Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 20

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Book 1: A New Lease on Life

Chapter 20: Nightmare


Zhong Shan already knew what he wanted to do with the Kong Ling Gem in his hand.

His weapon was a machete. He had thought about the shape of the machete he wanted to make a long time ago. Zhong Shan held the Kong Ling Gem in his hand and followed the instructions that Tianling-er had taught him, he slowly used a knife to cut a small opening on his hand. His blood quickly filled the Kong Ling Gem.

When the blood filled the Kong Ling Gem, the shape of the Kong Ling Gem changed as if it had established a connection with Zhong Shan’s mind. The Kong Ling Gem gradually changed its shape into the form that Zhong Shan had imagined; it slowly stretched longer and eventually turned into the shape of a huge machete.

Zhong Shan was about 180 cm tall, the big machete was about 160 cm. This machete was aggressive looking, with a great groove that went along the length of the blade. On the back of the blade, there were six large spikes. The machete, just like the person of Zhong Shan, looked unusually fierce.

However, this was only a transparent mould.

The next step was to pour the metal in.

Zhong Shan, without any hesitation, put his old machete into it and the mold wrapped around the machete melting it down.

One machete was not enough, Zhong Shan found a sword at Ting Shui Xie and threw that in. He also threw in an ax into the mold and the mold was finally full.

Now it was of the lowest rank, a level one magical item. From now on, he would have to use Zhenqi and genuine energy to refine it and cultivate it with his mind to form its own spirituality so it could move up in rank.

Looking at his own first magical item, there was sadness in Zhong Shan’s eyes.

“Prince Lietian, this machete will be your nightmare in the future. I will call you ‘Nightmare’ from now on.” Zhong Shan said while touching the big machete.

“Zhong Shan, you back?” Tianling-er called outside of the house.

Zhong Shan opened the door and saw Nanbatian and Tianling-er have come together.

“Wow, you’ve already made it? This big machete looks fierce.” Nanbatian saw the machete in Zhong Shan’s hand and immediately said with surprise.

“This machete looks fierce. You are fierce and the shape of this machete is also very fierce.” Tianling-er also said right away.

“Have a seat, I’ll go get something to drink.” Zhong Shan said.

The three of them then sat around the stone table outside the yard, next to the pond.

“Zhong Shan, you were really something today.  A third level Xiantian defeating a fourth level Xiantian.  That guy must be mad as hell after he went back.” Tianling-er said

“Yeah, I heard that guy is the second best among those four fourth level Xiantians. No one expected that he would lose to you. This is the first time this kind of situation has ever happened in recent years.” Nanbatian added.

“Who said so. Da shixiong can challenge higher ranks, too. Last time, didn’t he kill someone who was higher in rank than him?” Tianling-er said.

“You didn’t even see it.” Nanbatian acted as if he could not believe it.

“It must be true. Da shixiong wouldn’t lie.” Tianling-er was defensive right away.

Watching the two bickering, Zhong Shan didn’t interrupt or pay attention. To defeat someone with a higher rank wasn’t a difficult thing to do. For when one is struggling between life and death, one could use many schemes or underhanded tricks to win. However, Zhong Shan always felt very pleasant in the company of these two.  They were higher than him in rank but younger in age. In Zhong Shan’s eyes, they were naive just like his own younger brother and sister.

“Grandmaster said to meet fifteen days later. What does he mean?” Zhong Shan suddenly recalled what Tianxingzi had said in the square early today.

“Oh, didn’t you know? We can go out this time. We can go experience the world.” Tianling-er immediately said with excitement.

“Experience?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“Yeah, go out to get some experience. Last time my father took me out but wouldn’t let me go by myself and we were back in no time. This time, I can go out on my own and don’t have to listen to my dad.” Tianling-er said with a cute expression.

“Who’s leaving? Do I have to go too?” Zhong Shan still frowned.

Zhong Shan didn’t want to leave, since he knew there was less spiritual energy out there than inside the Kaiyang School. In addition, he had found a small cave paradise; he would progress much faster than in the outside world.

“You don’t have to. It’s voluntary. But, most people want to go since many people have been stuck here for years, like me, and have been wanting to leave for some time. There are also people who want to visit their families too.” Tianling-er explained.

“En.” Zhong Shan nodded.

In any case, Zhong Shan had decided not to go out.

“Ling-er, Batian, you are all here?” Out of nowhere, a voice was suddenly heard.

It was the voice of the Grandmaster, Tianxingzi.

“Dad? Why are you here?” Tianling-er immediately responded and began searching for him.

Tianxingzi came from the sky and landed in front of Zhong Shan’s stone table.

Zhong Shan quickly rose and respectfully bowed to Tianxingzi. “Greetings to Grandmaster.”

“Uncle.” Nanbatian also greeted him.

“En.” Tianxingzi nodded then sat next to the table without invitation.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Tianxingzi said, “Zhong Shan, sit down. I didn’t expect that with your innate talent, you could accomplish so much progress in just one year. You must be practicing very hard.”

“That’s for sure. Dad, you don’t know it. Look at the kiln over there, Zhong Shan built it for training. He also keeps going into the forest to fight with monstrous beats, so he can progress faster.” Tianling-er instantly cut in.

Looking at the kiln and then looking back at Tianling-er and Nanbatian, Tianxingzi smiled slightly.

“You and Batian go over there for now. I want to talk to Zhong Shan.” Tianxingzi said.

“Why can’t I listen?” Tianling-er pursed up her lips and protested.

“It’s very important.” Tianxingzi became serious.

“Alright.” Tianling-er nodded and stopped arguing. She then walked to the other side with Nanbatian.

With a light wave of his hand, Tianxingzi had summoned white fog to cover a five-meter area in diameter around them. The fog had separated them with Tianling-er and Nanbatian.

Zhong Shan wasn’t sure what the purpose of Tianxingzi’s visit.

“Zhong Shan.” Tianxingzi seriously looking at Zhong Shan and said.

“Your disciple is here.” Zhong Shan nodded right away.

“Hehe, you can relax. I’m very surprised that, with your innate talent, you can accomplish this much within a year. I’m also very much aware that you have a strong will and don’t mind hardship. You could even acquire a Pojin Pellet at the age of eighty, no matter how you got ahold of it. I believe deep down you are not as naive as Tianling-er and the others. You have intelligence and know how to work hard.” Tianxingzi said.

Zhong Shan didn’t respond. He was trying to figure out what Tianxingzi’s intentions were and waited for him to continue.

“Therefore, this time, I want to ask you to help me with something.” After Tianxingzi finished, he looked at Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan frowned slightly when he heard Tianxingzi but he didn’t promise anything immediately. He turned to look at Tianxingzi. “Please continue, grandmaster.”

Tianxingzi smiled, satisfied with Zhong Shan’s attitude.

“They probably have told you just now that after a few days, Ling-er and Batian will be leaving. We don’t have to worry about Batian. He’s a man and he will have an item from us to save his life in a crisis. He won’t suffer and can get more experienced in the mortal’s world. As for Ling-er, I worry about her. Therefore, I hope you can take care of her and bring her back safely after one year.” Tianxingzi solemnly said.

“To go with her?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“Batian needs to go out on his own.  Ling-er is too naive. She and you are friends. If she can travel with you, then I can be sure of her safety. As long as you can bring her back safely after one year, I will personally guide your practice.” Tianxingzi spoke earnestly.

Zhong Shan’s eyes brightened up after hearing Tianxingzi. Personally guide him? That would be so much better than training by himself.

“With my guidance, your progress will speed up. As long as you can reach the Gold Core Stage, I will take you in as my disciple. How about it?” Tianxingzi slightly smiled.

This was a promise with nothing to lose for Tianxingzi. If Zhong Shan could breakthrough into the Gold Core Stage with his innate talent, then there was no reason not to take him in as disciple. If he couldn’t reach the Gold Core Stage, then he didn’t have any promise to keep. He would only need to give Zhong Shan a pointer or two once in awhile.

However, this promise was immensely attractive to Zhong Shan.

With a master, he could accomplish more in a shorter time and could avoid a lot of mistakes.

One year, just one year’s time. Everything would be worthwhile.

“Ok.” Zhong Shan responded.

“Then, my mind will be at peace. I trust you.” Tianxingzi stood up, patted Zhong Shan’s shoulder, and laughed.

He waved again and all the white fog disappeared.

“Alright, you continue. I won’t keep all of you.” Tianxingzi smiled at the three of them. With a stamp of the foot, a white cloud carried him away.

“Zhong Shan, what did my dad say to you?” Tianling-er immediately asked.

“He wants me to leave with you.” Zhong Shan shook his head and briefly said.

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