Grasping Evil - Chapter 94 (1)

1/2 chapter!

In the dark night, Ning Fan pushed open the main door of Dual Cultivation Palace and left the place. 

Without realizing it, the sword sense he planted on the storage pouch had scared away many bandits.

He passed through the valley to the Female Palace. Any female who didn’t stay in Dual Cultivation Palace would live in the Female Palace.

Before reaching the Female Palace, he would have to pass through the Deacon Palace first. Along the way, the patrolling deacon disciples he encoutered greeted him with awe.

“Greet Elder Ning!”

“En, no formality is necessary.”

Ning Fan had already grown accustomed to his position as an elder and the way the other juniors greeted him. In the world of cultivation, strength would decide the treatment that one received.

The leaves rustled and the moonlight was covered by the dark clouds.

He went past the Deacon Palace and into the bamboo forest at the back of the palace, but he stopped suddenly. His eyes turned cold and he spat out the Starlight Sword Shadow unhesitantly and stared ahead at the deep forest.

“Who’s there?”

His face turned grim and his eyes revealed extreme vigilance which he would only show if he’s confronting a big threat like the time he encountered a dangerous situation in Demon Sinister Forest.

He felt that someone was hiding in this forest and this someone was a great threat to him!

Subsequently, a grey-robed youth with an ordinary look walked out of the forest. This youth seemed a bit surprised as if he didn’t expect to meet Ning Fan from his way back to the Deacon Palace.

It’s him!

Both of them muttered lightly.

Ning Fan had some impression of this youth. This youth was one of the participants in the Demon Sinister Forest exam and was ranked after Ning Fan. He is Wang Yao!

Wang Yao is a Harmonious Spirit expert and it wasn’t surprising to see him running some errands for Deacon Palace. So, Ning Fan must be thinking too much about it.

However, the blood Qi of this youth was very strong!

Ning Fan was slightly shocked in his heart. He sensed an invisible blood Qi and killing intent from Wang Yao that only experts who had killed countless beings could emit!

This sense of deterrence made Ning Fan feel danger even before facing him.

This man isn’t just a Harmonious Spirit expert!

Ning Fan was able to quickly determine that Wang Yao was actually far beyond Harmonious Spirit realm—early Gold Core realm!

His expression remained unchanged but he was astounded by the fact that this Wang Yao was actually a Gold Core expert!

Furthermore, he could also sense an inseparable blood stench from him and that this youth had expended a lot of magical power. Had this youth gone somewhere to kill people?

Even if he really killed people, he had to get out of Sinister Sparrow Sect. Could it be he could sneak out of this sect without being noticed? How did he do that? Anyone should know that Sinister Sparrow Sect had a grand formation that could detect anyone who left the sect unpermitted.

What concerned Ning Fan more was that Wang Yao had given him a sense of extreme danger even before they met. Though it was just a brief moment, it gave him the creeps and chills. Ning Fan was sure that wasn’t a threat that could be projected from an early Gold Core expert!

This Wang Yao’s strength surely isn’t just an early Gold Core expert. His purpose of coming to Sinister Sparrow Sect must not be that simple. Should I look into his details…?

Ning Fan hesitated. He was able to infer that Wang Yao couldn’t be underestimated based on all sorts of clues he could find and this youth’s combat power was possibly even higher than his.

Prying into this man’s background would bring troubles without a doubt, or possibly cost him his life. If it was before, he would never interfere with other people’s business. He would never be concerned of the future of Sinister Sparrow Sect.

But today, his relationship with Lan Mei had grown complicated. Once he and Lan Mei got married, Sinister Sparrow Sect would become his another home. Thus, it was inappropriate to let the trouble run wild inside the sect.

Ning Fan’s eyes were filled with resoluteness, but he saw no emotions from Wang Yao’s eyes.

Wang Yao realized that he was being glared by Ning Fan. He quickly feigned a look of fear and timidity.

“Greet Elder Ning. I’m a deacon disciple, Wang Yao. Is there anything that I can help elder with?”

“No need. You can go back and take a rest now.”

“Yes.” Wang Yao saluted and left immediately.

Ning Fan also left after darting another deep glare at Wang Yao.

But as Ning Fan walked out of the bamboo forest, Wang Yao turned to Ning Fan’s direction with a sneering and cold smile. All the fear on his face disappeared.

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