Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 31

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Book 1: A New Lease on Life

Chapter 31: The Mysterious White Wolf

Zhong Di took one look at the situation and opted not to go and help. He wouldn’t be of any help to Liu Ming, Wang Gui and the others since they were all at the ninth level of Xiantian. He would only ask to be killed if he interfered. He could only help Tang Xiaoyou’s side.

Earlier Tang Xiaoyou yelled that Zhong Shan was at the third level of Xiantian, yet he himself was at the fourth. Zhong Di understood how Zhong Shan’s thought process; he knew that Zhong Shan wouldn’t reveal all that he was capable of and as such, he didn’t dare to cross blades with him either, instead he just slowly backed away from the fight and hid in the back.

The longer Tang Xiaoyou fought, the more frantic he became. Zhong Shan was only at the third level of Xiantian, so how, how could he be so strong? It’s like… it felt like each one of his strikes was aimed at a weak point.

“Shoot! Shoot!” yelled Tang Xiaoyou, as he spotted the Tang family’s archers arriving.

Arrows were still somewhat effective against people who have just reached Xiantian, however against people like Tianling-er who had such powerful genuine energy that the arrows couldn’t even get close to them. What’s more, their sheer speed was too fast for the archers to even aim at. However, Zhong Shan was different. He hadn’t been able to cultivate his genuine energy yet only his Zhenqi, the thin veil of aura around his body wouldn’t help at all.

Not being able to withstand it doesn’t mean they can’t be dodged. The speed of someone who had reached Xiantian isn’t something that can be matched by mere archers.

A volley of arrows flew, and with a shift of his body, he quickly dodged them all, as he headed in the direction of the little wolf. Then a second volley of even more arrows was fired, heading straight for Zhong Shan.

Seeing the density of this volley, Zhong Shan knew he couldn’t dodge them, so his eyes flared with wrath.

Demonic Body Toning Method!

All of his muscles immediately expanded, quickly enlarging his entire body.

Earlier when Zhong Shan wielded his machete, he had scared the servants of the Zhao family so much that they ran away like headless chicken.

Naturally, the small Demonic Wolf was left behind.

The Demonic Wolf who had been sleeping soundly, was shocked awake by the sudden impact of its fall.

The moment it woke up, it saw the bloodshed happening in the courtyard. And then afterwards, a volley of arrows, the familiar sight of a volley of arrows, flew directly towards it.

Are they… are they finally going to kill me? Like all those other wolves, am I going to be killed by these weapons the humans invented?

Grandpa, won’t you come save me? They’re going to kill me, I’m going to die, grandpa, grandpa!

The Demonic Wolf had a forlorn expression as it gave up hope on living, watching the descending volley of arrows. Its life flashed before its eyes as it felt extreme regret, if only it hadn’t ran out, then it wouldn’t die, it would never have been captured by these bad people.


The Demonic Wolf suddenly heard a roar, and then the countless arrows in his vision disappeared, they were blocked by a body. A giant human body. A body which held and shielded the Demonic Wolf.

“Tong tong tong…………………………………..”

After the man grabbed it, the Demonic Wolf could feel that body pulsate. The Demonic Wolf understood clearly, each pulse was an arrow hitting the body.

He, he protected me with his body? He saved me? Is this one of those good people that grandpa would always talk about? A good person?

“Zhong Shan!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

From afar, Tianling-er yelled.

Zhong Shan made a leap, and landed at a corner of the courtyard, and placed the Demonic Wolf down safely. He then leapt back into the middle of the fight.

“I’m fine!” called Zhong Shan to Tianling-er

Wielding his machete, he ferociously charged at Tang Xiaoyou.

Mountain Splitter!

Under the effects of the Demonic Body Toning Method, Zhong Shan exerted double his usual power, with another full powered strike, the machete wreathed in a red aura, sliced towards Tang Xiaoyou.

Seeing Zhong Shan’s bloodshot eyes, Tang Xiaoyou knew he was in trouble. A sensation of fear that he had never felt before permeated throughout his body as he brought up the sword he held to block.



Tang Xiaoyou’s sword snapped, and his body was also cleaved into two. Blood sprayed all over the courtyard as well as over his body.

With an expression of ruthlessness, Zhong Shan raised his head and looked over at the archers.

All of the archers had fled long ago. He was struck by so many arrows earlier and he was completely unfazed, he blocked them all, what is his body made of? Metal? All of the archers fled without a trace after that sight.

“Leave.” Liu Ming was defeated by Zhao Suoxiang’s sword and calling to Wang Gui, he leapt up onto the roof and disappeared from sight.

Wang Gui naturally followed in the escape.

As for Zhong Di, he had disappeared a long time ago.

Tianling-er was very concerned for Zhong Shan, and as soon as Wang Gui left, she immediately ran to him. Zhong Shan had numerous holes on his back.

“I’m fine.” said Zhong Shan shaking his head.

Tianling-er immediately opened his clothes and saw the skin intact, he was indeed fine, only on his back there were just a few extra scars. Although, a few extra scars on Zhong Shan’s back added to his masculinity.

Masculinity? Blegh! Tianling-er’s face flushed red, and immediately covered his back back up with his clothes again.

“Zhong Shan, you alright?” asked Zhao Suoxiang.

“I’m fine.” nodded Zhong Shan.

“Zhong Shan, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. Third level of Xiantian and you can already bisect someone at fourth level in one strike. Should you ever obtain genuine energy, you have to duel me.” laughed Zhao Suoxiang.

“It’s a deal.” agreed Zhong Shan coolly.

Afterwards, Zhong Shan walked over to the Demonic Wolf and carefully carried it in his arms.

“Zhong Shan, it was thanks to you that we found the Demonic Wolf, otherwise, I’d have never seen it again. It was also you who just saved it, as such, this Demonic Wolf is yours.” said Zhao Suoxiang readily.

Zhao Suoxiang was a very honourable man, he repays all his debts, he also felt a little guilty for suspecting Zhong Shan earlier, and now that the truth has been revealed, he offered the Demonic Wolf as an apology.

“Alright.” said Zhong Shan, lacking any hesitation, he accepted candidly, as though it didn’t affect him at all.

Carrying the Demonic Wolf, Zhong Shan returned to the smaller courtyard, where the maidservant had finished preparing a bath, so Zhong Shan could wash off all the blood.

The Demonic Wolf also had a lot of blood on its fur.

Zhong Shan carried the wolf to the bath and left it to the side with its head above the water and just went about his own business washing his body.

Only after he finished washing himself did he look over at the Demonic Wolf. Lifting the wolf up, he quickly washed it.

“Well, these high-leveled Demonic Wolves are just that special, the whole body’s covered in fur, it’s impossible to tell if its a male or female.” Zhong Shan had a quizzical expression on his face.

However, after swiftly washing the Demonic Wolf’s whole body and rinsing it, he finally laughed. “It’s a female wolf cub, no wonder I couldn’t see anything.”

After he dressed himself, Zhong Shan came out carrying the wolf cub.

“Zhong Shan, I think it’s better to let this wolf cub go. It’s so young, it’s better to return it to its pack. Otherwise it would starve to death, since we don’t know what it eats.” said Tianling-er.

Watching Tianling-er, Zhong Shan thought the suggestion was preposterous. Release it? This is tier four pill ingredient! Although, seeing this wolf cub, perhaps she’s right, in that it wouldn’t take too long for it to starve to death, after all Zhong Shan noticed that this wolf cub doesn’t eat rice soup, since it vomitted it all out earlier in the pool.

It wouldn’t take long for it to die of starvation, and once that time comes, when its blood dries, then it’ll be completely useless, and even if he chose to keep it, it would just be an extra mouth to feed.

Seeing Tianling-er’s attitude of release the wolf or else, Zhong Shan shook his head and in a slightly coddling tone, he said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

“Zhong Shan, are you really planning to release this wolf cub?” asked Zhao Suoxiang in disbelief.


Originally Zhong Shan was reluctant, but, since he promised Tianling-er, whatever reluctance he had didn’t matter. Once a man makes a promise, then it must be upheld, this is also Zhong Shan’s own ideal and philosophy.

“Alright then, I’ll take you to the place.” said Zhao Suoxiang. Since Zhong Shan agreed, then he didn’t really have a say in the decision.

By afternoon, they arrived at a place in the far northern parts of the mountain, Zhao Suoxiang was at the ninth level of Xiantian, but his long spear couldn’t compare with Tianling-er’s flying red silk. Even the materials used to make the red silk was difficult to find.

Seeing the small lake, Zhong Shan carefully placed the Demonic Wolf down.

“Go on, go.” said Tianling-er excitedly.

The Demonic Wolf stared at Zhong Shan incredulously, and then stared at the other two people, as it walked a couple of steps, it then turned its head and it was finally sure that Zhong Shan really meant to release it. At that moment, the Demonic Wolf was definitely sure, Zhong Shan really is a good person, a really good person! She had met a truly good person.

The Demonic Wolf quickly ran to Zhong Shan, and seeing this, Zhong Shan tried to lift the Demonic Wolf back up, but the wolf just lightly stepped out of the way and seeing Zhong Shan’s left palm, she licked it, and then from her mouth, she spat out a white liquid.


The three of them were stunned at the scene before them, after Zhong Shan released it, it came back and spat at them? But, did the Demonic Wolf even know what spitting means?

After the Demonic Wolf finished spitting the white liquid, it turned and with a leap, bolted deep into the mountain, disappearing from their sight.

“This little wolf is so funny, you released it and it spat at you.” laughed Tianling-er.

However, Zhong Shan didn’t say anything.

Saliva? No, it’s not saliva, Zhong Shan noticed that this white liquid, upon contact with his left palm, it was quickly absorbed into his body, what’s more, Zhong Shan had a feeling that that white liquid had dissolved into his blood.

Shaking his head, Zhong Shan dispelled his suspicions.

“Alright, let’s head back.” said Zhong Shan.

“Okay.” agreed Tianling-er.

The three of them quickly left the mountain.

Half an hour after they left, Zhong Shan didn’t realise but from a mountain peak in the distance, there was an extraordinary scene.

A great big wolf, a huge two metre tall giant wolf, stood atop the mountain, and on top of this giant wolf’s head stood a small, one foot tall wolf cub. This was the wolf cub that Zhong Shan released earlier.

The wolf cub stood on the giant wolf’s head, watching Zhong Shan disappear into the mountain. Afterwards, the wolf cub made a soft call to the giant wolf beneath, as though it was ordering the giant wolf.

The giant wolf whined a bit, as though accepting the wolf cub’s orders and immediately turned tail and swiftly bolted deep into the mountains

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