...Someone who’s well-known for their evil intentions?

Why did this warning window appear all of a sudden?

While Si Hyun was contemplating, another notice appeared.

"Warning: Checking their information is recommended."

Si Hyun immediately checked their information after the system gave two warnings.


Skilled Technician

Name: Ba Yan

Gender: Male

Occupation: Shy Technician

Fame: Very famous



Human Skinning Elder of Desalos

- Ba Yan was a technician that created masks all his life. While he was contemplating about how to make a mask as realistic as possible, he committed murder and started making masks out of human skin. After that incident, he killed many people and started skinning the humans, earning the name Human Mask Technician.

- Using the face of a deceased, Ba Yan can transform into their face.



Power 501 (B)

Agility 508 (B)

Knowledge 504 (B)

Stamina 506 (B)

Mentality 511 (B)

Mana 520 (B)



Water Resistance 25.3%

Magic Resistance 25.55%

Poison Resistance 0%

Fire Resistance 0%



Passive: Dexterity, Ambidextrous, Detailed Work, Tenacity of a Technician

Active: Skillfully Beheading, Skillfully Stabbing the Heart, Skillfully Gouging the Eyes, Skillfully Skinning a Human’s Face, Vocal Mimicry




What the hell is this?

They kill people and skin them?

Crazy bastard…

Si Hyun’s expression suddenly got dark.

He knew there were technicians when it came to the occupation, but it was the first time he’s seen a technician that skinned humans.

He never knew there was such a vicious class. He never heard it from the media nor the internet.

Did they purposely keep it a secret?

The Awakened Ones usually had a positive vibe. It’s because the survival of the human race served as a base.

But if people found out that a vicious class like Ba Yan existed, they would feel uncomfortable and keep their distance.

Or, the Awakened Ones could be hiding it from others.

It’s understandable that they don’t want the others to know.

Si Hyun looked over the displayed information again.

The word, “skilled,” must be the keyword.

It was a B ranked keyword.

Their stats also proved that they were a B rank.

‘Damn him…’

Si Hyun’s attention turned in the same direction that the notification was pointing.

It pointed to the guy that constantly apologized and bowed for being late.

He was a B rank.

He wondered why it activated when he came to the gate, but thinking about it, he came to one conclusion.


As soon as Si Hyun got closer to the B rank guy, the Skilled Ward’s Insight skill activated.

‘What should I do?’

Instinctively, Si Hyun glanced towards the gate.

But the gate was closed.

They couldn’t leave until they defeated the boss.

With a concerned expression, Si Hyun bit his lips.

He hoped it was a huge misunderstanding.

He wished he was just overreacting.

There was no evidence that the guy would turn into a crazy murder just because that’s what he was awakened as.

He couldn’t help but feel more nervous.

The fact that the system gave him two warnings made him feel uneasy.

He had several questions.

Despite of the fact that he’s a B rank, why would be attack a D rank gate?

It didn’t make sense.

He wouldn’t be doing this unless he had a different goal.

What if that goal coincided with my worst prediction?

Another thing.

Is that his real personality?

The skilled Human Mask Technician.

Active skill is Vocal Mimicry.

Been out of contact for a while.


Aligning the keywords together showed that it raised the possibility.

“Si Hyun, aren’t you going in?”

As Si Hyun was deep in thought, Eun Hye asked with a curious look.

“….Oh, yeah, I’m going.”

In that short time, Si Hyun had an idea.

The members of the Black guild won’t believe someone they just met. They probably never imagined that a Human Mask Technician was part of the guild. On top of that, Vocal Mimicry. Also, as of right now, there was no proof that could prove that something could happen.

But, if it was Eun Hye.

Si Hyun observed the Black guild that was in front of them, leaned over to Eun Hye and whispered.

“Don’t say anything and just listen. Be careful of the guy that came late today. I think that guy is a murderer.”


“Act like you don’t know anything. Stand next to me during break.”

Being the smart girl she was, after hearing what Si Hyun said, she maintained a calm expression.

But, she was probably nervous by the sudden warning.

“Let’s go in.”

With a calm expression, Si Hyun entered the building.



Si Hyun was worried all throughout the hunt.

Instead of attacking the monsters like before, he had to play defense and act as a tank while watching that guy.

He was attacking the monsters at the rightest side.

If he wanted to, he could use his skills to kill the monsters in a blink of an eye, but he was attacking as if he was a D rank.

He was also wielding an ordinary sword.

If a different person saw him, they would just think of him as a D rank hunter.

It was a skilled disguise.

That made me even more suspicious.

“Okay, carrier. Collect the items and the marbles while we take a break.”

The leader of the Black guild had a satisfied expression, probably because we got to the fifth level without much difficulty.

Since they had somewhat of a good teamwork, the lower level monsters didn’t give us much trouble.

While Si Hyun was resting, he carefully observed the B rank guy’s every move. He tried not to get caught.

At the same time, he kept on thinking.

If this guy loses it, what are they supposed to do?

Excluding him, there were two C rank hunters, four D rank hunters, and three E ranks hunters, which made him think if they would be able to take him on. No, since Si Hyun was a D rank, it would be five people.

Anyways, since he didn’t know how strong a B rank hunter was, he couldn’t make any assumptions.

“Si Hyun, are you hurt anywhere?”

Eun Hye approached while asking about my physical condition.

Being part of the same guild, it looked natural.

During the last break, Si Hyun secretly gave Eun Hye a note he wrote behind her back.

On the note, it said, “If you see any suspicious actions, use your magic right away.”


‘Is it really groundless fear?’

Si Hyun had a confused look.

If he wanted to take action, he had several chances to do so.

But that guy entered the boss room.

Can the raid be completed without anything happening?

In that case, that would be the best scenario.

“It’s the Hell Hound.”

One of the guild members mumbled.

It was a hell dog and also the guard of the entrance to hell.

That was the boss of this gate.

The more heads the Hell Hound had, the stronger it was.

Thankfully, this Hell Hound only had one head.


Just then, a questionable remark could be heard.

It was because a guy was slowly walking towards the Hell Hound.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Even if it did have one head, it wasn’t a boss that D rank hunter could take on alone.

With a surprised expression, the hunters imagined him being torn into bits and pieces.


Whimper, whimper.

The Hell Hound suddenly started backing up with a scared expression.

Its tail drooped to the ground. Through its instinct, it seemed to have recognized the hunter as someone stronger than them.

“Aww, he he. What a cutie. You sure know your place.”

The Hell Hound was now backed into the wall and the hunter started petting its head with a smile.

Si Hyun was dumbfounded as he watched the hunter treat him like a puppy.

“Wh-what the?!”

“What in the world…”

The hunters’ mouths were wide open due to the shock.

“I’ll give you something to eat in exchange, okay?”

Ba Yan finally revealed his poisonous teeth.

“Here, boy!”

As soon as Ba Yan grabbed the Hell Hound and was going to throw it towards the hunters, Eun Hye stepped in and casted a Fire Ball.

“Oh, wow.”

A smirk appeared on Ba Yan’s face as he jumped back and dodged the attack.


At the sound of the Fire Ball bursting loudly, the leader of the Black guild started shouting at him.

“Yo-you evil bastard! Everyone pay attention and get into formation!”

Si Hyun joined their formation.

Ba Yan wasn’t someone Si Hyun could just charge into and take him down by himself.

‘Damn it. I didn’t think it would turn out like this.’

He thought Ba Yan would act alone and didn’t think he would use a Hell Hound.

“No matter what you guys do, you’re all going to die here today.”

Ba Yan had the smile of a killer.

Moments later, he was seen wielding sharp swords in both of his hands.

“Just go and attack them, you dumb dog!”

Ba Yan kicked the Hell Hound’s butt.

Then, the Hell Hound started running towards the hunters as if their tail was on fire.




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