Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 18

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Book 2: Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 18: Yinglan


Inside Xuan City in the Da Kun Kingdom.

In a large hall, there were presently eight people sitting in a circle.

Four of them were sitting in the upper row, whilst the other four sat in a lower row. Obviously, they were of a lower social standing than the four people sitting above. That being said, two of the four people sitting at the lower row were two people that Zhong Shan met in the Dragon Gate Gorge over a year ago; the head of the Zhao family and the head of the Qian family.

The head of the Zhao family addressed the others and asked, “has the royal Su family not arrived yet?”

One of them replied, “The Su family? They’re the ones who wants to use us to get rid of the Zhong family so they can benefit without putting in an ounce of effort.”

“Zhong Shan? How are you so afraid of him? He has only been in Xiantian for just over one year, I can kill him by myself.” said one of the elders.

“Please, don’t underestimate Zhong Shan. He is a frightening guy, very frightening. It was fine back when he hadn’t reached Xiantian, we just had to wait until he reached his eventual limit, but now that he’s reached Xiantian, his lifespan is two hundred years. With his roots, he isn’t able to reach the Gold Core Stage, which means he’ll definitely change his goals to focus on the prosperous mortal world which will be detrimental for my family.” said the head of the Qian family.

“Tch, you don’t deserve to be the family head.” said Qian family elder in a cold voice. How could a businessman make the family head worry so much. Useless, absolutely useless.

“No, elder, it’s not that my nature is weak, it’s just that Zhong Shan is a very powerful man. If you don’t believe me, just ask the heads of the Zhao family, Sun family and Li family. Everybody agrees which is why we’re asking you to intervene. Although, it hurts our reputations a little, if this threat to all of us could be removed then I’d gladly resign from my position as head.” stated the head of the Qian family.

Hearing this proclamation, the Qian family elder squinted and looked over at the other three family heads. They all had the same expression.

The four elders all looked at each other frowning.

“When should we make our move?” asked the Zhao family elder, quite straightforwardly.

“Elder, dealing with Zhong Shan isn’t any business of our four families. The royal family should be extra worried. We’ll wait ten more days, if the royal family is still standing by then, then we’ll charge the Zhong family gates.” said the head of the Zhao family.

“Agreed.” nodded everyone.


In an inn, on the north-eastern side of Da Kun Kingdom.

All the other diners had been cleaned out, and there were, at present, over twenty people occupying this inn.

Some people well versed in martial arts wanted to negotiate, but they were immediately thrown out by the guard at the door.

There was a large table inside the inn filled with plates of food.

On this table sat only two people. One man and one woman.

The woman had an air of confidence and self-importance, as it is Princess Qianyou who pursued Hao San not long ago. The man was the vain prince Gulin.

To the side, Mr. Shuijing was fanning a fan.

At the moment, Princess Qianyou wasn’t there to dine, but instead was there listen to the report given by a man who was kneeling on one knee in front of the table.

After the report, Princess Qianyou stood up and paced back and forth in front of the table.

“Qianyou, didn’t you say you want to try out this place’s delicacy? Why aren’t you eating?” Asked Gulin as he picked up a pair of chopsticks and held it out to Qianyou.

Glaring at Gulin, Princess Qianyou looked over with disdain and just said, “You go ahead and eat.”

“What’s the matter?” asked Gulin, putting down the chopsticks.

Princess Qianyou thought for a moment and then turned her head to the silent Mr. Shuijing. At the moment, Mr. Shuijing was standing to the side, fanning the fan and showing a slight smile on his face.

“What do you think?” Qianyou asked Mr. Shuijing.

“Your highness has already decided at present, you need not ask me.” replied Mr. Shuijing with a smile as he continued to fan.

Hearing Mr. Shuijing’s reply, Princess Qianyou’s eyes flashed with an idea.

Seeing Princess Qianyou and Mr. Shuijing make puzzling remarks, Gulin immediately asked, “Shuijing, what’s going on?”

Looking at Qianyou and then over at Gulin, Mr. Shuijing impatiently answered, “The Golden Lock Formation on Eight Gates Mountain may only has a ten percent chance that it contains formation souls.”

“There’s only a ten percent chance?” frowned Gulin.

Ten percent, in the eyes of Princess Qianyou and Mr. Shuijing was already a lot however Gulin didn’t realise it, so Mr. Shuijing could only shake his head and sigh. Having such a prince master was a very painful thing.

“Ten percent is a lot already.” Princess Qianyou explained while frowning.

“Then let’s go over there, I’ll snatch it and gift to you, Qianyou.” offered Gulin immediately.

However, Qianyou only looked at Mr. Shuijing and said, “I’m relying on your wisdom this time, if there really are souls then I will share it with you.”

“What’s there to share, if there really are souls then I’ll decide at the time and give them directly to you, Qianyou.” said Gulin.

Seeing Gulin, Mr. Shuijing could only shake his head as he sighed in his mind.

“Silence.” ordered Princess Qianyou, already annoyed.

“I’m offering to give you the souls, what’s wrong about that?” frowned Gulin.

Watching Gulin, Qianyou doesn’t know what to say, but one thing is for certain and that is she never should’ve brought Gulin along in the first place.

“Alright, let’s set off now.” said Princess Qianyou, frowning.

And so, Princess Qianyou walked in front with Gulin to her side and everyone else fell in line behind.


It was the third day of Anhuang’s arrival at the Zhong Estate at Xuan City in the Da Kun Kingdom.

Zhong Shan stood at the top floor of the five story building and reorganised the information he newly received. He then looked out towards a building in the far distance. There, the four family heads and the four elders resided.

Zhong Shan watched that place with a cold glare.

As for Tianling-er, at the moment, she was grabbing onto a fishing pole and was learning to fish in one of the ponds on the Zhong Estate. To begin with she was very excited, however, after two entire hours the fish still hadn’t bitten and slowly Tianling-er’s frustration grew. How come when Zhong Shan fishes the fish all bite, but when she herself tried for so many hours not a single fish had bit. Could it be that these fish were all nurtured by Zhong Shan as well?

Standing on the top floor, Zhong Shan turned his head and watched Tianling-er poke the water with her fishing pole. He smiled at the sight and shook his head. How could anyone catch fish this way? All the fish has been scared away already.

Just when Zhong Shan was about to go down and give her advice, suddenly a bell sounded.

Lifting his head, he saw that at the very top of this building, there is a large purple bell.

Seeing the bell toll, Zhong Shan was surprised and then he smiled. Turning back, he quickly headed downstairs.

When the bell tolls, it’s not just the bell in this building. There are bells all around the Zhong Estate and they’re all similar bells so when this one rang, so did all the others.

Tianling-er was trying to whack the fish with her fishing pole when suddenly she head a bell ring from the building. No, it seemed like the ringing was coming from all around the Zhong Estate.

Putting the fishing pole down, she went to have a look. It just so happens that Zhong Shan just came out of the building and passed by not too far away from her. Tianling-er immediately saw him busily move down the corridor.

Tianling-er immediately chased after him. Could those bad people have come attacking?

She quickly ran after Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan also knew Tianling-er was behind him, but it seemed that he didn’t have the time to look back, he kept running.

Soon, Zhong Shan stopped outside an separate courtyard.

Zhong Shan stood outside the courtyard and looked at the courtyard gate as though waiting for whoever was behind it to open it.

Tianling-er chased after Zhong Shan and saw him strangely staring at a gate.

“Zhong Shan, are those bad guys here?” asked Tianling-er.

Looking at Tianling-er, Zhong Shan shook his head and smiled, “No, it’s a relative.”

“Relative?” asked Tianling-er with curiousity.

In this courtyard, inside a bedroom, the floorboards in the corner suddenly parted and from inside, an agile little woman ran out. The woman was very beautiful however moreso was her confidence. It was written all over her face.  She wore black skintight clothes and had a hot body.

The woman looked to be around twenty years old. The moment she exited the hole, her face was filled with emotion and excitement. After a moment, she knocked on the floor and the floorboards shifted back.

The woman quickly ran to the courtyard, wanting to quickly open the courtyard gates, however, when she reached forward to open the gates, she had this feeling of reservation, as though not wanting to open the gates.

“Yinglan, open up.” said Zhong Shan as his voice suddenly sounded from the other side of the gates.

Hearing Zhong Shan’s voice, although there were some differences as though younger, however this woman knew it’s Zhong Shan, definitely Zhong Shan.

Yinglan couldn’t wait till the courtyard gates opened.

Opening the gates, Yinglan immediately saw two people. Tianling-er was immediately ignored by her. Yinglan looked at Zhong Shan and although the man in front of her was very different to the man she remembered, but she knew this is Zhong Shan. Yinglan could recognise his eyes, she couldn’t be wrong. Zhong Shan reached Xiantian?

Seeing the gates open, Zhong Shan smiled, whilst Tianling-er became suddenly nervous. Seeing the woman in the doorway, she was very confused.

Since Tianling-er found out that this woman mentioned by Zhong Shan was too womanly, her form is too perfect and she’s hot, there was also what she was wearing. All of this put her on a whole different level to most women, and standing in front of such a woman, Tianling-er felt like a small girl.

Who is she? Who is she to Zhong Shan? Tianling-er really wanted to know, but at the same time, looking at this woman that Zhong Shan knew, she grew envious and competitive.

“Granduncle.” greeted Yinglan, and then proceeded to quickly sprint straight to Zhong Shan and then embraced him in a hug. With a hold around Zhong Shan’s neck, she didn’t want to let go no matter what

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