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“Wow, there are a lot more cameras than I thought.”

From the window, Si Hyun’s co-worker, Jung Joon Chul, was watching the film crew of “Documentary 72 Hours.”

“Our section is pretty big. And if they’re wanting to film different parts of the prison, they’ll probably need that many.”

Si Hyun purchased a canned coffee from the vending machine and watched them as well.

It was still early in the morning, but the film crew and the employees in the prison were busily moving around.

Both sides probably already worked out the details, but they were busy trying to set up the scene for the documentary. The prison also assigned their employees to the film crew so that they could guide and explain about the prison.

“You don’t think they’ll ask me to interview with them, do you? I’ve been so exhausted so many skin isn’t in the best of condition.”

Joon Chul was making a big deal while touching the pimple that was on his face.

“No way. There’s just way too many employees within our section, so even if we did appear on TV, it would only be for a couple of seconds. They’ll also be separated with the prisoners, so no need to worry.”

“Right? Ha ha. But I think you’ll appear thought.”

Joon Chul laughed while looking at Si Hyun.

Instead of wearing his usually uniform, he wore an official ward uniform, a matching cap and shoes.

While on duty, CRPT’s uniform was all black and it was also how they earned the nickname, crow.

“I’m sure I will. The Director called me to temporarily assign me to the CRPT so that I can show the filming crew how I discipline the prisoners that are acting out of place. I’m sure they’ve already discussed it. That’s why I plan on using this.”

Si Hyun took out a black mask from his pocket.

It was a mask that was provided by the prison so that wards could use it while working.

Just by wearing this mask and pressing on the hat, it’ll put him in a different light.

It was fine since he participated in raids with the Grace Guild, but just to be prepared for the future, he decided that it would be best to cover his face.

“Huh? You’re pretty good-looking so why cover your face?”

“Revealing your face in this day and age isn’t always the best thing. If you end up looking weird on the news, you’ll be made fun of wherever you go.”

“Really? If you’re that worried, why not ask them to censor your face? When I watched the last episode of Documentary 72 hours, they censored a soldier’s face.”

“That’s a bit too much. I’m a ward, not a prisoner, so there’s no need to make that request. The viewers will think it’s weird.”

After answering, Si Hyun finished the remainder of his coffee and threw it in the trash.

Well, I’ll be heading down to the CRPT office. See you later.”


“Si Hyun, you’re here. The ace is here.”

The Captain of the CRPT seemed overly excited as he welcomed Si Hyun.

The Captain was in his early 50’s and used to be a member of a Judo team, so that’s probably why he had large biceps.

When he removed his hat, he had a shaved head, which made his sharp expression look even sharper.

The prisoners wouldn’t dare go against and he was known for that within the prison.

“There are other people here, but if you treat me that way…”

Si Hyun waved his hand out of embarrassment.

He only worked here for three years and being treated this way in front of his seniors put him in a difficult situation.

They might not show it on their faces, but the Captain’s greeting was enough to make them angry.

“Not at all. The other CRPT members acknowledge your skills. I couldn’t discipline Man Duk and yet you were able to and the CRPT haven’t been summoned for months. The criminals and gang members have been really quiet. We’re all pretty surprised. What are you guys doing? Clap for him.”

Clap, clap!

The members of the CRPT started clapping while smiling.

Si Hyun smiled back.

The atmosphere seemed okay despite of the fact that they were welcoming a temporary member.

When they stopped clapping, the Captain spoke again.

“Since this is your first time, you’re probably not familiar with how things work around here. But if it’s you, I’m sure it won’t be difficult. Take this TRS and go sit on that sofa over there. You just have to leave once we’re called for. When an issue arises, I’m planning on sending you out first. It’s the Director’s order and since we got another member, I should get as much out of you. Right? Ha ha ha.”


“Are there this many prisoners in one day?”

The filming crew’s new Producer, Han Lee Sul, asked with a surprised look while she was in the reception room. This was probably her first time in a correctional institute because she looked pretty nervous, but with a curious expression, she looked at the prisoners.

The reception room was filled with prisoners.

The wards that were guiding them seemed to be in a daze as well.

It’s probably because a lawyer consultation and an ordinary consultation took place in one location.

“This section is pretty large, so there are a lot of prisoners that are on trial. That’s probably why.”

The senior Producer answered.

Their attention was on a beautiful lawyer that was wearing a short skirt.

They instinctively looked, but they also remembered the personal attorney that appeared in an article couple of months ago.

Since there were so many attorneys these days, some become a personal attorney in order to earn money. Instead of providing legal advice, they stay with the client in the room and just talk with them. Among them, there are female attorneys that wear heavy make-up and a short skirt in order to fulfill their client’s request.

The senior Producer shook his head.

‘Jeez, this isn’t a program that reports current events, so let’s not think about useless things.’

When they turned their attention back to the prisoners, they heard a loud noise.

“Damn it! I stayed quiet! I stayed quiet so why are you talking bullshit?!”

A prisoner that looked like he was in his mid-30’s started yelling while using profanity.

“Did you stay quiet? You’re saying you stayed quiet?”

A young ward that was keeping the prisoners under control started yelling after he lost his patience.

“Yeah, you bastard! Are you deaf? I stayed quiet the entire time!”

“Don’t talk down on me!”

The camera automatically turned towards the ward and the prisoners that were arguing.

The filming crew had a nervous look since this was their first time experiencing such a violent situation.

“Hey, you two shut up! I said, shut up!”

A senior manager that was in charge of the place yelled out loud.

Some of the crew were surprised by his loud voice.

They knew he had to yell out loud in order to control the prisoner that was causing a scene.

“Jeez! I’ve been quiet, so why are you telling me to shut up? This is so annoying, seriously!”

Due to the manager’s order, the ward didn’t have a choice but to stay quiet, but the prisoner kept on screaming.

“Shut the hell up! If you don’t, I’ll call the CRPT!”

“Go ahead! Are they going to beat me up if they come?”

“Hey, call the CRPT!”

The senior manager yelled at the ward with an angry expression.


‘I’m so bored.’

It was in the middle of the afternoon, but for some reason, there weren’t any calls.

Just sitting on the sofa and not doing any work made him uncomfortable.

The TRS started ringing through the Security Division network.

“-This is the reception room. A prisoner is causing a scene. CRPT, please make your way here.”

Si Hyun was so happy to receive the call.

As if his body got stiff, he stood up.

“-Understood. Two CRPT members will head over there.”

The Captain answered the call.

And then he pointed at Si Hyun and spoke.

“Si Hyun and Hyung Sung, you two head over there.”


“Hey! Tell that guy to piss off!”

Since there was a camera in the room, the manager couldn’t use profanity.

He decided to leave this guy to the CRPT since they had to continue with the consultation.

“Hey! You bastards! Are you ignoring me? Huh?”

The prisoner punched the wall while yelling.

His actions were just as violent as his yelling. If this continued, it’s possible that he might become more violent.

Thankfully, the CRPT arrived.

After seeing the commotion in the room, Si Hyun clicked his tongue.

He was used to this since he worked as a ward for three years, but since there was a camera, he became cautious.

Including the filming crew, everyone’s attention naturally landed on Si Hyun.

It’s because they knew that he was here to resolve this.

‘He looks pretty ordinary…Will he really be able to resolve this?’

Han Lee Sul doubted him.

It was odd because the CRPT with the larger body stood behind and watched, while the CRPT with an ordinary body frame took the lead.

Si Hyun walked towards the prisoner that was causing a scene.

“Hey, please quiet down.”

He spoke quietly at first.

“Damn it, who the hell are you? Oh, the CRPT? So what? What you going to do about it?”

The prisoner’s face was close to Si Hyun’s face as he started yelling.

‘It looks like words alone won’t work…’

When Lee Sul had a disappointed look on her face, they noticed Si Hyun putting on a smile.

‘Huh? He’s smiling?’

“Be quiet! Why don’t you shut up?!”

He raised his voice.

At the same time, he activated the Iron Ward.

“Ack…?! Ahhhhhh!”

The prisoner was surprised and became frightened.

“I told you to shut up, so why are you screaming again?”

“I-I-I’ll shut up! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

The prisoner bowed several times and apologized.

The situation changed so suddenly that people were doubting their eyes.

Everyone else was confused by this absurd situation.





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