Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 27

Translated by Team DHH.

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Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 27: Miao Xianren


Zhong Shan decided to go forward, steering clear of the jiangshi. They were in such a precarious condition with just one jiangshi chasing them. There were still 24 jiangshi and that mysterious black robed man. It would be too dangerous if they all started attacking them.

Zhong Shan knew that the black robed man only sent out one jiangshi because he was preoccupied and couldn’t go after them. It was better for them to get away from him as quickly as possible.

They moved towards the southeast to get as far away from that valley as possible. Zhong Shan scoped out the terrain while they were on the mountaintop. Tianling-er was forbidden to fly since it would be too conspicuous. There might be other powerful people in addition to the black robed man hiding in the forest.

Two hours into their journey through the forest, they encountered some trouble, a band of monstrous beasts.

The leader was a huge mountain lion 4 meters high with shining eyes, followed by 20 or so mountain lions each 2 to 3 meters high.

Zhong Shan quickly assessed the abilities of the mountain lions. The leader was about the same level as Tianling-er or similar to that jiangshi earlier. The other mountain lions should be at the same level as when he used his Demonic Body Toning Method. However, there were too many of them and he had to protect Yinglan. It was far from the best of situations.

Zhong Shan still kept his cool since he had another ability to keep them alive, the Hongluan Mist which was at that third level now. It shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with these mountain lions. He didn’t use it on the jiangshi before because it has no effect on the undead.

However, it would be a different story for the mountain lions in front of them.

Tianling-er was nervous, not for herself but for Zhong Shan. Yinglan on the other hand felt no fear after noticing Zhong Shan’s calm demeanor.

Zhong Shan turned his hand and traces of red mist gathered in his palm. Just as he was going to release the Hongluan Mist, he widened his eyes and dissipated the mist.

A great amount of red mist rapidly filled the surroundings. Zhong Shan recognized it to be Hongluan Mist, but he hadn’t released it. If it wasn’t from him, then?

Alarmed, Zhong Shang grabbed both girls’ hands.

How could there be Hongluan Mist? Didn’t Old Devil Hongluan die already?

The area became engulfed in Hongluan mist. Zhong Shan, holding the two girls tightly, resisted the effects of the mist since he himself practiced the Hongluan Mist, he could prevent the mist from entering his body. He noticed, however, that this mist seemed to be thinner than his own.

The mountain lions became restless, their hostility evaporated. Even the leader had sensed that something was wrong as it looked fearfully about.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, what beauties and two of you. I haven’t seen such beauties for a long time and you came to me all by yourselves. Did you come for a one on one session with me? What luck for I, Miao Xianren, who was just sitting at home, only to find such beauties arrive at my door by themselves.” A lewd and evil voice echoed around them.

Zhong Shan’s heart skipped a beat as he realized that they had stumbled into an even more treacherous situation than the jiangshi, because this person knew how to use Hongluan Mist as well.

Tianling-er, on the other hand, was about to explode in anger. Suddenly, she felt a squeeze from Zhong Shan. She turned around to look at Zhong Shan, her head much clearer than before.

“Listen to me. Work with me.” Zhong Shan whispered.

Tianling-er frowned but stopped herself from saying anything. Yinglan could also tell the situation was grave and quietly waited for Zhong Shan to react.

“Hu~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

From the sky, a handsome man with a loose robe slowly descended. The floral print robe looked like a bathrobe with a elegant belt on the waist. His hair was shiny and pulled into a ponytail. He was holding a folding fan with black jade frame and cruelly gazed at Tianling-er and Yinglan.

He was quite at ease as if the forest was the backyard of his home. He gently waved his fan and sized up the two girls with great satisfaction. As for Zhong Shan who stood in between the two girls, he chose to ignore him.

Zhong Shan discovered that there were traces of Hongluan Mist around the man. He was certain that the surrounding mist was released by this man.

Miao Xianren? Did he just refer to himself as Miao Xianren?

“You two beauties are truly a feast to my eyes. You are a world of difference compared with those I have kept in my abbey. It would be such a wonderful thing when I turn both of you into my slaves.” Miao Xianren laughed while clapped with his folding fan.

Enraged by such degenerate words, Tianling-er’s face turned red and looked as if she would strike at any moment. Yinglan remained expressionless, but there was concern in her eyes.

Most of the surrounding mountain lions shortly turned their attention to each other.

The threat from the mountain lions was gone, but found little solace in exchanging it for the threat that Miao Xianren posed.

After scanning the two girls and Zhong Shan, the evil face of Miao Xianren suddenly turned cold. He had discovered that the three of them weren’t affected by the mist.

At this moment, one of the mountain lion abruptly charged at Miao Xianren.

Miao Xianren waved his fan, hundreds of red energy swords shot out from his body.

The energy swords appeared from all over his body and darted straight at the mountain lions like a sea of sharp blades.

“Ci, ci, ci………..”

The blood from over twenty mountain lions stained the ground. Those fierce mountain lions were completely shredded by this man’s energy swords?

The situation grew more sinister.

A few drops of the animal blood fell Miao Xianren’s face making him looked even more bloodthirsty. He licked the blood at the corner of his lips with a evil grin and turned his attention back to the three.

“Pressure Points Hidden Blade, Gold Core Stage?” Tianling-er called out in surprise.

Pressure Points Hidden Blade? Zhong Shan frowned. Gold Core Stage? This man was even more powerful and fearsome than the Gold Core Stage jiangshi. From what he saw from the mountain lions, he would kill simply because it irritated him, definitely not someone you could reason with.

At the instant the man appeared, Zhong Shan was fully alert. Yet, he realized that no matter how alert he was, there was not much he could do. This man was too powerful for the three of them. With his attention on the two girls, the man had chosen to ignore Zhong Shan as if he was dead.

Zhong Shan decided that he had to do something to divert his attention.

“Not bad, this little beauty has good eyes. You’ll be my best slave.” Miao Xianren continued.

His eyes slowly moved from Tianling-er’s body to her arm. When he saw Zhong Shan was holding her hand, his icy glare reappeared.

Zhong Shan knew the man had already decided to kill him. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“Shixiong.” Zhong Shan shouted in amazement.


As expected, Miao Xianren paused and gave Zhong Shan a doubtful look. Tianling-er and Yinglan looked equally incredulous at what they had heard.  

The two girls knew they were in a precarious situation and believed that Zhong Shan would come up with a solution to solve it. Yet, they didn’t expect it would be this absurd.

Miao Xianren slightly frowned and turned cold again. Shidi? He didn’t have any shidi.

Zhong Shan knew Miao Xianren wouldn’t believe him so easily; he opened his hand and there was a mass of red mist in the middle of his palm, the Hongluan Mist.

Miao Xianren was utterly baffled. Indeed, it was really Hongluan Mist. How could he use Hongluan Mist?

The two girls remembered Zhong Shan’s instruction earlier and curtailed any curiosity during this dire situation.

“Shixiong, when the master taught me this method, he didn’t mention that I had a shixiong. Had he forgotten to tell me? Yet, no one else except the master knew about this method. So you must be my shixiong.” Zhong Shan looked thoughtful as he spoke.

“You’re that old thing’s- you’re the master’s disciple?” Miao Xianren suddenly corrected his remark halfway.

Zhong Shan instantly discerned from Miao Xianren’s slip of the tongue that he wasn’t a disciple of the Old Devil Hongluan. Zhong Shan even sensed Miao Xianren’s killing intent increase, yet he had to continue forward with his scheme.

He had to play some psychological game to divert his killing intent.

“Yes, I’m Zhong Shan shidi. However, shixiong, your Hongluan Mist seems to be missing something. It’s different from what master had taught me.” Zhong Shan spoke in faux bafflement.

Miao Xianren’s pupils shrank after hearing Zhong Shan and his killing intent abruptly dropped.

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