Grasping Evil - Chapter 97

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500 Hu Guards soared up to the sky in their flying demonic beasts, immediately forming a siege attack formation.

It was the Cloud Sieging Formation!

Such formation was very famous in the cultivation world. It was the most profound one. It converged all the attacks of the guards on the general.

When the formation was complete, streams of cloud light were radiating out from every Hu Guard’s body into the general – the black clothed youth.

The general’s Qi skyrocketed all of a sudden. Almost in a blink of an eye, his cultivation base shoot up from early Harmonious Spirit realm to the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm!

Of course, the breakthrough was only temporary. The body of the youth could never bear the vast magical power. Therefore, he had to strike with an all-out attack, using all of the magical power inside his body.

The lightning spear in his hand seemed to consist of thousands of kilograms. With a shout, the lightning spear turned into a streak of thunderbolt, like a thunder-like meteor in the sky.

Within the flash of lightning existed the blow of an early Gold Core expert.

“Even if you are an early Gold Core old expert, our Cloud Sieging Formation has never failed to defeat Gold Core experts! Die!”

In the night sky, each Hu Guard was riding on their demonic beast and was left with little magical power. All their magical power had been transferred to the black clothed youth to send out that Gold Core attack. Every one of them had a fiery red face. The black-clothed youth was the general of the guards and had used this method to defeat one Gold Core old expert who had intruded the Hu Clan!

This giant White Skeleton wouldn’t be able to withstand this strike of theirs for sure!

But they were doomed to receive disappointment, because this giant White Skeleton was staring at the majestic lightning with indifferent face and a cold sneer.

“It’s weak, it’s too weak!”

The 300 meter giant stretched its finger towards the lightning and crushed the Gold Core blow instantly.

At the same time, it seemed as if the giant had lost interest in toying with them. With a cold expression in its eyes, it roared angrily. A solid sonic wave spread out of its body, covering miles of the area.

It was a technique of the Dao of Bone – the Bone Demonic Sound!

Under the roar of the devil, every Hu guard burst into a mist of blood without warning and died before they could utter a wail.

Five hundred Hu guards turned into sounds of bursting. A light soared up to the sky towards the confident-looking black-clothed youth and pulled him out of the range of the sonic wave by the collar.

The black-clothed youth was a true descendant of Hu Clan and he was saved by Hu Ming, the Great Elder of Hu Clan, a thin old man in robe.

“This devil is too powerful. Ming Er, go quickly to the Purple Light Sect and ask for the help of an intermediate Gold Core old ancestor to save our clan!”

The robed elder was struck dumb by the slaughter of Hu guards while facing the lingering sonic wave. Now that his patriarch had been injured heavily by the giant’s punch, he had to take on the responsibility of guarding the Hu Clan.

His pair of straw shoes made a light step in the night sky, radiating traces of green light all of a sudden. Immediately, his speed reached an incredible speed that could travel miles in a second.

That was a very fast travelling speed. Even an early Gold Core old expert could only go as fast as that speed. As for this Great Elder, he was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert.

The pair of straw shoes was a Gold Rank Spirit Equipment with an ability of Divine Walk, it could increase the cultivator’s movement speed by three times!

“You can’t run away from me!”

The giant white skeleton made a stride forward, making the land it stepped sink 9 meters below. Although it was only a step, it had already reached an incredible distance, appearing behind the Great Elder and the black-clothed youth and clawed at them violently.

The Great Elder of Hu Clan was terrified, not believing that clumsy-looking giant white skeleton was actually this nimble!

Unhesitantly, he slapped the storage pouch to produce thirteen flaming flying swords. With a cast of a spell, the thirteen flying swords multiplied by ten, making a total of 130 flaming flying swords that blotted out the sky and whistled frenziedly as they were launched at the giant’s palm.

That was a medium grade magical treasure, the Great Elder didn’t hope that it could break the physical defence of the giant. What he hoped for was to stall the giant for a while so that they had time to escape.

However, the thing that shocked him the most was that his thirteen flying swords couldn’t even stop the giant skeleton. Before it reached the giant’s palm, a loud bang was heard as the flying swords burst into flaming shards.

The giant claw continued to lunge forth, then it ruthlessly grabbed the Great Elder, crushing him into a lump of meat paste.

“Run, Ming Er! Go to the Purple Light Sect and never return!”

This was the last word from the Great Elder.

The cultivation world had always been cruel and selfish. Given the limited resources in the world, any cultivator needed to fight and kill their way out of it.

However, it wasn’t entirely true that the cultivation world didn’t have any warmth, but that sentimental word only came when the person was about to die.

This giant white skeleton on the other hand had an unshakable killing intent and a demonic heart of steel.

The scene caused a drastic change on those cultivators who were still alive. There were only a few of them, the Harmonious Spirit old experts who weren’t as great as the Great Elder. Some still had an emotional attachment to Hu Clan, some were watching the scene at a far distance to protect themselves, while some of them had already fled, believing that Hu Clan would fall today.

As for the Patriarch of the Hu Clan, Hu Fengzi, a vengeful thought emerged in his heart when he saw the Hu guards eradicated and the Great Elder being killed tragically. He took out a rotting pill from his storage pouch.

Decaying Corpse Pill could temporarily enhance one’s strength by one realm with the cost of the person’s life.

He surely would die this time as he was merely a peak Harmonious Spirit expert, but if he exchanged his life for the power of a Gold Core realm, he might have a chance to fight against the giant skeleton.

His eyes turned ruthless. Then he swallowed the Decaying Corpse Pill and began refining it.

“Give me some time, kids. Don’t die first, my disciples…” He spoke tearfully.

Without the Hu guards and the Harmonious Spirit experts, the white giant skeleton was able to trample forward unhindered. It used one step to crush the formation light and palms to perish every remaining expert.

Its eyes twitched and revealed a sneering expression when it saw a few Harmonious Spirit experts fleeing for their lives. 

“Today, all of you will become the food of mine. None of you is allowed to escape! Do you know why some experts are called Void Fragmentation experts?”

The giant thrust its palm at the void ahead. Shortly after that, the void in the two hundred miles radius of the Hu Clan broke into pieces, forming a circle of dark shadows that surrounded the whole Clan.

A few of the Harmonious Spirit old experts couldn’t use their evading light and was sucked into the fissures of the dark void. Incessant wails were heard as soon as they were ripped to pieces by the Void Wing.

Those Harmonious Spirit old experts who were lucky enough to escape from the disaster were shocked. All of them, including those who were alive just now were in despair the instant they saw the cracking void.

Even Hu Fengzi who had taken the Decaying Corpse Pill was staring at the white giant skeleton, feeling powerless and helpless because the technique that the giant used just fragmented the void using its palm. That was a divine ability of a Void Fragmentation expert!

“This man is actually…a Void Fragmentation expert! Haha! When did the Hu Lan offended such a powerful being…? Haha! When, when!”

That black-clothed youth named Hu Ming was touching his chest as he fell to the ground, spurting out blood continuously. He was badly injured by the void wind that was 300 meters away. His eyes were brimming with shock as this was his first time seeing the ability of a Void Fragmentation expert, however, the thing that awaited him after that wasn’t joy but death.

Every single one of them was as fragile as an insect in the face of this Void Fragmentation expert. Who could stop this giant from its massacre? Hu Clan would surely fall today!

“Humph! It’s good that you admit your fate!”

The giant white skeleton laughed coldly and approached Hu Clan. Every step it took shook the ground.

As it was chuckling gleefully, it also clawed randomly, killing a dozen of cultivators every time. The flesh and the bones of the cultivators were chewed and swallowed by the giant white skeleton. The whole scene turned bloody.

But then again, under the pressure and killing intent of the Void Fragmentation giant, all of the cultivators of the Hu Clan couldn’t resist it.

“Don’t, don’t eat them, don’t!”

The patriarch of Hu Clan, Hu Fengzi yelled with all his might. He hovered in the sky and lunged at the giant, betting his life on it.

There was nothing more painful and excruciating than watching your own descendants and disciples eaten by a devil!

“This old man is going all out this time!”

As he rushed forward, he sadly discovered that 30 meters away from the giant was the closest he could get. If he tried to get any closer, he would be deterred by the giant’s killing intent.

“Humph! You aren’t qualified to do so! Die now!”

The giant gave a cold smile. When the giant was about to send another attack with its finger, the old man felt that his body was melting on its own!

His eyes were now completely filled with despair. He finally had to die, but this was still better than being eaten.

But at this moment, a slim and graceful killing intent emerged all of a sudden, crumbling all the defensive killing intent that had surrounded the giant skeleton.

Then, a sword shadow that moved like a star light shot through the void into one of the giant’s eyes, instantly causing permanent damage to the eye.

A second later, a cold voice of a youth was heard.

“He isn’t qualified, but what about me?”

Within the immature voice was a trace of unresolved vicissitudes of life. It also had the same level of aura as the giant skeleton.

The sword shadow carried the soul burning divine ability. As it impaled itself into the eye socket, it channelled the scorching energy into it, severely burning a large portion of the soul that was hiding inside the bones.

The finger strike that the giant was about to send was interrupted.

Hu Fengzi was dumbfounded. Who has come to save him? No, he should ask who could save him. Could it also be a Void Fragmentation old expert? It had to be it!

He forced himself to stand up in the void. Currently, the youth had already lifted the Falsifying Art Chant, revealing his usual appearance – white clothes and black cloak. 

At the time of his emergence, the surroundings were filled with innumerable illusions of White Bone. One of his hand was holding a starlight sword. On the tip of the sword was a trace of brilliant bloodstring. In other words, this was the sword that could harm the giant!

The images of White Bones were all over the place, along with the red fog and strong gale.

However, the youth just stood still in the wind. His eyes had the calmness that was as still as lake water. His killing intent spiralled back into his body after the strike.

Hu Fengzi was disappointed when sensed the dissipating magical power from the youth, but there was something that baffled him.

No, he isn’t a Void Fragmentation expert, he’s merely a peak Harmonious Spirit youth!

But this youth was able to hurt the Void Fragmentation giant with one sword strike. How could that be possible!

This youth looked somewhat familiar. That was right, it was right. He was the outstanding disciple that was newly recruited by Sinister Sparrow Sect – Ning Fan!

After one of its eyes was damaged by Ning Fan, the giant screamed agonizingly. Its voice reverberated the void like thunder.

Its magical strength had been greatly consumed after fragmenting the void. Presently, it was severely injured by the soul burning attack. So it had to revert itself from its original form.

The giant burst into a black mist, then a grey-robed youth came out of it.

This youth was no doubt Wang Yao, but his hair had become white after its soul was badly burned in the process. His left eye was blazing red while his right eye was just an empty socket, oozing out a black-colored blood.

He made another step and clawed at Ning Fan. Immediately, an unexplainable and unimaginable tremendous magical force was sent out. 

However, before this magical power reached Ning Fan, it was crushed by the invisible sword sense into a benign and cooling breeze.

The giant turned angrier and roared.

“Ning Fan, Ning Fan, Ning Fan! I swear not to be a man if I don’t kill you!”

“You can’t do that.” Ning Fan said coldly. His eyes were brimming with composure of a very powerful expert.     

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