Grasping Evil - Chapter 93 (1)

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Nangong > Nan Gong

Nan Wei had already been waiting in the outer hall of Dan Palace.

As a matter of fact, after taking the Profound Spirit Pill, he only spent nine days to break through to the Harmonious Spirit realm. This incident had shaken quite a lot of people in Sinister Sparrow Sect.

The current Nan Wei was wearing a green robe, and was sitting on a rattan chair. He now had a composed bearing that was a lot better than before, somewhat like his father’s.

After breaking through to the Harmonious Spirit realm, a youthful pride was stirred up from his inside. Today, in Sinister Sparrow Sect, he was regarded as one of the first few great experts amongst the youths. Therefore, he wanted to know how much gap was between him and the young master—the number one expert below the Gold Core realm!

While he was waiting strenuously in the hall, Ning Fan and Xue Qing finally came out from the inner hall.

As Ning Fan was walking nonchalantly towards him, his eyes lit up and he slightly released some of his Qi to match with Ning Fan’s. But immediately, the Qi that he released disappeared in Ning Fan’s invisible aura.

It was only a single attempt and all of his confidence were crumbled, making him smile wryly.

I’m no way near Young Master’s ability. The gap is just too wide!

He shook off the thoughts, stood up and greeted Ning Fan with cupped fists. “Nan Wei greets Young Master. Thank you Young Master for giving the pill to Nan Wei!”

Ning Fan could naturally sense Nan Wei’s probing just now, but that didn’t concern him. Instead, he was very satisfied with Nan Wei’s stable Harmonious Spirit Qi.

“Eh? You have broken through to the Harmonious Spirit realm? Not bad. Your Qi is also very stable. There’s no superficiality in your cultivation base after consuming the pill. It seems like you have been practicing hard during these past few days. Very good. In that case, I don’t have to worry about the task that I’m going to entrust to you now. Take this batch of pills and magical treasures back to Ning City and pass them to your dad.”

Ning Fan waved his hand, taking out a snowy-white storage pouch and tossed it to Nan Wei.

Inside the storage pouch were countless of pill bottles filled with various kind of pills and magical treasures. There were also a few lines of spirit sense energy surrounding the storage pouch.

What surprised Nan Wei was that there was a sword intent which he had never felt before within the spirit sense

Apart from all those things, there was also a letter for Nan Gong inside the storage pouch, explaining how he should distribute the pills and train the Three Black Demon Guards and the systematic planning for the other three general’s cultivation.

If it wasn’t because of the Bone Sovereign trying to take his life, Ning Fan would’ve personally returned to Ning City.

Currently, with Bone Sovereign’s eyes watching them, he would certainly be tracked, putting Ning City in jeopardy which he couldn’t afford to do. Thus, he needed Nan Wei to make this trip for him.

Nan Wei naturally wouldn’t dare refuse the young master’s order. Immediately, he requested a Departure Order from the sect and headed for Ning City.

After Nan Wei left, Xue Qing was still standing in Dan Palace. His face had an incomprehensible and slightly worried look.

He could tell it from his sense of smell that the storage pouch taken by Nan Wei contained some terrifying pills which were concocted by Ning Fan in the concoction room.

This was the first time that he saw Ning Fan spend so extravagantly, which made him wonder why.

Ning Fan was cautious by nature. So why would he allow an early Harmonious Spirit expert deliver so many pills to Ning City?

Anyone should know that one had to travel some routes where numerous bandits appear from Sinister Sparrow Sect to Ning City. Each and every one of those bandits were outlaws that were not afraid of death. Once they found out Nan Wei was carrying a huge number of pills, they would kill him and seize the treasures.

Moreover, the distance between Sinister Sparrow Sect and Ning City almost a thousand miles. So why would Ning Fan not go there by himself? It would only take less than a few days’ time anyway.

“Master, was it not too rash to let Nan Wei deliver those pills to Ning City? It isn’t a safe trip at all. He will encounter numerous ‘bandits’ along the way. There are even Gold Core old experts who were working with the bandits using aliases,” said Xue Qing. 

Those bandits were rogue cultivators who specifically kill people to rob their fortune. 

A mere Nan Wei wouldn’t be capable enough to deal with all those sneaky bandits.

Ning Fan didn’t provide further explanation to Xue Qing’s concerns, but just said a faint sentence.

“If those bandits dare to rob my pills, they will die…”

Ning Fan said with a smile, however, Xue Qing could feel a fierce killing intent from it.

After all, Ning Fan had planted a few lines of sword intent on the storage pouch.

Subsequently, Ning Fan returned to Dual Cultivation Palace and began to readjust his Qi to restore his magical power and physical strength that had been consumed in the last half a month’s time.

Consuming a pill would make the magical power superficial, but concocting large amount of pill would fortify one’s magical power, like the concept of mutually reinforcing elements.

The Dao of Alchemy was a profound, abstruse and deep path. It was very difficult for one to break through a concoction technique.

Ning Fan used Ancient Chaos’ memory to advance to the Fourth Revolution concoction technique, however, he couldn’t touch the threshold of the Fifth Revolution yet, it was as if something was missing or there was a barrier stopping him from reaching it.

On the bed, he slapped the storage pouch to produce the ancient pill scroll and read the things that the Fifth Revolution Pill Master experienced . Among the record stated that one needed to acquire the Void God Intent in order to concoct a Fifth Revolution Pills.

“Void God Intent…so that was it. I won’t be able to concoct Fifth Revolution Pills unless I break through to the Spirit Severing realm.” Ning Fan forced a smile.

The Void God Intent was also called the Divine Intent. Some cultivators named it Conception. It was a very profound ability that only Spirit Severing cultivators could comprehend!

Every cultivator had their own preferences and experiences. Take Elder Meng Chu of the Merit Hall for instance, if he could break through to the Spirit Severing realm, it would be very likely that he would acquire the Divine Intent of Tea, because he loved to drink tea so much.

As for the elders like Elder Xue Qing, if he could break through to the Spirit Severing realm, the Divine Intent he would most likely acquire was the Divine Intent of Pill, because this dude was obsessed with concoction.

In short, in order to acquire the Divine Intent, except for those who had great luck, one must at least reach the Spirit Severing realm.

Of course, according to Ancient Chaos’s memory, there was a thing called Divine Intent Stone that could grant the cultivator the Divine Intent ability, however, it had already disappeared for many years.

Even if Ning Fan was a person with great luck, he needed to cultivate step by step to reach the Spirit Severing realm before he could acquire the Divine Intent.

In other words, he would have to wait until he advanced to the Spirit Severing realm to break through to the Fifth Revolution concoction technique. This truly made him speechless, but the cultivation path had always been less than satisfying.

He kept the ancient pill scroll and resumed readjusting his Qi until the night approached.

He would go into seclusion soon. He was afraid that this seclusion would last for half a year. As he had promised Lan Mei to treat her illness and he had already concocted the pill for it, it was time for him to resolve her trouble.

It wasn’t suitable for him to carry out the process during day time as he would be treating her private spot. So, he waited until the night came first before taking any action.

Unfortunately, some female disciples had already reported his return to Bai Lu when he just started to readjust his Qi.

Here comes the troublesome woman again.

“Humph! Ning Fan! You have the audacity to disappear for half a month. As a cauldron, don’t you know that you have to be present whenever your master needed to pluck you?!”

There was a hint of complaint and some subtle joy within her eyes.

The moment she saw Ning fan, she instantly pounced into Ning Fan’s arms. Her eyes were blurry.

“Lie down! Sister wants to pluck you!”

You are truly troublesome. Fine. I’ll dual cultivate with her since this will recover my physical strength faster than meditating.

Ning Fan didn’t waste any breath on her. He then turned and pressed against her.

Apparently, Bai Lu didn’t expect Ning Fan’s crude behavior. What surprised her more was that Ning Fan’s cultivation base had reached the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm!

Her beautiful expression changed. She began to realize that she had been fooled by Ning Fan all along.

I’ve never plucked this Ning Fan! Yet, he pretended to be my cauldron to deceive me. It’s totally shameful to go through so many nights with him!

“It’s impossible! I have already plucked you last time and your cultivation base should have dropped tremendously. Wh-why have you broken through to the peak Harmonious Spirit realm? Eh…En…”

She wanted to continue swearing but her mouth had already been blocked. She wanted to push Ning Fan away but her body started to become weak after a series of stinging pain. All her dissatisfaction had turned into moans.

“Ha…hateful…ah, don’t touch that...”

Bai Lu’s long jade-white legs was placed violently on Ning Fan’s shoulders, then…there was no more ‘then’ after that.

As the night fell, Bai Lu passed out on the bed due to fatigue with a pleasant and sweet smile on her face. Ning Fan on the other hand looked refreshed. All the fatigue of the past half a month had been removed. He put on his clothes and headed to the Inner Sect Female Palace to treat Lan Mei’s illness.

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