Si Hyun’s eyes were automatically set on the girl.

She was as skinny as a model and had pure, white skin, making it impossible to not look at her.

On top of that, she had intellectual charm.

‘She’s seriously a top class…’

A website called, MPark, which Si Hyun frequented, there was a thread where people would upload pictures of pretty girls and ask if they were the prettiest girl. This thread would have new comments every day.

There would be various comments, such as, ‘She’s nothing special,’ ‘I would say she’s the prettiest so far,’ ‘I’m sure she’s the prettiest on her campus.’

Although he didn’t post any comments, he would visit the thread and look at the pictures that were posted on there.

But he saw a beautiful girl that he would only see online.

Without noticing, he thought about how the other guys would be jealous of him if he dated a girl like her. But, he felt someone glaring at him.

Sang Hyuk, who was always nice to him, was now glaring at him.

Si Hyun noticed that he was staring at someone he had just met, causing him to cough awkwardly.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve introduced myself first…My name is Lee Si Hyun. I registered into this guild as an E rank hunter. Please take care of me.”

Si Hyun stood up from his seat and greeted.

“Oh, yes, nice to meet you. My name is Im Eun Hye and I’m a D class hunter.”

Her voice was music to my ears.

Her charm increased.

On top of that, she was a D rank hunter.

It’s very rare to see a family where all the members woke up to their powers.

“What do you think? Aren’t you glad you joined our guild?”

Min Joon asked with a playful expression.

“She’s really pretty, has a body of a model, and on top of that she’s an Economics major at Seoul University. And she’s also an awakened one. You can only meet someone like her in our guild.”

What? Seoul University?

Si Hyun felt the need to break his judgement about Seoul University not having any beautiful female students.

…Her charm was increased again.

“What are you talking about? I always thought I made the right choice. I don’t like places where there’s a lot of people. I prefer a small group like this.”

Si Hyun looked at Eun Hye and gave her an honest smile.

Guys that work in an all-male company will understand.

That bland atmosphere.

Working at the prison, I work with 100% men almost every day, making it just a job.

The prison was his first job, so Si Hyun only worked in that kind of environment.

That’s why, he was often curious about what it’s like to work at a place where there’s women. The atmosphere is probably nicer and filled with laughter.

For that reason, at least on the weekend, he didn’t want to work at a place that was filled with men.

“Seeing you talking to Min Joon casually means you guys are the same age.”

Eun Hye said with a bright smile.

“That’s right.”

“Then, you can talk casually to me as well. I can call you Si Hyun, right?”

Is this it?

Is her personality amazing as well?

Then she’s really perfect…

Si Hyun had an awkward look on his face.

“Okay…then should we do that? No, I’ll do that.”

“Nice to meet you, Si Hyun. Thank you so much for joining our guild. Every person is precious.”

Looking at her expression, she really meant it.

He was able to assume that guild was in a serious situation.

“If we recruit five more people, we’ll be able to go to the D rank gate.”

She said with excitement.

The D rank gate’s attack rate was 100%, which made it different from the E rank gate, which they approved to everyone.

The Hunter Association gave approval depending on the attack rate.

In order to be approved of the D rank gate, a group must have 10 members that consists of two C rank hunters and the remaining, D rank hunters.

Of course, the Grace Guild was short on people.

That’s why, they didn’t have a choice but to group up with other small guilds when going on a hunt.

But that wasn’t an easy task either.

Group registration was always about the number of spots.

The Hunter Alliance was preferred a team that was made from one guild. They keep saying it’s due to teamwork and other things.

That’s why for the Grace Guild, getting approved for a D rank gate was rare, so they’ll usually go for the E rank gate.

“It would take years to recruit members at this pace.”

Min Joon said.

“No. As the number increases, more people will join. That’s just logic.”

“Yeah, let’s think positively. But, where’s Jae Min? The only thing he’s good for is being on time.”

“Oh, Jae Min told me he had a cold so he won’t be coming in today.”

“And he only told Eun Hye? He didn’t even tell the leader? How rude. For a young guy, he sure likes older women.”

“Don’t talk like that. It happens.”

“If you keep treating him like that, he’ll be spoiled and won’t be good at socializing. He just started college and he’s already being called an outsider.”

“That’s not Jae Min’s fault though. He’s introverted to begin with. People around him should understand.”

“Now, now. All the members are here, so we should talk about the raid.”

Sang Hyuk changed the subject.

And then he placed the white board at the end of the table.

“Since you’re new, you’re probably not familiar with the raids yet. I’ll explain it so listen up.”

Sang Hyuk began explaining.

First, it was the position.

The Grace Guild had a very unique formation.

Im Sang Hyuk was a C rank and he was the healer.

Im Eun Hye was a D rank and was a long range attacker as well as the commander.

Kang Min Joon was a D rank knight and was the main attacker as well as the main tank.

Go Jae Min, who was absent today, was an E rank and was a long range attacker.

I was surprised they made a group with one close range attacker. On top of that, he was a tanker too.

Honestly, the guild only went for the E rank gate, so that’s why this group was possible. But thanks to Si Hyun joining, the group was now balanced. While one person acts as the tank up front, they now had a person that could aggravate the enemy.

Next, he explained the rules of the guild.

First, don’t act on your own. In an emergency, we follow the commander’s orders.

“Close range attackers are pretty busy since the enemy is right in front of them. That’s why I stand in the back and observe the situation. Based on that, I give commands during crucial moments.”

“Raid is always about teamwork. If you attack alone, the team is bound to break up. That kind of team will just end up being the monster’s meal. Always think of the members first.”

Eun Hye and Min Joon added to the explanation.

Second, always spend money on gear.

“You know how you have a higher chance of survival when riding a larger car? Raiding is the same thing. If you can purchase a rare armor, buy it. Don’t save it and buy a magic armor instead. You’ll just end up dying. Although there’s a limit, it’s not a game with HP. Even if it’s a low ranked gate, if you’re injured badly, healing won’t help you and can end up dying. Remember this.”

“Although a weapon and armor are the most important, I recommend purchasing other items that are rare or above. Even though I said above rare, unique is pretty expensive…there’s no point.”

Min Joon and Eun Hye added this time too.

Third, study up on the monsters on the Hunter Alliance’s website whenever you have the time.

“Attacking an unknown enemy and attacking an enemy you have information about can determine life or death. That’s why, at the A rank gate, when a monster they haven’t expected appears, the hunters lose their lives.”

“You have to know the monster’s attack style as well as their weakness. Of course there’s nothing you can do if a new monster appears.”

“I know you’re busy with your job, but study when you get the chance.”

“Got it.”

Si Hyun nodded his head in understanding.

They were all important and understandable rules.

First, he thought about purchasing some gear, even if he had to take money out of the bank.

“Then, want to experience a raid today? There’s nothing better than experience.”

“Huh? Today?”

Si Hyun had a surprised reaction.

He was told to come without any gears, so he assumed they wouldn’t go on a raid today.

“Worried? Everyone is unskilled in the beginning, so don’t worry. The members will support you.”

“You said the other member had a cold…?”

“Jae Min? He’s no help. He’s a bad archer, so unless they’re close to him, he can’t hit a target.”

Min Joon explained.

“Honestly, I really want to go, but my gear…”

“What about your gear?”

“I don’t have any.”

“You should’ve gotten some gear when you awoke. There are some things I haven’t mentioned, so use those for today and participate in the raid.”

“Hey leader…I honestly only have weapons in my inventory. On top of that, it’s normal.”

Of course I had a legendary inventory as well, but…”

Si Hyun looked at everyone.

“Only a weapon? And its normal?”


“They do have these kind of cases. Wow. Would he have to use the gears that are dropped by monsters?”

“Father, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Eun Hye raised her hand in disapproval.

“A guild member’s safety is the most important, so let’s not recklessly raid the gate. For the gate we got approved, we can raid it tomorrow.”


“Let’s get some gear for Si Hyun today and raid it tomorrow. Are you okay with that Si Hyun?”

“I would prefer that.”

Si Hyun answered.

“Then let’s do that. Everyone agrees, right?”

“Let’s do that.”

Min Joon and Sang Hyuk both agreed.

“Si Hyun, do you know where the hunter item store is?”

“No, I don’t.”

“It’s located behind the Hunter Alliance building.”

“I see, thanks.”

“It’s nothing. They work till 6 o’clock on the weekend, so it should be okay if you leave now.”

Si Hyun nodded his head and stood up.

“Should we meet tomorrow at the same time?”


“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


< Top Rank – Part 1> End

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