Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 28

Translated by Team DHH.

“You mentioned that you caught a demonic wolf?” Zhong Shan and Zhao Suoxiang were chatting along the way and the topic suddenly turned to what Zhao had mentioned earlier.

“Yes, it’s a baby wolf but its hair is superbly pure. It will even emit a faint silver light all over its body at night.” Zhao Suoxiang was straight forward.

“Oh?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“A shining demonic wolf?” Tianling-er immediately walked over filled with curiosity.

“Yeah, this demonic wolf must be an unusual breed and must belong to a higher level demonic wolf breed. Being a higher level breed, its blood or the inner core it will produce later will most likely be quite exceptional.” Zhao Suoxiang frowned and replied.

“That’s right. Last time, Qingsi jiejie caught a fire fox. She used the blood from the fire fox to concoct a level three pill.”  Tianling-er explained to Zhong Shan.

“Then, congratulations to you.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Ai, too bad I wasn’t the only one who discovered it. I was with four other people when we found it. That Tang Xiaoyou earlier was one of them. So I don’t know what will happen in the end with this demonic wolf.” Zhao Suoxiang shook his head and said.

“Oh? You discovered it with others?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“Yeah, we were in a canyon that day. We happened to see it next to a small lake. So naturally the five of us discovered it together. As for how we plan to divide it among the five of us, we have to wait till we found our qianbei from both of our schools to identify how valuable the demonic wolf is. Then we have to decide whether to trade it with some items or just cut the wolf into equal pieces.” Zhao Suoxiang said.

Hearing from Zhao Suoxiang, Zhong Shan could imagine just how valuable the demonic wolf could be. According to Zhao, this demonic wolf was least worth a level three pill, or even higher, a level four pill? It was only reasonable that no one wanted to be rash in deciding the value of the wolf.

“Where’s the demonic wolf?” Zhong Shan asked.

“It’s kept at a separate compound owned by the Tang family here. I’m staying there as well.” Zhao Suoxiang said.

“The Tang family? One of the thousand years old great families of Da Song Kingdom. So it’s at that Tang Xiaoyou’s territory?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“That’s right. The Tang family is the most influential family here. Our Zhao family, though not a thousand years old great family, also has a strong presence in the mortal world here. That place is provided by the Tang family, but both our Zhao family and Tang family have sent people over to guard it. It should be fine.” Zhao Suoxiang explained.

“Didn’t you say there were four other people? Tang Xiaoyou is one, the other three are from your Iron Spear School?” Zhong Shan asked.

“No, the other three are Tang Xiaoyou’s shixiong and shidi from the Bright Sword House.” Zhao Suoxiang answered.

“Oh?” Zhong Shan squinted his eyes and said. It looked like Zhao Suoxiang was in a disadvantageous position.

Zhao Suoxiang seemed to discern Zhong Shan’s concern and continued, “Among the four from the Bright Sword House, only two of them entered the immortal school at the same time as I, 51 years ago. Tang Xiaoyou and the other only entered one year ago, they are not my concern.”

“En.” Zhong Shan nodded.

They arrived at large house in a short while.  This was the separate compound that Zhao had mentioned.

There were guards at the front gate. After they entered following Zhao, Zhong Shan discovered that there were even archers stationed at various hidden places inside the compound. No wonder it was a great family, they had thought about everything.

The three of them slowly passed some passageways to arrive at a yard in the middle of the compound.

At the center of the yard, on top of a large table, there was a huge glass box. Inside of the box, there was a small, silver white wolf about one foot long.

The baby wolf was white all over with superbly pure hair. Yet, it was lying inside the box with no energy at all. There was intense fear in its eyes, its body was slightly shaking. It seemed that it knew that a rough future awaited.

“This is that high level demonic wolf. It doesn’t need to train; it is born with a higher level blood than other normal demonic wolves. If it does cultivate its power, it would be even more powerful. We are giving it Bone Softening Powder so it can’t get away.” Zhao Suoxiang pointed to the wolf.

Tianling-er immediately walked over and examined it.

“Why put it here?” Zhong Shan looked at the baby wolf inside the box, frowned, and asked.

“There are guards from both of our families all around. It’s easier to keep watch.” Zhao answered.

Zhong Shan understood the reason after hearing Zhao. The arrangement wasn’t just to keep the thieves away, but to also keep an eye on those four from the Bright Sword House.

“It’s a pity, the baby wolf is so tiny. If I had found it first, I wouldn’t catch it just to make some pills.” Tianling-er sympathetically said.

“Oh? Then what would you do with it?” Zhong Shan walked over and said with a laugh.

“Certainly let it go. It’s so tiny!” Tianling seriously said immediately.

Right after she finished, suddenly there came a sneer from a room not too far away.

“Let it go? A level four pill, just let it go?”

They looked over following the voice, two men slowly walked out of the room over there.

Both of them had swords on their backs just like Tang Xiaoyou.  They walked towards Zhong Shan.

“Wang xiong.” Zhao Suoxiang greeted the man in front. Obviously, this was the man who had entered the immortal school 51 years ago. His strength should be about the same as Zhao.

As for the other person, Zhao Suoxiang didn’t pay any attention to him. However, Zhong Shan was staring at the second person.

When Zhong Shan saw that person, there was a flash of great anger in his eyes. He had to take a deep breath to suppress his anger. At least, he managed to not let it to show on his face.

Zhong Di, that unfilial Zhong Di. Zhong Shan’s adopted son. Zhong Shan brought him to the Dragon Gate Tournament and he was selected by an immortal school. Yet, in the end, he had abandoned Zhong Shan.  What was even worse, was that when Zhong Shan’s eldest adopted son, Zhong Tian, scolded him, Zhong Di even instigated his master to give Zhong Tian a warning.

The Bright Sword House. It turned out that Zhong Di had been selected by Bright Sword House.

Looking at Zhong Di, Zhong Shan tried hard to suppress his burning anger, only sneered lightly.

When Zhong Di walked near and saw Zhong Shan, he too was shocked. Zhong Shan was now how he appeared when he was in his thirties. When Zhong Shan first adopted Zhong Di, he looked about the same as he did now.  Thus Zhong Di could still recognize him right away. Yet, Zhong Di simply didn’t want to believe this man used to be his adopted father, Zhong Shan.

“Zhong Di?” Zhong Shan coldly laughed and said.

When Zhong Di heard Zhong Shan, it felt like a bucket full of cold water had been dumped on him.  It was him, his adopted father. How could it be? How could he be so young? Had he also entered an immortal school? Had he also entered an immortal school?

Cold sweat profusely came down from Zhong Di’s forehead. However, he still immediately called out, “Fa, fa, f, Zhong Shan.”

In the end, the word “father” refused to come out, he just called his name. After the greeting, Zhong Di seemed to be able to relax his nerves. Yeah, what do I have to be afraid of.  I’m also in an immortal school, besides, I have a much better innate talent.

“He’s also a Zhong and you know each other? Are you friends?” Tianling-er curiously asked immediately.

Zhao Suoxiang and the other man also felt the unusual connection between Zhong Shan and Zhong Di.  They also looked at the two suspiciously.

“We know each other, but not as friends.” Zhong Shan said to Tianling-er.

“Oh.” Tianling-er nodded instantly without asking anything more. They were not friends, then they were enemies? Tianling-er usually was a simple-minded person, but even she realized that this wasn’t the time to ask.

“Wang xiong, are you going out?” Zhao Suoxiang asked.

“That’s right.” The man nodded.

“But it’s so cloudy, it seems that it’s going to rain soon.” Zhao Suoxiang frowned and said.

“Boom ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

As if in response to Zhao Suoxiang’s words, they heard thunder in the sky and rain instantly began to pour down.

They all walked to under the eaves nearby. That man said,  “Thank you Zhao xiong for your concern. We have important things to take care of. It should be good enough just to have our oldest shixiong here.”

“Zhong Di, let’s go.” After he finished, he briskly led Zhong Di out there.

Watching them leave, Zhong Shan frowned and took a deep breath to temporarily let his resentment towards Zhong Di go.

“This guy is the second shixiong of the third generation at Bright Sword House, Wang Gui.  Let’s go, don’t mind him. I’ll take you to find a place to stay.” Zhao Suoxiang said.

“En.” Zhong Shan nodded facing the direction where that two people just disappeared to.

Zhao Suoxiang led them to a small compound.

Zhong Shan would stay here for now. It was in the afternoon and they didn’t have anything else to do. So Zhong Shan played Go with Zhao Suoxiang and chatted. Tianling-er either watched the Go game or rolled the dice for fun.

In the evening, after dinner, Zhao Suoxiang left.

Zhao Suoxiang stayed at the compound where they kept the baby wolf.

The white baby wolf was shaking inside the yard. Ever since the day it had been caught, the white baby wolf lived in fear.

Everyday, the humans would feed it rice porridge a few times to keep it alive then pour some white powder into it so it couldn’t move. Are they the bad guys that grandpa used  to talk about?

Bad guys, bad guys?

The white baby wolf curled up inside the glass box and watched the rain continuously hit the glass cover in the darkness. Its eyes were filled with fear and its body kept shaking.  Am I going to die? Grandpa, where are you, grandpa? I’ll never run away again. Come to save Xianxian. Xianxian is going to die!

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