Grasping Evil - Chapter 99

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The Void Spirit Intent and the Absolute realm!

Such spirit intent always originated from heavenly tribulation, which made it a very deadly attack. Whoever achieved this realm was regarded as invincible!

This was because this spirit intent imitated the heavenly tribulation. Naturally, its power would be as scary as the heavenly tribulation. Even the Gods and Buddha would be afraid of such skill.

However, Wang Yao failed to kill Ning Fan even after sending out the skill two times. This was totally beyond his expectation!

The first time, Ning Fan was saved by the Death Replacement Order. So, it wasn’t something strange.

But the second time, Ning Fan was able to block the red lightning of Absolute realm with his mere sword sense!

Wang Yao wouldn’t have thought that Ning Fan was able to modify this sea of consciousness to the ancient and rare sea of swords despite only having a Harmonious Spirit cultivation. Even with the sword sense, he didn’t think that Ning Fan could handle his red lightning.

The Absolute realm was different from the other Void Spirit Intent. It couldn’t penetrate the defensive barrier of a spiritual treasure, but was able to launch a deadly attack to the opponents’ or opponents’ sea of consciousness.

Back in the Seventh Region, Bone Sovereign had used this same red lightning to kill innumerable Void Fragmentation old ghosts and even defeat the small sable – Mei Chen.

But today, this red lightning was broken by Ning Fan even if that lightning was unleashed by a mere Gold Core soul of Bone Sovereign.

Unexpectedly, in the last moment, Ning Fan ruthlessly landed a heavy punch on his chest to forcefully destroy the red lightning of Absolute realm.

For the first time, Wang Yao started to have fear for Ning Fan, because his most powerful magical technique was defeated by Ning Fan.

My magical strength has been expended and my Absolute realm has been destroyed. I’m no match for this kid for the time being. Today, I might as well flee away. If my true soul in this body is destroyed by this kid, my real body in Demon Sinister Forest would likely suffer heavy injuries or even drop in cultivation realm!

Wang Yao’s face still looked shocked, but he had already decided to retreat inside his heart. However, he believed that it was impossible to run away without the help of a certain skill.

He stuck out one of his fingers, shooting out a finger bone. With a yell, the finger bone immediately turned into a white bone soldier that multiplied from 1 to two, two to four and four to eight, until it reached nearly a thousand . Then, all of them stepped into the void, holding spears and sabers and making ghostly howls. Every one of them was a Harmonious Spirit warrior!

By the order of Wang Yao, all of them lunged at Ning Fan, while Wang Yao himself retreated. He poked the fissure of the void with one finger. The black-colored fissure then began to dissipate along with him.

“Humph! Trying to run away?! You think this group of Harmonious Spirit ghosts can hold me?!”

Cold light glittered in Ning Fan’s eyes. He would never let Bone Sovereign go no matter what, because if the real soul of Bone Sovereign escaped today, he would surely face a greater problem in the future.


He stepped into the ice rainbow and chased after Bone Sovereign, at the same time, enshrouding the area under the heavens with his sword sense.

Nearly one thousand Harmonious Spirit ghosts burst into dissipating ashes as Ning Fan’s sword sense swept across, while Ning Fan spurted out another mouthful of blood. His injuries were worsened once more.

One skill to summon nearly a thousand Harmonious Spirit ghost soldiers and one skill to annihilate them all!

The cultivators of Hu Clan was frightened. What they saw tonight was going to be the most unforgettable event in their lives.

If Wang Yao and Ning Fan joined into a team, they were afraid that their strength was enough to eradicate all of the experts below the Gold Core realm.

When Wang Yao sensed that Ning Fan was catching up to him, his face looked shocked even more.

The ghost army that he had summoned were all Harmonious Spirit experts. Although they wouldn’t be enough to kill Ning Fan, they should be able to keep Ning Fan busy.

It was beyond his imagination that Ning Fan was able to annihilate all the ghost soldiers with just his sword sense.

It looks like the power of Ning Fan’s sword sense wasn’t any weaker than his Absolute realm intent.

“Impossible! Even if it is the sword sense from ancient times, it shouldn’t have such a power. What kind of sword intent is in this kid’s sword sense, how could it be so domineering?”

Wang Yao muttered, then Ning Fan replied in a cold tone as if he could hear what Wang Yao had just said.

“It’s the Immortal Execution Sword Intent!”

“What? Impossible! The Immortal Execution Sword Intent was used by the Ancient Heavenly Court to execute Immortals. How did you acquire it?”

Ning Fan’s words had confused Wang Yao for the first time! It was Ning Fan’s bad intention to retort Wang Yao’s question. He wanted to use the name, Immortal Execution to startle Wang Yao’s mind.

Subsequently, he used his last trump card!

He patted his storage pouch and summoned the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and smashed it against Wang Yao. When Wang Yao noticed that it was merely an early rank High Grade Magical Treasure, he naturally didn’t put it in his eyes.

However, a faint flicker of light was produced from the cauldron. Wang Yao’s face darkened because his body was frozen in place.

“That is the Body Locking Ability! This is despicable. I had never thought of encountering such a troublesome divine ability while retreating.”

The spirit augmentation of Dan Fragmentation Cauldron could freeze one’s body. Although it might not be able to smash Wang Yao to death, it was still able to lock Wang Yao’s movement temporarily.

Wang Yao believed that it wouldn’t be difficult to break this Body Locking technique, but as he was struggling to break free, Ning Fan’s icy light flashed and arrived 30 meters away from him.

At this moment, Ning Fan unleashed his concealed killing intent for the first time. It rushed directly to Wang Yao’s heart like angry waves.

“What realm is this killing intent?!”

His expression changed drastically, but another unexpected thing appeared once more. 

He saw Ning Fan pat the top of his skull, then an illusion similar to Ning Fan shot out like a stream of black light.

The incarnation seemed cold and unstable, as if it would explode at any second. But the thing that sent chills down Wang Yao’s spine the most was the trace of a half-step Nascent Soul Qi from the incarnation.

“A half-step Nascent Soul incarnation! How is this possible? Ah!”

While he was lost in his boundless doubts, he uttered a miserable cry. Ning Fan’s soul incarnation had broken Wang Yao’s unparalleled physical defense with a claw, crushing the immortal veins inside and destroying his cultivation base.

However, Ning Fan didn’t seem relieved after destroying Wang Yao’s physique. He spat out the Starlight Sword Shadow and slashed it at one side.

Although there was nothing in the direction where Ning Fan slashed, a mournful cry was heard immediately after that. A soul emerged and burning like an incandescent fire.

This was the true soul of Bone Sovereign that attempted to escape from Wang Yao’s dying body, however, it still failed to escape Ning Fan’s senses.

After losing the flesh puppet, a mere soul was as vulnerable as a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

For the first time, the illusory Bone Sovereign showed a face of agony and begged for mercy 

“Spare my true soul. Once I conquer the entire Yang World, I will divide the world equally with you!”

But what his pleading received was Ning Fan’s cold smile.

“Do you think I will believe you?!”

Ning Fan raised his Separation Slayer and made another violent slash. This trace of soul died and disintegrated with soaring resentment.

After keeping his soul incarnation and Separation Slayer, he took a pill to regulate his internal injuries. Then, he immediately returned to the Cold Moon Mountain of Hu Clan without taking the time to rest.

From his pursuit of Bone Sovereign to killing the trace of Bone Sovereign’s soul, it only took a dozen breaths of time. Presently, the void seal that was planted in Hu Clan by the Bone Sovereign hadn’t dissipated yet. So, he needed to finish up some tasks before the seal fully faded.

After all, he had casted too many trump cards while dealing with the Bone Sovereign. If he ignored Hu Clan and went off, he would be bound to meet lots of troubles.

He could kill them or keep them. That would depend on what kind of person the old ancestor of Hu Clan was, and to see whether they were worth saving.

Not long after Ning Fan zipped back to the Cold Moon Mountain, a green-robed middle-aged man with extraordinary demeanor emerged from the darkness. His expression seemed bothered but at the same time there was also relief.

He was the sect master of Sinister Sparrow Sect, Sinister Sparrow!

“I initially thought of coming here to get rid of this ‘Wang Yao’ by myself, but it seemed like I was no match for him. I wouldn’t be able to block that red lightning. I didn’t expect this Ning Fan kid to have such a deep secret, but I wonder what’s the background of that Void Fragmentation expert he killed was. It looked like a ghost or most likely an expert in the Demon Sinister Forest. Ai, what has this kid done back in the forest to attract the attention of a Void Fragmentation expert?”

From what he said, it showed that he had been tracking Wang Yao for quite some time now and had already decided to eliminate Wang Yao tonight.

Back in Demon Sinister Forest, Ning Fan and Wang Yao had the strangest scores. As the sect master, he was obliged to investigate it. As for Ning Fan, it was no doubt odd to have such a high score, but that didn’t seem much of a concern as Ning Fan’s master was the Old Devil, a ruthless man of true Immortal realm. Everyone in the Rain Immortal World knew about him. Also, the Old Devil was a good friend of Sinister Sparrow, so he naturally knew the potential of this kid.

Wang Yao on the other hand raised his doubts. He noticed that something wasn’t right with this young disciple. He had paid a visit to Wang Clan and found out that Wang Yao was merely a normal kid with normal abilities.

After that, he spent nights following Wang Yao and witnessed Wang Yao annihilating the other clans in Yue Country. Then, he concluded that Wang Yao had been harboring evil intentions towards Sinister Sparrow Sect.

Originally, he intended to eliminate Wang Yao tonight, but after what he saw just now, he wouldn’t stand a chance and would surely die under the attack of Wang Yao’s red lightning.

Fortunately, Ning Fan intervened, otherwise, it was unimaginable what would happen.

“I was thinking if I should give him a hand to resolve the conflict between him and Revered White. It seems that it is no longer necessary! That old bastard is just trying to humiliate himself by picking a fight with this kid.”

Sinister Sparrow smiled faintly and felt pleased to think that this monstrous talent was actually his son-in-law and a disciple of his sect.

“Old Man Han, you have made the right decision with your eyesight this time. Perhaps, this disciple of yours would be able to take your revenge on your enemy in the near future.”

In the Seventh Region of Demon Sinister Forest, the Bone Sovereign had gone into seclusion to recover the trace of his disintegrated true soul.

It was the hardest to recover from the injuries incurred in the soul. It was absolutely a huge loss, losing that trace of true soul.

His current cultivation was at the Fifth Level Void Fragmentation realm, but because of losing his true soul, it fell further.

However, that true soul was capable enough to kill that human brat and even reign supreme in the entire Yang World, he could even cultivate the flesh puppet of the true soul to Void Fragmentation realm. 

Subsequently, the moment it returned to Demon Sinister Forest and integrate with Bone Sovereign’s true self, he would be able to break through to the Sixth Level of Void Fragmentation realm.

Killing Ning Fan was his intention, but it wasn’t his main purpose. He had wild ambition of wiping out the entire Yang World, but Ning Fan’s emergence had turned around the situation.

When Bone Sovereign was in the midst of cultivation, his eyes opened abruptly and spurted out blood.

The instant his soul was badly injured, it caused his cultivation base to drop crazily.

It dropped from the Fifth Level to Fourth, to the Third and almost to the Second Level. 

“Hateful! What happened to my true soul?”

He closed his eyes with fury. His mind was gradually retrieving the scenes of memory from the true soul. This was an ability which that the incarnation didn’t have. 

Every scene in the memory stirred up the violent killing intent inside of him.

The one who killed his true soul was actually that human brat that he had never put in his eyes.

“Ning Fan, Ning Fan, Ning Fan! One day, when I leave Demon Sinister Forest, I will definitely shred you into a million pieces!”

He roared furiously. His massive magical power spread the voice to the Sixth, Fifth and Fourth Region of the forest.

Even the Third Region could sense the echo of his voice.

The small sable, Mei Chen who was trying to recover her original strength was lying indolently in the Purple Clan. The image of a person kept popping out in her mind at random times.

That person had teased and flirted her countless of times, but was no longer here.

“Bah! Why am I still thinking about him? That senseless bastard. Why didn’t he express anything after all the things he had done to me?”

She swore indignantly inside her heart every time she thought about that human. But at this moment, the roar of the Bone Sovereign entered her ears.

Her face turned into a look of joy as she could sense the trace of instability in Bone Sovereign’s voice.

The Bone Sovereign was badly injured and his cultivation base had fallen! If she had the spiritual herbs to regain her previous cultivation base at this time, she could probably defeat the Bone Sovereign and claimed hegemony in the Seventh Region.

“Humph! Bone Sovereign, you finally have your retribution! But it’s hard to imagine that someone is powerful enough to injure you so badly.”

Mei Chen smiled happily, but when she heard Ning Fan’s name from Bone Sovereign’s curses, she understood what had happened.

“Not possible! Could it be Ning Fan who injured the Bone Sovereign? How did he do that? And, what was his intention of doing so? Could it be…?”

Mixed feelings were stirred in her heart, but an even absurd idea emerged in her mind.

“Could that stinky man Ning Fan did this for me…? Pooh, pooh, pooh! Why would he take such a big risk for me, but what if…?”

Mei Chen was lost in her thought and was destined to lose her sleep tonight. 

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