Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 36

Translated by Team DHH.

Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 36: Even Heroes have Depressing Moments


When Beiqingsi flew closer, she saw Zhong Shan slowly sheathing his machete.

She could tell from the density of the energy on their swords that his assailants were at the fourth level of Xiantian, about the same as Zhong Shan. But Zhong Shan killed them all without a scratch. They didn’t even touch him?

Beiqingsi widened her eyes, lost in thought. She and people in the surrounding area that had watched were all shocked by the result. He had achieved total victory against four others by his lonesome. His machete form was superb and his fighting style, fierce.

“Third shijie.” Tianling-er’s voice attracted Zhong Shan’s attention and awakened the stupefied Beiqingsi.

Zhong Shan turned around and found Beiqingsi floating still in the air.

“Ling-er?” Beiqingsi brought the flying sword down and landed in front of Tianling-er with a doubtful look in her eyes.

Tianling-er immediately pulled the hood down, showing her a bright smile.

“Why are you here?” Beiqingsi looked at Tinaling-er, then Zhong Shan, and then at the other black robed person dubiously.

“Granduncle, who’s she?” Yinglan asked, still hidden under the black robe.

Somehow, Yinglan felt a sense of urgency when she saw Beiqingsi flying over. Beiqingsi was too perfect, despite having a full head of white hair. Perfect? What did that have anything to do Yinglan? Yinglan couldn’t put her finger on it, but she couldn’t help but feel hostile towards Beiqingsi.


Beiqingsi was surprised again that it was a girl inside the other black robe and that she was calling Zhong Shan granduncle.

Granduncle? She’s calling Zhong Shan granduncle?

“This is my friend.” Zhong Shan told Yinglan.

But he didn’t introduce Yinglan to Beiqingsi, not bothering with the generation problem again.

“Third shijie, why is da shixiong fighting with that man?” Tianling-er asked baffled.

“That man is the master of the Blood Sword School, Xiesha. A few days ago, we entered the formation and two of our shidi died by the hands of Xiesha’s disciples. Da shixiong killed the rest of the disciples from the Blood Sword School to avenge our own people. Xiesha just came over here after he received the news.  He’s in a life and death duel with da shixiong now.”

Beiqingsi explained.

“Than man must be weaker than da shixiong.” Tianling-er watched over the distance and spoke.

“No, da shixiong is at the ninth level of Gold Core Stage while Xiesha is at the tenth level.” Beiqingsi frowned.

“Ah? Then why don’t we all fight with him?” Tianling-er questioned. After being with Zhong Shan for sometime now, she realized that when in danger, it was better to fight as a group, just like when they fought Miao Xianren two days ago.

“Da shixiong said he can handle him. He just wanted us to keep watch for him.” Beiqingsi looked at Tiansha in the distance. She thought that Tiansha was truly different from others, fighting someone stronger than him on his own.

Zhong Shan didn’t comment. If it was before he entered the Kaiyang School, he would scoff at Tiansha’s decision. At the critical moment of life or death, he would use any means to get the upper hand. But since entering the immortal school, he gradually realized that sometimes pushing oneself into the corner was the best way to bring out one’s full potential.

The confrontation between Tiansha and Xiesha had already lasted for six hours. During the whole time, neither of them had moved. But those who knew could tell that the area around them had become a kill zone.

Both of them were gathering their energy inside their bodies. They stood there like two statues, yet once they moved, it would become a whirlwind of destruction…

Those who were only at the Xiantian stage couldn’t even get close to them. Those at the Gold Core stage knew the dangerous power brewing inside each of them. The pressure from their standoff made it difficult for people nearby to breath.

One combatant was the master of Blood Sword School, the other was the number one disciple of the second generation of the Kaiyang School who was very likely to become the next master of the Kaiyang School.

Both of them were determined to kill the other.

Six hours, six hours had passed and still they refused to move. They were waiting for their opponent to slip up. Even the tiniest break in concentration would disperse the energy they had mustered so far.

Xiesha didn’t expect his opponent would be this strong. He was only one step away from the Nascent Soul Stage. His opponent, Tiansha, didn’t have as much genuine energy as he. Yet, at this moment, he couldn’t surpass Tiansha. How could it be? Kaiyang School? Was the Kaiyang School really this strong?

As Xiesha grew anxious, Tiansha’s pupils suddenly shrank, there came the chance.

“Ciyin~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Tiansha drew his sword.

The instant Tiansha drew his sword, Xiesha swung his sword with all his might so that his blade could taste blood again.

Zhong Shan gazed at them without blinking. Last time, Tiansha was so fast that he didn’t see it clearly. This time Zhong Shan didn’t want to miss anything.

When Tiansha’s long sword came out, Zhong Shan seemed to see rays of brilliant lights burst out of the sword, as if the world suddenly went dark and the only source of light was from his sword. Zhong Shan was attracted to that light.

Perhaps it was because he was further away this time that he could see more than just a bright flash.

Zhong Shan saw the sword come out of its sheathe, though it went very fast and he could only vaguely see the motion.

Opposite to the bright white light was a mass of red, like a sea of blood. Through the corner of his eyes, Zhong Shan could see that after Xiesha drew his sword, the area around him had turned bright red, like a giant cloud of blood had formed around him. Tiansha’s sword was a brilliant beam of light that pierced through the dark red cloud.

Zhong Shan had a strange feeling that Tiansha’s sword was like a ray of light falling from the sky while the light itself was a sword stabbing through the cloud. He couldn’t tell whether it was the light or the sword anymore, the two seemed to be one.

“Ciyin~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

After a loud crunch, the light abruptly disappeared. The blood fog from the corner of Zhong Shan’s eyes also dissipated.

It was too fast, too powerful. Zhong Shan still wasn’t able to see the motion of the blade.

The crunch signaled the end of the short battle. Tiansha sheathed his sword. Opposite to him, Xiesha’s blood colored long sword was broken in two. He only had the handle in his hand. Xiesha didn’t try to attack again, because he couldn’t attack again.

There was a slit from Xiesha’s head, down his face and chest. He was dead.

Tiansha had split the stronger Xiesha in half with only one slash from his sword.

A moment later, blood began to stream out of the slit. Xiesha’s body slowly fell to the ground, splitting into two. A master of an immortal school vanished into the history.

All the onlookers were shocked by Tiansha’s display of power. Kaiyang School? Was this the power of a greater immortal school?

“Chujiu, how was the slash?” The young man asked the middle aged man behind him.

“This man has superb intelligence. He has already comprehended the secret of the first level of Soul Slaying. He qualifies to challenge the young master.” Chujiu said in a low voice.

“There’ll come the time for that. Kaiyang School’s Heaven’s Wrath Sword Style?” The young man squinted his eyes to look over at Tiansha, eager to battle him.

To the north of the formation, Qianyou spoke in a soft voice, “Heaven’s Wrath Sword Style has a well-deserved reputation.”

Mr. Shuijing said with the feather fan in hand, “This man is superb. He is capable of challenging people who have just reached the Nascent Soul Stage.”

Zhong Shan, tightened his fists, wondering how would the power of Prince Lietian compare to this?

“Da shixiong’s really awesome.” Tianling-er said, but lacked the usual excitement she used to display. After seeing Zhong Shan win over people who were much more stronger than him, this kind of victory no longer amazed her as much.

Yinglan had been silent the entire time. Her own skill was too low to make any comment. All she saw was a bright light, then it was all over.

“Let’s go up to the hilltop over there.” Beiqingsi spoke.

“En.” Zhong Shan nodded.

Zhong Shan hurried Yinglan up towards the mountain top where Tiansha was. Beiqingsi and Tianling-er flew in the air, but slow enough for Zhong Shan to keep up.

After he took care of Xiesha, beads of sweat formed on Tiansha’s forehead. But he hid it well and the sweat quickly dissipated.

Tiansha chose to face Xiesha on his own, on the one hand it was to force himself to utilize all of his potential, on the other hand, it was for Beiqingsi. He wanted to impress her with his strength, so she would admire him.

Most people at the time of his attack would be well impressed.

Tiansha slowing turned around, expecting to see Beiqingsi looking at him differently. Except, she wasn’t there?

She wasn’t there? Tiansha turned the other way only to find that Beiqingsi was talking to another man.

Another man? Tiansha coldly stared at the man and found out that it was Zhong Shan.

Tiansha didn’t think much of those third generation disciples, especially this Zhong Shan. The Grandmaster had commented that Zhong Shan had poor innate talent. In Tiansha’s eyes, Zhong Shan was just like an insect. Yet this insect could cause Beiqingsi to leave when he was battling for his life? In Beiqingsi’s eyes, was he not as important as welcoming Zhong Shan?

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