Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 33

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Book 1: A New Lease on Life

Chapter 33: The Wronged Tianling-er


“Da shixiong, should we chase?” asked someone from the Kaiyang School rushing to Tiansha’s side.

“You guys go chase. Yun Qian and I will follow later.” said Tiansha.

“Yes sir.” answered everyone.

And so, the ones from the Kaiyang School, took a step and standing on their swords, flew over the mountains in pursuit, and the ones from the other schools followed suit.

“Zhong Shan, I want to go take a look, what about you?” asked Zhao Suoxiang.

“I’ll pass. See you next time.” replied Zhong Shan immediately.

“See you then.” nodded Zhao Suoxiang, quickly following in pursuit, crossing the mountains.

In the mountain valley, the ones who suffered severe wounds were helped out of the mountains. Everyone left the mountains behind, the only ones remaining were Zhong Shan, Tianling-er, Tiansha and that disciple of the Kaiyang School called Yun Qian, as well as the body of the old man.

Yun Qian picked up the old man’s horsetail whisk and sword, as well as the storage bracelet.

Zhong Shan was looking at the entire mountain valley, on the valley floor were large amounts of broken rocks, and numerous lines of deep gorges. It was incredibly powerful, even Zhong Shan shivered when he looked at the aftermath of the earlier fight; they were too strong, too out of his league currently, he wouldn’t even have been able to do anything, not even Tianling-er would have been able to do anything.

A fight between people at the Golden Core Stage is definitely a fight solely for people at the Golden Core Stage.

“Ling-er, how come you’re here?” Da shixiong asked as he turned to Tianling-er curiously.

Hearing Da shixiong talk to her, Tianling-er grew excited, ever since she was little, she idolized Da shixiong, but he always saw her as a child. Doesn’t matter though, because now she’s all grown up.

“Zhong Shan and I came out to train and we passed here. We heard from someone that there was a big fight, so we came.” splurted Tianling-er excitedly.

“Oh.” nodded Tiansha.

“Da shixiong, it’s done.” said Yun Qian.

Obviously, he was referring to the spoils of war he looted earlier.

“Alright.” nodded Tiansha.

“Da shixiong, can I come with you?” Tianling-er asked Tiansha hopefully.

On the side, Yun Qian looked at Tianglin-er and smiled, “Da shixiong, taking Ling-er with us shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Thanks Yun Qian shixiong.” smiled Tianling-er.

“Haha, I’m not your shixiong yet, you have to get to the Golden Core Stage first.” laughed Yun Qian.

Watching Tianling-er, Tiansha frowned a little and then nodded, “Fine.”

“Yay!” cheered Tianling-er.

“Zhong Shan, I’ll be going with Da shixiong to chase Hao San, you don’t need to worry about my safety.” Said Tianling-er, remembering Zhong Shan was there as well.

Initially, if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t have objected, even Yun Qian and Tiansha took it for granted.

But seeing Tianling-er call to this new disciple from the Kaiyang School, the two of them thought it was a bit superfluous and unnecessary.

Zhong Shan looked around, and then looked at Tiansha and Yun Qian, and finally settled on Tianling-er and said, “No, I forbid it.”


Zhong Shan saying she’s not allowed to go was like pouring a bucket of cold water on a happy Tianling-er, totally raining on her parade. Who is he to say ‘forbid’?

“What, why?” asked Tianling-er desperately.

Yun Qian and Tiansha, watched Zhong Shan with a confused expression. They couldn’t believe that this new person would speak in this manner.

“No means no and that’s final.” said Zhong Shan seriously.

Tiansha and Yun Qian both frowned at Zhong Shan’s repeated rejection.

“You’re of the third generation of disciples? Go back, we’ll return Ling-er to Kaiyang School safely in a year’s time.” said Yun Qian still frowning.

Currently, Tianling-er finally has the opportunity to be with Tiansha, how could she possibly let it go? She was getting desperate. Zhong Shan was always nice to her, doing anything she wanted, so why is he refusing now? Why now of all times?

She pouted, desperation showing on her face, looking at Da shixiong, obviously Tianling-er really wants to go.

Zhong Shan never even looked at Yun Qian, even if he’s a second generation disciple, Zhong Shan didn’t look at him, he only stared at Tianling-er and said, “It’s too dangerous, I won’t let you go.”

“No it’s not, I have Da shixiong, he won’t put me in danger, he won’t!” Tianling-er said, trying to convince Zhong Shan.

“That’s enough, Ling-er, ignore him, let’s just go.” frowned Yun Qian.

Tianling-er was really frustrated, she really wanted to go, very much so, but Zhong Shan isn’t letting her. And as for Zhong Shan, they’ve already become such good friends from their interactions of this period of time, so naturally she doesn’t want to argue with him, but she doesn’t want to miss this chance either. As such, Tianling-er was on the verge of crying. She pouted and stared at Zhong Shan with a face of self-pity.

At Yun Qian’s words, Tianling-er took a deep breath as though she really was going to follow his words and just leave with Tiansha.

“Osmanthus cake.” said Zhong Shan suddenly.

Osmanthus cake? Yun Qian and Tiansha both frowned, osmanthus cake? They didn’t know what Zhong Shan was talking about with his osmanthus cake, is he trying to convince Tianling-er to stay with osmanthus cakes?

Hearing Zhong Shan say ‘osmanthus cake’, Tianling-er’s expression turned pained. She closed her eyes as if torn between two choices.

“Enough, Ling-er, let’s go. Ignore this crazy person.” frowned Yun Qian as he looked at Zhong Shan.

He obviously thought the sudden outburst of ‘osmanthus cake’ was the ramblings of a crazy person.

However, was it really words of madness? It was a promise made between Zhong Shan and Tianling-er before they left the Kaiyang School. As soon as Zhong Shan said the signal, Tianling-er had to do as he asked. At the time, Tianling-er thought it was a funny joke, but when Zhong Shan actually spoke it, Tianling-er discovered that it wasn’t funny at all. Not at all, and instead, it’s painful. Very emotionally painful.

“Da shixiong, Yun Qian shixiong, I’m sorry, but go on your way, I cannot join you.” said Tianling-er as she opened her eyes, turning to the two of them.

“Eh?” Yun Qian looked at Tianling-er incredulously. Tianling-er’s admiration towards da shixiong was obvious, even an idiot could see it, and because of that, Yun Qian supported her in convincing Da shixiong to let her join, but what happened? She would give up just for an osmanthus cake?

“Alright.” nodded Tiansha. Yun Qian could only concede, only looking at Tianling-er with doubt, and then looking at Zhon Shan.

Tiansha also stared at Zhong Shan for a brief moment, frowning. Then with a leap, he leapt over the mountain and Yun Qian stepped on his sword and flew after him.

Seeing Da shixiong leave, Tianling-er felt incredibly wronged and her finally couldn’t hold back the tears as she began to cry.

Seeing the two of them leave, Zhong Shan also relaxed, Tianling-er didn’t leave, thankfully. Chasing after Hao San was too dangerous. That fight earlier in the valley wasn’t something that Tianling-er could handle. As for Tiansha’s protection? Would Tiansha protect her with his life? Even if he would, chasing after Hao San wasn’t only for the Kaiyang School, there were other schools too, so with everyone else chasing, could Tiansha really protect her from everything?

Since Zhong Shan promised Tianxingzi, he will of course do everything in his power to keep Tianling-er safe, and even if he didn’t make that promise, after being together for so long, Zhong Shan wouldn’t want to see Tianling-er in danger anyway.

After everyone left, Zhong Shan quickly checked the body of that dead old guy.

Yun Qian was looting items, but Zhong Shan was looking for anything interesting.

Indeed, not long after, Zhong Shan discovered something unusual. This old guy was a eunuch. A genuine eunuch.

How is this possible? How could he be a eunuch?

Zhong Shan looked at the scene with disbelief. Is he a real eunuch or did he train this way or was it the cause of some old injury?

Zhong Shan couldn’t figure it out, so he lifted his head and looked over to Tianling-er, but found that she had red eyes, and was crying because of the injustice done to her.

Seeing Tianling-er’s expression, Zhong Shan sighed slightly. He said, “Ling-er………”

She didn’t even wait for him to finish. Tianling-er just yelled at Zhong Shan amidst her cries, “Zhong Shan, I hate you!”

Turning around, Tianling-er stepped on her red silk and flew away.

Seeing this, Zhong Shan shook his head with a bitter smile. He quickly followed her.

Zhong Shan followed Tianling-er, chasing her urgently, but little did he know that on a mountain peak, not so far away, at that moment, there were three pairs of eyes trained on him.

Zhong Di, Liu Ming and Wang Gui.

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