Grasping Evil - Chapter 92

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Black Yin Qi > Profound Yin Qi

Inside the Dan Palace, Xue Qing closed his eyes, letting Ning Fan take full control over his life by planting a restrictive spell on him.

He knew that he had discovered Ning Fan’s secret and had even guessed that Ning Fan was the prominent Black Devil Ning. Among the devil cultivators, it was a great taboo to pry into other people’s secret.

Therefore, he volunteered to hand over his life and become Ning Fan’s disciple.

He was considered a well-known figure across the entire Yue Country, so would he suffer any loss by being the disciple of a young man? No he wouldn’t!

After a few days of contact, he found out that Ning Fan was not only an easy-going superior, but also a generous master. Take Nan Wei for example, Ning Fan had just given him the unparalleled pill of Yue Country—Profound Spirit Pill!

Ning Fan might be ruthless towards his enemies, but he didn’t have the slightest stinginess towards his own people. Xue Qing had already lived for several hundred years and had seen through countless of people. He believed that he wasn’t wrong about Ning Fan. He also believed that the Old Devil must be quite satisfied to have recruited Ning Fan as his disciple.

It might seem dangerous to hand over his life to Ning Fan, but after a moment of contemplation, as long as he didn’t offend Ning Fan too much, there wouldn’t be a trace of danger.

Moreover, he would be able to acquire Ning Fan’s full set of concoction technique which would aid him in breaking through to the Fourth Revolution or even the Fifth Revolution Master!

Yes, Xue Qing was no doubt highly ambitious in the Dao of Alchemy. He hoped to achieve the peak of the Dao of Alchemy one day! Thus, despite the universal condemnation, he used his naked eyes to watch the formation of pills under the lid of the cauldron.

This was a very dangerous act because violent energy would be emitted during the concoction of the pill. A single carelessness would blind his eyes, but he was a stubborn man.

In order to further improve his concoction technique, he first needed to improve his master’s concoction technique. So, he had obediently handed over an ancient pill scroll which he had treasured for many years, and provided Ning Fan a trace of the pill devil.

“What? The Profound Yin Qi was at the Dark Sparrow’s Grave and the pill devil is over there as well?!”

“It’s true, master. This old man has seen it with my own eyes. I’m afraid that even Sect Master doesn’t know about this.”

“Then why are you telling me this?”

“It’s because you are my master. Hehe! If you kill that pill devil, you will get its pill and you would usually share some of the benefits to your disciple. Master, I’m counting on you for this.” Xue Qing smiled cunningly.

Ning Fan’s hand was holding a tattered ancient scroll as he asked Xue Qing about the matter of the pill devil.

The ancient scroll seemed to be left behind by a Fifth Revolution Pill Master. Inside the scroll was the records of various kinds of ancient pills. Apart from all of the pills he knew, there was one Fourth Revolution body refining pill that was used by a fiendgod named—Yellow Turban Pill. According to the legend, it was a secret pill used by the Ancient Heavenly Court to nurture Yellow Turban Warriors. At least, this was a pill that was unknown to Ancient Chaos. As such, it was a sheer fluke that he was able to get the recipe of this pill. 

Although the Yellow Turban Pill wasn’t comparable to the Jade Royal Pill, it was still considered as a precious pill. If this pill would be concocted and consumed, Ning Fan was confident that he would be able to break through into the true Silver Bone realm. By that time, his physical attack would be strong enough to fight a Nascent Soul expert!

The only pity was that the main ingredient of making this pill was missing—the Fire Maple Fruit. Although this fruit had already appeared in Yue Country once, it now was lost again.

He failed to realize that his Ning City was currently located on the land of Fire Maple Trees. He set aside the matter of the Yellow Turban Pill and pondered over another thing—the pill devil!

Xue Qing told him that there was a pill devil in Sinister Sparrow Sect. It had transformed into a humanoid and has deadly physical attack. According to Xue Qing, the power of its punch was enough to kill a Gold Core elder. And this pill devil was currently at the first secret ground of Sinister Sparrow Sect, the Dark Sparrow’s Graves.

In the legends, there was once a Dark Sparrow that had fallen into the Dark Sparrow Valley. He could recall it from Ancient Chaos’s memory that the Dark Sparrow was a True Spirit. Its strength was equivalent to a True Immortal and was enough to fight a True Dragon and Phoenix.

The reason that the old ancestor, named Que Shenzi, who was now in the Four Heavens Immortal World established this sect was mostly because of the fallen Dark Sparrow in this place. 

Thirty thousand meters below the Dark Sparrow Valley was the Dark Sparrow’s Grave. There were a total of nine levels. The surroundings of the grave was filled with nourishing Yin force that could double the speed of evil cultivation. To put it bluntly, the main factor that the whole Sinister Sparrow Sect was covered with gloomy fog and spiritual Qi wasn’t related to the earth vein, but the corpse of the True Spirit Dark Sparrow that was buried in this land!

The remains of the Dark Sparrow was buried below the ninth floor and was protected by the True Immortal realm seal planted by Que Shenzi. There was once a Void Fragmentation old expert who wanted to seize the bone away, but he even failed to enter the seventh level.

As for the Profound Yin Qi that Ning Fan had been longing for, it was currently hidden below the fifth floor. However, it was hidden very covertly because not even the Void Fragmentation expert could find it.

There were only a few Sinister Sparrow’s higher ups who had the permission to enter the dark grave for cultivation because one of the condition was to swear a great heart devil’s oath—to never betray Sinister Sparrow Sect and never tell the secrets of the Dark Grave to an outsider!

As for the pill devil, it had only been discovered in the recent few dozen years. Plus, no one else knew about this except Xue Qing.

He remembered that night when he went into the third level of the dark grave alone.

“That night, the air was unusually cold, it brought discomfort to me. I was in seclusion under a withered old tree, surrounded by bones and skeletons of the youths that had been dead for years. The whole place was a total darkness and there was the smell of rotting grass and trees in the air.

“Suddenly, when the cold wind blew, I heard footsteps echoing in the darkness. The footsteps were very light, like that of a girl. I could smell a very fragrant smell from it. The smell was as pleasant as the fragrance of a Fifth Revolution Pill.

“That time, I was overjoyed. Then, I quickly turned. Trying to guess what I saw after that!”

Xue Qing was trying his best to describe that night’s incident in a very scary way, however, Ning Fan was still as expressionless as a zombie.

“You saw the pill devil,” said Ning Fan solemnly.

“Eh…uh… Let me continue...” Xue Qing choked on his words because Ning Fan was as dull as a wood, which was worse than an old man.

“I turned and saw the girl with a face full of blood approaching from behind, baring her white teeth at me, and gave me a strange smile. However, she didn’t have legs! How could she walk without legs……?”

Xue Qing wanted to continue with his ‘ghost story’ but was interrupted by Ning Fan.

“She flew. Which meant that she had already reached Harmonious Spirit realm at that point. Moreover, you said that she was strong enough to kill a Gold Core expert with a single punch. This pill devil isn’t going to be easy to deal with. With my current strength, it will be hard for me to take her down unless she’s a girl. However, pill devils were formed from the pill itself. She might only have the shape of a female instead of a real female’s body. So, my Yin Plucking Finger may not work on her.”

Ning Fan sighed slightly and continued, “This pill devil is indeed powerful, but you didn’t die after seeing her, which suggested that she was kind enough to let you live. So, it’s shameful and unkind that you are now plotting to kill her.”

Ning Fan’s tone carried a trace of reproach, making Xue Qing feel a little ashamed of what he had done.

In the Devil Path, one should be ruthless and do whatever it takes to achieve one’s goal, but in order to travel further, one must know what the key was.

If one repaid the other person’s kindness with evil, it will make the person worse than a rapist.

However, it was understandable that Xue Qing would have such a thought. It was because the pill devil was a Fifth Revolution Pill.

“I think I will let master decide about it. Disciple will keep his mouth shut.” Xue Qing smiled faintly. His respect for Ning Fan was raised by another level.

This respect had nothing to do with cultivation but with one’s moral quality. In truth, Ning Fan’s reputation wasn’t a pleasant one because he practiced the Dual Cultivation Law. Many experts and elders had been criticizing him behind his back. However, due to Ning Fan’s powerful background and reputation, no one dared to offend him.

But Xue Qing found out today that Ning Fan was actually a devil cultivator that had his own principle. He was probably ruthless in killing or plucking girls, but he insisted that he wouldn’t kill a benefactor!

He was certain that if it was another old devil expert who knew about this news, that expert would do whatever it takes to get that Fifth Revolution Pill, totally forgetting anything about kindness. Comparing Ning Fan to those old experts, Ning Fan was resolute and firm!

“Never mind, it’s just a Fifth Revolution Pill. Sooner or later, I will concoct one for you. There’s no need to get overly excited about it and don’t tell anyone about this pill devil as well.”

“Wh-what! Master is willing to concoct a Fifth Revolution Pill for me?” Xue Qing’s eyes glowed like a hungry wolf despite it being only an empty promise, however, he knew that Ning Fan was a man with principles. He believed that Ning Fan would certainly fulfill what he had promised.

As long as Ning Fan broke through to the Fifth Revolution Pill Master realm, he would definitely concoct a Fifth Revolution Pill for Xue Qing.

For Xue Qing, if he could really obtain a Fifth Revolution Pill, he would never consume it. He would keep it instead as a legendary treasure, and research on it whenever he wanted.

This time, he had worshipped the right master. Ning Fan was certainly generous to him. Although it was just an empty promise for now…

“En, but you will have to get those herbs for the Fifth Revolution Pill yourself. Alright, let’s go to the outer palace, I estimated that Nan Wei should already be outside waiting for me now.”

Ning Fan teased and left the inner palace, leaving Xue Qing standing like a petrified statue there.

“He wants me to collect the herbs for the Fifth Revolution Pill? They must be at least five millennium years old spiritual herbs. I won’t be able to get one even if I sell myself.

“Ai, I’ll need to ingratiate myself with Ning Fan some more so that he will get those herbs for me. In any case, he is a Fourth Revolution Pill Master now. He certainly won’t be lacking in fortune by the time he advanced to the Fifth Revolution Pill Master next time.”

Xue Qing’s eyes were filled with resoluteness. He decided that he needed to show more respect to his master and do his best to play the role of a disciple!

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