After they finished questioning him, Si Hyun took the subway and while heading home, he took out a note.

As a ward, he had to pick up every phone call and write down all the information. There were also times where he had to write down the prisoners’ complaints.

Since it happened so often, he made it a habit to carry around a pen and a notepad wherever he went.

- A prisoner’s concept?

After writing it down, Si Hyun organized his thoughts.

The prisoners in the real world prison are there because of a crime they committed and their life depends on the people that work there.

This was something he experienced as a ward, so there was no reason to question it.


- What about the prisoners that are locked up in the other world?

Since he didn’t have any experience, he could only assume.

But it was possible that their idea of a prisoner was the same as the real world. People that are locked up because of a crime they committed. That’s what it means to be a prisoner.

This time, Si Hyun wrote down the things he learned today.

- Criminal, Murderer = Prisoner, Death Sentence (X)

Ba-Yan was an awful criminal and murderer.

But, he wasn’t a prisoner and didn’t have a death sentence.

That meant that he was never arrested and put in prison in the other world.

He couldn’t help but be more curious.

What if the prisoner fulfilled their term?

Does it apply to all humans that went to prison at least once?

It was an important question, but he figure out the answer now.


Si Hyun suddenly remembered something.

There was a way to test it in the real world.

It was to meet the prisoners that got released.

It was an inconvenience for a ward to meet a prisoner that got released. It made both parties uncomfortable.

The prisoners wanted all matters related to the prison to remain within the prison.

They hated being involved outside of the prison walls.

That’s why, even amongst the prisoners, it was common for them to lie to each other about their personal lives.

‘It is an inconvenience…’

Si Hyun scratched his head.

If he asked a prisoner that he was in charge of regarding where they lived, he was sure they would tell him the truth.

If he had the courage, it was possible for him to try the test that he had in mind.

But since it was bad manners, he hesitated.

He promised himself that he would be a ward that at least had basic manners.

Si Hyun contemplated for a while and ended up nodding as if he had made up his mind.

Just once.


After arriving home, he decided to cook a bag of ramen for dinner. He was too lazy to cook.

After he finished eating, he quickly washed up and laid down on his bed.

Since he was physically and mentally tired, all he wanted to do was lay down in bed.

But when he got in bed, he couldn’t go to sleep.

So he picked up his smartphone.

He visited MPark, his favorite online community, and read through the past posts when something caught his eyes.

- Title: [Information] They’re going to film a documentary about a prison

- Content: Someone that I know works for the NBS broadcasting company and told me that they’re planning on filming a documentary at _ _ Prison. Personally, I don’t understand why they’re filming something like this.

Since it was just an ordinary post, there weren’t that many comments.

But it was enough to see what the public thought about the prisoners that lived inside the prison.

- Why are they filming a documentary about the prisoners that went in for their crimes? I got goosebumps when I watched the documentary about the juvenile prison. The prisoner killed two innocent people and the documentary interviewed how they changed by reflecting on their actions. They’re provided with food and even get licenses for certain skills, but if the families of the victims watched it, I’m sure they would’ve been filled with so much anger that they wouldn’t be able to sleep.

- You’re right. What’s the point of making these types of documentaries? Are they asking us to pity them?

- They’re creating garbage with the fees that we pay.


While reading the comments, Si Hyun looked like he knew this would happen.

He assumed people would react like this.

Three years ago, after the documentary about the juvenile prison aired, it became a hot topic on the internet.

The problem was the interview they had with a prisoner that received a 15-year sentence.

The prisoner had a bright expression and expressed that he wanted to go on dates once he was released.

They censored their face and hid their identity, but they revealed the prisoner’s age and receiving a 15-year sentence was the maximum sentence one can receive in the juvenile prison. One can only receive this sentence by committing murder.

After watching the interview, many of the online users got mad and started searching for the case. In the end, they revealed the criminal’s identity and details regarding their crime.

He was a 16-year-old boy that broke in to steal money, but ended up brutally killing the rich owner.

To the family of the victim, it was a pain that couldn’t be erased, but seeing the prisoner that caused this pain calmly doing the interview only made them angrier.

It was the hottest topic in many different communities.

- Death sentence is the answer. People like him don’t change.

- He shouldn’t appear on TV, but should get the death sentence so that he’ll no longer be in this world.

- They should stop making documentaries that puts these criminals in a good light.

- I don’t pity those kinds of kids at all. I just feel bad for the family and friends of the victim.

- They should still be given a chance. Isn’t this country based on a constitutional government?

- They should be taught and reformed. But they should stop with the documentaries.

- Look at all of these activists. Once a criminal, always a criminal. There’s no point in rehabilitating because they’ll end up committing another crime and will be taken to an adult prison.

Si Hyun somewhat understood how they felt.

Murder was the worst crime.

But the documentary only showed the perspective of the attacker, so it’s obvious that people would get mad.

Personally, Si Hyun agreed with their comments about how it was unnecessary to make these types of documentaries.

Even as a ward, he agreed.

It’ll only increase the viewers’ hostility towards the prisoner.

They were angry at the fact that the prisoners were spending comfortably within the prison.

‘But, where is _ _ Prison located?’

He hoped it wasn’t the Daehan Prison.

Filming made things difficult.


It was Monday morning and Si Hyun was waiting in the break room for examination.

Before the employees entered their section, they would take roll, and share any information or orders that were given by the Manager and the Security Manager.

Usually, the chief would do this, but the Division Manager entered the room today.

“First, I’ll take roll.”

The manager checked to see if all the employees were here.

After checking, he provided instructions.

“The Manager’s order is for all of you to not drink and drive. Are there any employees here that heard about an employee of ours that got caught for drinking and driving? That employee received a disciplinary punishment and will be flying to Chun-Cheon. Please be careful.”

“Yes, sir.”

The employees answered.

He heard someone make a comment about how ridiculous it was for a public officer to drink and drive.

“The Security Manager instructed that the prisoners are checked to make sure that they’re following the rules by having on set of their uniform. Please check to see if the prisoners have any additional uniforms. If you find more than the one, please place them in the warehouse. If you miss it, you’ll be hearing it from him.”

“Yes, sir.”

An employee quietly mumbled how annoying it was, but they said it so quietly that the Division Manager didn’t hear it.

“One last thing. You guys have heard of NBS’s ‘Documentary 72 Hours,’ right?”

Like the title of their documentary, they filmed for 72 hours straight.

The Division Manager continued talking.

“NBS contacted us and asked us to cooperate with them and headquarters thought it would be a good idea to show the life of the ward and the prisoners through the show. Thinking this was a good chance, they decided to agree with them filming. They’re planning on filming at the Daehan Prison.”


Si Hyun was surprised.

He didn’t think they would really choose the Daehan Prison.

“They’re going to be filming the prison as a whole, but they’ll be focusing on section two, floor five. The prisoners there are well-behaved and the viewers will see how well the wards control the prisoners. Seeing this will probably make the viewers think positively about the prison.”

“…Wha, section two, floor five?

It was Si Hyun’s section.


Suddenly, a notification window popped up.

“Po Ah Him feels bad about how low your position and fame is. Every time you get promoted and increase your fame, Po Ah Him will be really happy and may provide you with a reward when you least expect it.”

<Your Current Status>

Fame: Nameless

Position: Rank 9 Ward



<Huh?> End.

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