Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 17

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Book 2: Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 17: To the Defence of Home


“Da shixiong, why are you back so quickly?”

Zhong Shan heard Tianling-er as he walked out of the lobby.

Outside the lobby, stood Tiansha in front of Tianling-er. Behind him were eight others, including Yunqian.

Tiansha gazed at Beiqingsi as she came out with Zhong Shan.

“Hao San has died so we came back here.” One of the disciple said.

“Hao San is dead?” Beiqingsi asked as she walked out.

“He’s dead. His time is up. He died between 9 and 11 pm at the foot of a hill.” Tiansha spoke with eyes focused on Beiqingsi.

Beiqingsi slightly frowned upon seeing the expression on Tiansha’s face.

“What happened to Hao San’s body? Didn’t my dad say that anyone who brought back his body to the School will receive a level four pellet?” Tianling-er asked immediately.

“Level four pellet? Hao San’s body is worth much more than that. At the time, there were more than five people who were already at the Nascent Soul Stage there.” Someone behind Tiansha said.

“Nascent Soul Stage?” Tianling-er widened her eyes. There were even people at the Nascent Soul Stage chasing after one who was only at the Xiantian Stage?

At the present, only Zhong Shan knew just how valuable Hao San was; he had learned from the newly acquired <Establishing A Heavenly Imperial Court>.

“Qingsi, the Grandmaster let me accompany you to go to the Eight Gates Mountain. Let’s go now.” Tiansha abruptly spoke.

“It’s not necessary. I can go by myself, the Eight Gates Mountain isn’t too dangerous.” Beiqingsi spoke after a moment of thought.

Tiansha frowned but continued to insist, “The Grandmaster must have his reason for me to go with you. Besides, we will pass through the Eight Gates Mountain on our way. It’s better that we can take care of each other on the road.”

Beiqingsi thought again and turned to look at Zhong Shan. She was a little reluctant but eventually nodded.

Tiansha clearly saw the change in Beiqingsi’s expression, why did she turn to look at that man? Tiansha dubiously looked at Zhong Shan, the new disciple of the Kaiyang School. Why did Beiqingsi look at him? There was a flash of coldness in his eyes but he hid it very well. He instantly turned to nod at Beiqingsi.

However, Zhong Shan had clearly noticed the change in his eyes. He didn’t show any emotion on his face yet he made a note of it in his mind.

“Da shixiong.” Tianling-er looked at Tiansha, wanting to say something.

At that moment, Tianling-er didn’t know what had come over her. If it was in the old days, she would definitely ask to go with them. She would have mentioned it right away since Zhong Shan was not against it. But, she hesitated. She glanced at Zhong Shan and stopped herself from asking. She didn’t even know whether she was hoping Zhong Shan would prevent or encourage her to go.

“Ling-er, you want to go with us?” Yunqian asked with a smile.

Both Tianling-er and Tiansha frowned.

Tiansha didn’t want her to go. He didn’t want Beiqingsi to see the admiration that Tianling-er commonly displayed. As for Tianling-er, she looked at Zhong Shan again with a frown, then she nodded positively.

Zhong Shan didn’t stop her. He remained calm, but suddenly, his pupils shrunk for a brief moment.

“Ling-er, you stay here and help me with something.” Zhong Shan suddenly asked.

“Uh?” Tianling-er suspiciously looked at Zhong Shan.

Everyone else also looked at Zhong Shan. Was he going to use osmanthus cake again to entice her to stay?

Tiansha, for the first time, thought positively of Zhong Shan after hearing his suggestion and further urged, “Yeah, Ling-er, it’s better you stay here to help out Zhong Shan.”

Beiqingsi also looked at Zhong Shan with doubt.

“Is it very important?” Tianling-er asked.

“En, I can’t handle it without your help.” Zhong Shan nodded and said in a low voice.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Tianling-er nodded, “Alright.”

Before she met Zhong Shan, she would never miss such a great opportunity to be near Tiansha even if it meant being scolded by her father.  Yet now, she was willing to stay as if she wasn’t interested in Tiansha at all. As both Zhong Shan and Tiansha had asked her to stay, she agreed.

On the other hand, Tiansha became suspicious after seeing Tianling-er agree to stay so willingly. He frowned, feeling as if he had somehow lost something. He looked at Zhong Shan, but couldn’t figure it out.

Tiansha was puzzled, but he looked at Beiqingsi and spoke, “Then, let’s go now.”

“En.” Beiqingsi nodded, then bid goodbye to Tianling-er and Zhong Shan and flew away with the others.

Tianling-er felt a little sad as she watched Tiansha fly away, but it didn’t bother her too much. She turned her head to look at Zhong Shan.

“Zhong Shan, what’s the matter?” Tianling-er asked naturally.

Zhong Shan was a bit confused seeing the calmness of Tianling-er right now compared to the screaming and yelling last time.

“There are several very high levelled people heading to my old home to look for trouble. I may not be able to defeat them. You take care it for me when the time comes.” Zhong Shan said.

“No problem. If they are looking for trouble with you, it’s the same as looking for trouble with me. I will take care them.” Tianling-er spoke with confidence.

Zhong Shan smiled. “Good. Then let’s go now.”



While Zhong Shan was facing Tiansha and his group, something happened inside the Zhong residence back at Xuan City in Da Kun Kingdom.

As the shadow double Zhong Shan was practicing inside his room, a white dove suddenly flew into the yard.

He frowned slightly when he heard the sound of the dove. He opened the door and walked over to the dovecote, taking a piece of paper from the dove’s leg.

“The elders of the Zhao family, Qian family and Sun family have all arrived at Xuan City.”

He could tell that something bad was going to happen from just that short line. Since Xuan City, though close to the capital, was basically within Zhong Shan’s sphere of influence. The royal family and the other four great families didn’t have a strong presence in the city. What were they up to if the three elders arrived there at the same time? There was a great possibility that they were scheming against the Zhong family.

Looking at the sky outside the yard, the shadow double squinted and lightly sneered.

This was the reason that Zhong Shan suddenly asked Tianling-er to stay.

In the evening, three days later, Zhong Shan, with machete on his back, arrived at the gate of the Zhong residence.

All the servants were stunned to see Zhong Shan, then remembered their manners. Everyone bowed to Zhong Shan as he walked into the residence.

Tianling-er followed Zhong Shan, curious at the many servants all bowing to Zhong Shan.

Soon, Tianling-er saw a five stories high pavilion not too far away.

“Zhong Shan, there’s a tall building over there? Let me go see.” Tianling-er called out.

“En.” Zhong Shan nodded and accompanied her towards the pavilion.

The servants were shocked to hear a girl call their master’s name, but no one dared to say anything.

Zhong Shan waved his hand to send all the servants away when they reached the pavilion.

Tianling-er swiftly climbed up as Zhong Shan walked to a corner. A black shadow at the corner merged into Zhong Shan’s body in a flash. The two Zhong Shans had become one.

Zhong Shan called out to the housekeeper not too far away, “Get the Tianxiang Courtyard ready. A special guest will be staying there.”

“Yes, sir.” A housekeeper, in the distance, nodded and answered.

Then, Zhong Shan went up to meet Tianling-er, who had already reached the top level and could see the busy streets of the entirety of Xuan City. Tianling-er was quite happy with it.

She immediately spoke to Zhong Shan when he came up, “Zhong Shan, where are your enemies? I’ll go take care them.”

Zhong Shan shook his head and smiled, “They will be here in a few days. Then it’s not as simple as taking care them, it will be a life-and-death battle.”

“Oh.” Tianling-er nodded and seemed to realize the seriousness of the matter.

At dinner, Tianling-er once again tasted gourmet food. Compared to the Kaiyang School, the food here was much more delectable. If would be so much better if the Kaiyang School was located here.

Zhong Shan went back to a small courtyard after sending Tianling-er back to her quarter. He quickly reviewed the newest information that had just arrived.

Three strong men, though their exact strength was unknown, had all entered immortal schools 52 years ago and were at advanced stages.

There was a series of knocks on the door.

Zhong Shan frowned, looked at the gate at the other side of the yard, and asked, “Who is it?”

“Master, there’s a visitor with the gold token.” The voice of the housekeeper came from outside the gate.

Gold token? Zhong Shan had issued gold, silver, and bronze tokens to different people. Gold token? That would be the highest type, who was this?

Zhong Shan put down the information in his hand, walked across the yard, and opened the gate. Outside, there was a black robed man, wearing a large bamboo hat, standing behind the housekeeper.

“You can leave.” Zhong Shan said to the housekeeper.

“Yes, sir.” The housekeeper answered and quickly left.

“Anhuang, come in.” Zhong Shan told the black robed man.

“Yes, master.” The man responded immediately.

Zhong Shan shook his head, Anhuan was still calling him master, but didn’t say anything about it.

When they were inside the yard, the man then took off his big hat.

“It’s hard to imagine that there would be a day that you would come through the door.” Zhong Shan closed the door and laughed.

“The master’s house has so many traps, I can only come through the door.” Anhuang obediently replied.

Zhong Shan gave up on lightening the mood and led him into the room.

“Master, I have received news lately that the Zhao, Qian and Sun families are trying to hurt you.” Anhuang said in a low voice.

“It’s true. If I haven’t reached the Xiantian Stage, they would’ve just let me die of old age. But now that I’ve reached Xiantian, with a lifespan of two hundred years, the great families will certainly feel scared.” Zhong Shan spoke with a frown.

“Master is too strong, so the three families are anxious to move in.” Anhuang said.

“Three families? It’s more than that. This time, it will be more than three families. The Li family and the royal Su family will definitely send people over as well.” Zhong Shan said wisely.

“Master, should we stay away from them for the time being?” Anhuang asked.

“Stay away for the time being? We will see then. I spent a lot of effort to build the Zhong residence here, I won’t give it up unless it’s absolutely necessary.” Zhong Shan deepened his voice.

“En.” Anhuang nodded.

“Since you’re here, rest here for some time. That Tianling-er at the Tianxiang Courtyard, stay away from her.” Zhong Shan instructed.

“Yes.” Anhuang nodded.

“Master, do we need to mobilize the An Ye Tang?” Anhuang asked again.

“It’s time for An Ye Tang to show its power now. In a few days, I’ll come up with a list of names for you. Wait for my order. I’m still missing something right now.” There was frost glittering in his eyes.

“Yes, sir.” Anhuang nodded.

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