“I was working overtime yesterday where you were stationed and Man Duk seemed quiet. I’m lucky, right?”

“You didn’t hear?”

“About what?”

“Lee Si Hyun brutally punished him.”

“What? He punished that weirdo Man Duk?”

“Yeah, Man Duk got really scared and started begging.”

“No way. Isn’t it just a false rumor?”

“It’s not. Chief Park saw it himself and told everyone else.”

“Wow. Even the CRPT wasn’t able to control him. I can’t believe it. Did he hit the guy?”

“You know we can’t the hit prisoners. It’ll be a big issue. Chief Park said he couldn’t really hear anything since he was outside, but he said Lee Si Hyun was able to do it just by talking.”

“How did he manage to do that? I didn’t really think of him like that.”

The rumors had already spread within the prison.

People didn’t believe it at first.

But after seeing Man Duk acting calmly, they started to believe it.

The Director was scared that they might get screwed because Man Duk was treated cruelly. However, after seeing Man Duk stare blankly out the window from his room, he felt relieved.

It was the case where Si Hyun’s image was changed 180 degrees.


The Korean prison would command the prisoners to do outdoor activities once a week. The three sections were scheduled on different days of the week.

The procedure was simple.

There were three wards in charge of the outdoor activities and they would take turns leading the activity.

The first ward would guide the group and open the doors. The second ward would guide the prisoners that were in the middle and the third ward stand behind the group and make sure they were all walking down the stairs.

After all the prisoners were in the field, they would take roll and make them exercise.

Today, Si Hyun was in charge of leading the prisoners in his section. He was the first ward.

Like any other times, Si Hyun would walk in front of the group and led them down the stairs.

There was definitely something different about today.

There was something that made him get goosebumps.

It was the prisoners.


The third ward, Choi Sang Sik, was guiding from the back, but his expression was filled with fear as if he was hallucinating.

It was because the prisoners were all walking on the right side of the stairs. They were perfectly lined up.

Is this for real?

Are they law abiding citizens or something?

Before, they would make all sorts of complaints and would lazily walk down the stairs. They would also talk amongst themselves.

As if they glued their lips together, it was quiet.

It was so quiet, that it was scary.

The library probably wasn’t this quiet.


It was even more surprising when they arrived at the field.

Before, the wards would have to yell at them to stand in line and they would somewhat make the effort.

But now, they made eight rows and stood perfectly still.

As usual, they were quiet.

Even the navy wouldn’t be able to control them like this.

“What the…is this the military or something? Are we doing military service?”

Being surprised, Choi Sang Sik talked with a confused voice.

He was still a new ward, but he worked here for about a year, but I’m sure it was his first time seeing a sight like this.

No, it’s unimaginable.

“Okay, we’ll start taking roll. Call your number.”

As soon as Si Hyun said this, the prisoners called out their numbers out loud. Their voice was so loud that if one heard it with their eyes closed, they would think the prisoners were soldiers.





After confirming the prisoners, Si Hyun contacted Chief Park Young Hwan, who was stationed at the TRS office.

“All 80 prisoners are here in the field. We’ll begin the exercise.”


Si Hyun blew the whistle.

He never really used it because it was a pain, but under this month’s manager command, he told the wards to use a whistle during the exercise.

“Okay, let’s begin. Until 10:10. Yelling is forbidden, don’t sneeze and don’t go near the door. Let’s start.”

As soon as Si Hyun finished talking, the prisoners started exercising.

Walking and running.

The interesting thing was that none of the prisoners took off their uniform. Usually, most of the prisoners took off their uniforms while exercising. This was something even the wards didn’t really mind.

But, how come none of the prisoners took off their uniforms?

Choi Sang Sik was getting fed up.

“Sir, what’s going on? How were you able keep them under control?”

“I felt like I’ve been too nice all this time, so I decided to be a bit stricter.”

“Wow. Order is something you can’t control. The only thing I can say is that it’s amazing.”

“Ha ha, it’s nothing. Anyways, I think we need to stand according to the FM. The manager is supposedly going to come here.”

“Wha, really? I would’ve been in big trouble if I didn’t know. Then, I’ll be over there sir.”

With a surprised look on his face, Choi Sang Sik headed towards the entrance.

It seemed like the other ward was aware of this as he was standing at the other entrance.

Si Hyun stood right in the middle of the field.

The prisoners’ attitudes were perfect and there wasn’t anything they would get in trouble for.


There was something he felt uneasy about.

It wasn’t about his job.

His job was working out in his favor so there was nothing else that could be said.

It was about this awakening.

Si Hyun opened the stats window.


Power 101 (D)

Agility 101 (D)

Knowledge 101 (D)

Stamina 101 (D)

Mentality 210 (D)

Mana 99 (E)

Thanks to the quests he completed so far, the number of recovered stats were high. There were more D ranks than E’s.

But, there were two problems.

First was that no matter how many quests he completed, his mana wasn’t increasing.

At first, he didn’t think much of it.

But as time passed, knowledge and mentality were rising, but mana wasn’t.

Mana usually increases when knowledge and mentality rises, but it didn’t even increase by one point. He even thought if this was as high it was going to be.

The problem was that if he wasn’t going to show his stats window, then his rank will forever remain at E.

And Si Hyun wasn’t planning on showing his stats to the Hunter Association.

He assumed he was pretty unique. It was the same thing as a secret weapon. Showing those stats was ridiculous.

The second problem was related to his power, agility and stamina.

Up to now, just eating well raised his knowledge, and now that it’s over 100, it was a D rank. As soon as that happened, the quest changed completely.

The quests caught him off-guard.

“Now that Po Ah Him has recovered a good amount of his health, he’s getting excited about being an executioner. Let’s calm down his excitement.”

“Quest: Kill people or human-like monsters. 0/10”

I don’t think this guy knew that this country abolished the death penalty. Would it be weird if he knew already?

Thankfully, it wasn’t prisoners but people or human-like monsters.

I thought maybe the system gave the quests according to the atmosphere of the awakened ones.

Anyways, killing people was definitely not possible, meaning, I had no choice but to really enter the gate.

I can’t procrastinate.

In that case, I have to obtain a license, then I’ll be an E rank…

‘…Isn’t there something I can do about this?’

Si Hyun scratched his cheek.

Going solo with these skills was a bad idea.

First, if I want to hunt with a group, I have to register at a guild.

It doesn’t matter which guild, but I wanted to avoid the guild that Soo Jin was in.


Si Hyun’s thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door opening.

The entrance doors to the field was old, they made creaking sounds every time they were opened.

The manager, along with the wards, walked towards Si Hyun.

The manager was Kim Sung Han.

To say it nicely, he was strict when it came to rules, but on the other hand, he was picky about even the smallest thing, making him the least popular manager among the employees.

Quickly glancing at his face, he seemed to be in a good mood.

Well, with his personality, I’m sure he felt satisfied when he saw how the prisoners were under control.

“While working, keep working!”

When the manager was near him, Si Hyun saluted him.

“Good job.”

He said while patting his shoulder.

“Your name is Lee Si Hyun, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“There are rumors that you’re doing a great job in this part of the prison.”

“Oh, really? I’m not so sure.”

“Ha ha. The one in the center of the rumor are usually the last to know. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you. I’ll continue doing my best.”

“Carry on.”

The manager and his group disappeared through the door on the other side.

After seeing the manager’s expression, there was no way my ratings this time would be anything negative.

‘Maybe I’ll even get a S bonus if this keeps up.’

An S bonus usually receives 172.5% of their normal pay, which usually calculates to over 3.5 million won. Si Hyun was jealous because his rating would either be a B or C.

If he really gets a S rating, he thought about eating beef to his heart’s content.

‘Oh yeah, I should ask next Monday off.’

Si Hyun made up his mind to visit the Hunter Association on a day where there were barely any people rather than during the busy weekend.


<No More Procrastinating> End

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