The restaurant that Soo Jin told me was located three minutes away from Cheongdam Station’s second exit.

Just from one look, one could tell this was a fancy restaurant.

Just from a glace, expensive cars were lined up in the parking lot.

Si Hyun felt a bit embarrassed from his shabby outfit, but bit his lower lip and entered the restaurant.

The interior was a lot cleaner.

Expensive looking antique-like furniture decorated the room, setting a comfortable atmosphere. Stylish props were fixed on the walls and it didn’t reek of the usual restaurant scent.

A man that looked like the manager greeted me politely.

“Welcome. Could you provide me with the name of the person it’s reserved under? I’d be happy to guide you.”

I’ve only heard that these types of restaurants only take reservations, but it seems to be true.

“It’s Soo Jin, Kim Soo Jin.”

“Kim Soo Jin. One moment…Oh, yes, right here. Please follow me.”

Following the manager, he led me to a table near the window that was located in a slightly dark room. That’s where she was.

Kim Soo Jin.

“Please enjoy your time.”

As soon as the manager left, Soo Jin spoke first.

“It’s been a long time.”

“It’s because you wouldn’t answer any of my calls and avoided all this time.”

“Yeah, so what?”


Si Hyun calmed his anger and sat down.

I shouldn’t get worked up.

If I get all worked up first, I’ll only look pitiful.

While silence filled between them for a moment, the waiter brought wet towels and the menu.

“Sorry, but we’ll order later.”

As soon as Si Hyun said this, the waiter bowed and left.

Silence filled between them once again.

Si Hyun looked straight at Soo Jin’s eyes.

Then, Si Hyun clenched his fist and tried to calm the shock he received.

In her eyes, he noticed that the intimacy that he felt a month ago had completely disappeared.

“…How could you do this to me?”

Si Hyun managed to ask with a groan.

Spitting out each word was difficult.

“How could you say something so absurd? It’s natural for a couple of break-up while dating. I wonder how many couples are breaking up right now.”

Sarcasm could be heard in Soo Jin’s voice.

Lee Si Hyun and Kim Soo Jin.

The two met five years ago in Noryangjin as students.

The two became quickly interested in each other due to the loneliness they felt while spending their days in Noryangjin.

The first to get accepted was Si Hyun.

After preparing in Noryangjin for two years, he was the first to get officially accepted.

If one of the two gets accepted, it’s obvious that they would grow further apart.

However, Si Hyun didn’t want that.

He would meet Soo Jin whenever he had time and encourage her every time she didn’t get accepted.

But, one, two, three years later, Soo Jin never got accepted.

Si Hyun continuously encouraged Soo Jin from the bottom of his heart and always supported her.

That was one month ago.

But, how?

“You said you wanted to get married after getting accepted. Was that a lie?”

“No, it was the truth.”

“But, why?”

“Didn’t you know that when a situation changes, people change too?”

Soo Jin scoffed.

“Is this the real you?”

Not being able to contain his anger, his body started to shake.

“What about you? Were you always this needy? I didn’t think of you this way, so why are you acting all needy?”

“How…How could you say something like that?!”

“I don’t think you understand the situation that I’m in. If I were to get married to some ward, I would be so embarrassed.”


“It’s on a different class.”

Soo Jin scoffed and placed her wallet, purse and watch on the table.

“This is a $5,000 Hermes wallet; this $30,000 purse is also from Hermes. Also, this watch is Vacheron Constantin, which costs over $70,000.”

She continued in high spirit.

“This not enough? I drive a Rolls-Royce and bought an apartment in Gangnam. Your annual salary? Was it about $35,000? My annual salary is 11 million. 11 million. I’m rich now.”


What made her change?

Does money and power really change a person?

Or was she always like this?

“Being an A class is great. You know how most people will bow at you with a smile? Even the country and the guild take special care. Well, they are important when it comes to power since they only make up less than 1%.”

“…It’s none of my business on how you spend your money, but I think I need to receive an apology from you for belittling my job.”

Si Hyun stared at Soo Jin with cold eyes.

“Oh, you mean my comment about you being a ward? Sorry. I hope you spend a nice time with the criminals and work hard.”


Si Hyun bit his lips so hard that it could’ve bled.

With a stern look on her face, he stood up from his seat.

“Thanks, for meeting with me. I’m able to break-up without any regrets thanks to you.”

“You should’ve acted like this from the start. Don’t call me again.”

Soo Jin waved her hand playfully.

I can’t recall what I was thinking on my way home.

Three bottles of soju were contained in the plastic bag that was in my hand.

Without any snacks, I started chugging it.

Drinking twice as much as he normally drinks, he became wasted, and before he passed out, Si Hyun saw something in front of him.

[You have awakened to this world’s powers.]

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