“Quest: Resolve the prisoners’ sexual desires. 14/30”

‘It’s working out nicely.’

After handing out the pictures to the rooms he visited, he lazily sat down in the office.

The number on the quest was quickly increasing. The number showed that it was half way done.

It’s probably because it was happening at the same in different rooms.

If this continues, he’ll complete the quest when comes back from lunch.

“Si Hyun, go and eat lunch.”

Chief Park Young Hwan came back and seemed like he didn’t know anything.

The prisoners were doing well trying to hide it.

Si Hyun left the office while smiling widely on the inside.

After eating his lunch, he was sitting in the rest room. In his hand, he was holding the phone that was inside the phone storage box.

It was prohibited to carry a phone inside.

Because of it, there were a lot of problems.

The younger wards complained that their girlfriends broke up with them, and the wards that had families complained that it was hard to maintain a relationship with other people.

Because their complaints were getting worse, headquarters gave up.

They allowed the wards to use their phones in the rest room.

‘Missed call?’

Looking at the number, it was Eun Hye’s.

Curious about the call, Si Hyun called her back.

“Hello, Si Hyun.”

Eun Hye picked up after it rang a couple of times.

“Hey, Eun Hye. You called?”

“Oh, about that. We’re teaming about with another guild this Saturday and going to do a D rank gate. There will be eight people from the other guild and Min Joon and I will be participating as well.”

“Oh really?”

“But, you see. An emergency came up so Min Joon can’t go. He said his mother fainted…”

“Oh, no…”

“Thankfully, it’s nothing serious, but asking him to participate in this raid seems a bit too much.”

“Of course.”

“The class that the other team wants is a close-range fighter or someone that can act as an agro. Other than Min Joon, you’re the only one that can do it. That’s why I called.”

“Hm, I see. I’ll fill in. Backing out at the last minute in a dual raid will probably make our guild look bad, no matter the issue.”

“Thank you so much Si Hyun. I’ll send you the location through text.”

“It’s nothing. Have a good day.”

“You too and I’ll see you on Saturday.”

After hanging up, Si Hyun looked like he was thinking about something.

Si Hyun felt like Min Joon’s problem was his as well.

He felt the need to visit his parents during the upcoming holiday.

After his father retired, his parents moved to the country and work on a small farm. With the excuse that it was too far, it’s been a while since Si Hyun visited his parents.

While thinking about that, his time was up.

Walking back to the office, a message appeared.

“Quest: Resolve the prisoners’ sexual desires. 30/30 Completed.”

“Po Ah Him is very satisfied with how fast you resolved the prisoners’ sexual desires.”

“Knowledge +50, Mentality +50 recovered.”

“Mentality points have surpassed the fixed points. You have activated the passive skill, Skilled Ward’s Insight.”

As usual, the mana level didn’t increase.

However, an unexpected message appeared, causing Si Hyun to jump.



Finally, a skill?

Despite of having three skills, they were useless and it’s been a while since Si Hyun was known as the Unskilled Hunter.

But, finally, his skill appeared.

Being curious about it, Si Hyun stopped walking and opened his stats window.


Power 101 (D)

Agility 101 (D)

Knowledge 160 (D)

Stamina 101 (D)

Mentality 300 (C)

Mana 99 (E)


Water Resistance 5.05%

Magic Resistance15%

Poison Resistance 0%

Fire Resistance 0%


Passive: Skilled Ward’s Insight

Active: ??? (Not Activated), ??? (Not Activated)

A new skill was really there.

Since his mentality increased to 300, placing it on C rank, it fulfilled the requirement, causing that skill to be activated.

Curious about how this new skill worked, Si Hyun started reading the details.

<Skilled Ward’s Insight>

- It perceives and provides information about people with really evil intentions within the Reiter Country.


What is this?

I didn’t know what it meant and didn’t know how to use it. This was definitely a big question mark.

“Is this good or bad?”

There was no way to tell.

There were passive skills that can raise one’s knowledge and resistance. Since those were intuitive skills, there was no need to ask questions.

Si Hyun carefully read the description again.

First, when it says the Reiter Country, they probably mean this world…?

Then does that mean this skill allows me to perceive and see information about people that have really evil intentions?

Despite of understanding the basics, he wasn’t sure when to actually use it.

…One thing he was sure of was that he couldn’t use it on monsters.

Si Hyun had a dejected look on his face.

The more he thought about it, the more he thought that Po Ah Him’s power wasn’t useful when it came to attacking the gates.


“Attention! Floor five, section two is prepared for inspection!”

The afternoon inspection has begun.

The bald District Chief started inspecting the first room.

“Room 1!”

As soon as Chief Park Young Hwan screamed the room number, the prisoners all lined up and started calling out their numbers.

“Attention! Salute! Hello, sir! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! End!”

There weren’t that many sections where they would yell like this.

That’s why, everything the District Chief inspected this section, he felt proud.

The inspection was going along very smoothly that they were already inspection the 14th room.

That’s when the District Chief stopped.

“Why do all of you guys look so happy?”

As an experienced ward that’s due to retire soon, he noticed that the expression of the prisoners were filled with satisfaction.

“Not at all, sir!”

The prisoners’ expression suddenly hardened.

‘We’re dead if we get caught!’

The prisoners were more familiar about the system here than the wards that worked here.

They knew what kind of orders the manager gave and also knew that Si Hyun was going against his order by providing them lewd pictures. Of course they’ve ripped them and ate the pictures, but they couldn’t relax just yet.

They didn’t want to think about the consequences if they found out and Si Hyun had to write a report about it.

‘Crap, can they smell it?’

Although the prisoners were nervous, the District Chief just laughed and moved on to the next room.

Room 15.

The atmosphere of this room was totally different.

Hearing what happened in the previous room, they tried to maintain their composure.

“What’s wrong? Did your parents pass away or something?”

The District Chief asked as if he found this to be ridiculous.

Despite of the rooms being next to each other, the atmosphere was different.

“No, sir!”

“You’re worrying me so just relax.”

That’s all the District Chief said before moving on.

During inspection, they check the condition of the rooms and point out any issues, but the second section of the fifth floor was just fine.

That’s why, there was nothing to be worried about.

The inspection ended peacefully.

After checking the total number of people, the District Chief spoke.

“You’ll all be there, right?”

“Oh, yeah, of course.”

With only a month left until his retirement, they arranged a get-together for the District Chief.

“Si Hyun as well?”

“I’ll drag him if he doesn’t go. Don’t worry.”

“Ha ha, okay. See you later.”

The District Chief headed towards the opposite section while laughing.

“What did you two talk about?”

During the inspection, Si Hyun was stationed in front of the office.

“He told me to bring you to the get-together.”

“Jeez, even if I don’t like to drink at get-togethers, I’ll make sure to go this time.

It would be absurd if he didn’t attend since he’s been working at the same prison for two years.

“Oh, where are they all meeting?”

“The same restaurant where we had our get-together last time.”


<Finally, a Skill…> End

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