“Huh..? Finally!”

As soon as he entered the gate, Si Hyun’s eyes widened as he reacted to what was before him. If he could, he would’ve danced around.

In front of him was a Goblin that was just walking around.

He would finally be able to finish the quest that took him so long to complete. He couldn’t get any stronger because of it and kept the same stats for a long time.

His frustration was finally relieved. He probably would’ve jumped for joy even if he was attacked right now.

“This must be the Goblin’s natural habitat. Let’s get into formation first and…huh? Hey, Si Hyun! Where are you going?”

With a surprised expression, Min Joon yelled at Si Hyun.

Si Hyun suddenly started running towards the spot where a group of Goblins were gathered.

It was even more absurd because Si Hyun has never acted this way before.

“Hey, it’s nice to see you again! Really! Jeez, I missed you guys so much!”


The Goblin had a confused look when Si Hyun acted like he was greeting a friend that he hasn’t seen I years.

They were somewhat intelligent, so when they saw Si Hyun, rather than thinking of him as the enemy, they felt really to see him.

“Anyways, thanks a lot. I’ll make sure to kill you so you don’t feel any pain.”


As soon as Si Hyun grabbed the Long Sword with a smile, the Goblins noticed and grabbed their weapons as they growled at him.




Si Hyun’s sword moved really fast that he cut off a Goblin’s head in an instant. Si Hyun’s power and agility were D ranks, so there was no way E rank monsters could dodge Si Hyun’s sword.

“Oh…damn it…let’s just go.”

Min Joon observed the situation mindlessly and then shook his head as he ran towards where Si Hyun was.

“Father…let’s go.”

“…Oh, yeah.”

As soon as Eun Hye and the guild leader, Sang Hyuk, ran after Min Joon, the youngest member of the guild, Jae Min, followed.

The Goblin hunt started off in an odd way.


“Hey, you can’t just run off by yourself like that.”

After finishing off the leader of the Goblins, Min Joon spoke.

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I suddenly lost control. I’m really sorry.”

Si Hyun apologized to the guild members.

Running towards the enemy without letting the party know was an unforgivable action.

His body reacted first out of excitement.

“Si Hyun usually doesn’t act this way…I’m sure he had his reasons.”

“You’re right, he’s not the type to just run off like that.”

Eun Hye and Sang Hyuk spoke as if they were fine with it.

Jae Min, who was usually quiet, just nodded his head in agreement.

“I apologize once again. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Si Hyun bowed.

“Oh, stop it Si Hyun. Nothing really happened, so it’s fine.”

Sang Hyun said it in a way where he felt uncomfortable by how much Si Hyun was apologizing to the group.

Min Joon pointed at the gate as a sign to stop apologizing and to head out.

That’s when Si Hyun felt relieved.

‘Great, it went up.’

Si Hyun cheered in his head as he mumbled.

In the stats window, his power, agility and stamina increased by 10.

He would be able to go home and watch the documentary comfortably.


“I’m telling you, my older brother is going to be on TV. No, it’s a local channel. It’s NBS. At 10:40 P.M. Yes, please watch it.”

It sounded like his younger sister, Ha Young, was speaking to their parents.

Saying that she wanted to watch the show with him, she visited Si Hyun’s single room.

Because of that, he had to clean the place before meeting up for today’s raid.

Usually, when he comes home from work, he would be too tired, so he would do the bare minimum and clean up the dust that was in the room.

Si Hyun bought strawberries, oranges and potato chips from the store and placed them on the table. Placing two 500ml beer cans made it perfect.

“Wow, nice. You’re the best.”

As if she was craving for some beer, a wide smile appeared on her face.

“I know I’m the best.”

Si Hyun sat next to her with a smile.

The TV was already on NBS’s channel.

Looking at the time, there was about 20 minutes left.

“How’s work these days?”

Si Hyun asked.

“It’s alright. I heard you broke up with Soo Jin.”

Ha Young changed the subject and asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah.”

He never told her, but seeing as how all the pictures of her was taken down, she probably noticed it.

“You took care of her so well, so there’s no way you dumped her. It looks like she dumped you first.”

“Oh, yeah, it somehow ended that way.”

“I see. You’ll be a great girl soon anyways.”

Ha Young purposely ended the conversation with that comment.

She opened the can and handed it to Si Hyun. Then she opened hers.

“Let’s drink, Si Hyun.”

“Sounds good.”


They lightly bumped their cans to each other.


After feeling the cold beer run down her throat, Ha Young let out of a satisfied sigh as if the beer put her in a good mood.

Si Hyun gulped as well since he was thirsty.

“You’re going to record it, right?”

“I’m going to download the file from online.”

“Okay. You’re appearing on national television, so we should keep a record of it.”

After talking for a bit, it was time for the documentary to air.

“Jeez, I’m getting nervous.”

Ha Young gulped loudly.

“I’m ready for it.”

Si Hyun was sitting at the end of the sofa with his head sticking out towards the TV.

The intro played and Documentary 72 Hours started with a narration.

The camera started doing a close-up of the prison that he’s been working at for the past three years.

Then it showed the inside.

He saw familiar faces passing by the camera.

He saw them on a regular basis, but seeing them on TV felt different than seeing them at the prison. It was weird because it was like seeing a totally different person.

The first day started off with the manager’s interview. They briefly explained regarding the history and how they’re currently running the prison.

After that, they briefly showed the different departments in the prison and the people that worked there. They probably did this in order to show what kind of departments were within the prison.

Then, they finally showed main section, which was the Security Division.

The camera followed employees within this division as they were busily moving within the prison. Despite of the fact that they were busy, the filming crew managed to hold short interviews.

They also interviewed the employee that took care of disclosing information to the other employees. The wards became busier because of the request they were receiving regarding the prisoners that weren’t disciplined. The same employee mentioned how one prisoner came up to them and requested hundreds of cases.

It seemed like they were focusing more on the wards than the prisoners on the first day.

Next, they showed the Reception Room.

‘I should be shown soon.’

Si Hyun continued watching.

They showed how packed the room was then suddenly showed a prisoner causing a scene.

The camera did a close-up on the prisoner that was yelling.

They beeped every time the prisoner used profanity.

“Oh wow…you work at a dangerous place.”

Ha Young spoke with a worried voice as she saw the prisoner acting wildly while their face was turning red.

It seemed like she got worried after seeing how dangerous of a place the prison was.

“It’s not as bad as you think.”

Si Hyun answered.

After filming the prisoner, the camera turned to the CRPT that were called down to the room.

“Oh? Isn’t that you?”

Despite of wearing a mask, Ha Young noticed right away.

Surprised to see her older brother on TV, Ha Young continued watching the show.

“That is me.”

It soon showed how Si Hyun took care of that prisoner.

- “Be quiet! Why don’t you shut up?!”

- “Ack…?! Ahhhhhh!”

- “I told you to shut up, so why are you screaming again?”

- “I-I-I’ll shut up! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”


He actually looked pretty cool.

He probably looked awesome from the viewers’ point of view.

“Ho-how is that possible? That’s all scripted, right…?”

Ha Young looked really shocked.

Seeing her older brother control that prisoner in an instant just didn’t make sense to her.

“It’s all real.”

They showed Si Hyun during the second day as well.

It started with Si Hyun controlling a prisoner that was throwing around the items that was within their cell while asking for the manager. He also resolved the situation between two prisoners that were fighting with each other.

Shocked by what she saw, Ha Young continued watching with her mouth wide open.

And they finally showed the interviews they did with the prisoners.

Si Hyun was especially nervous about this.

But, he was satisfied by their interview.

He asked them to cry during the interview and to confess the crimes that they committed. Their acting was just as good as a Hollywood actor because they were doing the interview with extremely miserable expressions.

He even questioned whether they were being real.

Shocked again by what she just watched, she picked up the beer and gulped it down while mumbling, “No way, no way.”

They showed Si Hyun on the last day as well.

And they ended the show with Si Hyun’s interview.

- Is there something that you’re disappointed about while working as a ward?

The voice belonged to Han Lee Sul.

- There isn’t a place in the world where crime doesn’t exist. That’s why a correctional institute is required. But our country lacks that. That’s why each section is maxed out on the number of prisoners they can take, so it’s hard for both the prisoners and the wards. I understand those that are against it. You may feel uncomfortable about a correctional institute being built in your neighborhood. But if you could think about it again, I would be very grateful as a ward.

With Si Hyun’s comment, it showed how much the country lacked and how these prisons were overfilled with prisoners. The narration ended by asking the viewers to think again about the position the prisoners and the ward were in.

“It’s was a good documentary.”

Clap, clap, clap!

With a satisfied expression, Si Hyun nodded while clapping his hands.

“…That wasn’t you.”

Ha Young was still shocked by how Si Hyun was able to discipline those prisoners so easily.


“Hey, did you see what’s going on online?”

He picked up his phone while rubbing his eyes and noticed that it was his friend, Sang Kyu.

“Jeez, why the hell are you calling in the middle of the night?”

“You’re internet-famous now. There are clips of just you all over the internet.”



<It’s a Good Documentary> End.

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