Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 28

Translated by Team DHH.

Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 28: Zhong Shan’s Murderous Intentions


Miao Xianren stared dubiously at Zhong Shan. Though he had served the Old Devil Hongluan for a while and in the end stole Hongluan Manual.

After he had stolen the handwritten copy, he had gone to hide in a faraway place to train. When he reached the later stages, he noticed that parts were missing from the copy he had stolen. There must have been chapters that the Old Devil hadn’t copied down on the paper. What Miao Xianren didn’t know was that the Old Devil himself only knew the first six levels. The Old Devil didn’t have the same luck as Zhong Shan.

Miao Xianren always assumed that the Old Devil didn’t copy everything down on paper. From the way Zhong Shan spoke, it seemed very likely that Zhong Shan had the completed manual? It seemed to Miao Xianren that heaven had decided to grant him a gift.

Miao Xianren swallowed and stared at Zhong Shan with shining eyes.

Zhong Shan was merely probing for information and no matter how Miao Xianren reacted, Zhong Shan would have gone along with the conversation.

But from Miao Xianren’s reaction, he could vaguely figure out what might have happened.

Miao Xianren might be even older than Zhong Shan, but Zhong Shan was much better at figuring out a person’s mind. For eighty years, Zhong Shan had dealing with all kinds of people and trying to understand them. In other words, Zhong Shan was a master psychologist. Miao Xianren, though older, spent most of his years practicing, with only green mountains and blue waters as companions. He lacked the knowledge about human nature.

“So, you’re the new disciple of the old master. What a coincidence to meet you here, how unexpected.” Miao Xianren feigned surprise.

However, Zhong Shan could still see a trace of killing intent in Miao Xianren’s eyes.

So what if he knew the entire Hongluan Manual? Would Miao Xianren torture him to get the whole manual? Zhong Shan certainly wouldn’t put his own live in the hands of someone who could change his mind at any moment.

Zhong Shan suddenly burst into laughter. “Haha, indeed, how delightfully unexpected. When the master taught me the Manual, he left before making it clear on many areas. It’s fortunate that I could meet you here. I have a lot of questions that perhaps you could help me with. I hope shixiong would be willing to teach me.”

Zhong Shan hoped that Miao Xianren took the bait.

Miao Xianren was much too happy to hear the words out of Zhong Shan’s mouth. It was exactly he had hoped for. This ‘shidi’ was quite considerate.

“Yes, yes, yes, of course. But, who are these two beauties next to you……” While Miao Xianren was excited by such a pleasant turn of events, his focus shifted to the two girls again.

Seeing Miao Xianren’s interest turn to the two girls, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrunk but he spoke immediately, “Look at me, I forgot to introduce them. This is Tianling-er, the daughter of the Grandmaster of the Kaiyang School and just became my practice companion recently.”

“Oh? Tianxingzi’s daughter?” Miao Tianren was taken back, but soon became even more thrilled by the information. It seemed that her esteemed position only made it better for him.

“And this is my granddaughter. I hope that shixiong will look after her.” Zhong Shan said.

Miao Xianren looked at the girls, then looked at Zhong Shan and said with squinted eyes, “Look after, sure, of course I will look after her.”

“Shixiong, I heard that there’s something big happening over at the Eight Gates Mountain. We were on our way to take a look. Do you want to go with us?” Zhong Shan asked.

If they could get to Eight Gates Mountain, they could get help from people of the Kaiyang School.

“Eight Gates Mountain? What for? It’s a rare chance that we could meet like this. Come, my Xianren Abbey is right before us. Come, we can enjoy our time together there. Besides, at your current speed, it’ll only take you two more days to the east to get there. There’s no hurry.” Miao Xianren immediately opposed. The eyes looking at them looked almost green.

Tianling-er frowned, obviously immensely disgusted with this person. If it wasn’t for Zhong Shan, she would certainly have done something about it. Yinglan, on the other hand, was staying close to Zhong Sha, leaving him to take care of the situation.

Zhong Shan could tell that Miao Xianren was still on the alert, therefore they had better do as he suggested.

“Well then we can get a tour at your abbey at the same time.” Zhong Shan laughed.

Miao Xianren was satisfied by the response.  Internally he sneered at his naivety.  After he got the whole Hongluan Manual, then it would the death of Zhong Shan, leaving his companion and granddaughter for him.

Miao Xianren peeked at the girls with satisfaction. Zhong Shan noted all his expressions, though he played innocent, while continuously scheming in his mind.

After they went over a mountain top, there they found a beautifully built house right next to a waterfall. No wonder he could easily detect their arrival.

When they got closer, the sound of girls crying or moaning came from the house. When the door opened, they could see two girls chained at the neck.

Yinglan clung to Zhong Shan’s sleeve while Tianling-er also moved closer to Zhong Shan in fright. Remembering what Miao Xianren had said earlier.

The two girls seemed confused and quickly crawled towards Miao Xianren.

Zhong Shan walked behind Miao Xianren wordlessly. Miao Xianren, with two of his fingers, shot two energy swords directly at the throats of the two girls.

The two girls died instantly, leaving a spray of blood around where they stood.

“Ah~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Tianling-er watched in horror as if she had never seen anyone as evil as Miao Xianren.

“Is sister-in-law scared? I’ll throw them out.” Miao Xianren said with an eerie smile.

With the turn of his hand, the chains loosen, then he waved his sleeves and the two bodies were thrown into the deep pond under the waterfall.

The bodies fell into the pond with a splash and soon afterwards a large school of strange fish appeared. They gnawed on the bodies turning the pond into a deep red. In a short time, the two bodies had turned into a pile of white bones.

“Ah~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~” Tianling-er screamed in horror.

“Hahaha, don’t be afraid, sister-in-law. They’re dead anyway, it’s better to feed the fish than let it rot.” Miao Xianren waved his fan and smiled evilly.

“Why did you kill them?” Tianling-er screamed, finally having enough of the man.

In Tianling-er’s eyes, enemies could be killed. Yet, those two weren’t his enemies, why kill them? Tianling-er couldn’t understand it.

Zhong Shan also frowned to show his displeasure.

“Shixiong, who were they?” Zhong Shan pretended that he didn’t know.

Realizing just how naive Zhong Shan was, Miao Xianren smiled. “Just a couple of play dolls. I’ve grown tired of them, so I merely discard them.”

As he spoke, Miao Xianren was actually look at Zhong Shan’s two companions. Now that he had found something better, of course he could dispose of the old ones.

Yinglan knew Zhong Shan was merely acting and played along by acting terrified and avoiding Miao Xianren’s gaze, which only seemed to please him more.

“You, shidi’s granddaughter, you are also my granddaughter. Don’t be scared. It looks like you haven’t reached Xiantian yet?” Miao Xianren smiled at Yinglan.

“Yeah, the master had left in a hurry at the time and I forgot to ask for a Kong Ling Gem from him. If you have spare ones, could you give a couple to Yinglan.” Zhong Shan injected immediately.

Miao Xianren squinted, his expression changed subtly, yet instantly returned to a bright smile. “Of course. I happen to have one here.”

He took out one Kong Ling Gem with the turn of his hand and handed it over to Yinglan. His eyes fixed on her as if he wanted to eat her up.

There was a flash of coldness in Zhong Shan’s eyes. He thought with Hongluan Manual as a bait to keep Miao Xianren under control. But now he discovered that he was too evil to keep playing games with. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Zhong Shan grabbed the Kong Ling Gem and gave it to Yinglan.

“Come to thank Granduncle Miao.” Zhong Shan said to Yinglan.

Miao Xianren wasn’t too happy but hid it well.

Zhong Shan and Miao Tianren were both acting, vying for control of the situation.

“Thank you, Granduncle Miao.” Yinglan showed a proper brilliant smile as she took the Kong Ling Gem.

She instantly turned it into the shape of a black bracelet as Zhong Shan had taught her.

“Granduncle Miao, do you have a Sumeru Stone by any chance?” Yinglan raised her head to look at Miao Xianren.

“Oh, right, here.” Miao Xianren squinted his eyes and happily obliged.

“Thank you, Granduncle Miao.” Yinglan smiled and took the Sumeru Stone from Miao Xianren. She made it into a shining black storage bracelet.

Judging from the size of the Sumeru Stone, Zhong Shan guessed that the bracelet would have a lot of space. His eyes sparkled and turned to look at Miao Xianren only to find him looking at the scared Tianling-er with evil eyes.

Zhong Shan’s eyes turned cold.

“By the way, shixiong, we saw a treasure near here just a few hours ago.” Zhong Shan immediately changed the subject.

“Treasure?” Miao Xianren was suspicious.

“Yes, it was guarded by some jiangshi, but we’re not strong enough to take it from them.” Zhong Shan spoke.

Miao Xianren fixed his eyes on Zhong Shan as if to discern whether Zhong Shan was telling the truth.

“Really?” Asked Miao Xianren.

“Yes, it was at that valley not too far from here. Actually, that treasure may be taken by others soon. If we don’t get to it now, it may not be there any more. We should go now if we’re going to have a chance.” Zhong Shan said right away.

Miao Xianren kept staring at Zhong Shan as if to discern the truth from his words. After a while, he abruptly said, “Alright, if you say so. I would like to see what kind of treasure could be in my neighborhood that I haven’t discovered.”

“En, then let’s go. Ling-er and Yinglan, you two stay here.” Zhong Shan said with shining eyes.

Miao Xianren looked at the girls with wicked eyes and said, “This place is deep in the forest. It would be worrisome if you two run into some danger. I’ll leave two Soul Chasers on each of you. If anything happens, I can find you quickly.”

Without waiting for Zhong Shan’s response, he quickly shot two red puffs of smoke onto the two girls right after he finished talking. The red smoke disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Zhong Shan frowned slightly. Though he didn’t know what exactly a Soul Chaser was, he figured it must be some tracking device to prevent the girls from running away.

Zhong Shan didn’t show any expression on his face, but he had further confirmed his murderous intentions.

The two girls didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go.” Miao Xianren walked out the door and took out a flying sword for Zhong Shan and himself to fly over there.

Zhong Shan glanced at the two girls and then looked at Yinglan. He touched his own storage bracelet with Yinglan’s. Yinglan understood right away and saw a flash like something had transferred into her storage bracelet. He also gave Yinglan a look.

Yinglan gave a look of understanding back.

“Let’s go, shixiong.” Zhong Shan turned to Miao Xianren.

Miao Xianren actually had noticed the subtle interaction between Yinglan and Zhong Shan with a small frown.

“Granduncle Miao, come back soon.” Yinglan quickly said.

Miao Xianren twitched the corners of his lip and softly spoke with sparkling eyes, “Of course, I most definitely will.”

Zhong Shan got on the flying sword to lead the way. Miao Xianren reluctantly glanced at the girls again, then took Zhong Shan flying towards the valley where the jiangshi were at.

After they left, the smile on Yinglan disappeared, replaced by one of disgust.

“Yinglan, is Zhong Shan bringing that bad guy to the jiangshi valley?” Tianling-er asked.

“Yes, granduncle is driving the wolf to swallow the tiger.” Yinglan said in a low voice.

“Driving a wolf to swallow tiger?” Tianling-er frowned.

“That’s right. Come, let’s get away from here. We need to find better terrain to wait for granduncle and the wounded wolf.” Yinglan spoke in a cold voice.

“You mean that bad guy and those jiangshi? Will they fight each other?” Tianling-er frowned.

“They may not by themselves. But with granduncle there, they certainly will.” Yinglan said with confidence.

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