Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 39

Translated by Team DHH.

Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 39: Static Formations and Battle Formations


What Yinglan described was a simplified version of the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation used in the mortal world. Yet her statement made the eyes of both Princess Qianyou and Mr. Shuijing shimmer.

The Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation certainly was much more complex than what Yinglan had described. But what she had mentioned was the basis of the formation, like a summary of a manual.

Any general who studied battle formations should know some things about it, but not everyone knew how it actually worked. There was only one of the eleven people from the Kaiyang School group, the black robed woman, who could explain it.

Tiansha found it strange hearing the answer coming from her while the teenager Gu Lin frowned.

Her answer obviously piqued Princess Qianyou’s interest. The method to break the formation that Yinglan had laid out was exactly what Mr. Shuijing had informed her earlier. Though, what she talked about was just the basic principles, not any one would know about it.

Mr Shuijing nodded with satisfaction. What he had suggested became even more persuasive now, as the same method had been described by someone from the other side.

“Everyone, would you charge with me through the Sheng Gate and help me drive out the other fighters, then rush towards the dragon eye?”  Mr. Shuijing waved his feather fan with a smile.

Zhong Shan’s pupils shrunk after hearing Mr. Shuijing. The way Mr. Shuijing talked as if all the other fighters would walk out of the formation like puppets under his control. Could it be possible?

He could control all those people single handedly?

Zhong Shan didn’t let his amazement show outwardly. Was this man really this capable?

“Then, who’s going to charge through Shang Gate?” Tiansha asked with knitted eyebrows.

According to the arrangement, the ones who charged through Shang Gate would be the first ones to get what they wanted. Whoever entered first would be the first ones to reach the dragon eye of the formation.

Mr. Shuijing looked at Tiansha with a smile, “These three aren’t at the Gold Core Stage yet, it would be safer for them to go in from the Shang Gate. In addition, you can choose another one to go with the Princess through the Shang Gate. We’ll only need a few people to enter the Shang Gate.”

Mr. Shuijing chose Tianling-er, Zhong Shan, and Yinglan to charge the Shang Gate.

There was certain advantages to charging the Shang Gate, it was nice of him to give the Kaiyang School one additional slot.

“Da shixiong, I’ll go through the Shang Gate.” Beiqingsi suddenly spoke.

She knew the one she was looking for was near the dragon eye. In order to get the evidence she needed, she had to be the first to get there.

Tiansha was surprised to hear so. This was the first time Beiqingsi had requested anything from him?

“Alright then, Qingsi, you’ll go through the Shang Gate with them. I’ll take the other shidi through the Sheng Gate.” Tiansha immediately agreed.

“Then, let’s all get some rest. I’ve already sent people out to spread the news. Three days later, during the full moon, we’ll all charge the formation together.” Mr. Shuijing spoke.

“En.” Tiansha didn’t say any more but led all his people to one side to rest, separated from Princess Qianyou’s group.

Tiansha knew it very well that though Princess Qianyou was the elder of their ally, he still had to watch out for their own safety. They had no friendship whatsoever with the other group, they had to be very careful once they were inside the formation.

After he had reached the agreement with Tiansha, Mr. Shuijing walked back to his own group. He had no intention of making any unnecessary contact with the Kaiyang group either, since they might not see each other anymore after this alliance.

“What’s a battle formation?” Zhong Shan asked Beiqingsi who was next to him.

Tiansha and others, with eyes closed, didn’t bother to look at Zhong Shan since they thought it was such a silly question. Only Tianling-er and Yinglan looked at Beiqingsi earnestly.

Beiqingsi felt strange that the black robed person also stared at her. Didn’t she know about the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation? It didn’t seem like she was just making it up earlier.

Nevertheless, Beiqingsi still patiently explained, “There are two kinds of formations in the world. One is a ‘static formation,’ like the the formation in front of Kaiyang School or the flag formation that Hao San setup to protect himself. It’s a static formation, formed with some magical items and unusual terrain. It can only keep one place safe. The other formation is the ‘battle formation,’ which is formed by people, with the assistance of some special items. The backbone of this kind of formation is the people and most importantly, it can be moved around. It’s a formation that can be used in military battles.”

Yinglan’s interest grew as Beiqingsi continued to explain.

“There are many static formations, but very few battle formations, because every battle formation is different and the formation is very difficult to control. Any formation that’s not placed by the original creator will be different and any slight difference will make a huge difference in its power. The power of the formation depends on how well the caster has mastered the formation. The one who created the formation certainly will be the one who can do it the best.

Besides the creator, only the one who owns the formation soul can set it up.” She continued her explanation.

“Formation Soul? What is a formation Soul?” Zhong Shan asked again.

“It’s hard to create a battle formation. It’s rare for a new battle formation to be created in a thousand years. The one who can create a new battle formation is always a genius. There’s another reason for why it’s so difficult. The creator and the battle formation can become one and all the changes in the formation can be seared onto the creator’s soul. Controlling the formation with his soul will unleash its power to the fullest. However, how many people can be immortal in the world?  The creator will die eventually and he will instruct his disciples to collect his soul after he dies and divide it into several formation souls which knows everything about the changes inside the formation. To call it a formation soul is more like saying that it’s actually a human soul divided into several portions which is no longer like the original, but several items with special abilities. As long as one can get the formation soul and become one with it, then the person will gradually learn everything about that formation and before long, he can be in total control of the formation. Thus, it’s a very rare occurrence to find a formation soul. The formation soul is even more precious when the formation is a higher level one. It’s a kind of treasure that once used will disappear forever from the world.” Beiqingsi explained.

“Then, can the soul of the one who acquires the formation soul be divided into several portions after he dies?” Zhong Shan asked again.

“No, only the creator can do it. Formation souls are a very peculiar thing. Once it’s melted into one’s body, it can’t be recorded in the person’s soul like the case with the creator. It’s gone after it’s been used up.” Beiqingsi shook her head.

“En.” Zhong Shan nodded.

On the other side, “Qianyou, you’ll go in through Shang Gate and Shuijing will take others to go in the Sheng Gate. Then, what about me?” Gu Lin eagerly looked at Princess Qianyou.

“You?” Qianyou looked at Gu Lin with a frown.

“You’ll go through the Shang Gate with me.” She spoke again.

“Good.” Gu Lin responded, pleased with arrangement.

Mr. Shuijing smiled bitterly at the side and looked at Princess Qianyou with gratitude. Qianyou let Gu Lin go with her not because she wanted to have more time with him, rather, she was afraid that Gu Lin would spoil Mr. Shuijing’s plans.

On top of a mountain in the distance, Chujiu watched the group of people with Zhong Shan and Mr. Shuijing and spoke to the young man armed with sword on his back, who stood in front of him, “Young master, these people have quite an unusual background.”

“Oh? What have you noticed?” The young man asked with frown.

“That larger group of people may have come from the Daluo Heavenly Dynasty.” Chujiu replied.

“Daluo Heavenly Dynasty?” The young man frowned again.

“We shouldn’t take the risk now. Let’s wait for another time.” Chujiu said after carefully thinking about it.

“En.” The young man nodded.

At the same time, an announcement was carved onto the mountain sides all around the formation.

“Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation is not easy to break with any one force alone. Three days later will be when the full moon rises. When the moon is high above the sky, the lunar corona will diminish the power of the formation. We shall all charge into the formation at the same time.”

Everyone was surprised to see the carving, while calculating the benefits to each.

There was someone who would lead the charge?

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind about the power of this formation. Many had tried entering it in the past few days without any success, some didn’t even return. The formation soul of this formation was especially valuable.

Gradually, everyone settled down to wait for the arrival of the night of the full moon.

Zhong Shan and the two girls quieted down, their curiosity satisfied for the time.

In the evening of the third day, Zhong Shan suddenly saw a person. It was someone whom he had been looking for and happy to see.

It was Mr. Shi, the same person who Miao Xianren had tried to kill due to Zhong Shan’s machinations.

Mr. Shi was flying on top of a flying sword surrounded by eight people who flew on nothing but the wind. They were the people who had came for Mr. Shi not long ago.

The arrival of eight people of the Nascent Soul Stage immediately caught everyone’s attention.

The nine of them didn’t pay attention to any of the others and flew directly towards the southeast side of the formation. They landed on top of a mountain right across from the Si Gate.

Zhong Shan had been looking for this group of people since he had heard from his shadow double that they were not looking for the formation soul but rather the Heavenly Nine Dragon Jade Square.

Heavenly Nine Dragon Jade Square? They also knew about the Heavenly Nine Dragon Jade Square? The shadow double had heard Mr. Shi referring to one of them as your majesty. Therefore, the person was also in the process of establishing a heavenly dynasty?

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