As soon as Si Hyun got home, he immediately opened up his inventory before washing up.

Inside inventory, there were two items.

‘Why are there only two items? They said there’s usually four to five items, including a basic weapon, shield, accessories and equipment.’

Seemed like his inventory was unique as well.

Not feeling disappointed, Si Hyun observed the first item.

The screen displayed an ordinary looking club that was made out of wood.

[Po Ah Him’s Ward Club]


Sturdiness: 35

Sharpness: 0

- When Po Ah Him was young, he made this Ward Club out of an Oak tree. Getting hit by this is pretty painful.


What is this?

Si Hyun had a blank look on his face.

Normal? To think the item that I have is normal.

It’s one of the low rank items!

…Is this guy really an E rank?

He couldn’t hide his disappointment.

When doing a raid, having decent equipment is just as important as one’s skills, but how was he supposed to hunt the monsters?

Si Hyun froze up for a moment, then decided to check the next item, but he stopped.

‘No, no.’

He felt like taking a long, relaxing bath and before checking out the last item.

After washing himself with warm water, he resumed.

“I’ll do this with a really devoted mind.”

After taking a deep breath, Si Hyun observed the item.

‘A sword?’

Starting from the hilt of the sword, it shined brightly due to the various gems that were attached, making it look like a really expensive sword.


His eyes slowly moved to the bottom to read the description.



Sturdiness: 83

Sharpness: 91

Sealed Magic: Hellfire (Cool Time: 24 hours)

- The legendary artisan, Yo Ah him, made this out of Amantium, making this a masterpiece. Out of the five well-known swords within the Reiter country, this was one of them. Every stat of this sword was amazing, and the great wizard, Hiris, beautifully sealed the Hellfire magic within the sword. It belonged to his best friend, who was killed by Po Ah Him due to his death sentence. As a keepsake, Po Ah Him has been taking care of it.

“Wha…What is this…?!”

Si Hyun’s eyes widened.

Is this real? Really? Is this really reality?


It’s really a legendary item?

Sang Kyu even said its worth started around 200 million dollars…


I think I literally sat there for 20 minutes with a blank stare.

I was really shocked to find an item in my inventory that was way out of my reach.

With this one item, how many houses can I buy...?

Even if I bought a house for my dad, mom, younger sister and even bought buildings, I would still have money left to spend.

…No, calm down, calm down.

Being excited about the value, he momentarily forgot that he was an awakened one.

It was given for me to use, so I should use it.

I should a good weapon so that I can survive when raiding a gate.

On top of that, this wasn’t an item that one could just easily get rid of.

Why is this here anyways?

Legendary items only appear for S ranks.

My alias, number of skills and stats are all very low, so why is it here?

How did it get mixed up in here?

No, no.

If all the stats are recovered, will I become an S rank?

Mixed with surprise and expectation, Si Hyun carefully read the item’s description again.

- It belonged to his best friend that was killed by Po Ah Him due to his death sentence. As a keepsake, Po Ah Him has been taking care of it.

‘…Damn it. It belonged to his friend.’

I got excited for no reason.

Now that I think about, I remember it saying that Po Ah Him fell into depression after killing his best friend.

It seems like they were really close.

Si Hyun had a slight disappointed expression, but he lightened up.

With his luck, he wouldn’t be able to acquire a legendary item.


Si Hyun summoned the sword.

Carefully observing it, he was impressed.

The gems weren’t attached randomly, but were carefully placed according to the color and space, making this an even more stylish item.


And out came the blade.

As soon as it was sheathed, it reflected off the light, creating a beautiful, white light.

On the smooth surface, there were unknown letters beautifully carved.

This was definitely a fine sword.

“Wow, this…”

Si Hyun’s expression suddenly darkened.

It’s not like it was trying to say they were a legendary item, but no matter which rank you were, it was impossible to deny the fact that it wasn’t a legendary item.

If I were to use this carelessly, I could get killed.

Not by a monster, but by another awakened one.

“It’s a problem even if it’s too good.”

If he had skills, it wouldn’t be a problem.

But as of right now, Si Hyun’s stat was the lowest of the low.

This was nothing more than a tool to kill the one that had no skills.

“Whatever. I’ll just have to be careful.”

Si Hyun placed the sword back into his inventory.

Perhaps it was because he was too excited, but he wasn’t tired at all, despite of the fact that it was past 11 o’clock.

So, Si Hyun decided to check the largest online item selling website that Sang Kyu told him about earlier.


After reading for about 30 minutes, Si Hyun had an expression that said he knew what he was going to do.

First, there weren’t any items in the Unique Item category.

It seemed like there was a separate link for unique items.

Also, there weren’t any items with sturdiness and sharpness that were over 70. It seemed like rare items had a value of 70 or lower.

Also, for heavy items, such as the Two-Handed Sword, the sturdiness was high, but the sharpness was low. On the other hand, a sharp and light item, such as the Scimitar, had a sharpness that was high while the sturdiness was low.

There wasn’t one item like the Accuratus, where both stats were high.

To add on to that, it had Hellfire sealed in it.

Although I wasn’t familiar with magic, just hearing the name made me realize it was a power attack spell.

“This is the so-called legendary item.”

I’ve awakened and on top of being amazing, I have a legendary item.

All that’s left is to get stronger.

‘First, I should recover as much as I can by completing quests and then try getting a Hunter’s License.’

After planning, a smirk appeared on Si Hyun’s face.

It seemed like all the awakened power of this world was oddly supporting him.

Starting from the job to the quests.

If it were an ordinary person, they would have a hard time completing the quests. It was because no one could just enter into the Correctional Facility.

It seemed like fate was leading him somewhere.

“Man, whatever. I’m sure it’s a good thing.”

Si Hyun laid down on his bed.

He tried to force himself to sleep since he had work the next day.


“The prisoners on our floor are really listening.”

His co-worker, Park Young Hwan, who was also in charge of the second office on the fifth floor, said this to Si Hyun.

“Don’t you think they’ve finally accepted the rules?”

“I think it’s because the instructions are keeping them in line, right?”

“Ha ha, no way. I was only doing what I was paid to do. I think it’s because you’ve been keeping them in line.”

While laughing, Si Hyun made a modest comment.

“Don’t be so modest. I’ve worked in this industry for years and you think I wouldn’t know? You’re really something.”

A ward’s position always changed. There wasn’t a certain time frame, but it can last anywhere from months to years.

Two months ago, Si Hyun and Young Hwan changed their position and ended up working at the second office on the fifth floor. This was the first time they worked together too.

That’s why, he could only judge Si Hyun by what he had heard.

Daehan Prison was one of the largest prison and had over 500 employees, but the Correction Facility was also a place where rumors spread fast.

Rumors were about who was the best worker and who weren’t doing well. On top of that, they also talked about personal things.

For Si Hyun, he had a reputation for being diligent, but was normal when it came to completing a task.

Because of that Young Hwan didn’t expect much.

But, who knew that a ward that worked for three years had the ability to control the prisoners. The way he was easy with them, and at the same time strict with them was a skill. The way he controlled them wasn’t something that could be learned. It came from experience.

He probably lacked those skills since he only worked for three years, but he was doing well.

Young Hwan couldn’t help but change his mind about Si Hyun. 

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Si Hyun had a bright smile on his face.

He heard that ward’s facial expression was important.

It was important when dealing prisoners and it was just as important when working with other wards.

If the prisoners thought of the ward as being soft-hearted, the rumor would spread to other prisoners. Locked in? That wasn’t even enough to stop the rumor.

It didn’t stop there.

The prisoners would go in and out. There were a lot of prisoners that would get discharged and would come back after committing a crime. They would tell the new inmates that a certain ward was soft-hearted. It would continue spreading, making it harder for the ward to work.

On the other hand, rumors have already spread that this ward was no joke.

The prisoners will listen to that ward.

Working will become that much easier.

This was how important the facial expression was.

The same can be applied among the wards.

If a ward is known for having an odd personality and wasn’t doing well at their station, when changing their assignment, they usually get the worst one. Usually ends up with the manager. It’s obvious they wouldn’t last.

On the other hand, if a ward is known for doing well and gets along with everyone, their assignment, as well as the reviews about them would be beneficial.

While working as a ward, it’s common to receive help from a different department.

Let’s a ward with good reviews and a ward with bad reviews and were called to fix the issue that occurred within the facility.

The ward with good reviews will finish it within a day or two.

The ward with bad reviews will take at least week, maybe more.

Si Hyun knew just how important one’s facial expression was.

After awakening, Si Hyun was able to successfully put on a good face towards the prisoners and his co-workers.

He was able to complete the quests and receive good reviews at work. This was killing two birds with one stone.

“Excuse me chief, but I heard Kim Man Duk is going to be moving to this part of the prison. Is that correct?”

“Kim Man Duk? Oh, that weirdo?”

Kim Man Duk was a prisoner that was well-known for having issues.

He was taken to a hospital due to injuring himself and after staying at a different part of the prison for a short while, he was assigned to Si Hyun’s part of the prison.

“Oh, right, that weirdo will be here later this afternoon.”

“What I heard was right. While we’re on that subject, when he comes, would it be okay if I took him to the office and counsel him?”

“Counsel? You will?”

Usually, the chief is in charge of counseling the prisoner that moves to their part of the prison.

“Yes, since I’m still young, I want to have a decent conversation with him.”

Young Hwan had a surprised look on his face.

“Hm…you do know that weirdo tends to ignore all the chiefs in charge don’t you? He is pretty popular. You might lose your temper because of it.”

“Whether we take care of him or not, he’s the type to cause a commotion here. I just want to have a word with him.”

“Hm, well, okay. You do it. I get tired just talking to that guy, so I guess I should be thankful for doing this for me.”

“Ha ha, is that so?”

Si Hyun cheered on the inside.

His eyes slowly looked over to the quest window.

“Po Ah Him was a ward known for rehabilitating the problematic prisoners he was in charge of. He would like to see you rehabilitating a problematic prisoner.”

“Quest: Rehabilitate a problematic prisoner.”

Those were the words that were shown on the screen.


<Is This Reality?> End

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