Immortal - Book 1: Chapter 35

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Book 1: A New Lease on Life

Chapter 35: The Fire Wolves’ Bizarre Behaviour


Tianling-er watched these demonic wolves and instantly grew apprehensive. These demonic wolves didn’t scare her in the slightest, but Zhong Shan couldn’t hold his own against them. At best, he could defend against the weakest of the wolves but with these numbers, all that would await him would be death.

From what Tianling-er could see and what she had learnt from her father, the wolf king was as strong as someone at the peak of Xiantian and not even someone at that stage like her would be able to beat it.

Nevertheless, she can fly, and as long as she’s flying then she’ll be fine. Question is, what about Zhong Shan? How could he survive?

Worriedly, Tianling-er sped towards Zhong Shan, and despite being angry at him all this time, she still didn’t want to see him hurt or even lose his life.

So she flew as fast as she could towards Zhong Shan.

The wolf king leapt high into the air with its maw open and aimed at Tianling-er. Since the strongest of the wolves had reached the peak of Xiantian, then naturally it must be quite powerful.

Seeing the open mouth headed straight for her, Tianling-er dodged by flying higher into the air, and in that moment, the other demonic wolves leapt towards Zhong Shan and blocked his escape route.

In the air, as soon as Tianling-er saw Zhong Shan in danger, she immediately grew anxious, and with a whip of her red silk, she smacked the wolf king.

Unfortunately for the wolf king, it was in mid-air which made it difficult for it to move and he was completely unable to evade the attack. However, immediately after the attack struck, as it was falling, the wolf king spewed fire from its maw.

The enormous fire attack shot towards Tianling-er, and with a quick jerk, she dodged the attack. However, in doing so, she moved that much further away from Zhong Shan, and she was really anxious now.

However, upon seeing Zhong Shan in battle, Tianling-er was stunned.

Not only Tianling-er but also the three from the Bright Sword House watching from afar were stunned. What happened?

Zhong Shan had his machete raised and stared ferociously at the fire wolves and as soon as a fire wolf neared him, he sliced them. More and more fire wolves began to surround him, but upon surrounding him, they began to slowly take steps backwards.

For reasons unknown, at that moment, all the fire wolves unanimously stopped attacking Zhong Shan. They slowly backed off and the blood shot violent eyes slowly placated.

Zhong Shan was sweating profusely, waving his machete as he watched all sides. His eyes were filled with disbelief. What happened? How did this happen? Why did the wolves stop attacking?

Once all the wolves gave up on Zhong Shan, they all simultaneously charged towards where Tianling-er was.

Because of the earlier attack on the wolf king’s face, its pride was hurt and angrily, the wolf king charged towards Tianling-er again. All of the other wolves also followed.

Seeing all the wolves surround herself, although Tianling-er thought it bizarre, she was also relieved for Zhong Shan’s safety. At least, he won’t be attacked by these demonic wolves.

Far off on a mountain peak, Zhong Di incessantly spouted, “What the hell?! How did this happen??”

“Da shixiong, what happened? Why did those demonic wolves stop attacking Zhong Shan?” Wang Gui asked Liu Ming.

“Asked Zhong Di.” he replied. Liu Ming didn’t know why either so they both turned towards Zhong Di.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. I don’t understand him, I still don’t understand him enough.” said Zhong Di as he watched Zhong Shan with a face full of fear.

Tianling-er was almost burnt by the wolf king’s fire, but she was fast enough to dodge in time. At the same time, she turned her head and looked to the far mountain peak.

It’s them. It has to be their doing.

Tianling-er grew angry and with a wave of her red silk, she flew in the direction of the mountain peak.

“Ling-er, don’t go. Come back!” shouted Zhong Shan angrily.

However, in that moment, after confirming Zhong Shan’s safety, the anger that Tianling-er felt for Zhong Shan suddenly all came back. Why would she listen to Zhong Shan? So she flew quickly towards the mountain peak.

Seeing Tianling-er be so headstrong and uncooperative, Zhong Shan got a headache and with a deep sigh, he leapt in pursuit.

Tianling-er flew ahead with the entire wolf pack on her tail, and Zhong Shan was also following in the distance.

Zhong Shan saw Tianling-er’s intended destination and naturally chose to go the best route. Although, it was a tad bit round-about, it saved him from climbing up and down two whole mountains.

Naturally, the demonic wolves had no such intuition and they followed Tianling-er in a straight line. Going up and down and up and down the mountains, wasting a lot more time than Zhong Shan.

Very soon, Tianling-er arrived at the peak and wielding her red silk, engaged in a fight with Liu Ming and Wang Gui immediately.

When Zhong Shan finally arrived, he was greeted with a terrible sight. Tianling-er’s red silk had a hole pierced through it by Liu Ming’s sword. The red silk had been damaged, shit!

At that moment, the demonic wolf pack also caught up, and immediately the wolves caught sight of Tianling-er as though they were going to tear her to pieces or they wouldn’t rest.

Seeing the event unfurling, Zhong Shan was worried, and without thinking about the consequences, he jumped in between Tianling-er and the pack of wolves, with his machete drawn pointing threateningly at the wolves.

This was the mountain peak, and at the top there was a giant rock and Tianling-er was fighting on the other side of it, whilst Zhong Shan stood behind Tianling-er protecting her from the demonic wolves.

Tianling-er didn’t have the effort to worry about the demonic wolves, as though at the moment, she wanted to deal with her two adversaries quickly. However, the other two were of the ninth level of Xiantian and although the training manuals they had practiced on weren’t as powerful Tianling-er’s, they still had the sheer strength. And it was two against one, could they still not beat her? Slowly, Tianling-er lost her advantage.

Zhong Shan pointed his machete at the pack of wolves and although slightly worried, the event that took place before, Zhong Shan still remembered.

Although he didn’t know why the wolves wouldn’t attack him, however at the moment he would have to gamble.

Indeed, each of the wolves who saw Zhong Shan instantly stopped and the wolf king strolled out. The wolf king looked at Zhong Shan but it couldn’t focus. It looked at Tianling-er with anger, resentment and then it looked at Zhong Shan, pretty slowly as though it didn’t want to let Tianling-er leave alive.

However, seeing Zhong Shan and his face of anger, the wolf king stared. Suddenly, it howled twice.

Turning back, the demonic wolf pack is heading back down the mountain.

They’re gone!

Gone? Zhong Shan stared at the event before them, what had happened? Why did the demonic wolves stop attacking him suddenly? It wasn’t even that they couldn’t hit him, it was more like they didn’t want to get him hurt. What happened? What on earth happened?

Just as Zhong Shan was doubtful of their non-violence, and suddenly, Zhong Shan’s entirely body tensed.

Danger! Very high leveled danger !


Another sound was heard from the far right.


A horizontal slash was made. A noise that sounded like a collision rang and Zhong Shan dodged to the edge of the large rock.

Shocked, he stood and turned to face his adversary.

“Bitch!” growled Zhong Shan coldly.

Seeing Zhong Shan evade his attack, Zhong Di felt timid. He had some spark of motivation in his eyes, he continued to suppress his emotions and raising his sword he pointed it at Zhong Shan and said, “Don’t blame me for this. It’s not my fault. If you want to blame someone then blame yourself, you’re too frightening!”

“Hmmph.” derided Zhong Shan.  

The sword and machete clashed once more. Zhong Di was at the fourth level of Xiantian, however, Zhong Shan’s machete skills were exceptionally strong. It was demonstrated back when he fought Tang Xiaoyou. So naturally he wasn’t afraid of Zhong Di. Father and son, their weapons clashed again, amidst the rapid attacks.


From afar, suddenly there was the scream of Tianling-er.

Hearing this sound, Zhong Shan was startled. He turned his head to see and to his dismay, Tianling-er’s red silk had newly gained hundreds of new holes, and her right leg had been struck by Liu Ming’s sword.


Zhong Shan was worried, he had to hurry. The sooner he can deal with Zhong Di’s distraction, the sooner he can get Tianling-er out of here. WIth his Wind Chaser Boots, they should be able to get away!

Demonic Body Toning Method!

“Crack~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~” Zhong Shan’s musculature suddenly exploded in size and made a devastating attack directed at Zhong Di.

Seeing this attack, Zhong Di suddenly remembered Tang Xiaoyou, and with a sudden fright, he immediately retreated whilst bringing up his sword to block.


Zhong Di’s long sword was cleaved cleanly in two by Zhong Shan. Running out of time to deal with Zhong Di thoroughly, Zhong Shan hurried towards Tianling-er.

At the moment when Zhong Shan wanted to rush to Tianling-er, she suddenly retrieved an object made of white jade. It was tetrahedral, slightly like a mahjong tile, and on the surface was inscribed a red flaming phoenix. This was the object that Tianxingzi gave to Tianling-er before they set out to protect her. The Jade Rune.

Tianling-er squeezed the Jade Rune when her leg got hurt.


A phoenix call sounded through the air, as the Jade Rune was destroyed and a giant flaming phoenix at about five meters from head to tail, flew out.

The phoenix emerged in a giant pillar of flame and that moment stunned everybody, including Tianling-er as this was her first time using the Jade Rune.

The phoenix didn’t receive any order so it just danced through the sky.

Liu Ming and Wang Gui regained their composure quickly, they raised their weapons and attack Tianling-er.

Sensing the attack, Tianling’er panicked and pressed her right hand down.

The phoenix followed the direction she indicated and charged downwards. It was like it was trying to collide with Liu Ming and Wang Gui.

The two men quickly jumped to both sides to dodge.


The phoenix directly struck the ground. A moment later, there was a large noise, the giant rock down below cracked open.

It should be known that this giant rock was as if floated in mid air. The moment when the rock cracked, it dropped down into the mountain valley at speed.

Zhong Di, trying to perform a sneak attack on Zhong Shan, couldn’t find his footing and fell with the rock.

Liu Ming and Wang Gui landed on the ground, which was also cracked open and they fell.




The three of them continuously screamed as they dropped ever deeper into the mountain valley.

As for Zhong Shan, standing in between the two groups, could rejoice neither as he too fell.

However, whilst Zhong Shan was falling in fear, suddenly the red silk wrapped itself around Zhong Shan’s waist and caught him.

Tianling-er will always be Tianling-er. She grabbed the mid-section of the holey red silk with one end wrapped around Zhong Shan and the other end wrapped around a stone outcropping. Her face showed a frightening amount of concern.

She couldn’t hold on, the rock outcropping holding them shifted. They were about to drop.

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