“I want to cry.”

Si Hyun mumbled after buying some gear.

A public officer’s pay wasn’t that high since they were nothing more than a salaryman.

After working at the prison, he has never spent his money in large amounts.

He deposited 100 won every month.

He was thinking about leasing place after getting married.

That’s how he was able to save a little over 3000 won.


‘The cheapest one a couple hundred won?’

Expensive items were in the thousands, while more expensive ones were in the millions.

When he saw them online, he couldn’t really relate because he wasn’t planning on purchasing them, but now that he had to, his hands were shaking.

For now, he purchased a rare armor and weapon, causing his money to be cut by half.

‘…Saving is hard, but spending is done in an instant.’

It’s not like it was permanent.

And there was no warranty either.

If it breaks, you had to spend money and purchase a new one.

‘I need to work hard.’

He was ready for the raid tomorrow.

Si Hyun clenched his fist.


The next day, everyone except Si Hyun arrived. Excluding the sick Go Jae Min.

“Okay, let’s get going. I want to finish this quickly and go out for a drink.”

Min Joon pressed the team.

There was an old car parked in the corner of the first floor parking lot.

It was an old model that was discontinued.

He didn’t expect Sang Hyuk to drive.

It really must be a poor guild.

Min Joon wasn’t lying when he said the guild was poor.

“Where is it?”

“I think it’s in Ha-Nam City.”

Sang Hyuk checked the address on his phone and entered it into the navigation.

When he turned the car on, the engine sounded really weak.

“It’s not in Seoul?”

“For the guilds that are in Seoul, the capital is in charge of the area.”

As soon as Si Hyun asked, Sang Hyuk answered.

It wasn’t too far.

As I was organizing my thoughts about the raid, Sang Hyuk said we were almost there.

It seemed like the gate was located at a park within the city.

The place would usually be filled with people exercising, but the Hunter Alliance placed a gate to prohibit people from entering.

As soon as Sang Hyuk’s car neared the park’s parking lot, a tall, slim man, who seemed to be working for the Hunter Alliance, approached us.

“What business do you have here?”

“We’re from the Grace Guild.”

“I’ll have to confirm this. Please provide me with your Hunter’s License.”

“Here you go.”

As soon as Sang Hyuk presented his license, the man nodded his head after checking it.

“You can park your car here and enter. The gate is located near the iron bar. Good luck.”

The man pointed where the gate was.

Everyone stepped out of the car.

Since all the personal items were in the inventory, the only things they needed to carry were the magic stones and a large sack for the dropped items.

Si Hyun volunteered to carry the sack.

Due to this job, he instinctively volunteered since he was the newest member.

“…That’s the gate.”

I’ve seen it in pictures and videos, but it was my first time seeing it with my own eyes.

It was a circular shaped gate with a blue vortex in it. Low ranked gates are blue and high ranked gates a have grey light. Even if it can’t be calculated with a mana calculator, one can assume the rank of the gate.

The gate usually remained open for about two to three weeks. Since peoples’ lives were at stake, I’m sure they came up with this after carefully researching.

The gate must be attacked before then.

Words can’t describe the amount of damage the citizens experience once a gate opens.

But, one can’t attack a gate so recklessly.

It was set up so that once someone enters the gate, the entrance is locked and the hunter isn’t allowed to leave until the boss is taken down.

That’s why, the Hunter Alliance only approves of the attack once they confirm that the group is strong enough.

“Get your gears ready.”

Since Si Hyun was still new, Min Joon explained.

Si Hyun started putting on his gear after taking them out from his inventory.

His armor and helmet were made out of orc’s leather.

He originally wanted to purchase armor made out of troll’s leather, but they were too expensive so he had to pick a less expensive armor.

Heavy armors were expensive and made him feel uncomfortable, so he excluded them from his selection.

He purchased an ordinary long sword.

The firmness and sharpness was an average rare weapon.

On one hand, it was balanced, but on the other hand, it was just a normal weapon.


Min Joon asked.

He looked pretty strong and was wearing a pretty nice heavy armor. Well, he was the tank of the role, so it’s obvious that he would have it.

“The heavy armor was expensive and it made me uncomfortable.”

“If you want to be able to dodge, that’s a good idea too.”

“What’s that?”

Si Hyun asked while looking at Min Joon’s weapon.

It was a large sword that was at least 1m long.

“It’s the Claymore. I’m pretty strong.”

Min Joon had a confident smile.

Claymore one of the well-known two-handed sword.

“Give me the sack.”

Sang Hyuk said.

Although the healer played an important role, if the team members weren’t getting injured, there was nothing for them to do.

This applied when going against the E rank gate. The Grace Guild always went for them so Sang Hyuk always had the role of the carrier.

“Let’s get going.”

Eun Hye, who was wearing a white robe and holding a wooden staff, talked.


Inside of the gate was a dark cave.

Thankfully, the ceiling wasn’t so high, which made it easy for an adult male to walk while standing. If it was any lower, they would’ve had to crawl in an uncomfortable position.

Eun Hye lit the place with her Light magic.

“Are all E ranked gates like this?”

“No, there’s a variety. Before entering, no one really knows what that gate looks like.”

Sang Hyuk answered Si Hyun’s question.

“Maybe it’s a bat or a spider. Those are the only two monsters I can think of for an E ranked monster that lives in caves.”

Min Joon mumbled.

As soon as he finished talking, they heard something crawling.

It was the sound of spiders crawling.

“Is that a spider?”

Si Hyun had a surprised look on his face.

What kind of spider was so big that its height came up a male’s thighs?

Since he hasn’t had the time to study up on the monsters, it was very new to him, but at the same time, he felt reluctant.

“Damn, it’s a Fire Spider.”

Min Joon clicked his tongue.

The spider’s body and legs were as red as fire.

“What? Is it a difficult monster?”

Eun Hye is a fire magician. But their resistance to magic is high. It would be best not to have high expectations for fire magic.


“It means we need to handle this on our own.”

“I guess there’s no choice.”

Hearing that Eun Hye wouldn’t be of much help, she had a slight disappointed expression.


Since they had to handle the group of spiders, Eun Hye casted the Fire Ball and sent them flying. Although the sound was loud, it didn’t do much damage.

Min Joon held the Claymore and walked forward.

“You’re right handed, right?”


“Since I’m left handed, I’ll be on the left. You go to the right.”

“Got it.”

“Ha ha. Don’t be so nervous. They’re just E ranked monsters. I’ve done close range attacks and tanking. Just be careful that you don’t get in contact with them.

As if to help Si Hyun relax, Min Joon patted his shoulder.

“We’ll attack on three. One, two, three.”

Si Hyun and Min Joon charged at the Fire Spiders almost at the same time.

Si Hyun attacked by bringing the Long Sword down.

It was clumsy attack.

Unless a normal person learned Kendo, there wasn’t any situation that required them to handle a sword.

Although it was a clumsy attack, it was powerful.

This was the power of an awakened one.


The Fire Spider let out a strange cry.

At the same time, its body was cut in half, causing an unpleasant residue to splatter all over the place.


With a surprised expression, Si Hyun started at the Long Sword that he was wielding. It was because the sword cut the spider so cleanly.

Thinking he just got lucky, he attacked another spider with the Long Sword.



The Long Sword cut the spider’s body cleanly this time too.

‘Why is it so easy?’

He felt embarrassed about being nervous.

He looked to the right and saw that Min Joon had already taken down five Fire Spiders.

“Si Hyun, there’s four of them left. Keep it up.”

Eun Hye was cheering.

He didn’t feel nervous at all.

This is the E ranked gate…

It’s a great weekend job.


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