Grasping Evil - Chapter 95

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“Let’s make a few circles around the pond first, okay? I need some mental preparation.”

The request of Lan Mei made Ning Fan speechless. Subsequently, he accompanied this embarrassed girl in walking around the Bright Moon Pond.

Ning Fan was the only one who had the mood to admire the moon, the pond and the beauty, whereas Lan Mei was lowering her head, her face was covered with her hair and the only visible thing was her neck, blushing with shyness.

What should I do now…? Should I reveal my secret to him…? 

But-but then, I ha-haven’t prepared for it yet…

Lan Mei was frowning and was unsettled. She had been looking forward to Ning Fan’s visit for a day and that day had finally come, but she now hoped for this guy to leave soon and wouldn’t treat her illness. However, she feel reluctant at the same time if Ning Fan truly left. She wasn’t willing to let go of the chance of curing this untreatable illness.

Women could be pretty contradictory sometimes.

After circling the pond for a few dozen of rounds, Ning Fan didn’t want to give this girl anymore time. He discovered that even if he gave this girl a hundred years of time, she would never stop tangling with him.

What a troublesome woman!

Ning Fan’s hint of smile vanished. With a bend of his arm, he pulled the fragrant and delicate body of Lan Mei into his arms. Unintentionally, his arms were touching Lan Mei’s soft chest.

“Ah! What are you doing…”

She wanted to scream when she was attacked by Ning Fan, but his mouth block her mouth, forcefully kissing her.

Her whole body was tensed, making her soft body as hard as a rock, her eyes were filled with a hint of fear. She gritted her teeth hard, but she could still feel Ning Fan’s tongue colliding on her teeth.

*Wu… Wu…*

That was a coercive kiss!

She was an early Harmonious Spirit expert, but there was no way that she could break free from Ning Fan’s arms.

The embrace was very warming. The aura of his manhood intoxicated her. Her body was no longer rigid as it gradually relaxed. Slowly, she stretched out her arms around Ning Fan’s neck, lifted her feet a little and willingly offer her lips to Ning Fan.

This was her first kiss. Before this, she never had any physical contact with a male. Therefore, this first physical contact was truly an intense one.

It made her feel intoxicated, weak and flurried.

What should I do now? He is licking me…

She was clueless of what to do. She couldn’t believe there was actually tongue kissing in the Heaven and Earth. Although it was merely a sensation, she felt ashamed when Ning Fan’s tongue intruded in her mouth. She kept on clenching her teeth hard to avoid being taken advantage of Ning Fan, but the next thing that happened made her feel even more embarrassed.

On the bank of the Bright Moon Pond, a gentle slap was heard. The sound was even clearer than the cry of insects and more peaceful than the grass fragrance.


Ning Fan’s palm acted strangely by patting Lan Mei’s buttocks with a slight force.

Her body stiffened when her backside was touched by Ning Fan, but her jaw loosened. Ning Fan took the opportunity to lick her greasy tongue, tasting the scent of her tongue.

There was pain…

There was a burning sensation from her buttocks, but within the pain was a twist of pleasure. Then, a shameful and absurd thought was stirred inside of her – she hope that Ning Fan would continue beating her buttock.

As her fragrant tongue was being attacked by Ning Fan, she felt like she was going to melt in this man’s embrace. Obediently, she stopped resisting, her body stuck to Ning Fan even more closely.

*Moan… Moan…*

The feeling of the first kiss was extremely wonderful and ethereal. Apart from feeling shocked and ashamed, she also felt intoxicated, like she had been electrocuted. 

After a long time, Ning Fan stopped kissing and gently pushed Lan Mei away. She opened her bright limpid eyes that could charm and move people emotionally.

She slightly exhaled and stared at Ning Fan with infatuation. It seemed like she had already fallen in love with Ning Fan because her arms weren’t letting go of Ning Fan’s neck.

“I will treat your illness now, my wife, okay?”

Calling her his wife made her rest her head on Ning Fan’s shoulder. Then, she replied with an ‘en’.

After being caressed by Ning Fan, passion began to stir inside of her and the embarrassment she was feeling reduced to a miniscule amount. She even had the desire right now, the desire that Ning Fan would pry into her body, enjoy and please her as much as he could.

Looking at the girl who was obediently waiting for the man to pluck her, Ning Fan sighed slightly.

If he had known that kissing would solve the problem, he wouldn’t have wasted time walking aimlessly for dozen of rounds with this girl.

If he didn’t hurry up, the morning light would appear soon.

He carried Lan Mei to a secluded bush and placed her on the patch of soft pasture. 

The coldness of the dew and the residual temperature of Ning Fan’s palm made Lan Mei’s mind go crazy. Because of the illness, her body was unusually sensitive. After being flirted by Ning Fan, her feelings for Ning Fan sank deeper.

“I’m taking off your clothes…”

As he was about to strip her naked, he saw Lan Mei shyly closing her eyes and said hesitantly, “Can you…be rough on me a little…?”

“Eh…how rough do you want it to be?” Ning Fan seemed speechless, thinking why it was so troublesome to treat Lan Mei’s injury.

“Like, like how you hit my…um…there…using the same strength…” Lan Mei slightly exhaled. She wondered why that slap had so much magical strength.

“It turns out that you like roughness…then I will be rough to you…”

Ning Fan said with a sigh. He must have too much medical ethics to comply with a patient’s request.

He withheld most of his strength and used only 5 percent of it. Then, a slap landed on Lan Mei’s buttocks.

Apart from the pain, she felt numbness spread across her body, causing her to utter an irritating moan.


“Should I continue…?” Ning Fan asked thoughtfully.

“Yes, continue to slap me…with more force this time…” Lan Mei said shyly.

But before her voice faded, Ning Fan’s palms clutched her bosoms all of a sudden.

“Painful, it’s really painful! I said there, why-why are you clutching my…here…but, it’s very comfortable…”

Lan Mei seemed to have some resentment, but also somewhat intoxicated which made Ning Fan understand something.

Everyone had their own fetishes. This Lan Mei seemed to be enjoying the feeling of being conquered. She had been used to the high and mighty status of being a young mistress, but she had also been made vulnerable due to the illness that she had. This conflicting psychology made her hope to have a powerful man who could dominate and protect her.

Instead of laughing at Lan Mei, he felt some pity and sympathized  this girl.

However, he realized that the best way to take pity on her was to subdue her using the most brutal means.

He closed his eyes, lifting the tranquil heart of Yin Yang Transformation. When he opened his eyes, he looked like a hungry wolf.

A delicately charming and high status girl that could overthrow the city of men was asking for more in front of him. This kind of response was enough to drive any many crazy!

Ning Fan wasn’t a God. He was a human, a man. The reason he could stay composed in front of countless girls was because of the Yin Yang Transformation’s heart skill that restrained his sexual desire.

But currently, he was no longer restrained. He turned evil-natured, like a wild wolf. His eyes made Lan Mei feel unfamiliar, fear, but more desirable!

“Hug me, tear me apart…”

“As you please!”

With a sneering smile, both of his hands violently grabbed Lan Mei’s bosom, allowing her to scream in pain freely. Later, he fiercely tore apart her precious and gorgeous blue clothes into pieces of cloth.

Under the moonlight, a naked beauty emerged while Ning Fan was completely immersed in libido for the first time!

Bite her, whack her and tear her! 

He took of his clothes and pressed his body against hers, as if he had forgotten the original purpose of coming here – treating Lan Mei’s illness.

A hot stick was desperately searching for Lan Mei’s secret spot but failed to find the opening.

His eyes gradually became clearer when he understood that he couldn’t own Lan Mei yet, whereas Lan Mei was awakened by the uncured illness below her body.

Her eyes revealed a hint of self-depreciating smile. She wasn’t even considered a woman. She wasn’t qualified to enjoy the pleasure underneath her.

“I’m so tired. Can we do the treatment tomorrow?”


Ning Fan was still holding Lan Mei in his arms and muttered. “I don’t mind.”

“I mind…” Lan Mei smiled sadly.

“Then, I should make you a woman first before treating your illness.” Ning Fan let go of his sexual thoughts and revealed an inexplicable smile.

This woman was very troublesome, but he didn’t mind it at all.

Lan Mei on the other hand didn’t understand what Ning Fan meant.

Her sad smile hadn’t faded away. She had no right to be a woman. She even started to doubt whether her illness was curable.

However, this sadness was quickly turned into traces of shame and shock, she felt the other secret opening of hers were being stabbed forcefully. She was in real pain!

“That was…that was…” She showed a shameful and unbelieving look. The pain was like a tearing pain that carried blood, but it made her feel extremely comfortable.

“But there, there isn’t….this is so dirty…how can you…?”

“Why can’t I…?”

Ning Fan muttered and casted the Enchanting Art to make her feel even more comfortable.

However, the current scene was too erotic, it was better to not say more than what was needed.

Every moan resounded with roughly ten years of yearning in the night.

After the activity, Lan Mei slept soundly like a baby, while Ning Fan was full of sweat all over this body. He put on his clothes and swiftly inserted the Flesh Regenerating Pill into her body.

It might hurt a little to operate on her body. He might as well finish the process while she was asleep.

Using the force of the Yin Plucking Finger, it made Lan Mei sleep more soundly. He spread open her legs and stared at the pitiful sight – the pink blocked opening.

“Don’t be afraid. From today onwards, you will become a complete woman. Said Ning Fan plainly.

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