Ba-Yan stopped moving as if someone pulled his body.

As if he had seen a ghost, a shocked expression could be seen on his face.

“Lin Shu…n-no Nameless?!”

Ba-Yan was about say their real name, but flinched and ended up saying their code name.

He was looking at a woman that was wearing a cat mask.

She was wearing a pair of high heels and mini skirt, which didn’t fit this setting at all.

The hunters had a confused look on their face as they observed the current situation.

They were able to relax a bit since the battle was interrupted abruptly, but they weren’t sure how this situation would play out.

As the hunter that had the most experience, the leader of the Black guild quickly commanded the other hunters.

“Healer, hurry up and heal the wounded. The remaining hunters will take down the Hell Hound.”

He decided to use this opportunity to take down the Hell Hound.

“It’s dangerous so stop moving.”

Nameless, the woman that was wearing a cat mask, warned quietly as she flicked with her left hand.


Moments later, the floor split in half and with a loud explosion, fire gushed out of the floor.


Enveloped in the fire, the Hell Hound screamed in pain and moments later, only its ash remained.


A hunter that stood near it lost their mind and started screaming. They could’ve died the same way as that Hell Hound.

The other hunters were too shocked that they couldn’t scream, but their mouths were wide open.

The Hell Hound’s fire resistance was very high, but a fire magic was able to burn it and all that remained were ashes.

It didn’t make any sense.

Si Hyun couldn’t help but be surprised.

Aside from the power spell, there was something else that he was suspicious of.

‘…Didn’t they not cast the spell?’

They were talking about something else, but the spell was released.

“Ho-how did you get here?”

Ba-Yan asked as if he couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Why do you look so surprised? You killed Lee Kang-Jin and after finding his corpse, I tracked you down and ended up here.”

“No way…I cut his body into pieces and took all of his belongings with me…”

“Oh, really? You thought you could fool me by doing that? It feels like you’re treating me like some sort of idiot. But. Did you know there’s a spell that allows you to read the memories of a corpse?”

He could feel Nameless putting on a bitter smile behind the mask.

“What…? Is there really…no, even if there was such a spell, the gate closed a while ago, so it doesn’t make sense…”

“It was closed. But what of it? Are you not allowed to enter once it’s closed?”

It was common sense, but Nameless said it so casually and then continued talking.

“You made the mistake of thinking that you have a lot of knowledge. You don’t even know your place, so it’s really dumb of you to think that way. You’re not qualified.”

As she said that, she lightly moved her right hand and ice arrows started forming in mid-air.


“What the…!”

The hunters’ eyes widened from the sight.

…What is that?

The shape looked similar to the first class magic, Ice Arrow.

When looking at just the shape, it just looked like a magician with imitation skill was imitating the Ice Arrow spell.

But, the number of arrows that appeared placed her on a different level.

…60? No, 70?

There were so many that it was hard to count them.

“I warned you, didn’t I? I told you not to cause trouble is someone else’s country, you crazy idiot.”

As soon as Nameless flicked her finger, the ice arrows rained down at a fast pace towards Ba-Yan.

“Stop! Wa-wait! Nameless!”

Ba-Yan hurriedly yelled out, but the ice arrows didn’t stop attacking him.

He tried his best to dodge the attacks, but because there were so many, his effort wasn’t good enough.


Ba-Yan’s body flew back and ended up hitting the wall really hard.

The pieces of ice got stuck in his arms and legs, causing his body to be covered in blood.

“Ack…if fa-father found out about this, you…”

“Hmph, I’m going to spare you for your father.”

The hunters looked at him with a complicated expression as they witnessed this scary figure being suppressed by another.

Anyone with eyes will be able to see that this woman’s skills were on a different level.

If she were to suddenly attack someone else, the only thing that would await them was death.

Si Hyun gulped and carefully observed the situation.

If she suddenly decided to get rid of them, then he would counter-attack by casting the Hellfire spell.

Just then, a notification window appeared.

Si Hyun had a confused look on his face because it appeared at a random time.

“Po Ah Him was able to figure out their identity by observing the opponent’s magic.”

What is this?

Was Po Ah Him telling me about the opponent through the system after observing them?

“She’s the Great Magician of Silence, Hiris.”


As soon as he saw that word, something popped into Si Hyun’s head.

…Doesn’t this mean that they’re able to cast a spell without having to actually say it? Then, just now…

Si Hyun remembered when Nameless casted a spell without doing or saying anything.

If that were the case, then she wasn’t an ordinary wizard and was beyond their skills.

‘And Hiris?’

He remembered seeing that name from somewhere.

He tried to trace back and remembered one thing.


He remembered.

He remembered seeing it from the Accuratus description.

- The legendary artisan, Yo Ah him, made this out of Amantium, making this a masterpiece. Out of the five well-known swords within the Reiter country, this was one of them. Every stat of this sword was amazing, and the great wizard, Hiris, beautifully sealed the Hellfire magic within the sword. It belonged to his best friend, who was killed by Po Ah Him due to his death sentence. As a keepsake, Po Ah Him has been taking care of it.

It was the same name as the great wizard that sealed the Hellfire magic. For a magician at that level, they probably weren’t two different people with the same name, but was that person.

Si Hyun was surprised, but was amazed at the same time because he was seeing a legendary figure with his own eyes.

“Po Ah Him has a huge grudge against her.”

…It seemed like there was some sort of complicated issue that Si Hyun couldn’t understand.

“Po Ah Him would like to give you a quest, but has given up for your safety. Within the Reiter country, she was one of the top ten strongest magician, so if you were to challenge her, you wouldn’t be able to handle her in your currently condition.”

Si Hyun thought this was ridiculous.

Why would you want to give me a quest now?

She’s one of the strongest magician within the Reiter country?

That means she’s one of the strongest S rank magician.

There was no need to kill someone for no reason.

“Po Ah Him strongly recommends that you hide your identity. Never take out the Accuratus in front of her.”

He felt the same way.

He wasn’t really sure of their story, but just from the system’s description, he knew they didn’t have a great relationship.

Si Hyun thought about the moment when he almost brought out the Accuratus and got goosebumps.


No one dared to say anything.

They just observed Lin Shu, who awakened as Hiris.

She suddenly started talking.

“It seems like two people died.”

“Huh? Oh…yes.”

One person died during battle and knowing that the new member died a painful death, the leader of the Black guild answered her.

“One person is injured…Do you want to get revenge?”


Si Hyun felt the other hunters trying to keep a straight face.

Was she making fun of them or something?

“I can tell from your reactions. You can only get revenge if you have the power. How about I give you some money and we end it here?”

“…Very well.”

The leader answered while biting his lips.

He decided to accept her offer so that he could send money to the family of the deceased and help them just a bit.

“The name of the guild is the Black Guild, correct?”

Si Hyun wondered how she knew the name, but remembered when she said she had the power to read the minds of the deceased.

“That’s right.”

“You’ll receive the money in some way within a week, so relax. I’ll make sure to deposit a large amount.”


He didn’t have a choice but to answer that way.

After agreeing to her condition, Lin Shu and Ba-Yan suddenly disappeared.

The hunters let out a sigh relief after they left.

“Ha, ha…I just want to curse them…”

“I’m going to die…seriously…he was an S rank. That woman said someone else’s country just now, right? Which country are they from anyways?”

“Both of them seemed to be fluent in Korean, so they were probably using a translating item, right?”

“Don’t be so nosy you idiots. She let us go because we didn’t see her face.”

The leader of the Black guild commented bitterly.

Two innocent citizens died. It may differ depending on the country, but it was enough to create diplomatic tension.

But, since they weren’t able to see her face, there wasn’t a chance of that happening.

That was actually for the better.

Because it meant the other members could live.

“Si Hyun, are you okay?”

Eun Hye asked with an exhausted expression.

She probably was tired after everything that happened.

“I’m fine. What about you?”

“I’m okay.”


Si Hyun sat on the floor.

He said he was fine, but he was so nervous that he ended up using all of his strength, which caused his body to become stiff.

After overcoming a difficult situation, he was able to realize it.

When he’s placed in a situation where his life was on the line, he didn’t have the strength to overcome it.

He was weak.

He felt it through his body.

He could work as a ward even if he wasn’t so strong.

Even when he was attacking the E rank gate, he didn’t feel that he lacked in skills.

However, when he went against an opponent that was a B rank, he was able to feel how weak he was.

He was barely able to survive because someone stepped in and luckily decided to help them out. Today was definitely a miracle.

If a similar situation happened again, he would probably die.

He had to get stronger.

Money and fame were great.

But was there something that was worth more than one’s life?

It was different from the outside world.

This was a place where anyone could die if they didn’t get stronger.

“…I’ll get stronger no matter what.”

Si Hyun mumbled with determination.



 <I’ll Get Stronger No Matter What> End.

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