Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 29

Translated by TheFireTrucker

In the heavy rain, Wang Gui and Zhong Di were walking along the road underneath an umbrella.

“Second shixiong, did something happen to Tang Xiaoyou?” asked Zhong Di frowning.

“I don’t know, Zhao Suoxiang has returned already, but he hasn’t. I don’t know if he’s finished making preparations yet, but Da shixiong is worried so he asked us to check up on him,” replied Wang Gui seriously.

As the two of them walked, in the distance, Tang Xiaoyou was carrying a wooden crate in his left hand and an umbrella in his right as he came out of the shop, just in time to see Wang Gui and Zhong Di.

“Second shixiong.” called Tang Xiaoyou suddenly.

“Eh?” Wang Gui stood there surprised for a second before running over.

“Let’s go find somewhere quieter.” said Wang Gui.

“Yeah.” nodded Tang Xiaoyou.

And so, following Tang Xiaoyou, they soon arrived at the Tang family’s house.

Inside, Wang Gui asked, “Did something happen?”

“Second Shixiong, I apologise, I have failed in my task.” Tang Xiaoyou said with shame.

“And the Kong Ling Gem?” asked Wang Gui.

“The Kong Ling Gem wasn’t delivered into Zhao Suoxiang’s possession, instead his friend took it.” sighed Tang Xiaoyou.

“Oh?” Wang Gui was shocked.

“Originally, according to our plan, I found a suitable opportunity for Zhao Suoxiang to obtain it, either by winning it from me or finding it lost somewhere, that way when we sneaked the Demonic Wolf away, Zhao Suoxiang wouldn’t respond too strongly after all even if he knew it was us, without sufficient evidence, he wouldn’t overtly confront us, so despite not having evidence at least he would’ve had a Kong Ling Gem, however, in the betting house earlier……………“ Tang Xiaoyou quickly recounted what happened.

“Zhong Shan?” asked Wang Gui narrowing his eyes.

On the side, Zhong Di frowned as he looked at Tang Xiaoyou, and then sighed whilst shaking his head.

“Zhong Di, it seems like you’re familiar with this Zhong Shan.” asked Wang Gui suddenly, turning to face Zhong Di.

“Shixiong, did he check the dice at the start?” Zhong Tian asked Tang Xiaoyou.

“Yeah he did, the Golden Brick house is my family’s establishment, the replacement dice were definitely untampered with.” said Tang Xiaoyou.

“Untampered? Once any dice has been held by Zhong Shan’s hands, they no longer stay untampered.” sighed Zhong Di.

When it comes to Zhong Shan, Zhong Di couldn’t help but sigh. Zhong Shan’s knowledge is extremely extensive, so much knowledge that he teaches to everyone adopted son. He teaches a bit to each person but not everything. It just so happens that he was taught the trick of listening to the sounds to determine dice face by Zhong Shan once upon a time, and he was the only person to be taught it.

“What?” exclaimed Tang Xiaoyou.

“Sound positioning. Each of the corners of the dice were tampered with…………“ said Zhong Di.

“The hypocrisy! He cheated?” Tang Xiaoyou raged.

“You cheated first though didn’t you?” Wang Gui rebutted coldly.

“Second Shixiong.” frowned Tang Xiaoyou, trying to keep down his rage.

“This Zhong Shan, how strong is he?” Wang Gui asked Zhong Di.

“A year and a half ago, he was at the tenth level of Houtian, he should’ve entered the Immortal Schools.” said Zhong Di, as he didn’t know how strong Zhong Shan is currently either.

“A year huh? Then even he has good innate ability, so wht?” retorted Tang Xiaoyou.

“Don’t, Shixiong, you should never underestimate him. You must also not provoke him.” warned Zhong Di immediately.

“Oh?” asked Wang Gui with a hint of intrigue in his eyes.

“If I remember correctly, in the past, at the time Zhong Shan was at the seventh level of Houtian. There was a man from Xiantian, who killed one of his adopted sons. Once Zhong Shan heard the news… three days. Three days was all it took to return with that man’s head, avenging his son, and for the first two days, he was still searching for the perpetrator, in other words, within one day’s time, he cut off that man’s head.” Zhong Di took a deep breath after he finished. At the same time he had apprehension in his eyes.

One day? Seventh level of Houtian, and he decapitated a man from Xiantian?

Wang Gui and Tang Xiaoyou exchanged a glance. Each had the expression of disbelief in their eyes.

“Impossible, he was only at the seventh level of Houtian, he couldn’t possibly have decapitated someone from Xiantian.” said Tang Xiaoyou. Everyone who started training in Houtian naturally understood what the difference in power between the two is.

“How did he decapitate the man?” asked Wang Gui.

“It’s unclear, only that he disappeared, and a day later he returned carrying the decapitated head of the man. So do not provoke him, lest he marks you as enemy.” warned Zhong Di again.

“Since you didn’t see it, then it becomes uncertain, perhaps he found someone to help him, and maybe the helper is from Xiantian.” said Wang Gui.

“Yeah, he probably found someone to do it for him, it was just that you didn’t see it. Hiring a few people from Xiantian isn’t a hard endeavour.” said Tang Xiaoyou.

Hiring people from Xiantian? Only this kind of rich ignorant person can say that with such ease. Zhong Di understood Zhong Shan’s situation at that time very clearly. Xiantian? Even if he did, the whole incident at the Dragon Gate Gorge wouldn’t have happened. Zhong Di was just about to say this but was interrupted.

“Enough, these speculations of things you didn’t witness don’t mean much. Since the magical item is in his hands now, then make him suffer a little, and finally bring me his head.” ordered Wang Gui with murder in his eyes.

Hearing the first part, Zhong Di wanted to interject but as soon as he head Wang Gui’s last sentence, Zhong Di stayed quiet. From the moment Zhong Shan appeared, Zhong Di knew that he wouldn’t even eat in peace, Zhong Shan is just like his inner demon, if he died, then everything would all be so much simpler.

“Yes sir.” Tang Xiaoyou and Zhong Di replied.


The sky was dark, the rain was pouring, the Demonic Wolf was in the courtyard, as a door suddenly opened. From inside, a man in a loose white robe stepped out holding a white sword.

“Brother Zhao, it just so happens to rain tonight. Didn’t you want to see my ‘Torrential Rain Sword Technique’? Come with me then.” said the man in white.

The man in white effortlessly leapt onto the roof, heading to someplace in the distance, the rain moved around him as if they couldn’t get close to him.

As soon as the man in white left, Zhao Suoxiang followed wielding his long spear as he left through the open door, with a spark of intense fighting intent in his eyes. With a leap he also landed on the roof and hurried to catch up.

Hiding in the shadows in silence, each one of the guards had a look of admiration and respect.

Zhong Shan was in the small courtyard.

Zhong Shan and Tianling-er were staying in a two-bedroom house. Tianling-er was staying in the inside bedroom, whilst Zhong Shan was sleeping in the outside bedroom.

“Zhong Shan, do you hear that?” asked Tianling-er from inside her room.

“Yeah.” nodded Zhong Shan.

Even though it was raining heavily, Zhong Shan was still a person at the third level of Xiantian, another person challenged Zhao Suoxian, Zhong Shan could hear it clear as day.

“Let’s go take a look.” said Tianling-er.

“No, don’t go.” frowned Zhong Shan.

“Why not?” asked Tianling-er immeiately.

“It’s strange.” Zhong Shan frowned deeper. Even though he doesn’t know what’s happened, Zhong Shan still senses something wrong.

“What’s strange?” asked Tianling-er.

“Go to sleep, we’re leaving in the morning.” Zhong Shan said without answering the question.

“Fine don’t tell me then.” pouted Tianling-er annoyed.

“Alright, go to sleep.” said Zhong Shan.

Although he let Tianling-er sleep, he himself still had a bad feeling about the situation.

Looking outside, Zhong Shan couldn’t sleep, and around midnight the rain stopped.

The rain stopped, he wasn’t sure if Zhao Suoxiang was still competing with people.

By 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, Zhong Shan heard some sound from outside again.

“Brother Zhao, your spear techniques are really impressive, you have my respect.” said Liu Ming, the challenger from earlier.

“Brother Liu, your sword skills are also impressive, I’ve also learned a lot.” said Zhao Suoxiang.

After that though, there was no more sound. Obviously they each went back to rest. Zhong Shan also relaxed and rested.

At dawn, Zhong Shan got up and woke Tianling-er up, to prepare to leave immediately. Because Zhong Shan felt that something bad was going to happen soon.

“It’s so early! What do you want?” Said Tianling-er annoyed and half awake.

“Oh no, help! The Demonic Wolf has transformed, the Demonic Wolf transformed!” someone screamed from far away.

Hearing that, Zhong Shan immediately knew something bad just happened, Tianling-er also became interested immediately.

The Demonic Wolf transformed? What does that mean?

Swiftly, Tianling-er tidied up her clothes, and washed up using the tub of water that the maidservants brought in, and then grabbed Zhong Shan and ran out.

Not long after, they reached the area of the courtyard where the Demonic Wolf was.

At that moment, everyone stood in the courtyard. Zhao Suoxiang, Zhong Di, Wang Gui, Tang Xiaoyou, a man in white and someone who seemed like an overly respectful servant.

Staring at the empty glass cage, there was a white fox outside of it. The Demonic Wolf turned into a fox?

“White Wolf turned into a White Fox?” Asked Tianling-er in disbelief as she watched the white fox lying on the ground.

“Impossible, a wolf is a wolf, somebody has kidnapped it.” said Zhao Suoxiang with wide eyes.

“Kidnapped? How could that be? Tang Si, tell me what’s going on right now.” yelled Tang Xiaoyou at his servant.

Everyone’s eyes landed on the man. The one named Tang Si was scared stiff, he immediately knelt on the floor and started grovelling.

“Master, I just came to feed the white wolf that rice soup as per usual, but as soon as I brought it outside, it just turned into this, it’s transformed! Transformed! The wolf has transformed into a fox!” cried Tang Si as he shook, obviously unbelievably afraid.

“It didn’t transform the last time you fed it rice soup?” asked Zhao Suoxiang coldly.

“No sir, yesterday it was raining heavily, so at night after the rain stopped, I fed it once, but at that time it was still a white wolf, the guards were there they saw it, at that time it was still a wolf.” replied Tang Si terrified.

“That means, someone kidnapped the Demonic Wolf after the rain stopped? Brother Liu and I were dueling and only returned at 2 or 3 in the morning, so nobody could’ve taken it when we were back. That means when the rain stopped, so at around midnight, or rather between midnight and two, within two hours, somebody stole the white wolf?” Said Zhao Suoxiang coldly.

“It was you, it must’ve been you!” yelled Tang Xiaoyou, pointing at Zhong Shan.

Hearing Tang Xiaoyou’s accusations, Zhong Shan’s eyes narrowed to slits.

“And why is it us? Did that pair of eyes in your head see that it was us?” Asked Tianling-er defensively.

“You, you’ve said before, you said if you ever encounter a Demonic Wolf, you’d definitely free it. It must’ve been you who freed the Demonic Wolf.” cried Tang Xiaoyou as he pointed at Tianling-er.

“Humph, and which one of your ears heard that?” smiled Zhong Shan coldly.

Now that Zhong Shan mentioned it, Tianling-er recalled, at the time when she said that, Tang Xiaoyou wasn’t anywhere near.

“Yeah, where would you have heard that from? Asked Tiangling-er immediately.

“Second Shixiong and Zhong Di said so, you can’t deny it.” spurted Tang Xiaoyou immediately. Evidently, he was also quick witted.

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