Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 49

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Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 49: Imperial Decree


Princess Qianyou sounded a bit harsh because she was in a bad mood, but her words ‘even your father can’t protect you’ lingered with Gu Lin. He recalled the history of the Kaiyang School and felt a chill run down his back.

Princess Qianyou gazed at the direction of the Kaiyang School and squinted her eyes when she recalled what Zhong Shan had done before.

The sound of a singing crane floated over the sky under the bright moon. Everyone looked up to see a huge crane flying towards them.

On top of the crane, there was a lady in white. She seemed to be looking for Princess Qianyou  and her group as they quickly descended to their location.

When the crane landed, the lady immediately came down from the crane and respectfully bowed to Princess Qianyou.

“The Emperor has decreed, asking Princess Qianyou to return as soon as possible.” The lady said and took out a golden decree to hand to Princess Qianyou.

Princess Qianyou took it in hand and glanced at it.

She put the decree away right after.

“Let’s go. Go back.” Princess Qianyou turned to her followers.

“Yes.” everyone nodded.

The lady quickly got on the crane again and led the group back.

Princess Qianyou flew up, still irritated about Zhong Shan. She took another look at the sandstorm, then speedily flew towards the southwest without looking back.

After Princess Qianyou had left, Zhong Shan walked out with the other three women from a forest in the distance.

“Let’s go and stay as far away from them as we can.” Zhong Shan said.

“En.” Both Tianling-er and Beiqingsi nodded.

Zhong Shan still carried Yinglan as they walked for four hours, until finally stopping in a valley

Yinglan had already awoken, but feigned sleep to let Zhong Shan carry her.

“Are you going to get the second piece of evidence right away?”  Zhong Shan asked.

“That’s right. According to my uncle, I have to go there as soon as possible.” Beiqingsi replied.

Though she shouldn’t delay, she still walked with Zhong Shan for four hours to protect them.

“Then, can I trouble you for one thing?” Zhong Shan asked.

“Go ahead.” Beiqingsi said.

“Could you see Yinglan back to the Zhong residence at Xuan City in Da Kun Kingdom?” Zhong Shan fixed his eyes on Beiqingsi.

Beiqingsi bit her lips. The second evidence was indeed very important, but she still earnestly nodded to Zhong Shan’s request.

“Yinglan, you point the way and go home first.” Zhong Shan called out, obviously aware that Yinglan was awake.

“I don’t want to go home. I want to go home with granduncle.” Yinglan immediately replied, her ruse having been seen through.

Zhong Shan looked at Yinglan with a frown and said, “No, I don’t want to meet another Miao Xianren. You go back now, I’ll be there shortly.”

“But……” Yinglan was reluctant.

“Aren’t you all going together?” Beiqingsi spoke, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to bring two more people.

“No, Tianling-er and I are going to take care of some other things. Then, thank you for the trouble.” Zhong Shan replied.

“Ur, alright.” Beiqingsi nodded.

Though Yinglan was unwilling, she caved under Zhong Shan’s insistence.

Zhong Shan whispered to her, “I’ll be home in three days at the latest.”

With that assurance, Yinglan happily nodded.

She stepped onto Beiqingsi’s flying sword, bid farewell to Zhong Shan, then disappeared into the clouds in the blink of the eye.

Tianling-er secretly breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Yinglan off.

During the time, many people were running out of Eight Gates Mountain in a panic due to the instability of the Golden Lock Formation.

The sandstorm had risen into a great column towards the sky, creating chaos inside the formation. Under the bright moonlight, Zhong Shan and Tianling-er, though far away, could still see the sandstrom rising towards the heavens, turning into a great sphere.

With a loud boom, the great ball of sand burst. Though they were a dozen mountains away, Zhong Shan and Tianling-er could feel the vibration from the explosion. The sky quickly darkened, a heavy rain began to pour and the moonlight was obscured by the dust.

“Zhong Shan, is Taixuzi dead?” Tianling-er looked to the distance and sighed.

“En.” Zhong Shan nodded. He learned from the conversation between Taixuzi and Beiqingsi earlier that Taixuzi was about to die.

“Alright, let them fight over the Spirit Stones over there. Let’s go get the Thunder Flower now, then we’ll go back to my house at Xuan City.” Zhong Shan spoke.

“En. Follow me.” Tianling-er led the way.



In less than one day, Beiqingsi had taken Yinglan back to the Zhong residence at Xuan City.

Beiqingxi only briefly glanced at Zhong Shan’s residence, then quickly left on her sword to find the piece of second evidence.

Yinglan reluctantly entered into the Zhong residence.

“My lady, you’ve returned.” The housekeeper greeted her from far away.

“En.” Yinglan responded then went into her own courtyard by herself.

Though she had the formation soul, granduncle wasn’t back yet so there wasn’t anything to be happy about it.

“Yinglan, give me that wooden box.” From a corner of the courtyard, there came an unexpected, but familiar voice.

Yinglan was stunned to hear the voice. She shook her head, thinking that she must have heard it wrong. But when she turned around to look at where the voice came from, she saw her granduncle. When did he come back?

“Granduncle!” Yinglan excitedly ran to Zhong Shan and grabbed his arm.

“Ouch!” the corner of Zhong Shan’s lips twitched.

Yinglan then discovered that there was a hole on Zhong Shan’s shoulder.

“Granduncle, you’re hurt? What happened?” Yinglan called out in surprise.

“It’s nothing, just a few scratches. I plan to seclude myself in the secret room for a while, don’t let anybody disturb me.” Zhong Shan said.

“En.” Yinglan nodded.

“Give me the wooden box.” Zhong Shan said.

“En.” Yinglan took down the wooden box on her back immediately and handed it over to Zhong Shan.

Inside the wooden box, it was the the Nine Colored Dragon Silkworm they found at Miao Xianren’s place.

Zhong Shan smiled lightly when he got the wooden box.

“During my retreat, make sure no one disturbs me.” Zhong Shan said again.

“En.” Yinglan quickly nodded. Though she was concerned, everything would be alright since granduncle was back.

Zhong Shan quickly walked back to his own place, entered the secret room, and began practicing breathing exercises.

Inside the secret room, Zhong Shan sat down with legs crossed, trying to heal his wound. It was the shadow double who had come back with Yinglan. The double had hitched a ride back inside the shadow of Yinglan’s robe.

Though he was just the double, he could be injured as well. Jianao’s sword had punctured through his shoulder, but would heal in due time.

Another housekeeper ran over,

“My lady, was that the master just now?” The housekeeper asked anxiously.

“Yes, but granduncle has instructed that no one can disturb him while he’s resting.” Yinglan said.

“Then, what shall we do?” The housekeeper immediately said.

“What has happened?” Yinglan asked.

“We got a tip that Da Kun’s royal family is gathering the army, possibly to attack the Zhong residence.” The housekeeper said in anguish.

“The army is coming our way?” Yinglan frowned.

“Yes, though I can’t believe it myself, all the evidence seems to point in that direction. The Emperor intends to crush us with the army. I haven’t told a soul, no one knows yet.” The housekeeper said in a hurry.

Yinglan pondered, the royal family was probably terrified over what had happened to the masters and elders of the four great families and was trying to rid the kingdom of the Zhong family.

“En, you’ve done well. However, granduncle has secluded himself and does not wish to be disturbed, under any circumstances. Go collect more information. Report back to me as soon as you receive any more news. Furthermore, give me a list of all the forces that the Zhong residence can muster now. Send it to me immediately.” Yinglan started to give out orders. With years of experience in the military, she dealt with the situation calmly.

“Yes.” The housekeeper nodded right away.

The housekeep knew that, aside from the master himself, this lady was the most authoritative person in the household, even most of the adopted sons weren’t as powerful as she.





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