Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 24

Translated by Team DHH.

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Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 24: Three Kong Ling Gems


All eight invaders were dead.

Inside the Zhong residence, Zhao Suoxiang, frownimg at the silk cloth in his hands, suddenly said to Zhong Shan, “Zhong Shan, I can’t go to the Eight Gates Mountain. I have to rush back to the Iron Spear School immediately.”

“Are you leaving now?” Zhong Shan asked.

“Yes, I have to leave now. It looks like I came to the Xuan City at the right moment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have learned of the impending danger my school faces. Compare to the life or death crisis of my school, the happenings at Eight Gates Mountain is not of my concern.  I have to get back as soon as possible.”

“Sure, housekeeper, prepare his horse.” Zhong Shan called to people outside the courtyard.

Zhong Shan, understanding his urgency, gave the order without further ado.

“Yes, sir.” Someone answered from outside the yard.

Zhong Shan together with Tianling-er walked out to the front door with Zhao Suoxiang to see him off. The housekeeper hurriedly passed over a token to Zhong Shan. Zhong Shan turned the token over to Zhao Suoxiang and said, “At this time, the city gate is already closed. Show them this token and they will open the gate for you.”

“Thanks.” Zhao Suoxiang nodded, mounted the horse with spear in hand, and sped away posthaste.

“Zhong Shan, why did you let those two go?” Tianling-er asked immediately after Zhao Suoxiang had left.

“Let them go? Hehe, let’s go in first. This time, thank you for your help.” Zhong Shan said to Tianling-er with smile.

“En.” Tianling-er beamed at being praised.

There were servants cleaning up the aftermath of the fight in the courtyard. Zhong Shan took Tianling-er to another courtyard.

Yinglan ran over at the same time. She grabbed Zhong Shan’s arm, “Granduncle, how was it? I released the arrows in time, didn’t I?”

Seeing Yinglan so close to Zhong Shan, made a frown grow on Tianling-er’s face, her excitement from earlier had turned into irritation.

“Of course, they didn’t realize who our Yinglan is.” Zhong Shan answered with a laugh.

“Granduncle, did Zhao Suoxiang leave?” Yinglan asked again.

“En, his school is facing a crisis. He has to go back.” Zhong Shan nodded. There was worry in his eyes about Zhao Suoxiang. But, he couldn’t really go with him. Though he had defeated the Elder Qian, he knew it very clearly that he wasn’t capable of offering much help.

“What kind of treasures did those three exchange for their lives, Granduncle?” Yinglan continued.

“Kong Ling Gem.” Zhong Shan told her and explained its usage.

Yinglan’s eyes brightened afterwards, “Granduncle, give me two. I want a storage bracelet, I want a magic item.”

Zhong Shan shook his head and looked sternly at her. “You haven’t reached Xiantian yet. I have other important usage with these three Kong Ling Gem. I’ll get one for you in the future.”

Yinglan obediently nodded. “Alright, but Granduncle, you have to give me one as soon as possible.”

“Of course.” Zhong Shan nodded, satisfied that she was so understanding. He used his palm to stroke Yinglan’s hair affectionately.

“Humph,” Tianling-er huffed out angrily. She didn’t even know why she was doing that.

“The enemy’s gone. Let’s go get a drink to celebrate. What’s wrong with you, Ling-er?” Zhong Shan turned his head back to Tianling-er.

“No, I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.” Tianling-er quickly turned around and ran to her own living quarters.

Zhong Shan frowned and remained quiet for a time.

Tianling-er ran back in tears. After closing the door in her room, she cried for a long time holding her blanket, soaking it before she finally felt better.

Her recent actions confused her? She hadn’t cried since her mother’s passing. But, why was she so sad now? What was wrong with her? Why was she sad when she saw Zhong Shan getting close to other woman?

Was this what her mother had told her about liking someone? Liking Zhong Shan? No, no, she liked Da Shixiong, not Zhong Shan. But, why was she acting this way? Yet all things considered, Zhong Shan was a nice person, he was skilled at wood carving, too.

Tianling-er took out the figure that Zhong Shan had carved for her before and slowly rubbed it. A smile appeared without her noticing it.

If Tianxingzi had seen his own daughter crying and smiling like this, he would have widened his eyes in disbelief. It was simply inconceivable.

Zhong Shan sent Yinglan away after a while. He had begun to experience the aftereffects of the Demonic Body Toning Method. He quickly returned to his room to rest.

The next day, in addition to the storage bracelet that his shadow double had brought back after killing Elder Qian, the bracelets from the other three people were also brought in front of Zhong Shan. He destroyed them and kept the Sumeru Stones.

His shadow double used one of the three Kong Ling Gems to make a storage bracelet and filled it fully with half of the Sumeru Stones.

There was a special feature about the shadow double. When he turned into a shadow, he could turn everything that was within five inches around his body into a shadow as well. The sword, Undying, which had pierced through Elder Qian was hiding in the shadow.

However, he couldn’t turn things that were too thick into shadow with him. Now, with a storage bracelet, everything could go into the bracelet which definitely would be within five inches against his body.

That night, Zhong Shan walked into a secret room where Anhuang sat cross-legged. He had been hit by two arrows, though not serious, and needed some time to recover from his wounds.

“Master.” Anhuang instantly stood up and greeted Zhong Shan.

“Sit down. Thanks for your help this time.” Zhong Shan said and sat down right across from Anhuang, cross-legged as well.

“No, it’s my pleasure to work for master.” Anhuang reverently answered.

Zhong Shan didn’t try to correct how Anhuang addressed him anymore ever since he had decided to establish his own dynasty. If he became the emperor in the future, he would have to accept the title anyway.

“En. I probably will need you to stay at the Zhong Estate for awhile.” Zhong Shan spoke.

“Huh?” Anhuang was surprised.

“I’ll be away for sometime. There’s no one at the Xiantian Stage here during the time I’m away, I’m afraid that intruders will come.”  Zhong Shan explained.

“There’s no need to worry, master. I’ll keep the Zhong Estate safe.” Anhuang nodded.

“En. These are two Kong Ling Gems. Yinglan had asked for them, but I didn’t give them to her. You keep them to make your own storage item and create your own magic item.” Zhong Shan said.

Anhung frowned, he spoke despite the fact that he longed for a Kong Ling Gem, “It’s better to give them to Lady Yinglan. I don’t need it for now, besides we can get it later on.”

“Nonsense. I said it’s yours, so it’s yours.” Zhong Shan pushed the two Kong Ling Gems into Anhuang’s hand.

Looking at the Kong Ling Gems in his hand, Anhuang was silent for a while then nodded solemnly. “Yes, sir.”

Zhong Shan nodded, then took out the other half of the Sumeru Stones to give to Anhuang.  “I have told you how to use the Kong Ling Gem. You stay here to recover from your wounds. We’ll be leaving tomorrow and I won’t come by to say goodbye.”

“Yes, sir.” Anhuang took over the Sumeru Stones and nodded.

Zhong Shan nodded, then left.

Not only was Zhong Shan going to the Eight Gates Mountain, his shadow double was going too. Since, the enemy Zhong Shan was going to face this time would be the most powerful opponents that he would meet in his life so far.



Next morning, Zhong Shan asked both girls to come.

“This is the Wind Chaser Boots that Ling-er gave me. As I’ve progressed in my practice, the amount of my Zhengqi has increased to the point that it’s overwhelming the boots. It has less and less value to me now. You’re at the lowest level among us. So put them on for our trip to the Eight Gates Mountain.” Zhong Shan gave the boots to Yinglan while talking.

Tianling-er was annoyed that Zhong Shan gave the boots that she had given him to Yinglan.

Zhong Shan had noticed Tianling-er’s change in mood two nights ago. He realized that the two girls weren’t getting along. Last time, because Tianling-er had lost control of her temper, they had fallen into the trap laid by Zhong Di and fell into the valley. This trip was even more dangerous than that time. It was especially important that the three of them worked together harmoniously. Tianling-er was straightforward, as long as Yinglan could back away a little bit then it should be fine between the two.  Therefore, Zhong Shan had a long talk with Yinglan last night.

Yinglan was able to see the larger picture. Though she wasn’t particularly willing, she promised to do her best since Zhong Shan had asked her.

“Thanks a lot, Ling-er Jiejie.” Yinglan said to Tianling-er.

Tianling-er looked at her dumbfoundedly. She didn’t expect Yinglan to call her jiejie. It was the first time that anyone had ever called her jiejie. Tianling-er wasn’t the kind of person who held grudges for long, her unhappy feeling almost entirely dissipated right then.

“En. You’re welcome.” Tianling-er said.

Zhong Shan gave Yinglan a look of praise after seeing the word of jiejie could so easily dissolved the animosity between the two girls.  Yinglan also showed a brilliant smile on her face.

Yinglan called Zhong Shan granduncle while calling Tinaling-er jiejie. Yet, Zhong Shan was just friends with Tianling-er. The relationships between generations were all messed up.

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