Grasping Evil - Chapter 98

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One eye was destroyed by a single sword strike. 

After that, Ning Fan quickly distanced himself away from Wang Yao and revealed his true self.

He had followed Wang Yao all the way here secretly, betting on Wang Yao’s carelessness and waiting for his magical power to be fully expended before executing a deadly strike.

Ning Fan was sure that he didn’t underestimate his opponent before this, but in reality, he knew that he had still underestimated Wang Yao.

His opponent possessed the divine ability of fragmenting the void, the unusual devil sonic wave and a 300 hundred meter skeletal form. If it wasn’t for this sneak attack, the odds of defeating this opponent would be less than 30 percent.

Even if the sneak attack was successful, the odds of winning was just five out of ten.

Wang Yao was definitely very strong. He was the bearer of the Bone Sovereign’s soul and this was very different from an incarnation, because this bearer could use all kinds of Void Fragmentation divine ability.

But since he had become Ning Fan’s enemy, Ning Fan certainly wouldn’t escape. If he didn’t kill this enemy right now, it would be impossible for him to kill Wang Yao once his cultivation base improve further.

The combat intent in his eyes were soaring. He started to think that there was no danger in fighting this enemy.

However, he didn’t notice that the bleeding in Wang Yao’s right eye socket had stopped. Then, there was a wave of killing intent that caused an endless spiral of ripples in the sky.

All of a sudden, a foot made a step in the void and thousands of thunderous snowy white lightning emerged.

“The Bone Devil Thunder of the Dao of Bone.”

Lighting was a Heavenly Might. Even the 500 Hu guards could only send out one lightning strike.

Wang Yao was the body that bore the Bone Sovereign. As such, there was no problem for him sending out thousands of lightning strikes. Each strike of lightning was enough to destroy a Harmonious Spirit expert.

The remaining cultivators of Hu Clan showed an expression of despair amidst the sparkling of lightning. This magical attack alone could annihilate the entire Hu Clan with ease.

Hu Fengzi let out a sigh and smiled wryly at Ning Fan. He didn’t think that Ning Fan would be able to resist such a harsh spell that could end thousands of lives.

Although this kid is a genius in Sinister Sparrow Sect and a newly-promoted elder, he’s just too young. In one way or another, he isn’t a worthy opponent for a Void Fragmentation \expert’.

Hu Fengzi was petrified in his contemplation.

When Ning Fan saw the flashes of lightning, his face darkened. Unhesitantly, he slapped his storage pouch, producing five sharp sword light of gold, green, blue, red and yellow colour. Every sword light has a sword intent that was powerful enough to eliminate early Gold Core expert.

“This…these are…five peak high grade Magical Treasure? No! This is a set of magical treasure. The combined strength of these five is almost equivalent to a supreme rank magical treasure.”

Hu Fengzi had been in this world for hundreds of years. With his experienced eyesight, he was able to discern the power of the five elemental flying words by just a glance, but the thing that he couldn’t understand was how did a Harmonious Spirit youth obtain such a powerful magical treasure, not even a late Gold Core old expert had this kind of treasure. Besides, how could Ning Fan wield such a high grade magical treasure with his magical power? It needed at least a Gold Core realm magical power to wield it.

Hu Fengzi naturally didn’t know that Ning Fan’s divine sense had already reached the half-step Nascent Soul realm despite his Harmonious Spirit realm cultivation. 

Due to the limitation of Ning Fan’s realm, he could only exert one percent of the sword’s might, but that kind of power was already enough to bring down a Gold Core opponent.

Even Wang Yao was slightly shocked by the five elemental sword light.

By casting another spell, each of the five sword light was multiplied by ten and then by a hundred. In an instant, thousands of sword shadows of different elements were produced, turning into a rain of swords. Under the powerful divine sense control of Ning Fan, the rain of sword impacted against every single lightning strike.

As the lightning clashed against the sword shadows, firework-like explosions filed the night sky. Vast amount of magical power was spread across the area, shoving Ning Fan and Wang Yao several meters backwards before they could regain their balance.

But Ning Fan now looked somewhat flustered and smelled like a burnt toast. Wang Yao on the other hand didn’t seem to suffer any kind of injury, but his magical power had been expended after the casting the lightning strikes.

Hu Fengzi sucked in a breath of cold air, he couldn’t believe that a youth was able to block such terrifying lightning strikes.

“Not bad, but you are still too weak.” The disdain in Wang Yao’s eyes reduced. He was afraid that Ning Fan was the only one in this world that the Bone Sovereign attached so importance to.

“Oh? Is that so? You can still act so arrogantly even though all of your magical power have been expended.”

There was neither joy nor sorrow on his face. He didn’t seem contented after successfully blocking the attack of Wang Yao.

On the contrary, although he didn’t express any sign of weakness in his tone, the dread in his eyes was rising.

Suddenly, a red lightning flashed out of Wang Yao’s left eye. The Qi of death surged in Ning Fan’s body.


Wang Yao smiled sneeringly. The red flash zipped out as fast as lightning, and entered into Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness.

Ning Fan’s face paled. He was totally caught off guard. Then, a jade plate in his arms was crushed to pieces that was glowing with red illumination.

That was close!

Ning Fan was a little astounded. The broken jade plate was naturally the Death Replacement Order. If it wasn’t for his meticulousness, he was afraid that he would be dead by now.

That bizarre skill was just like the sword sense. Both of them attacked people’s sea of consciousness, but there were differences between the two. The sword sense was formed out of spirit sense and it was invisible, whereas the red flash was a visible lightning that seemed like a heavenly tribulation.

This kind of skill wasn’t mentioned in Ancient Chaos’ memory, but four words suddenly emerged in Ning Fan’s head.

Void Spirit Intent!

This was most likely possessed by experts that has a cultivation above the Spirit Severing realm. Spirit intent was divided into different conceptions. As for Wang Yao’s spirit intent, there was only the word ‘kill’ in his conception. The massacre was so earth-shaking that the bones of the dead were piled into a mountain, the land was stained with blood and ghosts were crying and immortals were shocked.

However, there wasn’t much time for Ning Fan to contemplate because the second red light was shot out from Wang Yao’s left eye once again, rumbling like the thunder in the sky.

At this time, Ning Fan wouldn’t conserve his strength anymore. Without hesitation, he activated the sea of swords and sent out the sword sense, colliding with the red bolt.


Due to him having lost the only Death Replacement Order, he had to go all out. If that red lightning went into his body, he would die for sure despite all the techniques he possessed.

The sword sense contained a trace of Qi that could execute Immortals while the red flash carried the heavenly tribulation spirit intent. As both spirit sense met each other, a loud sound of impact resounded throughout the skies. If it wasn’t for Wang Yao already sealing off the two hundred miles of the void, any expert who was within the thousand miles radius would surely be affected.

The remaining cultivators of the Hu Clan were gaping at the scene. Neither of them was capable enough to interfere in such a battle that was happening in the night sky. More importantly, they couldn’t get close to it unless they wanted to seek their own death.

Ning Fan’s face turned paler within the reverberation. His sword sense had been injured, but he was gazing at unscrupulous red flashes in Wang Yao’s left eye ruthlessly.

What’s the big deal if he’s a Void Fragmentation expert, or the Bone Sovereign or had the Void Spirit Intent?!

Slash it!

He sent a punch on his chest, worsening his injuries. But after spurting out a mouthful of blood essence, the power of his sword sense made a tremendous leap in almost an instant.

The sword intent spread out, pulverizing the red lightning. Wang Yao spewed out blood and the red glow in his left eye faded. His expression changed dramatically.

“Impossible. My Absolute Realm is the Void Spirit Intent that I had acquired from the heavenly tribulation. Not even those who are on par with my realm are a match for me. How are you able to block my Absolute Realm?!”

The Absolute Realm was a well-known and horrifying means even in the ancient times!

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