Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 35

Translated by DHH.

Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 35: Eliminate the Assailants


Zhong Shan was delighted to see the group from the Kaiyang School.

“Let’s go. Let’s go over there.” Zhong Shan spoke.

“En.” Both girls nodded and followed him down the mound. They moved through the valley to the northwest where the other Kaiyang people were standing.

In a forest not too far away from them, four pairs of eyes were fixed on Zhong Shan.

If Zhong Shan saw them, he would have recognized them. Two of them were the ones who had been chosen by an immortal school from the Zhao family and the other two were those who had been chosen from the Qian family.

They were from a generation younger than Zhong Shan, yet their innate talent and luck were much better than Zhong Shan.

“That’s Zhong Shan? His appearance became younger last time I saw him at the Dragon Gate Gorge, but now he looks even younger now and it hasn’t even been a year yet.”

“Our elders and house masters didn’t kill him?”

“They probably missed him because Zhong Shan headed off this way.”

“En. What a good luck he had.”

“What should we do now? Should we kill him?”

“His innate talent is very poor. But in the mortal world, he was exceptionally shrewd. If we don’t get rid of him, he will threaten the Zhao family sooner or later. Since our elders and house master didn’t run into him, then we should kill him for our house master. Think of it as payback to the mortal part of the Zhao family.”

“En. Zhong Shan has reached the Xiantian Stage only for a year or so, he definitely hasn’t learned any specific manual. Though he’s improved in skill, he certainly isn’t as good as us. But we don’t know who those two black robed people are behind him.”

“Don’t you worry about those two. If they’re following Zhong Shan, they must be his subordinates. Their ability must be inferior than him. We have four of us here, do you think we can’t kill him?”

“Yeah.” The other three nodded.

The four men quickly rushed out of the forest to cut Zhong Shan off.

Zhong Shan came to a stop as four people suddenly appeared before him. Not again?

When he finally saw who these people were, he squinted and drew his machete. He knew they were from the Zhao and the Qian families, but didn’t expect to see them here.

Zhong Shan had even killed someone from the early stage of the Gold Core Stage not too long ago, he certainly didn’t think these four young kids would be his match?

Nonetheless, they outnumbered him. The cautious Zhong Shan certainly wouldn’t relax his guard just yet.

“Ling-er, protect Yinglan. I’ll handle these four.” Zhong Shan whispered his instruction.

“Old man Zhong, long time no see.” One of the four smiled with sword in hand.

“Why do you stop me here?” Zhong Shan asked in a low voice.

“Tsk……, you already drew your machete. Don’t you know?” The other sneered.

“You come to me with swords drawn, I certainly have to be prepared. However, do you four really think you can hurt me?”  Zhong Shan continued.

“Does it take four of us to kill you? I, by myself cou-……” One of the four ridiculed.

Only half way through his sentence, Zhong Shan already jumped forward, with machete in hand, at the man who was speaking.

Mountain Splitter!

He had achieved complete surprise. The four had reached the third or fourth level of the Xiantian Stage, but being young and inexperienced, they didn’t notice that Zhong Shan was distracting them with his questions. Once they became complacent, Zhong Shan promptly seized the opportunity to strike mercilessly.

Zhong Shan’s machete carried with it a tremendous amount of killing energy. The man could feel the heat on his face even before the machete reached him and hastily raised his sword to block.

The other three also rushed to the man’s defense. However, Zhong Shan had slashed with his full power. The machete hacked directly at the weakest point of the sword.

“Dang~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

“Hong~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

With just one slash, he chopped both the sword and man in two.

Zhong Shan killed without any mercy.

Before the blood had even splashed onto him, Zhong Shan quickly turned around to dodge the blows from the other three.

The two girls watched some distance away. Though they believed in Zhong Shan, they still worried for him.

After he had dodges from their blades, Zhong Shan’s machete hacked towards another man.

“Dang~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

As machete met sword, the force of the blow sent both combatants backwards.

It was then that the three men finally realized they had committed a big mistake. Their house masters had to ask the help from their elders to deal with Zhong Shan because Zhong Shan wasn’t someone to take lightly. Yet, the four of them had rashly jumped at Zhong Shan without much thought.

It was like a bucket of cold water had dumped on their heads after Zhong Shang slew one of their own with just one blow. Sobering up, they now worked together to avenge their dead comrade.

There was a cold smile at the corner of Zhong Shan’s lips. He waved his machete, quickly rushing at the three men who faced him in a semicircle.

Zhong Shan rushed into the center of the triangle, making a full turn.

“Dang, dang, dang.”

As he turned, Zhong Shan pushed away all three swords. Zhong Shan was very precise; every time the machete struck a sword, it was right at the weakest spot of the sword.

Without too much effort, he swatted all three swords away while slashing horizontally.

Annihilating Slash!

The machete slashed open another man’s chest.

The fight between Zhong Shan and the four men caught the attention of the others nearby. When they didn’t see any shield around the machete or the swords, they were disappointed to find out that it was just a fight among some Xiantian people. Some of them turned their attention back to Tiansha.

Yet, there were still some that kept their gaze focused on Zhong Shan’s direction. Most of those were also Xiantian people. Since there was more for them to learn from a fight at this level. One against three? No, it was one against four and one was already dead?

On a mountain top closeby, Chujiu frowned, “Young master, it appears that young man has already recovered from the aftereffects of his ability? That’s strange, it only took two days.”

The younger man looked down at Zhong Shan with a twinkle in his eyes, “Oh, really? He’s fully recovered? Excellent.”

To the north of the formation, Princess Qianxi also noticed Zhong Shan’s group. After she made out Zhong Shan’s look, she frowned in puzzlement.

“He didn’t die?” Princess Qianxi was surprised.

Mr. Shuijing, who was next to her, also saw Zhong Shan. He nodded and said, “It appears that he is called Zhong Shan, currently at the fourth level of Xiantian. It’s unbelievable that his machete form is so fierce. If he fights in the battlefield, he would be a brave general.”

“Him? He’s only at Xiantian, going onto the battlefield?” Gulin shook his head in disbelief.

Mr. Shuijing didn’t say anything more after hearing Gulin’s comment. He simply waved his feather fan and lightly smiled.  Princess Qianxi, on the other hand, nodded as if she agreed with Mr. Shuijing.

On the mountain top where Tiansha was, everyone was focusing on him. Yet the noise from below still attracted the attention of some of them, including Beiqingsi.

She turned to take a look and widened her eyes after she saw who was down there. Zhong Shan? How could Zhong Shan come here?

Furthermore, Zhong Shan was battling with three people. Beiqingsi immediately got on her flying sword headed towards his location.

“Ci~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Zhong Shan used his machete to block away two swords. With another slash, he took care of another fourth level Xiantian.

Though Zhong Shan had poor innate talent and advanced slowly, he compensated by being incredibly perceptive and intelligent. He had managed to learn the machete form to its fullest, even increasing its power with his own understanding.

He had no fear facing the three men and in the blink of an eye, killed another one. Zhong Shan didn’t feel an ounce of fatigue, rather he felt refreshed as if he had taken a morning jog.

There were only two men left. Zhong Shan pointed his machete at them, his killing intent seeped from his eyes.

The remaining two felt like running away under Zhong Shan’s stare.

The fear of death preoccupied the two, their ability to fight dwindled.

Just as Beijingsi was flying close by.

“Ci~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Another slash, a ferocious slash, created a fresh corpse.

The last man turned around to flee. He had already lost the will to fight.

Unfortunately for him, Zhong Shan wasn’t going to let him escape so easily. His machete flew out of his hand aimed at the man.

“Ci~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

The machete pierced through the man’s heart!

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