Since it was his turn to work night shift, Si Hyun let out a yawn out of tiredness.

There’s a website for those preparing to be a public officer and on the community board, there’s this saying.

They said working night shift at a prison is the beset.

They’ll change patrol stations every hour so you have time to read a book.

And they let you sleep for four hours.

The reality?

…There wasn’t much to do.

It would be stressful if there were emergency patients or emergency situations, but it was very rare.

Of course working night shift felt like it was sucking your life away.

After patrolling, Si Hyun reported to the TRS and sat on a chair with a blank face.

“Why isn’t it coming out?”

He decided to talk to himself to fight the sleepiness.

It’s been a month since he went on a raid during the weekend, but he didn’t see a human-like monster.

Maybe because they were E ranks, but the raids were pretty simple so he wasn’t worried.

And he was getting paid pretty well too.

He was just frustrated than the human-like monsters weren’t appearing.

While thinking about that, a prison quest appeared, which may affect his knowledge, mentality and mana.

Of course, it’s been a while since his mana stopped increasing.

But, will it increase this time? Was what he asked himself.

“The prisoners’ sexual desires are one of the issues that exists within the prison. Po Ah Him would lock up a male and a female prisoner that had sexual desires in one room and resolve the issue. Po Ah Him would like to see you resolve the sexual desires of the prisoners.”

“Quest: Resolve the prisoners’ sexual desires. 0/30”

…This was scary.

Locking them up so they can fulfill their sexual desires.

What is this, Po Ah Him?

No…does human rights even exist within that place?

He knew this wasn’t an easy issue to resolve.

The chief that he worked with when he first started told him this.

“Young women shouldn’t visit.”


“If they see a young woman, they’ll go crazy that day.”

“Go crazy?”

“They’re in pain for thinking about girls. It can’t be easily resolved in a bathroom.”

I didn’t think much about it then, but after working here, I understood what he meant.

Even a grown man from the Francesco Church couldn’t control his sexual desires and ended up rolling down rose vines. It was probably the same for the prisoners.

“I think I know why this appeared.”

Si Hyun talked to himself again.

There was a strange connection with the current situation within the prison.

Last week, there were three cases of prisoners hiding psychotropic drugs, which made the security manager really angry.

Eating a lot of it can kill a person and it has become the main concern lately. Usually, drug dealers would gather them and grind it. The powder gives of a hallucination effect, which has become a big issue.

Even if the ward patrolled carefully to prevent it, they could hide it between their fingers or place it under their feet.

Si Hyun had to write a report once because they hid it without him knowing. The way they hid the drug between their fingers was like magic.

The security manager is known to be really strict and there’s no way he would overlook it if the same issue occurred three times.

The wards would submit their reports and they would search the rooms of the prisoners.

Because of that, all the lewd pictures of women were found and disposed of. The pictures of women in lingerie, which were found on the door, were also disposed of.

They were overlooked before, but because of the security manager, there was nothing they could do.

It seemed like he was determined to set an example.

In order to follow the rules perfectly, Si Hyun did the same for his section and got rid of all of the pictures of lewd pictures.

That was already one week ago.

It should’ve cleared by now, but there was no news.

But, a quest appeared.

Is it saying it’s been held in for too long?

There was a need to resolve this discreetly.

It would go against the security manager’s orders, but I wasn’t ashamed of it.

The prisoners in Si Hyun’s section followed the rules, so they didn’t retort, but the prisoners in other parts of the prison complained saying that it was unfair.

Yeah, this was pretty cruel.

People are living in prisons after all.


He felt tired due to working the night shift, but he decided to stop by the store before going home.

He grabbed a magazine.

It was a magazine that had adult rating stamped in red.

Since it was sealed in a plastic off, he purchased one.

Ripping the plastic open and skimming through the pages, he felt that the content was too weak, possibly because it was a Korean magazine.

He decided to let them release their sexual desires by giving them high quality pictures.

Si Hyun called Sang Kyu.

“Why are you calling so early in the morning?”

“Are you on your way to work?”

“No, I’m smoking a cigarette after coming into the office.”

“You have some adult content magazines, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

Sang Kyu asked with a confused tone.

“I’m just playing. I need it, so I’m asking if you have some.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Foreign magazines. It can be Japanese or American.”

“I’ll just give you both. Are you having trouble sleeping at night after breaking up with Soo Jin?”

“It’s not like that, so don’t worry. Work hard and I’ll stop by later tonight. I’ll bring food to show my appreciation.”


‘Foreign magazines are way better.’

When walking into my section, I carried the pictures I cut out in my bag.

Since the number on the quest was 30, I was planning on distributing them in the mid and large rooms.

That’s why, I cut out about five high quality pictures. Of course, I was looking at them while doing it…

“Chief, it’s time to eat lunch.”

After looking at his watch, Si Hyun informed Chief Park Young Hwan.

Since they couldn’t keep the place empty, they would switch 45 minutes to have lunch.

And Si Hyun thought that would be the best time.

During that time, there wasn’t anyone here that could bother him.

“Oh, is it that time already? I’ll be going to lunch, so take over for me.”

After Young Hwan said that, he left.

After checking to see if he was out the building, Si Hyun stood up from his seat.

45 minutes is enough.

‘Since I know how all the CCTVs are set up.’

Although there were a lot of CCTVs, they couldn’t see everything from the Central Control Room. And even if they could, it was hard for the ward to check to see what was really happening.

From the places that couldn’t be seen, he spread the pictures in the large room. If the prisoners just keep their mouths shut and get rid of the evidence, there’s no way to get caught.

It was also something that Si Hyun was good at doing.

Large Room 4.

Mid Room 1.

This was enough.

Si Hyun first visited room 16.

He knocked near the window of that room.

“Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Wh-what seems to be the problem?”

All he did was make eye contact with them and they were filled with fear. They turned their attention elsewhere so that they wouldn’t have to make eye contact.

“Please pay attention.”

“Yes, sir!”

Like when they were getting inspected, they stood in a straight line.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m trying to give you all something nice.”


They were even more nervous.

Si Hyun scratched his head.

He decided to just show them instead of explaining it.

He slid a lewd picture that he cut out through the widow.


The prisoners gasped while their eyes widened.

The thing that they couldn’t forget after it was disposed of appeared in front of them.

If their opponent wasn’t the horrifying Si Hyun, they probably would’ve ran at them to take it for themselves.

“I’m doing this specially for you guys, so use it wisely. Oh, and once you’re done, rip it into pieces and…eat it.”

“Y-yes, we’ll eat it!”

“Thank you for the food!”

No, they didn’t have to go so far and say that…

With a dumbfounded look, Si Hyun walked to the next room.



<Po Ah Him, What is This?> End

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