The 10th floor of the Korean Hunter Alliance building.

Ordinary hunters rarely visited this place.

It’s because the Division Inspectors of the Korean Hunter Alliance was located on the 10th floor.

When the Division Inspectors receives a report regarding an issue within a guild or a hunter, it was their job to inspect the issue.

Because of that, the people within in this division were either skilled hunters or just ordinary people that were really talented in other parts of the division.

The leader of the Black guild, Si Hyun and Eun Hye were called in and were currently getting questioned.

Two hunters were killed and they weren’t your ordinary murders either.

They couldn’t avoid being questioned since they were witnesses.

“You cannot reveal the conversations we had to anyone outside of this room.”

A male employee with a nice impression walked into the room and informed Si Hyun.

Si Hyun was the only one in the investigation room.

It seemed like the others were in different rooms and getting questioned as well.

The employee sat across from him.

He placed his laptop on the table. He was probably recording their conversation.

“Your name is Lee Si Hyun, correct? The original member couldn’t participate so you filled their place and participated in the raid.”


“Your occupation is a ward, correct?”

“…That’s right.”

Si Hyun kept on moving his lips around as if he was uncomfortable.

He was worried that they might find out about him having two jobs.

The punishment was usually a cut in his salary, but his plan of stacking experience and raising his rank might fall apart.

The male employee looked at Si Hyun and smiled as if he understood what Si Hyun was going through.

“Jeez, don’t worry. I also work in the public service field and know that the pay isn’t that great. There are people here that work two jobs during the weekend. I won’t report you for it, so please cooperate with me during the inspection.”

Even if both of them worked in the public service field, Si Hyun knew they had two totally different jobs.

People knew that employees that worked for the Hunter Alliance were hired based on their skills and even though they didn’t get paid as much as the guild, they still earned a pretty good amount. If that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t have been able to hire all of these people.

Still, Si Hyun was grateful.

“Thank you.”

Si Hyun had a comfortable look on his face.

“First, tell me everything that you’ve witnessed.”


Si Hyun started explaining about what happened at the gate. He didn’t mention the fact that he knew about Ba-Yan’s identity through his skill and Po Ah Him’s help. He only told him what he saw with his eyes.

The male employee started typing at a fast rate while listening intently to Si Hyun’s story.

When Si Hyun finished telling his story, the male started speaking.

“I can somewhat assume what happened.”

He checked the confessions from the others and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

It seemed like all three of them witnessed the same thing.

But he still asked questions.

“There’s a couple of things I would like to confirm with you.”


“Before capturing the boss monster, are you sure the woman in the cat mask appeared within the gate after it closed?”

“The woman took down the boss monster herself, so there’s no way I could’ve missed that.”

As Si Hyun answered with confidence, he asked the employee a question.

“But, is it possible for someone to enter the gate even after the gate has been closed? I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. There were too many things going on at the time that I didn’t question it, but now that I think about, it’s quite surprising.”


The male had a complicated expression.

He was thinking about how to explain and eventually answered.

“I was going to explain about that, but. First, can you sign your name here and sign here with your thumbprint?”

Grabbing the envelope that was sitting on a table, the male employee took out the paperwork and placed them before Si Hyun.

“What’s this?” “Read it.”

Si Hyun looked at the document.

After reading it, he realized it was a document about confidentiality.

He cannot talk about what happened here to other people and if he were to do that, he would be severely punished for it.

“Wow, it’s my first time reading something like this. It’s kind of scary.”

“Ha ha, really? I’m not very familiar with it, but don’t prisons require you to take an oath of secrecy when you work there? I heard that the people that work in prisons aren’t allowed to talk about their work outside.”

“I did hear something similar to it…but this is far more burdening.”

“It can’t be helped since confidentiality is important here. I’m sure you know of it. The awakened ones that perform terrorist attacks.”

“Yes, I’m aware of them. It happened in France not too long ago…”

Si Hyun nodded his head.

Of course he knew.

Now, people didn’t perform terrorist attacks with just guns and bombs.

A couple of month ago, there was a huge issue where an Arab hunter awakened and made fun of the followers of Muhammad. A French newspaper created a political cartoon regarding this issue and later on, over 10 of their employees got killed and over 20 of them got injured.

There were many cases where it was tied to the Islamic Fundamentalists, which caused many countries to looked down on them.

Because of that, even if those people were the awakened ones, people in Europe and the Middle East had two different perspectives.

“You know. The woman that you guys saw isn’t that kind of person.”

“Excuse me?”

“If she wanted to, she could attack the Blue House and the National Assembly Building. It would ruin the country’s system. When a country fires a missile, we’re able to find out its origin and retaliate. But for a terror like this, we won’t be able to find out which country is responsible for it. Do you now understand how dangerous it is?”


After hearing his explanation, Si Hyun was able to understand how dangerous a S rank hunter could be.

That’s why most countries didn’t allow guilds to only accept S rank hunters and they weren’t specially taken care of just by the country.

In other words, they were treated as a tactical nuclear weapon.

“Because of that, when a S rank hunter enters the country, the NIS and the Intelligence Bureau of the Hunter Alliance carefully observe their every movement. But, this woman named Nameless wasn’t on the list. For six months, there hasn’t been a female S rank hunter that entered the country. If there was one, we would’ve been notified right away.”

“I see.”

It meant that she was a S rank hunter that the country kept hidden.

It seemed like they were pretty sensitive about the reports they receive from the nation regarding the S rank hunters.

“But there’s no way that woman was on that level…”

Despite of knowing that Nameless was the Great Magician of Silence, Hiris, Si Hyun didn’t say anything.

The employee had a bitter smile on his face as he spoke.

“Do you know how that woman entered a closed gate?”

“Excuse me? Do you know? Then, why did you asked if I was sure of that woman entering the gate after it was closed…?”

“I asked for the sake of formality. Wasn’t there an employee from the Hunter Alliance waiting by the gate? They first saw that woman and reported. According to them, the woman broke through the gate with brute force. Oh, not brute force, but with magic.”

“…What? Is that possible?”

“This is the first time I’ve heard about this.”

Si Hyun had a surprised look on his face.

Was she even human?

Maybe she was some sort of dragon and not a human.

“I ask that you don’t tell anyone about the conversation we had. We’re quite busy here because of the monster that suddenly appeared. Please remember that you’ll be severely punished if you break the promise.”

He started massaging his neck.

It seemed like he wasn’t playing around so Si Hyun didn’t take it as a joke.


“Please teach your son properly.”

The voice belonged to Lin Shu.

After taking a shower, she wrapped a towel around her body and talked on the phone.

With one hand, she took out a cigarette and placed it in her mouth.


After lighting the cigarette, she exhaled the smoke.

“I’m at a loss for words. I specifically requested it, but I didn’t think he would actually do something like that there.”

“You’re too easygoing with him just because he’s your only son. I was going to kill him, so if you want to see your son for a long time, I suggest you teach him a lesson.”


“And what you said earlier, I’m not going to do it. I told you I’m on vacation, right?”

There wasn’t a person alive that would go against a man’s orders, especially in China.

But, Lin Shu was one of those people that could.

“I can’t believe you’re asking me to kill Ryu Gun-Woo…If diplomatic issues do arise, I suggest you do what you normally do and boycott. It does look bad when you do that while singing the national anthem though.”

Ryu Gun-Woo was a S rank hunter and also the president of the Korean Hunter Alliance.


The man felt uneasy, but decided not to say anything.

If they were an ordinary S rank hunter, he wouldn’t have just stayed still.

Not all S rank hunters were the same.

An eighth class magician was considered a S rank, but she was a ninth class magician.

She wasn’t someone he could control with his authority.

“Just letting you know, I’m going to be sending your son back home tomorrow. I’m going to take some time off at Maldives, so don’t look for me.”


<Division Inspector> End.

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