After talking with Sang Kyu, he became wide awake.

He wasn’t the type to joke about topics like this.

He’s seen cases where a video becomes popular among the online viewers and the person in the video becomes popular, but he never imagined himself being in that situation.

He got up with a puzzled look and turned his computer on.

“Jeez…what’s going on…”

Because of the sudden noise and light, Ha Young covered her scrunched up face with the blanket.

“Aren’t you sleepy? Let me at least sleep in on Sunday. Jeez…”

“I’m really sorry. I’ll stay quiet so go back to sleep. I won’t wake you up.”

Si Hyun spoke with an apologetic voice.

Since the documentary ended late last night, his sister decided to sleep at his place for the night.

After sitting on the chair quietly, he opened the web browser.

As soon as he saw the web portal on his screen, he clicked the news section. It’s because he thought there could be news regarding the documentary about the prison.

“It’s here.”

There was news.

But, the news was on the top spot of the most watched news list.

He immediately clicked the article with the title, “Korean Prison 72 Hours Close Coverage, A Sea of Tears.”

The news was regarding the plot of the documentary, the prisoners that cried during the interview and the filming crew’s comments.

It seemed like an ordinary article because it was most likely written before the episode was aired.

But, there were so many comments under this article.

It wasn’t even regarding a popular variety show, but there were 100s of comments.


After looking at the comments, Si Hyun’s eyes widened.

It’s because there were a lot of comments about him.

- This episode of Documentary 72 Hours was really fun. Ha ha ha ha. It was awesome when the prisoner that was causing a scene got scared by that ward. Ha ha ha.

- But, is that ward a slave or something? They exploited too much. It seemed like he was called for every time something happened. Ha ha ha.

- But does this make sense? The prisoners look like they can’t be easily disciplined, but their faces were filled with fear by one ward.

- Don’t believe it. Everything that appears on TV is scripted.

- My older brother is part of the Documentary 72 Hours teams and said nothing was scripted. Don’t spread odd rumors like that.

- There’s no way they would script a documentary.

- Maybe the ward knows their weakness. It’s like they were doing a hidden camera. If that’s not it, then there’s no way they would react that way.

- After watching how dignified the ward was, I was hooked. Click the link and watch it.

- Are they seriously crying while confessing their crimes? I can’t believe it. I don’t believe those criminals.

- If they’re acting, shouldn’t they go to Hollywood and act?

“What is this…”

Si Hyun blinked his eyes and rubbed them with his hand.

Even if the program was aired on a local channel, he didn’t expect the viewers to react this much.

That meant that the way he disciplined the prisoners was shocking to the viewers.

He knew there would be some sort of reaction, but not to this extent.

He thought it was good that he at least wore a mask.

No matter which community it was, after the episode aired, people were leaving comments about it. There were a lot of communities where clips of him was a popular video.

Si Hyun was feeling complicated because he wasn’t sure whether he should like it or not.

If it was someone that wanted to become a celebrity, they would be ecstatic, but as an ordinary person, he felt burdened by the sudden attention.

He of course knew that one’s popularly on the internet dies just as quickly.

Si Hyun stood up from his seat to drink a couple of water because he was feeling really complicated.

Then, a notification popped up.

“Po Ah Him is happy that you raised your popularity. He would like to give you a congratulatory gift by offering one of his treasures.”

“You have received Po Ah Him’s rope.”

“The active skill, Bind, has appeared.”

“…Huh? What? What is this?”

“Jeez…I thought you said you’ll keep it down!”

“Oh, sorry, sorry.”

The information that was displayed on the notification was unexpected that he ended up talking loudly.

But, there’s no way he couldn’t be surprised.

He gave an item?

And a skill appeared on top of that?

And my popular increased too?

Si Hyun quickly opened his stats window and checked his stats that was pinned to the top right.

<Your Current Status>

Popularity: Slightly Popular

Position: Rank Nine Ward

“Wow…it increased.”

Si Hyun mumbled while covering his mouth.

His popularity increased from Nameless to Slightly Popular.

It’s probably because he became known through the documentary that was aired. The clip was probably being posted on other sites right now.

The power of online media…it’s amazing.

Si Hyun opened the skills window.


Passive: Skilled Ward’s Insight

Active: Bind, ??? (Inactive), ??? (Inactive)


Si Hyun was surprised again.

He thought an inactive skill became active, but a new skilled appeared instead.

What is this?

Do I have more than three skills?

…Isn’t this guy hiding too many of his skills?

He was extremely happy, but he felt like he was being made fun of.

Feeling odd about it, he checked the details for Bind.


- This is Po Ah Him’s special skill and it binds the target within three seconds. The target that’s tied up will feel their blood stop circulating and will feel extreme pain. They won’t be able to get out of it on their own.

He knew what a bind was, so the information displayed was what he had expected.

Since Si Hyun was part of the Security Division, he didn’t have that many opportunities to bind someone, but those that were part of the Front Line Division would do it on a daily basis.

That’s why, as a ward, the binding skill was important.

That’s why it would be odd if Po Ah Him didn’t know it.

But, three seconds.

Even wards that were fast at binding take at least 10 seconds, but he was three times faster.

It would be safe to call him the God of Binding.

‘It sounds useful.’

It looked like he could put it to good use.

During work, when he’s called for, this could come into good use and if he had to capture someone, then he could use Bind.

But, in order to use that skill, he needed a rope.

A moment ago, it said that he obtained Po Ah Him’s rope, so that’s probably that message appeared.

Si Hyun looked through his inventory.

There was an item he’s never seen before.

Po Ah Him’s Binding Rope


- This binding rope is made out of Royal Griffin’s tendon. It’s very strong and tough that it can’t be cut with a knife.

“Oh, it’s rare.”

Si Hyun rejoiced.

He was still disappointed by Po Ah Him’s Ward Club because its rank was the lowest of the low, so any items that had Po Ah Him’s name in it would make him feel uneasy.

He would use the club once in a while when he’s doing the laundry, but that was about it.

But thankfully, it seemed like Po Ah Him had at least one rare item.

After drinking a cup of cold water, he organized his thoughts.

‘I got a pretty good reward for raising my popularity. Then…’

He obtained a new skill and a new item.

Increasing his popularity again won’t be easy.

But, a promotion?

He’ll be able to be promoted to Rank Eight in no time.

The exam to get promoted was approaching.

His evaluation from others was good, so as long as he doesn’t mess up this exam, then it’s only a matter of time before he gets promoted.

Then, he might obtain another skill or item.

He could get stronger.

‘Rank Seven?’

Si Hyun thought ahead.

The requirement for getting promoted these days lessened, but it would take him a couple more years before he gets promoted again.

The Si Hyun now felt that that time was pretty long.

Then, there were only two ways.

One was to pass the Rank Seven Exam.

It was definitely impossible.

Studying for the exam while working?

Si Hyun about his studying habits, so he decided that it was impossible.

Another way was to take the Awakened Special Classification Exam.

When he was a student, he was curious about this test, so that’s why he remembered it to this day.

The awakened ones that are at least D rank need to at least pass the Introduction to Reformation and the Introduction to Lawsuit in order to be recruited to the Rank Seven division.

It seemed like among the awakened ones, the ones that wanted a steady, ordinary job applied. Those were the type that didn’t want to go on raids and put their life on the line.

But, those that are C rank and up wouldn’t apply to those ordinary jobs because raids paid a lot more.

Starting from B rank, they had special jobs.

He heard that the wards that were picked for these jobs work at a different part of the prison.

Even awakened ones committed crimes.

Ordinary wards have a hard time taking care of those prisoners.

That’s why, wards that have awakened discipline those criminals as well.

Anyways, there was hope.

He just had to raise his mana to D rank and he only had to study two subjects.

‘Sounds like a plan.’

Si Hyun was determined.

Having a successful career was good enough, but he was getting stronger.

This was awesome.



<Unexpected Presents> End.

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