When he returned home, he couldn’t focus on his studies.

He turned his computer on and searched “Pyramid Scheme” on the internet.

Out of all the articles that shown, he clicked on the latest article.

It was an article about how they arrested a fraudulent company that lured 3,000 investors and obtained over 200 billion won.

Since the company wasn’t even worth one billion won, the investors were in a situation where they wouldn’t be able to get back 90 billion won.

The CEO, Mr. Park, is currently on the Most Wanted list, but since he left the country, it’s going to be hard to arrest him and Si Hyun knew.

‘Let’s forget about it for now.’

Si Hyun calmed down and turned the computer off.

The situation wasn’t going to change just because he was worried about it.

For now, he had tasks he had to finish.

Si Hyun opened his book.


The exam took place on a Saturday at a middle school in Uiwang city and it ended at exactly 12 o’clock.

Si Hyun had a satisfied look as he exited the school.

There was one question he was unsure of, but he managed to answer the others without any issues.

He felt that he passed.

If it wasn’t for his father’s situation, he could’ve been happier about it.

Si Hyun kept on touching his phone with a complicated look on his face.

First, he decided to wait until his father’s head injury was completely recovered.

He wanted to avoid giving him stress since it could make his condition worse and because he was still a patient.

There wasn’t a plan for a raid either.

He would usually head to the guild to participate in a raid, but since he took the week off, he wanted to spend a relaxing weekend. He already notified the guild that he wasn’t going to participate in a raid.

But, there was something he had to do today.

The university that Si Hyun graduated from, Kyonggi University, was holding a reunion at 6 o’clock. Since many of the alumni lived near Seoul, they decided to hold it at a bar near Sinchon.

He couldn’t attend the previous meetings since he had work, but he had time today.

He told them that he would attend, but because of his father’s issue, he was contemplating whether he should and tell them that he couldn’t attend.

‘No, let’s just go.’

Si Hyun made up his mind.

He didn’t like cancelling when he already said that he was going to go.

And since he’s on vacation, he thought it would be good to see some familiar faces and lighten up his mood.


Si Hyun arrived at the location on time.

It was a large bar that was located at the entrance of Sinchon’s main road.

He was told that it was taking place on the second floor, so he went straight up without looking around on the first floor.

When he went up, he saw some familiar faces.

There were already over 10 people, so he assumed that all the people that agreed to come were already here. There were only three females within the group since his major mostly had males.

“Aren’t you Si Hyun?”

Some people within the group noticed Si Hyun first.

“It’s been a while.”

Si Hyun smiled and greeted them.

He sat next to his friends, Jong Hyuk and Seung Min.

“Hey, I saw the documentary. I heard the viewer ratings went over 10%. You looked like some kind of main character.”

Seung Min spoke as if he was waiting to tell Si Hyun about it.

Despite of him wearing a mask, it seemed like everyone in the group already knew it was him. When Seung Min mentioned the show, everyone else turned their attention to Si Hyun.

“Ha ha, I actually went through a lot because of that show. Other broadcasting stations asked me to appear on their show. I of course declined because I didn’t want to show my face.”

“Wow, a star has been born within our major.”

“Stop overreacting.”

Si Hyun waved his hand while smiling.

“I’m not. Here, have a drink. This is your first glass, so you have to drink it in one shot.”

Seung Joon poured the beer.

In order to maintain the mood, Si Hyun drank the entire glass of beer in one gulp.

“What’s it like working at the prison?”

There wasn’t a guarantee that the students majoring in Correction and Rehabilitation would get a job related to it, but interestingly, among his fellow alumni, a lot of them were Correctional Officers or public officers.

It was natural for them to talk about the prison.

Every atmosphere was different in every section, so as a ward, it was only natural that they would be curious about it.

“Hm, it’s kind of difficult. But, all sections are like that.”

Si Hyun thought for a moment and answered.

Since the city’s population was high, the bigger sections were all gathered in one place. It’s only natural that things get busy and hectic. 

“Hey, they’re not all the same. Incheon is hell. You’ve heard about the bad reputation, right?”

Jong Hyuk, who was stationed at Incheon, spoke while pouting.

Incheon had a pretty bad reputation.

It’s because of the drug users. Drug users were hard to discipline and the Incheon station had the most drug users.

“Uijeongbu is hell as well. They didn’t follow the rotation last month, so I had to work overtime all the time…I thought I was going to die.”

The one that worked at Uijeongbu started complaining.

Uijeongbu had a bad reputation as well.

There were even rumors that the wards that were stationed there worked overtime the most.

“Those that are working in a metropolitan area should just shut up. That’s nothing when comparing to Cheongsong.”

Cheongsong is known for their prisons.

He wasn’t sure whether if it was true or not, but there are rumors about how they specifically built the prison at a certain spot because mountains surrounded the place and prisoners wouldn’t be able to escape.

There are also rumors that they discipline the prisoners pretty strictly.

Everyone’s opinion is different, so it was hard to say whether it was true or not.

But, there was one thing that was true.

The prison was located in the country.

It was safe to say that there was nothing for a young ward to do to socialize or to have fun. On top of that, transportation was really uncomfortable. If they wanted to go to another city, they would have to take days off before going.

Young wards that are stationed there would do everything they can to escape that place.

There’s a reason why young wards are changed so often.

The others pitied the wards that were stationed there since they took days off and somehow made it to this reunion.

“…Hurry up and escape that place.”

“Sorry man. Eat up.”

“You guys should’ve studied harder.”

They heard a man speak confidently from behind them.

A man was wearing a nice suit with horn-rimmed glasses.

“You’re here Woong Jae.”

Jung Woong Jae was always at the top of the class.

He walked confidently and sat in front of Si Hyun.

“There were times when the tables were turned at the training center.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But hey, we did study hard. Our level of understanding was just different.”

Seung Min, who was next to him, spoke up.

“Ha ha, sorry. I just said it without thinking. Even if you put in all of your efforts, studying is just a hard thing for some people.”

“Are you saying that because you’re stationed at the southern prison? And a Rank Seven on top of that?”

Jong Hyuk looked at Woong Jae with an envious expression.

The southern prison is known for their nice facility and work stations.

That’s why, only those who scored high on the exam and at the training center was stationed at that prison.

Woong Jae looked at Si Hyun while enjoying Jong Hyuk being envious of him.

“I saw you on that documentary.”

“Oh, really?”

“You’re good at disciplining the prisoners.”

“It’s nothing.”

It sounded like he was complimenting Si Hyun, but his expression said something different.

It seemed like he was looking down on Si Hyun.

He wasn’t any different from when they were in school.

Si Hyun felt uncomfortable about that, so he kept his distance from Woong Jae and tried not to get close to him.

“You know.”

Woong Jae started speaking with a slight smirk on his face.



<School Reunion> End.

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