Grasping Evil - Chapter 93 (2)

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Tonight, while Ning Fan was having a romantic time, there was bloodshed in other palaces. This had always been in the world of cultivation. There could be places with idyllic beauty as well as places overflowing with blood.

During the night, the ordinary-looking Wang Yao appeared in one of the clans. With a wave of his hand, all of the cultivators in this small clan were slaughtered.

A hundred miles away from Sinister Sparrow Sect was a youth named Nan Wei, he was also related to the bloody event.

Ever since he left the Sinister Sparrow Sect, he had been travelling at lightning speed, but after travelling for a hundred miles, he vaguely felt that he was being followed by someone!

Could it be a bandit who’s following me?

Nan Wei’s expression darkened. He had heard about how savage those bandits were. He just never thought that he would one day be targeted by them. But after a moment, a trace of steely expression was revealed in his eyes.

I wonder how strong this bandit is. If it’s an early Harmonious Spirit expert, I can easily eliminate the person. If it’s an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert, I can still probably protect myself against him, but if it’s a late Harmonious Spirit realm…humph! No matter what happens, I, Nan Wei, must finish the task given by Young Master. I must deliver the pills to Ning City even if that means facing death!

Nan Wei’s eyes showed resoluteness that replaced his fear while treading with swift speed in the void. He had changed his routes many times, but the tracker was still following behind him.

It wasn’t until he reached a deserted and barren valley that a black shadow emerged in front of him, blocking his path ahead.

He stopped in his tracks and took out his magical treasure knowing that a battle was unavoidable.

Under the moonlight, the figure was an elder in silver robe standing in the void. Although he looked old, he had a tall and robust body. His face was covered with nine scars and his eyes were murderous.

“Humph! A mere early Harmonious Spirit expert is bringing so many pills all by himself? You are certainly courting death! I’ll use my Frenzied Sword to teach you the lesson that an innocent person will get into trouble because of excessive wealth.”

The silver-robed elder snorted, and then pressed his peak Harmonious Spirit Qi against Nan Wei, throwing Nan Wei’s Qi and blood into disorder and almost making him fall from the sky.

Immediately, Nan Wei backed up 30 meters, pulling himself further away from the elder. He didn’t fall from the heap of clouds, but looked very distressed.

At the same time, he was grumbling incessantly in his heart.

The bandit wasn’t an early or an intermediate nor a late Harmonious Spirit realm. He was a peak Harmonious Spirit realm expert—Shen Shangzi with Frenzied Sword.

Nan Wei couldn’t believe that he would be targeted by this elder. 

The rumor says that this elder was a rogue cultivator with a high level of Sword Dao and had a vicious attitude. He had killed many disciples of numerous clans and sects, and was wanted by countless of sects.

Therefore, Ning Fan’s name wouldn’t save Nan Wei from this vicious man. Plus, he was certainly no match for this opponent.

There was also a rumor that said that this Shen Shangzi was once hunted by three peak Harmonious Spirit experts, but was still able to escape even after he had suffered heavy injuries. As for the three experts, two of them died and one was wounded. That was also the moment when rumors about Shen Shangzi’s Nine Swords began to spread.

It was an extremely foolish behavior for a bandit to leave his or her name behind after killing and robbing, but Shen Shangzi would definitely arouse the attention of others after every killing. This was because he especially selected every target after a series of consideration. As such, he was sure that the target would be eliminated when he made the call to strike.

However, if he ever doubted his decision, he would never strike. The same thing happened to Ning Fan, who was an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert at that time. He didn’t dare to attack Ning Fan when he passed by the territory because Ning Fan had given him an unfathomable feeling. Nan Wei, on the other hand, was just too weak. He knew that Nan Wei had just broken through to the early Harmonious Spirit realm recently.

I have Nine Sword Intents, however, only a single sword intent is already enough to kill him!

Shen Shangzi was looking at Nan Wei sneeringly.

He then bent his finger and a sword intent which he had been practicing for many years let out a clear howl before he stuck out the finger.

Instantly, under the waning moon, a 300 meter long sword light mingled with gloomy blue fire slashed at Nan Wei’s direction.

Without a doubt, this was Nan Wei’s end!

His face was brimming with despair. Then, he gritted his teeth and decided to ignite his magical power by burning his Hun and Po*. 

Soul Burning was a technique imparted by his father. Once this skill was executed, the person that casted this skill would die for certain unless there was help from a True Immortal. Combusting the soul prevented the person’s soul from entering Samsara for generations. Despite that, it could only  enhance one’s magical power by a small realm!

In which case, Nan Wei would temporarily have an intermediate Harmonious Spirit magical strength. It probably wouldn’t be enough to defeat Shen Shangzi, but it would give him 30 percent chance of getting the pills back to Ning City.

After that, he would pass away for generations and wouldn’t be able to enter Samsara and be reborned. The course of his life would disappear within the Heaven and Earth!

However, just as he was about to burn his Hun and Po, an invisible spirit sense energy radiated out fiercely from the storage pouch. It felt very much like a sword intent!

In the presence of this spirit sense, the 300 meter sword light shivered slightly, as if it was facing the scariest thing under the heavens. The instant the spirit sense swept across, the sword light burst into countless of blue fiery light.

“No way! How could old man’s Blue Flame Sword Qi be pulverized by you?! You despicable brat! What have you done?”

Shen Shangzi’s natal sword Qi was destroyed. Due to the heavy backlash, he spurted a mouthful of blood. But before he could release his wrathful roar, the sword-like spirit sense reached him. 

All of a sudden, the frenzied-looking Shen Shangzi revealed a terrified face for the first time. He had a deep understanding of the Sword Dao. He had once obtained a volume about the Immortal World’s sword technique that mentioned an unusual ability which he was seeing now.

“No, this is impossible! This is sword sense!”

Only individuals who had gathered the sea of swords in their sea of consciousness could use this kind of skill.

Shen Shangzi was repenting right now. The spirit sense that had blanketed his spirit sense was no doubt the sea of swords. And this spirit sense was powerful enough to wipe out all early Gold Core cultivators!

“Leave…leave me alone…argh!”

After uttering a wail, Shen Shangzi’s robust body was mutilated into a mud of blood. Even the remaining eight natal sword Qi were crushed to nothingness.

It was truly astounding! Nan Wei just stood rooted in his position, including all the bandits who were hiding in different spots, waiting to grab a bit of the benefits from Shen Shangzi after the robbery.

Anyone with a proper eyesight would be able to see that it wasn’t Nan Wei who killed Shen Shangzi. It was the spirit sense emitted from the storage pouch that was bounded on Nan Wei’s waist. 

It was common sense that spirit sense couldn’t kill people, but this spirit sense was able to kill a peak Harmonious Spirit expert in one strike! Judging from the sword intent within the spirit sense, it could kill early Gold Core experts and severely injure intermediate Gold Core experts.

What level of cultivation does one have to have such an astonishing spirit sense? Nascent Soul old expert or Spirit Severing...

The bandits who were hiding in the darkness gazed at the storage pouch in terror. There were still a few more streaks of spirit sense on the storage pouch. In other words, Nan Wei could still kill several early Gold Core old experts without using his own strength.

Besides, even if the spirit sense was expended, no one could guarantee that there was nothing else protecting the storage pouch.

Each and every cultivator was having mixed feelings. They watched the man with tremendous pills just went past them, but none of them dared to make a move on him. All of them were rogue cultivators, but they weren’t fools. Anyone who rushed forward like Shen Shangzi would end up just like him.

As such, they lost interest in Nan Wei’s fortune anymore.

“Forget it. Anyone who can plant such a spirit sense must be some peerless expert. Even if we can rob the pills, I’m afraid that we will be hunted down incessantly. The old experts who are above Nascent Soul realm possess numerous kind of abilities. They are able to travel a thousand miles in an instant. If we are targeted by that level of an old expert, I think that all of our lives here won’t be enough for the expert to kill.”

They all put away the thought of robbing Nan Wei, however, it made these old cultivators wonder whether there was a Nascent Soul expert hiding in Yue Country. The fact was no one really knew. Maybe there were some peerless old experts that went into seclusion in the deep old forest.

The warning that was showed from Shen Shangzi’s tragic death gave Nan Wei a safe journey back to Ning City. However, his emotions couldn’t settle down. 

He began to realize that the power of his Young Master was far beyond his comprehension.

Using a spirit sense to kill a Gold Core expert? 

He sucked in a breath of cold air. Did it mean that his Young Master already possessed the means that only existed in the legends?

Young Master is so powerful. I am truly lucky to serve him as my young master!

This was the true horror of the sword sense, it could kill stealthily from a thousand miles away! 

Hun and Po* - the dualistic components of a soul. For more info click here

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