Grasping Evil - Chapter 91 (1) 

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Today, Qin Yu understood one thing, which was there were people beyond people, and Heavens beyond Heavens. 

Xue Qing’s devil aura forced her to retract her arrogance and became vigilant. What surprised her the most was that the arrogant Nan Wei actually saluted a youth by kneeling down before him.

The common greeting among cultivators would be to cup one’s fists. Nan Wei’s way of greeting was like an acknowledgement of a master, which contained a great sense of importance.

“Nan Wei greets Young Master!” Nan Wei’s eyes were ablaze.

“Young Master?” Qin Yu began to realize that this skinny youth was the master of Nan Wei.

Her eyes studied Ning Fan from head to toe unabashedly, but still couldn’t understand how this thin body could withstand the Gold Core spirit sense of Xue Qing, and what made Nan Wei so willing to serve this young master.

But when her eyes spotted the jade token bound on Ning Fan’s waist, her face paled as she instantly recognized Ning Fan’s identity.

She didn’t know why he was called ‘young master’, but she knew that this youth was the elder of Dual Cultivation Palace.

“H-he is Ning Fan! Argh! No, I mean, Elder Ning.”

There was awe in her eyes as she uttered the name. Given her conceited behavior, she rarely feared anyone.

As a matter of fact, she secretly used some kind of secret art that could only be practiced by the lineal descendants on Ning Fan and she was left completely terrified!

It was the Bloodthirsty Art!

This art allowed one to advance by massacring, but it was considered a malpractice and was very difficult to cultivate. However, it was a very profound cultivation law. The cultivator who practiced this art would be able to observe the other’s blood and Qi from the person’s soul and determine how many people the person had killed in his or her life.

Although she had to admit that Xue Qing had high cultivation base and a bad temper, the blood and Qi of this old man only indicated a thousand of killings, which wasn’t enough to make him a killing maniac. 

As for Ning Fan, who looked gentle and modest on the surface, she detected that his blood and Qi was a hundred times greater than Xue Qing’s.

Ning Fan’s hands were soaked with so much blood, the blood from overturning the Heaven Separation, and dominating the Demon Sinister Forest. The blood consisted of nearly a hundred thousand people, all of them were no doubt cultivators, while thousands among them had a fierce Qi, the Qi of Gold Core realm!

One might not be able to discern it from his looks, but when one looked into his heart, one would find how ruthless this young man was.

Qin Yu’s astonishment didn’t concern Ning Fan. What concerned him was the amount of respect Xue Qing showed to him. The same thing for Nan Wei. Both of them were being overly respectful to him.

With a wave of his sleeve, a gust of wind brought Nan Wei back to his feet.

Ning Fan shook and sighed emotionally. Comparing the previous Nan Wei with the current one, he still preferred the Nan Wei who brought him around the Dao Fruit Auction, looking for pretty girls.

The advancement of his strength changed his identity and earned him a subordinate, but it also made him lose a friend.

“Brother Nan.”

“Call me Nan Wei, Young Master!”

“Alright…Nan Wei, your cultivation has almost reached the peak of Vein Opening realm, only a short distance away from breaking through to the Harmonious Spirit realm. Here’s a Profound Spirit Pill. Take this pill and go into seclusion. I believe it won’t be a problem for you to break through into the Harmonious Spirit realm.”

Ning Fan slapped the storage pouch and produced a pill bottle for Nan Wei.

The Profound Spirit Pill was a Second Revolution Pill. Its ingredients were very valuable, and had heaven defying effects. It could help any peak Vein Opening expert to break through to Harmonious Spirit realm, but only few could concoct this pill because the concoction of this pill required a special concoction technique—Mutually Reinforcing Water and Fire.

No one across the entire Yue Country knew about this concoction technique, including Xue Qing. Even in Rain Immortal World, there were only a few who knew this skill. 

The sight of the pill bottle intrigued Xue Qing, as if he wanted to snatch it over to thoroughly study it.

But after thinking about it for a while, he dumped the thought of doing so. Since this was a pill granted by Ning Fan to Nan Wei, he would never rob it.

Nan Wei wouldn’t have thought that such precious pill was so easily granted by his Young Master. Such a generous act increased his respect and gratitude that he had to Ning Fan.

“Thank you very much for the pill, Young Master!”

“En.” Ning Fan nodded slightly and added after recalling something he had to say. “Right, I’ll spend half a month’s time concocting pills in Dan Palace. I suppose you will have broken through to the Harmonious Spirit realm by then. By that time, come to Dan Palace and find me. I have some things that requires your assistance.”

The thing that Ning Fan wanted Nan Wei to do was to send those pills which he had concocted back to Ning City.

After learning that Bone Sovereign had been stalking him, he wouldn’t return to Ning City without knowing Bone Sovereign’s whereabouts. He didn’t want his enemy to shift its focus to Zhihe and his people.

Nan Wei agreed to Ning Fan’s request instinctively. With Ning Fan’s presence in the hall, Xue Qing’s cold face squeezed a stiff smile at Nan Wei for the first time.

“Little friend does have a good relationship with Elder Ning.”

“Please, just call me Nan Wei, Senior! Junior ca-can’t afford to be called using that address!” Nan Wei was almost at a loss for words.

“Hehe! I reckon that little friend has come to Dan Palace to concoct pills? Come on in, this old man will open a low level concoction room for ya!”

Xue Qing’s attitude changed all of a sudden, but this only happened to Nan Wei. The other inner sect disciples were still not allowed to use any of the concoction rooms.

They all cast an envious look at Nan Wei, even a fool could see that Xue Qing was doing this because of Ning Fan.

“This Nan Wei is really lucky to have connection with Elder Ning.”

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