Grasping Evil - Chapter 94 (2)

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That was close. Never thought that I would encounter this Ning Fan after massacring a clan and having expended my magical power. Everyone knew that nocturnal people were always involved in illegal activities. If he knew my true identity, my incarnation will be in danger. But too bad, he will never find out that I’m the Bone Sovereign until the day he dies! In no time, I will have restored my intermediate Gold Core cultivation base, leaving me only a few months’ time to reach the Nascent Soul realm! Once I reached the Nascent Soul realm, I will not only want Ning Fan pay with his life, but also raze the entire Yue Country, the entire Rain Immortal World to the ground!

Wang Yao smiled sneeringly with a look that disdained everyone in the world. His desire for dominance was definitely not a small one.

It wasn’t every time that his real soul could leave Demon Sinister Forest. As such, only by treading the whole cultivation world flat will make the entire trip interesting.

His expression returned to normal, as he left the bamboo forest and headed for the Deacon Palace. His footsteps were as ordinary as the other disciples.

However, after walking for a thousand meters and sensing that Ning Fan had gone far from him, his body shrunk vertically and turned into an illusory evading light, flying past the defensive formation and into the Deacon Palace. He didn’t even use the token on his waist to enter the palace.

This technique was similar to the small sable! It could go past a Spirit realm Grand Formation with ease.

It’s him!

After Wang Yao left, Ning Fan’s shadow was hovering in mid-air. His eyes brimming with shock.

The scene where Ning Fan left the forest was only a camouflage. After walking for a distance, he immediately cast the Falsifying Art Chant to conceal his body, then followed Wang Yao’s tracks and consumed a piece of Spirit Refining Grass. His Falsifying Art Chant hadn’t reached its full power yet, but its effect was stealthier than any Gold Rank Spirit Equipment. At least, Wang Yao hadn’t noticed that Ning Fan was trailing him.

This was because he couldn’t ignore the potential threat of Sinister Sparrow Sect. So, he had decided to dig deep into Wang Yao’s details.

But before the investigation really took place, he had discovered a shocking incident – that Wang Yao has the same ability as the small sable, both of them could go past Spirit realm Formation Light easily.

It’s the Bone Sovereign!

I had never expected that Bone Sovereign has been hiding below my very eyes. No wonder his mediocre result had suddenly skyrocketed at the last day in the forest. It turns out that this man was the true incarnation of the Bone Sovereign. I wonder how serious would he be injured after killing this incarnation of his!

His eyes sparkled with a cold light when he recalled the day he was sneak-attacked by the Bone Sovereign.

If it wasn’t for his vigilance, he would’ve probably been killed by the Bone Sovereign’s claw.

This time, it seemed like Bone Sovereign hadn’t realized that Ning Fan had already discovered his real identity. As such, it would be Ning Fan’s turn to sneak-attack the Bone Sovereign!

A bold idea started to form in his mind. He should follow Wang Yao out of the sect secretly, and the moment Wang Yao expended all of his magical power in massacring other people, he would take advantage of the situation and finish him!

The current Wang Yao had already devoured countless of blood. Although his magical strength would be worn out after the killings, his speed of recovery was pretty fast. Therefore, it wasn’t an easy task to kill him. At least, Ning Fan didn’t have a hundred percent certainty of killing him.

The murder of the Bone Sovereign must be carefully planned. He must ensure that one strike was enough to take down this incarnation!

Today wasn’t the best time to execute it. He believed that there would be plenty of chances in the future!

Thanks to my concern. I discovered a great secret. Anyway, I have to look for Lan Mei now to repay the kindness of Sinister Sparrow Sect well. I wonder if she’s sleeping at this hour.

Ning Fan’s expression reverted to normal and he left the Deacon Palace in a quick pace.

The Female Palace was located in the middle of the Dark Sparrow Valley, right in the most peaceful place inside the valley.

There were green hills and clear waters here. There was a cool pool of water known as the Bright Moon Pond in between the mountains that were covered with fog. Usually, plenty of girls would dabble in the water. Currently, despite the late night, there was a girl wearing a thin blue garment, sitting on a green rock, sighing slightly while facing the moonlight.

This blue-clad girl had her black hair pulled back into a high ponytail. Between her eyes was the coldness and arrogance that couldn’t be gotten rid of. Her slightly pale cheek showed some traces of sorrow.

“He will never come…he’s a liar…I have no idea whether he’s still concocting pills in Dan Palace or having fun with that little devil, Bai Lu! It’s despicable! What are the things that make me incomparable to Bai Lu…”

Lan Mei’s voice gradually faltered into a pitiful laugh.

“That’s right, I’m not like Bai Lu. She’s a normal woman. I’m not…”

Lan Mei’s hand reached the lower part of her body. It surely wasn’t masturbation, but she was touching that private spot of hers.

No one who would ever understand this without experiencing it.

“Even if I’m not like her, you should at least come and pay me a visit, though I knew you wouldn’t come.”

She sighed slightly, but this sigh was not completed because it was interrupted by a giggle.

“Miss Lan Mei, Ning Fan is really lucky to see you masturbating under the moonlight!”

It was teasing and playful, but it was the voice that Lan Mei had been waiting to hear for a long time.

Her eyes revealed a trace of shame but also some joy. When she thought about Ning Fan regarded her self-touching action as masturbation, her face turned as red as a tomato.

“Non-nonsense. I have...never…masturbated…only debauched girls will do that…”

“You really haven’t masturbated before? It’s a pity. Why don’t I help you with that?” Ning Fan giggled once more. For some reason, he felt that flirting with this serious girl was so fun even if it was merely a verbal flirtation.

“Who needs your help? I can do it myself…no, I’m saying that I don’t masturbate.”

Lan Mei bit her lips and felt annoyed after realizing that she had been fooled by Ning Fan.

She despised that Ning Fan always say this kind of embarrassing thing in front of a woman.

Speaking of this Bright Moon Pond, it was a place for females to bath and play in water. It was natural that girls would never wear a lot of clothes if they come to this kind of place. Besides, everyone knew that males were strictly forbidden to enter the Female Palace, whereas the Bright Moon Pond was the forbidden place of the forbidden places!

This Ning Fan must have great guts coming here.

Recalling again that Ning Fan witnessed her caressing her private spot just now made her face grew redder.

Sensing Lan Mei’s shyness was building up inside of her, Ning Fan changed the topic.

“A good Bright Moon Pond. As the saying goes, the white clouds are endless and the moonlight is traceless. My death won’t be in vain if I’m buried under this pond.”

Ning Fan casually recited a verse from a poem. It was elegant, open-minded, and extraordinary. It shocked Lan Mei internally.

She was shocked because Ning Fan had always been an unscrupulous man, but actually has such a generous heart. But how could a plucking devil be such an elegant person? It would be much better if he didn’t practice Dual Cultivation Law.

Before letting the seriousness sink into his expression, he smiled at Lan Mei.

“If after I died and was buried in this pond, will you come here often to bath? To accompany my corpse?”

“Bah! Don’t be ridiculous! Still thinking of taking advantage of me even after you die? Don’t even think about it!”

Lan Mei revealed an expression of embarrassment. Sure enough this was Ning Fan. He wouldn’t feel comfortable if he didn’t relate everything he said to man and woman.

However, what Ning Fan said drew her serious expression once more.

“If you die and is buried in the Bright Moon Pond, I will…die along with you in the pond.”

As soon as she said it, Ning Fan felt a shiver in his heart. The teasing expression vanished in his eyes, turning into a slight sigh.

What she said carried a huge weight of sentiments.

It sounded as if Lan Mei had already fallen for him.

“I won’t die. I haven’t lived enough yet.”

Under the moonlight, Ning Fan’s icy light flashed, appearing in front Lan Mei with a bright smile.

The word ‘I won’t die’ really comforted her heart.

It wasn’t any kind of gorgeous oath, it was just a consolation from a youth.

Inside her heart, she said: 

Remember handsome, I will be here as long as the sandalwood doesn’t extinguish. 

I will never die unless the Heavens is overturned.

You must remember that beside the Bright Moon Pond and under the dark clouds, a person was smiling like the fleeting time before the white-clad man and black ice.

However, the quiet scene and warmth was interrupted by Ning Fan’s teasing smile once more.

“Let me operate on that spot of yours. Don’t worry, it won’t be painful. Instead, it will be very comfortable!”

“What…what did you say? Do you mean here?!”

Lan Mei seemed as if she had heard something dreadful, but anticipation grew in her heart – she would never be a stone girl anymore, but become a true bride! 

She was delighted that this day had finally come!

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