Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 37

Translated by Team DHH.

Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 37: Did You Do It On Purpose?


Tiansha’s resentment soon dissipated when he noticed Tianling-er next to Beiqingsi. So Beiqingsi was going to bring Tianling-er over. No wonder! How could Beiqingsi lay eyes on that insect?

Tiansha switched his attention onto Beiqingsi, emptying any thought of Zhong Shan from his mind. Yet deep down inside, he had grown of more aware of this man, Zhong Shan.

They weren’t moving very fast, since Zhong Shan had to wait for Yinglan while Beiqingsi and Tianling-er had to wait for Zhong Shan. However, it didn’t take too long for them to reach the mountaintop where Tiansha was at.

Tiansha kept watching their approach. He couldn’t make out who Yinglan was in the black robe, however, her speed told him that she hadn’t even reached Xiantian yet. Therefore, she wasn’t someone he had to be concerned about. But, why was Tianling-er here?

“Da shixiong.” Tianling-er happily greeted him.

Though Tiansha wasn’t as important in her mind as before, Tianling-er’s still greatly admired him. When she saw Tiansha, she was still very excited.

Tiansha glanced at Beiqingsi, then looked at Tianling-er, “Ling-er, why are you here?”

“I heard that some people from the Kaiyang School had died. I was worried and asked Zhong Shan to take me here.” Tianling-er seemed a little bashful. She recalled the terrible experience of running into Miao Xianren, yet it was all worthwhile to reach here.

“Ling-er is worried about da shixiong.” Yun Qian teased immediately.

Yun Qian was joking but Tianling-er wasn’t upset by the comment and blushed.

Beiqingsi saw Tianling-er’s expression, then looked at Tiansha as if she had understood something.

Beiqingsi’s look annoyed Tiansha. He frowned and scolded Yun Qian, “What are you talking about. That guy is dead, aren’t you going to search him for any treasure?”

“Ay, right. The Sumeru Stone in his storage bracelet must be much more than ours. Let’s go.”

Yun Qian called out to the other shidi.

All the other Kaiyang disciples went over to the dead body.

Zhong Shan saw Tianling-er blushing and thought about it before he spoke, “Ling-er learned that meny from our school had died here and became very worry about you. Anyone could tell that Ling-er was very concerned about you. I hope you will treasure her sincere feelings.”

Tianling-er felt her chest tightened after Zhong Shan spoke. Was Zhong Shan making a confession for her?

Zhong Shan’s words were something Tianling-er had long wished to say or for someone else to say for her. She was too shy to say it herself or to tell anyone. Finally, Zhong Shan had spoken for her. Yet, somehow, Tianling-er didn’t want Zhong Shan to be the one to inform Tiansha. Anyone would do, just not Zhong Shan. She didn’t even want Zhong Shan to know her secret admiration for Tiansha.

This fact depressed Tianling-er, however, she still fixed her eyes on Tiansha since the conviction was still too strong to overlook.

A lot of times, Tianling-er fantasized about confessing to Tiansha, then waiting anxiously for his reply. But, now the moment had come, she wasn’t as excited as she had imagined. She hoped that Tiansha would said yes, yet on the other hand, she also wished he would said no.

Tianling-er just stared at Tiansha with mixed feelings.

Tiansha was quite upset at the moment and resentfully looked at Zhong Shan. How could he not know Tianling-er’s admiration for him? Yet, he had his own plans. His target was Beiqingsi. Under different circumstances, he could tactfully explain to her to put her feeling aside for the time being, however, right at this moment……………………..

“En. Almost everyone at Kaiyang School knows about Tianling-er’s feeling.” Beiqingsi followed after with a few words for Tianling-er as if she wanted to make them a couple today.

Beiqingsi’s words added more fuel to the fire, making Tiansha grow even more depressed,

Tiansha immediately shook his head, “Qingsi, how could you say that? We have watched Ling-er growing up, how could I have that kind of feeling towards her? She’s still young and not mature enough to know better. When she grows up, she will certainly find someone a hundred times better than I.”

Tiansh had made his feelings known which Beiqingsi found reasonable enough, she thought about it then nodded without saying anything more.

For Tianling-er, Tiansha’s words felt like a sharp knife stabbing into her heart. Her conviction had turned into despair.

Tears streamed down her red eyes. Her red face suddenly became extremely pale. The noble image of Tiansha in her heart had dissolved into a evil spirit, gnawing at her heart.

Tianling-er got her answer, which made her collapse. Her surroundings seemed to have turned dark and she felt dizzy as if she was going to fall down. A sense of hopelessness suddenly overwhelmed her.

Yet just as the desperation struck her, she felt something warm tightly grip her right hand. Its warmth seemed to radiate through her cold body.

As her body thawed, Tianling-er no longer felt dizzy and the surroundings returned to its usual brightness.

She turned around to find Zhong Shan next to her, staring with a worried face.

Seeing him seemed to dissipate her sudden depression. The sun was still shining, the Earth nor the sky had shattered, and everything was fine. Without da shixiong, she was still whole. She still had Zhong Shan, her dad, and Xiaonanzi.

When Tiansha spoke, Zhong Shan knew Tianling-er wouldn’t be able to take it.

As expected, he saw tears streaming down her face and seemed ready to fall at any moment, Zhong Shan hurried forward, grabbing Tianling-er tightly with one hand to support her. Surprisingly, Tianling-er recovered quickly. The color returned to her pale face and her eyes were able to focus again, though with some lingering tears. Encourage by her response, he tightened his grip to give her more energy. What he didn’t expect was that from this moment onwards, this formless energy would made a profound impression on Tianling-er forever.

After Tiansha finished speaking to Beiqingsi, he saw tears coming down Tianling-er’s eyes and felt somewhat regretful for his actions. But he had to do it without being soft-hearted. It wasn’t because he felt nothing for Tianling-er, but he had a bigger plans which couldn’t be spoiled at this time, he could only feel sorry for her.

When seeing Tianling-er drift away, Tiansha felt he had gone too far. Yet, what else could he do? It was then that Zhong Shan stepped forward to hold Tianling-er’s hand and which seemed to cause her to quickly recover.

Tiansha watched Zhong Shan somewhat fretfully. It seemed that something that should be his had slowly drifted away, something that would never come back to him.

“Ling-er.” Tiahsha worriedly looked at Tianling-er.

Tianling-er felt much better after Zhong Shang’s silent act of comfort. She used her genuine energy to steam away her tears.

Tianling-er seemed to have grown, reborn, after going through what had just happened. When she looked at Tiansha again, there was neither excitement or despair in her eyes. She suddenly saw things clearly now, enlightened. The one in front of her was simply her dad’s first disciple, Tiansha.

“I’m alright, da shixiong. Thank you.” Tianling-er said with a bright smile.

Thanks? Tiansha looked at Tianling-er with a frown. He couldn’t comprehend why Tianling-er had changed so much so quickly. In just a short while, Tianling-er seemed to have changed into another person.

Zhong Shan, on the other hand, breathed out a long sigh of relief. He could tell that Tianling-er wasn’t acting tough, she had really gotten over Tiansha.

Zhong Shan smiled, happy for Tianling-er, and quietly released Tianling-er’s right hand.

Tianling-er’s heart jumped when Zhong Shan released her hand. It felt like something had left from her body, something she didn’t want to let go yet. She grabbed Zhong Shan’s palm, refusing to let go.

Tianling-er was as startled as Zhong Shan by her own actions. She looked down to see her hand gripping onto Zhong Shan’s. Blushing when she realized the many pairs of eyes watching, immediately let go Zhong Shan’s hand with great reluctance.

Tiansha watched Tianling-er grabbing Zhong Shan’s hand with knitted eyebrows. He looked again at Zhong Shan with surprise.

Tiansha felt as if he had been defeated by Zhong Shan. How could it be? How could it be possible? He shook his head to rid himself of such a strange idea.

After Zhong Shan pulled his hand back, he backed away. Yinglan, however, grabbed Zhong Shan’s left hand.

Zhong Shan doubtfully looked at Yinglan.

Yinglan started to write in Zhong Shan’s palm with her finger. Zhong Shan was even more confused now. What was wrong with Yinglan? He noticed Yinglan’s face hidden inside the black hood was full of surprise and admiration.

“Were you doing it on purpose?”

That was what Yinglan had traced on Zhong Shan’s palm.

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