‘This quest looks different from the others.’

From all the quests that Si Hyun completed before, this one gave off a different vibe.

When Po Ah Him was starving for the longest time, all Si Hyun had to do was eat and it would increase his stats, but excluding those quests, all the other quests were pretty normal.

Just completing those normal quests would recover the same amount of points and disappear. And another quest would appear not long after.

But for this quest, it said, ‘Every time you get promoted and increase your fame.’

It was a repetitive quest.

He’ll get stronger every time he gets a promotion.

He’ll get stronger the more he becomes famous.

That’s what it sounded like.

In order to show that, there was a window on the top right with the title, “Your Currents Stats.” It was like his profile was glued on to the stats window.

On the window, the fame level was “Nameless” and rank was “Rank 9 Ward,” which made it seem like the system was telling him he was on the bottom of the rank.

Was it telling him to do whatever it took for him to increase them?

This was going to take a long time.

It wasn’t something he could do in one day.

Maybe the reward will be that much better.

While Si Hyun was deep into his thoughts, someone shook his shoulder.

“Manager Lee. I called, but you didn’t answer.”

The voice belonged to a Field Officer.


He was so deep into his thoughts that he wasn’t able to hear it, which caused the other ward to shake his shoulder.

“Oh, yes! I’m sorry.”

Si Hyun stood up from his seat while apologizing.

“Hm, it’s not very good for someone so young to space out so early in the morning. Well, anyways, the Director of the Security Division will give you a call when he comes in. Notify your chief ahead of time and when you get the call, come down to the Security Division office to meet with him.”

“Yes, sir…understood.”

Si Hyun answered with a confused look.

Why did the Director call for him all of a sudden?

Is it regarding the documentary they’re going to be filming?

It was even more burdening because they were mostly going to film his division.

“Well, carry on.”

The inspection ended.



“Yes, thank you. This is Lee Si Hyun in section two, floor five.”

“Yes, this is Park Tae Jong, the assistant of the Director. Please make your way towards the Security Division office. The Director is looking for you.”

“I’ll be right there.”

After hanging up, he carefully wore the garrison cap.

He also checked his uniform.

“Did you get the call?”

Chief Park Young Hwan asked.

“Yeah and this is first time I’m doing a personal interview with him, so I feel like it’ll be embarrassing.”

“Ha ha, he won’t say much anyways, so just relax.”

“I hope so.”

Si Hyun smiled and headed towards the office.

After riding the elevator, it took him down to the Security Division office.


Si Hyun saluted.

“Oh, you’re here.”

The Director nodded after Si Hyun saluted.

The Director didn’t ask him to sit on the sofa, so it looked like the conversation was going to be short.

“You’ve heard about the broadcast company filming the documentary, right?”

“Yes, I have.”

“And the fact that they were going to film section two, floor five?”

“Yes, sir.”

The Director put on an odd smile and took a sip of the tea that was sitting before him.

With a curious expression, Si Hyun waited for him to continue.

“While they’re filming, I need you to temporarily work as a CRPT.”

“Excuse me?”

Si Hyun had a surprised look since he wasn’t expecting this at all.

Although it was temporary, suddenly changing his assigned position and to a CRPT on top of that, was a good enough reason to surprise him.

CRPT is the department that’s called when a prisoner goes on a rampage or there’s an emergency situation.

“What? That section has been well-behaved for a while, so won’t it be fine even if you’re not there for a while?”

“That is true, sir…but why my assigned position?”

It was natural for him to be curious.

“I’ve thought about it for a while. Even during filming, those that have been causing an issue will act the same way. It’s not like they’re stop just because people are filming.”


“The filming crew will get excited and start filming it.”


It’ll be an interesting view for the filming crew, so they’ll definitely want to capture the moment.

“It’s during that moment. What will the public think if they see that the wards aren’t able to control the prisoners that are causing a scene? The wards are paid through taxes and yet, they’re unable to control those damn prisoners. So.”

The Director had a hopeful look as he looked at Si Hyun.

“When that kind of situation occurs, don’t you think showing the filming crew how you control those hooligans is a good idea? I’m sure you’ll look amazing. The citizens will also look at the wards in a good light.”

“Oh…Yes, I understand what you’re saying.”

Si Hyun understood his request.

Among the prisoners that causes trouble, there are those that even the CRPT can’t control.

Those prisoners are on a different level than others and are unable to control their anger.

The Director wanted to show how the wards control those types of prisoner on TV.

“Ha ha, great. You understand, right? Starting Wednesday, go to the CRPT office. Please do well.”

As if he had thought of an amazing idea, the Director had a satisfied look on his face.



“Yeah, he asked me to work there during the time they’re filming.”
“Wow, so he wants you to discipline the problematic prisoners. Looks like you’re being recognized for your work.”

“It’s nothing. Anyways, you don’t think the CRPT will treat me badly for suddenly appearing there, do you?”

Even if he told them it was the Director’s order, he would still be worried about it.

Young Hwan laughed as if Si Hyun was getting worried for no reason.

“Don’t worry about it. I know the captain of the CRPT and he’s been telling people how much he wanted to recruit you into the CRPT.”


This was the first time he was hearing this.

It seemed like yesterday when the captain of the CRPT recommended that I train harder so that I can discipline the prisoners.

The CRPT probably acknowledged his skill after hearing about what he did during the past couple of months.

“I’m serious. But don’t accept his offer so easily.”

“Don’t you worry about that.”

Si Hyun smiled.

But before he starts working at the CRPT office, there was one more thing he had to do.

A very important task.


The next day, Si Hyun got to work 30 minutes earlier than Chief Park Young Hwan. After selecting all the rooms, he pressed the button on the intercom.

Now all the prisoners in the rooms will be able to hear.

“Ah, ah, you can hear me, right? Did you guys sleep well? Let’s start the day energetically.”

After the morning greeting, Si Hyun continued talking.

“There’s one thing I need to announce. Starting tomorrow, a filming crew will be coming to this section to film a documentary. Don’t worry about the camera and just act how you usually act. Just act normal. You guys have been doing well, so I won’t be too worried about it.”

It was fine up to this point.

He didn’t think they would start acting out just because a camera was there.

But, there was one thing he was worried about.

In this section, there were murderers, as well as criminals that’s been charged with felony.

The filming crew will definitely ask whether they can interview them.

Si Hyun hoped the victims wouldn’t watch it, but if they did, he hoped that it would hurt them as much.

He also hoped that the viewers wouldn’t become so angry after watching the prisoners’ interviews.

The fact that the criminals that’s been charged with felony might do the interview in a calmly manner was the issue.

In that case.

“Also, there’s one more request I would like to make. Some of you will receive a request to do an interview with the filming crew. It’s only natural. If you do agree to do an interview, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind. That’s…”

Si Hyun expressed what was on his mind.



 <Temporary Assignment>  End.

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