Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 24

Translated by: Team DHH

Zhong Shan, holding Tianling-er in his arms, landed half way down the hillside.

All around them there were numerous freezing crows flying, up and down, left and right. The crows had sealed off every direction.

Zhong Shan had secured the big machete on his back with a rope. He held Tianling-er tightly against his chest to protect her.

“Hang on to me tightly.” Zhong Shan said to Tianling-er.

Zhong Shan’s arrival was so timely, right at the moment when Tianling-er was about to give up all hope. The instant when Zhong Shan appeared, Tianling-er felt as if a white aura shone around Zhong Shang, like a hero that heaven had sent over to protect her. At this moment, Tianling-er’s tears had yet to stop and Zhong Shan’s embrace gave her a strong support.

Glancing at the frost breath coming from all around, Zhong Shan jumped forward with all his might. After he jumped out, the force and speed of the fall broke through the blockading freezing crows and they immediately tumbled down the hill.

He wasn’t able to jump away from all the circling crows but as he fell down, he stepped onto several freezing crows.

Zhong Shan, with Tianling-er in his arms, curled up his whole body.


They broke away from the freezing crows down below and fell onto the bottom of the slope.

Once they had broken away from the freezing crows, Zhong Shan started running with Tianling-er in his arms.

He dashed towards the valley as fast as he could go.

However, those freezing crows refused to give up so easily. They quickly gave chase.

When they were going downhill towards the valley, they moved at a great speed. But once they reached the valley, the freezing crows had caught up to them.

Surveying the surrounding, Zhong Shan saw the zone of miasma in the distance.

In desperation, Zhong Shan made the decision to run towards that direction. He moved swiftly.

He had no time to set Tianling-er down. Once he stopped, the freezing crows would catch them.

Zhong Shan used his all his strength to dash towards that direction. The freezing crows behind him, however, had gathered together even more than before.

Finally, after being hit by their frost breath from behind several times, he reached the miasma and without hesitation Zhong Shan rushed inside.

All the freezing crows, as expected, didn’t dare follow. One had to reached the Gold Core Stage to be able to fend off miasma.

“Caw~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

“Caw~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”




A lot of freezing crows angrily cried outside the area but none had the courage to enter.

They were saved? Zhong Shan was saved, however, Tianling-er was now battling with the miasma. The miasma here could kill you by going into you skins even if you stopped breathing.

“Close your eyes, don’t open your mouth, and no breathing.” Zhong Shan suddenly said.

After he finished, without waiting for Tianling-er’s reaction, he used telekinesis to fill up his Zhenqi and Hongluan Mist quickly formed. The Hongluan Mist covered over both of their bodies.

Zhong Shan made sure that the Mist only covered the outside of the body of Tianling-er and kept it from going into the pores of her skin.

When Tianling-er heard Zhong Shan, she quickly closed her eyes and held her breath.

Zhong Shan swiftly sped through the miasma. Last time, the Hongluan Mist only covered himself, but now there were two of them. Therefore, he had to pass through this area as quickly as possible to reach the other end. Otherwise, once his telekinesis ran out, they would be in big trouble.

Zhong Shan ran like mad all the way, all the while the feeling of anxiousness gnawed at his heels.

Tianling-er slightly moved her genuine energy to force out all the frost breath in her body. She noticed that both of her arms were around Zhong Shan’s neck and blushed.

There were no more freezing crows, nor did she hear the sounds of freezing crows anymore. Was she safe now?

“Are we safe now?” Tianling-er spoke with shut eyes.

Oh no!

Zhong Shan knew something bad was going to happen. He had forgotten to warn her not to speak. Indeed, right then, a trace of Hongluan Mist slipped into her mouth.

“Don’t talk.” Zhong Shan immediately said.

He was running like a madman, there was no time to force out the Hongluan Mist from Tianling-er’s body. If he had done that, his own telekinesis wouldn’t be able to last till he reached the other end of the miasma.

Tianling-er stopped talking. However, she felt a burning sensation all over her body. She had a strange feeling of wanting to take off all her clothes.

Tianling-er thought to herself, it was very weird that she would feel this way. But the strange feeling was getting stronger and she started to twisted around like she wanted to get the clothes off her. Her whole face was burning red.

Zhong Shan kept running. When he saw Tianling-er’s unusual behavior, he was surprised that the effect of the Mist came so quickly.

Zhong Shan increase his speed and sprinted towards the other side like there was no tomorrow.

Tianling-er felt she was acting even more stranger now. She wanted to stop herself but her body didn’t seem to listen to her commands at the moment.

Gradually, Tianling-er became confused. She started to breath and brought even more Hongluan Mist into her body. She liked the smell of Zhong Shan and was licking him like licking her favorite osmanthus cake.

Tianling-er’s behavior bothered Zhong Shan a lot; he was too old for this. Fortunately, they were almost out of the miasma.

He quickened his steps and before he used up his telekinesis power, Zhong Shan finally ran out zone of miasma.

He quickly used the remaining telekinesis to draw the Hongluan Mist out of Tianling-er’s body.

Finally, after ten breathes, he managed to remove all the Mist inside her.

Tianling-er’s face was still red and her clothes were torn open to show her underwear. She seemed to have gone through a difficult process and passed out from exhaustion.

Zhong Shan took a deep breath and tidied up Tianling-er’s clothes. He carefully put her down on a clean area. Zhong Shan closed his eyes to do breathing exercises. He had used the Demonic Body Toning Method earlier and after two hours, he started to feel pain all over his body.

They were near a small lake. The area was quiet and clean. Zhong Shan continued to practice to recover his strength. His misfortune was actually a blessing in disguise for Zhong Shan. His Meixin telekinesis seemed to have been refined and was much stronger now. Had he reached the second level of the Hongluan Manual?

He was still at the first level of the Demonic Body Toning Method. However, Zhong Shan did feel that he was near the breakthrough to the next level. By that time, he would be three times stronger than normal.

Tianling-er didn’t wake up until the next morning.

Zhong Shan sat right next to her waiting.

Tianling-er woke up and opened her eyes. As she was about to sit up, she suddenly closed her eyes again.

She remembered what had happened.

How could she do all those things? Her face turned red all over. She was so embarrassed. How would she speak to Zhong Shan now?

“You awake?” Zhong Shan asked.

“En.” Tianling-er lightly responded and opened her eyes. She pretended like nothing had happened. But her red face gave her away.

“Have some food since you’re awake. Then we have to be on our way.” Zhong Shan said.

Seeing that Zhong Shan hadn’t mentioned anything, Tianling-er noticed that Zhong Shan was acting normally and exhaled a long breath.

“En.” Tianling-er immediately nodded.

She slowing ate some osmanthus cakes and felt much better. Zhong Shan was practicing his machete form and didn’t seem to remember anything from the day before. Tianling-er wondered whether it had been her own delusions? Had nothing really happened?

She was sure it was just hallucinating. She couldn’t possibly do those things? Tianling-er was back to her old self soon.

However, when she watched Zhong Shan practicing, Tianling-er suddenly had a strange feeling: that hallucination felt very real!

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