<Bloody Battle - #1>


“Stop attacking! Just aggravate (aggro) it, Eun Ho. Healer, make sure to keep checking. Heal if it the health gets too low.”

The C rank hunter and the leader of the Black guild, quickly observed the situation and gave orders.
Knowing that the guy was far more dangerous than the Hell Hound, he decided to have everyone surround Ba Yan.

If a hunter became an aggro while attacking the Hell Hound, it would only complicate things.

In this situation, they could only trust Eun Ho’s agility since he was a C rank tanker.

Including himself, there were only two C rank hunters and the fact that they had to use one of them made him feel bad.

If they sent a D rank, they’ll just waste time and might be left in a bad situation.

“Don’t save your items! That bastard is pretty strong! Saving it will only go to waste.”

The hunters who went to gates as a jobs normally carried two items in case of an emergency.

They were usually healing potions and magic scrolls.

After saying that, the leader took out a strength magic scroll and a haste roll and ripped them without any hesitation.

He acknowledged the fact that they wouldn’t be able to defeat him without using items.

The other hunters took out scrolls that either increase their strength and agility and ripped them.

“Ha ha, attack me all you want. It’ll be more fun to kill you that way.”

With a calm expression, Ba Yan walked towards the hunters.

The ones that were actually nervous were the hunters.

With a stiffened expression, Si Hyun also took out his long sword and held it tightly in his hands. He checked his stats a moment ago just in case, but since he wasn’t a prisoner, nothing changed.

He even thought about taking out the legendary item, Accuratus, but he dismissed the idea.

Even if he took out the legendary item, there was no guarantee that he would defeat him and if he took out an extraordinary sword like that, he’ll obviously be targeted for it.

If that happened, he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

He thought it would be best to hide it and use it as a last resort.

“Si Hyun, be careful.”

Eun Hye commented in a calm tone.

Hearing her calm tone mixed with nervousness made him nervous as well.

But, he didn’t show it on his face.

“Yeah, you too.”

Si Hyun replied as calmly as he could.

“Ice Bolt!”

“Yellow Fire!”

The magician hunters of the Black guild casted spells first a sharp ice started flying towards him.

Eun Hye quickly casted the Yellow Fire spell and shot it towards the target.

At the same time, assassin hunters threw kunai knives.


As if he was making fun, Ba Yan lazily dodged the attacks.

“He’s coming!”

Someone shouted.

They noticed that Ba Yan started moving faster.

The leader of the Black guild held his sword and ran towards Ba Yan and clashed with him.

Being the strongest of the group, he felt that he had to block Ba Yan’s attack so that their attacks wouldn’t get interfered.



As soon as their weapons clashed, the leader let out a sigh.

It was such a fast and heavy attack.

If he didn’t use the strength and haste scroll, he wouldn’t have been able to block it.

Seeing Ba Yan standing in one place, the other hunters attacked him from both sides.

However, his body wasn’t there.

Moments later, he jumped behind the guild leader and was getting ready to attack the back of his neck.


When Ba Yan’s dagger was close to attacking him, the sound of metal could be heard.

As Si Hyun was observing Ba Yan’s actions, he managed to block his attack with his long sword.

“Everyone, be careful of your neck, heart and eyes!”

Some of his offensive active skills were Skillfully Beheading, Skillfully Stabbing the Heart, Skillfully Gouging the Eyes.

Si Hyun warned the hunters after reading the skills from the opponent’s information window.


Ba Yan stepped back as his expression changed.

It was as if Si Hyun read his mind.

However, he tilted his head and the expression that he had before came back.

‘There’s no way.’

From what he knew, there were only a handful of awakened humans that had the ability to read their opponent’s stats.

On top of that, since they didn’t have any offensive skills, it had to be kept as a secret.

If he didn’t have any connections to high-ranking officers, then he wouldn’t have ever known that someone with those kind of power existed.

There was no way that an extremely rare hunter would be here.

It seemed like he had experienced in fighting a hunter that had similar skills as Si Hyun.

“Are you suddenly scared after clashing with me?”

The guild leader provoked him in order to resolve this before the magic wore off.

Thankfully, Ba Yan was provoked.

“Oh damn…ha ha ha ha.”

Thinking the situation was ridiculous, he laughed and attacked even harder.


The guild leader blocked his attack this time as well.

But, the dagger that was in Ba Yan’s left hand moved.



The D rank hunter that was beside him screamed and managed to block his attack. If he blocked it a bit later, then it could’ve pierced his heart.

Si Hyun’s warning about protecting the heart was helpful.

“I think that bastard is ambidextrous!”

Si Hyun yelled as if he waited for it.

Ambidextrous passive skill.

He already knew about it.

“I think you’re right, leader! When he attacked with this left hand, it was extremely fast.”


<Bloody Battle - #1> End.

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