Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 3

There were many countries that surrounded Da Kun, thus there were many strangers who had come to compete.

Inside the valley, there was a large amphitheater.  It was so large, that it’s diameter reached over a thousand meters just like a huge stadium from Zhong San’s previous life.

The bottom of the valley was very wide and clean, with the surrounding area covered with gravel.

The sides of the mountains stood straight up and several rocky mountains surrounded the valley.

On the side of the mountains, a hundred meters above ground, there were roughly fifty terraces at the same altitude.  Each terrace could hold fifty people standing.  Two hundred meters above ground, there were eight terraces that were each oriented towards one of eight directions.

Eight upper terraces, fifty lower terraces.

On the lower terraces, at this moment, there were already a few people standing on them.  Each of their clothes were flapping from the wind, standing confidently at ease, some were armed with swords and others, machetes[1].

Below, in the middle of the clearing, there were around three thousand people standing along the edge of the bottom of the valley.

Old man Zhong with his eight adopted sons were also at a corner.

Zhong Tian brought over a boulder in the corner for old man Zhong to sit on.

He gently seated himself upon the boulder and began his introduction to his seven sons who had reached the highest level of Hou Tian.

“This is Dragon Gate Gorge.  The terraces above are for the members of the Immortal Schools to stand on.  Divided into upper and lower terraces, the lower terraces are for lesser Immortal Schools or independent practitioners to stand on.  And the upper terrace are for the five great Immortal Schools.  Not all members will necessarily come, but whoever comes is looking for disciples.”  Zhong Shan explained.

They became very excited when they noticed that there were already people standing on the lower terraces.  Those were members of the Immortal Schools?

“Father, what is the great Immortal Schools?  What is the lesser Immortal Schools?” Zhong Shi Jiu asked.

“Heh, greater or lesser Immortal Schools is just a general term.  As long as your school is strong, then the school is one of the greater Immortal Schools.  It’s an honor that only a large school can enjoy.” old man Zhong explained while smiling.

“Look at the people down here.  In the eyes of the Immortal Schools, what are these people to them?” old man Zhong asked.

They all shook their heads.

“Livestock.” old man Zhong answered with a serious look.

“Livestock?” his sons asked in shock with knitted brows.

“Indeed.  In the eyes of the Immortal Schools, these people are just livestock.  Normal people who live in the mortal realm are all livestock; just livestock for them to pick and choose from.  In their minds, there are people who continuously evolve and grow more and more advanced.  But we stand at the very bottom.  Just like the time I took you to see those savage[2] barbarians, would you see them as your peers?  Would you happily become drinking buddies with those barbarians who can’t even speak a language?  Of course not, neither would members of the Immortal Schools.  They are choosing some lucky person that are up to their standards and only those people who are chosen would be accepted.” old man Zhong spoke with a look of helplessness.

After hearing old man Zhong’s explanation, his sons became silent.

During the brief time he was speaking, they saw some normal people being brought up to the lower terrace.  There were two members of the Zhao family who were brought up because they had connections with the people above.

Old man Zhong patiently waited.

Finally after two hours, the bright flash of multiple swords flew in from all directions in the sky.  One flash after another came from all four directions.  Each member of the Immortal Schools stood on their flying swords to the terraces.  At the same time, there were others who had mastered other magical weapons[3] and even monks and nuns flew onto the terraces.

“At the Dragon Gate Tournament, if you are not chosen at the beginning, then you must fight a death match for the members of the Immortal Schools.  If your skill level is inferior, then you may die right then.  It is a very common occurrence.  Among these three thousand people, at the end, there will be no more than two hundred people who can walk out of the valley alive.  So if you don’t want to take the risk, don’t continue.” old man Zhong told his sons.

“Don’t worry father,” his sons spoke with stern faces.  This was their best chance, were they going to give up the opportunity?

“En,” old man Zhong nodded in reply.

There were thirty people from various factions stood on the fifty lower terraces.  On the upper terraces, there was only one person clad in white robe.  He stood on the top of the upper terrace looking downwards with indifference.

Shortly after, others arrived on the upper terraces, a group of glittering monks, a group of men and women wearing gorgeous clothing, and a group of men in black.  Members from four of the great Schools had already arrived on the upper terraces.

It was about time to begin, but at that moment, a woman wearing purple floated in and landed on the empty upper terrace.  There was no flying sword under her feet; she just floated in from nowhere.

Her arrival attracted the attention of everyone.  Her purple robe with many sashes looked very beautiful.  Her bare feet were pretty as jade, her figure was attractively voluptuous, and her face was extremely exquisite.

It seemed that no description in the world could describe her look.  She was so beautiful that almost everyone who saw her would stop breathing.

The only shortcoming was that her face was too cold.  She was looking down on those ‘insects’ in the valley with eyes devoid of feeling.

Many people on the lower terraces and at the bottom of the valley looked up with faces full of yearning.  Even the seven sons of old man Zhong were in the same way.  Only old man Zhong wasn’t looking at her at the moment; he was looking at the various factions with sparkling eyes.  As for Zhong Tian, he paid little attention to the spectacle, as if he couldn’t recognize her beauty.  He simply concentrated on their father’s well being.

Members of the four great Immortal Schools on the upper terraces were looking at her too.  But after they saw her face clearly, all obviously shivered and didn’t dare to look any more.

The Dragon Gate Tournament could now officially begin since all five of the great Immortal Schools had arrived.

On one of the lower terraces, an old man with a white beard was the first to speak.

“Everyone who has reached Xian Tian before 60 years of age and top of Hou Tian before 50 years of age come forward to the center of the field.”  The white bearded man announced in a loud voice.

His proclamation echoed throughout the valley.

Everyone knew that the Dragon Gate Tournament had begun and were all very excited.

“Go on,” old man Zhong, holding his dragon cane, told his seven sons.

“Yes,” all the sons excitedly rushed out immediately.

At the center of the field, there were 30 rows of people, each row stood 100 people.

There were about a hundred people lining along the edge of the valley, they were like old man Zhong who knew they had no chance of entering the Immortal Schools and had sent their sons here.

“Those at Xian Tian who are not yet 50, step forward.”  the white bearded man continued

Hearing those words, twenty people, excitement in their eyes, stepped away from the crowd and formed one row.

These were the strongest who had reached Xian Tian before turning 50.

Right afterwards, members of the various Immortal Schools on the terraces began to throw down various items.  Some threw an iron flower, others a small sword, and others threw down little beads.  Those Xian Tian people each received one of the thrown items.

Receiving one of these items meant that the person had been chosen by the school which threw down the item.  All of those who had reached Xian Tian before 50 had eyes full of excitement.

“The top ranks of Hou Tian who are before 35 step forward.”  the white bearded man spoke again.

With those words, old man Zhong trembled a little.  His face showed utmost surprise.

Zhong Shi Jiu! Zhong Shi Jiu was only 32.

Zhong Shi Jiu rushed to the front and stood in row with the other 11 people.  Zhong Shi Jiu’s face was jubilant.  32 years old, he was only 32.

As expected, these 12 people were chosen by the Immortal Schools.  Many items were thrown from above.  Zhong Shi Jiu’s item was a small wooden sword.  He looked towards the terrace that threw down the sword with surprise.

Zhong Shi Jiu got chosen.  He got chosen!  Old man Zhong sat on the side, mouth trembling with eyes glimmering with extreme happiness.  The other two thousand some people enviously looked at those who had been chosen.

“Alright, Xian Tian against Xian Tian, Hou Tian against Hou Tian.  Choose your own opponent and battle separately.”  the white bearded man said again.

“Yes” everyone shouted out.

The 32 who had been chosen stood at the sidelines, waiting.  The other two thousand some people began their bloody battles.

Massacre, an absolute massacre.  Everyone used their strongest move, fastest move to beat down their opponents so he would have a chance to be chosen by those Immortal Schools.

All of sudden, the battle field was full of blood.  Streaks of blood flew skyward.  Insects, livestock, risking their own lives to win over the sympathy of the Immortal Schools? Or their respect?

In the eyes of the eldest son, Zhong Tian, there was an unbearable look.


In the distance, Zhong Xuan cut off the right arm of his opponent with one stroke.  From one of the lesser Immortal Schools a small wooden knife flew into Zhong Xuan’s hand.  Zhong Xuan was excited, he got it, he got it.

With knife in hand, Zhong Xuan quickly ran over towards Zhong Shi Jiu.

“Ah~~~”  “Ah~~~” “Ah~~~”  ………………….

Screams everywhere, at least a hundred people had been killed already.  But there were also many people receiving items from the Immortal Schools.

Amidst Zhong Tian’s shouting, Zhong Shi Ba and Zhong Liu were killed on the spot by their opponents.   Zhong Tian with red eyes, unconsciously wanted to rush over but was stopped by old man Zhong.  At this moment, there was sorrow in old man Zhong’s eyes too, but he still restrained himself to hold Zhong Tian back.

Without the ability to stop it, you would just be killed.  Besides, this was the path they had chosen.  If they wanted, they could have backed out right then.  But, all the sons chose to battle so they would have a chance to get into the Immortal School.  Immortality is simply too attractive.

After a little while, Zhong Di also received an item.  But, Zhong Huang and Zhong Yi were killed.

Throughout the battle, everyone was in a killing frenzy.  If no item flew down to them after they killed their opponent, they would start battling with another person until an item came or they exhausted all of their strength.

After two hours, only five hundred people were chosen.  There were still two hundred people left fighting.  Each person was soaked in blood and the ground was littered with bodies.

Brutal, too brutal.

“Stop,” the white bearded man ordered.

The one hundred or so people that remained, who were all bathed in blood, automatically stopped.  Tears of sorrow flowed from the eyes of all these people who were considered heroes of the mortal world.  They quickly rushed towards the bodies lying on the ground.

They didn’t get chosen and their kin and friends had died.

A brutal scene. Brutal massacre.  This was the Dragon Gate Tournament.  The Dragon Gate Tournament that everyone craved for.  The ones who jumped up onto the dragon gate would evolve into dragons.  Those who couldn’t reach the dragon gate would fall to their death.

Right at this moment, Zhong Tian rushed into the field looking for the bodies of Zhong Huang, Zhong Yi, Zhong Liu, and Zhong Shi Ba.

Quickly, Zhong Tian, with tears in his eyes and blood all over him, brought the four bodies back to the side of old man Zhong.

“Ai~~~,” old man Zhong lightly sighed.  This was their own choice.

“Father,” Zhong Tian looked at old man Zhong.

“Bring them with us later and give them a good burial,” said old man Zhong.

“En,” said Zhong Tian.

At that moment, those from the terraces flew down to the ground.

They came down to meet those who had received the items they had thrown down.  They scattered in various places.

“Masters from above, please receive three bows from your disciple”  “Masters from above, please receive three bows from your disciple”………………………………….

Everywhere, they were establishing their relationship of master and disciple.  Zhong Di, Zhong Xuan, and Zhong Shi Jiu entered three different schools.  Zhong Di and Zhong Xuan entered two lesser Immortal Schools, while Zhong Shi Jiu very luckily entered one of the great Immortal Schools who were wearing white clothing.

After the confirmation of their relationships, it was time for everyone to say their farewells to those who had come with them.  From now on, they would enter the Immortal Schools and practice the supreme immortal way.  All worldly concerns were no longer something for them to care for.

Some left their new masters to bid goodbye to their families.

Old man Zhong at that moment, holding his dragon cane, were looking at his three sons.

Po Jin Pellet.  Must ask for a Po Jin Pellet from their masters.

But, Zhong Di, Zhong Xuan, and Zhong Shi Jiu didn’t come over to bid farewell to their father.  Rather, they each stood on their masters’ flying swords or magic weapons and flew onto the terraces.

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