lesson!”

The voice along with a powerful aura of an early Gold Core spirit sense spread across Dan Palace and pressed down against Qin Yu.

Anyone should know that this place was an evil sect. It was a place where people could kill even if it’s because of a single word. Anyone who didn’t have strength and power should keep his or her mouth shut.

“Show mercy, Elder!”

Nan Wei’s expression changed drastically. He had never thought that what Qin Yu said would be heard by Xue Qing. He was now crying bitterly in his heart. He knew that Qin Yu would offend someone one day, but he didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Currently, Qin Yu’s small face had already turned pale. She had never faced a Gold Core elder’s wrath before. She began to shiver slightly due to fear. She finally understand how ignorant she was, how foolish of her to criticize a Gold Core elder!

“Brother Nan, help me.” She was grabbing Nan Wei’s sleeve tight, not willing to let go, while Nan Wei also didn’t want to abandon this girl either. However, facing the ocean-like Gold Core spirit sense of Xue Qing, Nan Wei felt that his Tenth Level Vein Opening cultivation base was as tiny as a millet in the sea.

They could never use force against a Gold Core expert! What should they do now?

His mind was racing fast. If Xue Qing’s spirit sense continued to press on Qin Yu, he was afraid that Qin Yu would be injured due to her low cultivation base.

However, at this moment, an unexpected scene happened.

He saw a gentle wave of spirit sense spread across the palace, blowing away the violent spirit sense of Xue Qing.

At the same time, a laughter was heard from the woods in the valley. A youth in white robe and black cloak was walking leisurely towards Dan Palace. 

He then said with a smile, “Elder Xue, why do you have to be so angry with these juniors? These two are my friends.”

His tone was calm and carefree, but Xue Qing’s expression changed when it fell into his ears.

“What? These two are Elder Ning’s friends? Eh, this old man was being reckless. Pardon me for that, pardon me for that…”

‘Pardon me for that?’ Elder Xue Qing knew how to apologize to someone?

Subsequently, a red light flashed through the doorway of Dan Palace. The incomer was no doubt the insufferable young brat Xue Qing had faced.

But presently, he was being extremely respectful to Ning Fan. He looked at Ning Fan with longing eyes.

“This old man has been waiting for days. Elder Ning has finally come!” Xue Qing’s emotions were stirred. He had chased away countless First Revolution Pill Masters just to wait for Ning Fan’s return.

Qin Yu’s mouth was left open, while Nan Wei seemed a little shocked.

Why did Elder Xue Qing, who didn’t even put the Qin clan in his eyes, show so much respect to Ning Fan?

This astonishment had turned into a hint of fire in Nan Wei’s eyes. Despite his arrogance, he kowtowed before Ning Fan, which was the first time that he had ever done this in his life.

This was the second time that Nan Wei met Ning Fan.

The first meeting was at the Dao Fruit Auction. Due to his father’s request and Ning Fan’s identity as a pill master, he had to pay his respect to Ning Fan.

But this time, he couldn’t even see through Ning Fan’s cultivation. He could feel a trace of stinging sensation just by staring at Ning Fan in such a close distance.

In other words, Ning Fan’s cultivation had already exceeded his. 

“Greet Young Master!”

Nan Wei’s voice was stiff, but it carried excitement and respect. Because of this young master, the stubborn old man, Xue Qing, suddenly turned into an apologetic man.

However, Ning Fan was also surprised by how much respect Xue Qing had shown him.

How could this old man be so kind to me?

Ning Fan looked slightly confused. So he continued to study Xue Qing, making the others around uncomfortable. 

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