As soon as Lin Shu exited through the front door, a bald man wearing a black suit approached her.

He escorted her to where the limousine was parked.

“Why did you do that, Ms. Lin Shu?”

“What of it? I just wanted to give my favorite writer a present.”

“Don’t you think you’ve stood out too much?”

“Is that an issue?”

“The NIS might’ve caught on.”

“Is the Korean NIS that capable that they’re able to figure out my identity? And if they did find out, what are they going to do about it? I’m just came to have fun.”


“Don’t worry about me. Worry about that crazy idiot. Why did he have to cause trouble by following me?”


“Where did he go anyways? Find him…no, I’ll go to him myself.”

Lin Shu had a frustrated expression.



It was finally Saturday.

My ears were hurting from hearing Ha Young talk about how someone bought 1,000 copies of her manhwa.

She kept on bragging about it while smiling sheepishly.

I was curious as to who bought it.

Hearing her say that it was a Chinese woman, it made me think maybe she was the daughter of some rich, Chinese family.

Not wanting to be late, Si Hyun left early to the gate.

He kept on thinking about the new skill that he acquired, but he wasn’t able to figure it out at all.

He’ll probably be able to figure it out once he uses it.

“Si Hyun.”

When he arrived at the gate, Eun Hye waved her hand happily.

“Is the other guild not here yet?”

“We are pretty early. I’m sure they’ll get here on time.”

We sat at a nearby bench and talked about various topics until we saw a van pull up.

“Black Guild” was written on the door of the van and when that door opened, several men that looked like hunters stepped out. It seemed like they didn’t have any female members.

“Why isn’t that idiot here?”

“I’m not sure. He’s not picking up his phone.”

“Oh jeez…does it make sense that a newcomer is missing the raid?”

“We still have some time left so let’s wait.”

A man that looked like the guild leader and a built man were seen talking.

Then, the man that looked like the guild leader walked towards us.

Seeing their expression, it seemed like they knew each other.

“Eun Hye, I’m really sorry, but one of our guild member haven’t arrived, so do you mind waiting a bit?”

“Not at all. It’s not even time to go in anyways.”

After speaking with her, the guild leader returned to their members and told them to try calling their guild member again.

However, their expression showed that the guild member wasn’t picking up.

We ended up waiting for an hour.

“Well, I’ve never met an irresponsible newcomer like him before.”

The guild leader had an annoyed expression on his face.

With an angry tone, he continued talking.

“He should’ve told us ahead of time so that we can recruit someone else. Damn it, what are we supposed to do now?”

We were approved to raid the gate with 10 people, but we only have nine. For the E rank gate, they don’t really care about the number of participants, but from D rank and up, a Hunter Association employee counts all the participants.

The Hunter Association employee was standing in the front of the gate and waiting to count the participants.

Looking our way, they asked.

“Is there an issue?”

“No, no. It’s not a big issue. One of the participant isn’t here. I’ll call a friend of mine right now, so let’s raid the gate today.”

The Black Guild leader quickly took out his phone and called another hunter.

But, it seemed like they weren’t picking up either.

He kept on scratching the back of his head.

30 minutes passed and there wasn’t much progress.

Then, they heard someone desperately calling out.

“I’m so sorry! So sorry! I’m sorry for being late!”

It was a man with pale skin and a nice impression.

“You damn idiot!”

He seemed to be filled with anger seeing how he cursed the guy first.

Si Hyun totally understood his feelings.

“What do you think you’re doing, you bastard?! How could you be late on your first raid? You weren’t even picking up your phone, damn it! You no good idiot!”

“I’m very sorry!”

The man continuously bowed his head and repeatedly apologized. He did the same to the other guild members as well as to Si Hyun and Eun Hye.

“Jeez, let’s just go in. Eun Hye, I’m really sorry. I won’t forget this and will make it up to you next time. I also feel bad about making your member wait. I really have no excuses.”

Not having any more time to waste, the guild leader led the group towards the gate entrance.

The other guild members and the man with pale skin followed behind him.

“Let’s go too.”

Eun Hye said.

Si Hyun nodded his head.



As soon as they entered the gate, the smell of a shabby building filled their noses.

There was an old building that was about 10 stories high.

That building was probably what we had to raid.

The Black Guild members were waiting at the entrance of the building.

They were going to enter as soon as Si Hyun and Eun Hye entered.


“We just need to keep going up, so it’s easy.”

It seemed like the guild leader was satisfied with this gate.

“Well, then, let’s go.”

As soon as he said that.

“Warning: There’s a figure nearby who’s well-known for their evil intentions.”


Suddenly, the Skilled Ward’s Insight awakened.




<Security and Physique – Part 2> End



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